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Roger Kimball has been a PJ Columnist for a few years now, and he continues to play an important role at PJ Media.

In addition to his work at PJ Media and The New Criterion, Kimball is the publisher of Encounter Books a purveyor of serious non-fiction titles from a broadly construed conservative perspective. He also writes criticism for many outlets here and in England.

Kimball is a natural fit at PJ Media because, as he describes it, we strive to present news and opinion untainted by politically correct euphemism or ideological posturing. His writing spans various topics including art, literature and philosophy as well as general cultural and political matters:

We live, alas, in those “interesting times” the (probably apocryphal) old Chinese curse warns us about. The economy. The rise and intrusion of the state into our lives. The culture. Militant Islam. What we are really witnessing is the retribalization of the world. On the domestic front, we are confronted with crippling debt as far as the eye can see combined with a vastly empowered apparatus of state power. The traditional relationship between the individual and the state — a relationship designed by the Founders to be distant and infrequent — is suddenly up for fundamental renegotiation. Under Barack Obama, individual liberty has been under constant assault even as the material precondition of liberty — economic prosperity — is faltering and under constant governmental siege. There is never any shortage of things to write about. The only danger is the odd feeling that we’ve been down this road before.

Outside of his work, Kimball also enjoys sailing, sharing a meal with family and friends, and traveling.

Roger Kimball’s blog, called “Rogers Rules,” is available at Be sure to check it often for his amusing observations about current events, culture and more.