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A Dog Ate 2 years of Lois Lerner’s Emails. Now What?

June 13th, 2014 - 3:37 pm


• Obamacare (“If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan, period.”)



• et very much cetera (think Fast & Furious, Yucca  Mountain nuclear waste repository, making recess appointments when Congress not in recess, Solyndra, etc. etc. Read Andy McCarthy’s Faithless Execution).

What would Obama have to do to lose the confidence of the people? Rob a bank? His economic policies have robbed society of more than any bank has on deposit. Murder someone?  Ask the families of Chris Stevens and the other people slaughtered at Benghazi what they think about the president’s performance as commander-in-chief.

I wish I knew the answers to these questions.  It seems to me that the scandals emanating from this administration are coming faster and faster. Where is the Fourth Estate?  Where are the people?  I wish I knew.

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Camp is upset and The Ministry of Stern Notes has asked Eric Holder to take time away from his prior special appointment of investigating....Eric investigate the hand picked hatchet who had to plead the 5th Amendment against incriminating herself in federal crimes because her emails prove all the other conspirators who attacked innocent citizens in order to rip away their liberty.

I'm so happy that our representatives are a tad put off at the gang rape of freedom. It is inspiring to know that they would like to tickle treason with a feather and are willing to confront totalitarian shredding of the Constitution over high tea and crumpets.

Meanwhile, back in the land of serially abused serfs and vassals... there is a spot of bother over the slightly confusing fact pattern.

The 5th Amendment invoking criminal suspect had ALL her emails "lost"...and NOBODY else? Um, how exactly does THAT happen without a conspiracy to destroy material evidence in a criminal matter.

I mean the fact that the 5th Amendment was invoked de facto ADMITS it is a criminal matter.

In fact, a jury would be instructed that they could consider an adverse inference against the 5th Amendment invoker because material evidence had been destroyed.

I have never heard of a "selective memory loss" by a hard drive.

Was it caused by a hard drive by shooting? Only the emails of Lerner AND her conspirators were destroyed? Every recipient she conspired with...including the DOJ and the White House had their emails corrupted? By corrupted I mean....well actually...leave that as is.

Because a mid-level flunkie like Lerner takes orders from only three places. The White House. The DOJ. And Democratic Party bigwigs in the Senate or House.

So, what better place to have an honest investigation into a direct assault on citizens than the DOJ, White House and in the halls of that majestic body of our derring do champions?

The Ministry of Stern Notes is going to hop right on this. Well, after they finish the "minor league" "distraction" of finding out what dirty scheme caused the death of an ambassador and two Navy Seals.

And why they were bypassed and scoffed at while being ignored in the replenishing of five terrorist masterminds.

And stonewalled in running guns to drug cartels with 300 dead Mexicans and a border agent.

And spying on reporters and singling out a Fox News guy.

And making a secret deal with Iran to gift them nukes and billions of dollars...that we STILL can't see.

And making secret back door deals with Hamas, that 85% of the Senate's Ministry of Warm Words For Israel has issued a Declaration of Mildly Put Off Distress about it all.

Why, IS comforting to know that in between the watercress finger sandwiches and tawny port and cigars...our brave protectors have taken time out to pen a note of mild and mannered irritation that the overthrow of the government by gangsters continues unabated.

Who better than the Attorney General in Contempt to get right on this present matter.

Because Contempt is what it's all about. And Contempt is what they ALL have for the serfs and vassals, a point proven each and every passing day.
19 weeks ago
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"I wish I knew the answers to these questions."
- - - -

I imagine that this was sarcasm.

You DO know the answers to those questions.

Obama's followers don't care if Obamacare is a big lie. They don't care what happened in Libya. They don't mind at all that Obama and Holder were trying to trump the Second Amendment by slipping guns to the MexiGangs - they're probably disappointed that it didn't work.

They wish the IRS had been a bit more subtle about terrorizing Republicans, but support the basic premise. Massive influxes of poor, likely-liberal voters serve their own purposes, so they're not angry about Obama flinging open the border. They see Obama steal us all blind while delivering billions to his financial backers who all seemed to become expert in "alternate" energy, but are content to await their turn to share in the loot.

The new EPA rules stand a very good chance of producing blackouts and doubling energy prices, but BO's supporters are secure in their belief that Obama will find some way to make sure his supporting cities get adequate power - and he will.

VA system issues that endanger veterans? Well, (thinks the typical BO follower), they shouldn't have joined the military in the first place - bloodthirsty killers, all.

This is a revolution. Don't make the mistake of thinking that rational reflection will lead to your idea of rational acts when you don't understand the motivations behind the current acts.
19 weeks ago
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He lies.
He knows he lies.
He knows WE know he lies.
He just laughs at us, embarrasses the US, and DARES us to call him on his incompetence, because if we do, the sniveling sycophantic MSM will call us racists and come to the defense of their dear leader.

I just don't have the words...
19 weeks ago
19 weeks ago Link To Comment
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Given the loss of the hard drive/computer at each end of the communication, still the messages were conveyed as E-mail. Lets ask the NSA for backup copies.
18 weeks ago
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Silly wabbits, this just sets up the next "revelation' that after the "crash" the disks in question were "routinely" destroyed. Any attempt at data recovery would of course reveal they were repeatedly wiped with magnets.
19 weeks ago
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All 18 minutes worth of e-mails?
Oops sorry, wrong crook.
19 weeks ago
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Is there not 1 honest man at the DOJ?
19 weeks ago
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and Boehner somehow hasn't spoken on this, and didn't seem to be concerned about the abuse of the IRS, because what--it was tea party, youknow the group that got him his power, or he just didn't want to upset B.O. or he is incompetent,

But while there was outrage, Boehner was silent, and when contempt of congress charges against her, he went AWOL
19 weeks ago
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"Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is really steamed. He has even asked the Justice Department to look into it."
And there's the other half of the problem.
19 weeks ago
19 weeks ago Link To Comment
I guarantee that the email isn't gone. The way to "recover" the email is for Republicans in the House to identify IT workers with access to the IRS email servers who are willing to help. Offer them cash incentives and replacement jobs in exchange for their cooperation. Pretty good chance that the people with the technical ability to produce the email are not Obama political appointees.
19 weeks ago
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1) As for the IRS; congress should set their funding at Zero and give them 30 days to comply with all requests for information or everyone is laid off.

2) As for the Supine attitude of the populace; the Number One excuse given by Germans in 1946 for their cooperation with the NAZZI's in the early 1930's was, "We had no way of Knowing."
19 weeks ago
19 weeks ago Link To Comment
but that would mean that Boehner would have to care, and his past actions had him AWOL on this matter
19 weeks ago
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A DOJ attorney says that the emails are backed up every night.

He also says that things are "very, very bad" at the DOJ.

The emails that are "lost" are not the ones to intra-departmental, no....the ones that got "lost" are the ones to those who can conspire with Lerner and give her orders...from the White House, Congress, DOJ, FEC, TREASURY.

"Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement regarding the Internal Revenue Service informing the Committee that they have lost Lois Lerner emails from a period of January 2009 – April 2011. Due to a supposed computer crash, the agency only has Lerner emails to and from other IRS employees during this time frame. The IRS claims it cannot produce emails written only to or from Lerner and outside agencies or groups, such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices."
19 weeks ago
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I'd like to know what that guy means by "very, very bad." That could be either cause to hope or further cause to despair.
19 weeks ago
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" What will it take to rouse the public from its supine attitude of hapless acquiescence to this administration’s increasingly brazen lawlessness? "

I do not believe that the majority of the public has a supine attitude. The public is enraged, but is under attack by its own government and the media, while being powerless to do anything about it.
19 weeks ago
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