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From ‘Anti-Communist’ to ‘Counterjihadist’

July 30th, 2013 - 6:22 am

Bawer reminds his readers that it was Susan Sontag, the repellent pseudo-intellectual doyenne of all-things-Left, who made it possible for Leftists to admit that Communism might just be a tad incompatible with liberty. Bawer quotes my late colleague Hilton Kramer on this metanoia:

As a result of “the collapse of the intellectual Left in France,” he wrote, anti-Communism, which had long been out of fashion among “those American intellectuals who habitually take their political cues from Paris,” was now, suddenly, chic. Still, it was crucial for the likes of Sontag to communicate to their confrères that their anti-Communism was “somehow different, more cosmopolitan perhaps, maybe even sexier, and certainly more refined,” than that of the crude mouth-breathers who’d been anti-Communists for decades and whom Sontag & co. would come to deride as (no kidding) “premature anti-Communists.”

“Premature anti-Communists,” eh? What manner of beast is that? It’s someone who speaks the truth before the beautiful people have ears to hear it.

You can, as Bawer mournfully notes, expect a repetition of that dialectic with respect to Islam — always assuming that we have the wit to come to our senses about that toxic ideology before it is too late. “What,” Bawer asks, “is the best we counterjihadists can hope for?”

Could it be this: that the winds of intellectual fashion will shift someday (sooner, one hopes, rather than later) in such a way as to make it attractive for today’s opportunistic left-wing counterparts of Susan Sontag to snatch the banner from our hands and take counterjihadism mainstream — acting all the while, naturally, as if they’d invented it themselves, or rescued it from the philistines? Might such a development, moreover, actually help turn the tide in the struggle against jihadist Islam? If it did, to be sure, those of us who were here first would, unquestionably, be smeared even in the moment of victory (should it ever come) as “premature counterjihadists” — oafs and barbarians who’d held down the fort until the real heroes came along.

Bawer is right that it would be a small price to pay. But, like him, I’m not holding my breath.

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Daniel Pipes (πύξ, λάξ, δάξ) has an interesting related piece here:
50 weeks ago
50 weeks ago Link To Comment
It's already too late. There's no way America can withstand the Islamo/Jihadist onslaught. It first began way before 9/11 in the prisons, then it moved into the universities and is now slowly becoming mainstream. It's really a by-product of the 60s "revolution".

Islamic "exceptionalism" is becoming a fait accompli - you can do and get away with nearly anything just by donning the Islamic mantle.

Among some circles that I frequent, having an Islamic or at least an Arabic tattoo is now considered a sign of solidarity and sophistication. The Palestinian "kaffiyeh" or scarf is now de rigueur in even the most elegant and sissified houses of haute couture (I don't know why all this French is coming out today) in Milano and Paris.

9/11 was not "wake up call" for Americans. Instead, in a way, you could say it was the last nail on the coffin. Americans can hardly "save" for their retirement, their horizons are limited to their latest credit card statement, their credit score, Halloween and wide-screen TV sets. With this mental acumen, the Jihadists are having a field day......the last stand of the Dodo birds.
51 weeks ago
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51 weeks ago
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I'd like to submit an example of left wing language abuse which is happening right now. I'm referring to Obama and Co.'s controversially endless repetition of the phrase "phony scandals". It's clear that they made the decision to use this phrase to diminish that fact that these are really not scandals at all, but abuses of power born of the systematic corruption throughout this administration. In using the word "scandal" these outrages become something rather petty, just naughty episodes of the eyebrow-raising sort. They would have used the word "flap" but the Clintons beat them to it back in the Lewinsky days. Obama and Co. were very clever because now politicians and the media are repeating the word "scandal" and the actual "corruption" has been able to slither off into the darkness.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Both leftists and muslims are simply criminals; I won't hold my breath that any on the left will wake up, look in the mirror, and curse the jihadi staring back.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
From the time "McCarthyism" became a "thing", I have glorified the man and his missions. So he drank. He never had a Choom squad. Or did he? Did he even know what a "hot box" is? Potus seems to be qualified ONLY to be a dope user. The dealers would surely shun him. He, himself, is a dope.
It is only recently that I realized fully that Joseph McCarthy's accumulated venial sins did not, in any way, make his arguments completely and finally void, due to their tiny imperfections. He accused actual communist agents (most of them turned out tp be true). But the disinformation campaign was strictly Sacco-Vanzetti. (which the left still thinks a travesty of justice, y'know). They seem to be reality impaired.
Nixon was merely the whipping boy for all those scummy commies who lived the '50s knowing that Eisenhower was practically a God (ergo, untouchable), but they could definitely GET that NIXON GUY because he actually fought communists (and he LOOKED shifty). Imagine that.
Then imagine that it was the communist-led McGovern cabal that was fighting Nixon, and Watergate, an act which no previous President would have scrupled over for a second (don't even mention Wilson or either Roosevelt. Don't say "Johnson" or I will puke) became a scandal made of hole cloth. It's "hole" cloth, dolts, not "whole" cloth, as in "made of holes", to be made of nothing. (See Dr. Samuel Johnson. Even I do not argue with the MAN! Anyone who suffers to make an Encyclopedia which some one can actually read, is my King. And I would serve him well.
Bak to politics. Then the destruction of Agnew and Rockefeller, and we have Dopey Ford. Does anyone deny that it was a far more outrageous a thing to make fun of a President, a veteran, a football star, falling in public, ad nausea um, unto infinites, than to perhaps mention that Obama is a pathological liar?
Which barring some personal distraction, everyone must know to be indisputable truth. The man prefers lies to truth. It is no longer debatable.
Me, neither.
I'll exalt the Presidency when we can find someone beyond the rating of "DUNCE" to take it.
I'm not preparing for it.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Just a note, the term Counter-Jihad was propagated by Anti-Islam voices. The play is on the term counter-terrorism which is a euphamism for the real enemy....Islamic Jihad. Instead of Anti-Jihadist or Anti-Islamist or Anti-Islam or Anti-Islamification and so on and so forth.

It isnt a word that people hostile to the Counter-Jihad created to smear them with. It's a meme which forces the recognition of Islamic Jihad in it's mere utterance. That doesnt stop people intent on ignoring Islamic Jihad from ignoring it. But for those without an agenda, it puts Jihad squarely on the table as the enemy and that the movement is a reaction to aggression by Muslims.

Hope that helps.

51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Hope they Die.
"Lying Arab" is not a newly minted phrase, y'know.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
I agree. Great stuff from Bruce Bawer.

This recent Bruce Bawer article is not to misssed either.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Maybe the Left should remember what the Ayatollah did to the commies in Iran after the 1979 revolution.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Once the "right" people get their heads sawed off then the left will begin to think that "maybe" there is something to this jihad stuff.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Pray do not hold your breath, my friend.
Leftism is a religion.
Not a nice, fat Episcopal, wine -in the-box religion. Nor even a Roman Catholic "let's play wimpy rock songs and turn off our few pew sitters who might remain than we possibly can" Religion. It is a Communist religion, and once one thinks that some one else has too much, which righteously calls to be confiscated to give to "deserving" (Read: My friends!) there is no end to it.
The Founders, flawed as they were, trusted NOONE! Not even each other. Else their Constitution would not be so designed.
I have recently reread De Tocqueville. He forecast it all, right up until the day we spent this very day. It is, indeed, frightening, because his path follows the age of logic, perfectly, and he has arrived at our crisis, which he can't possibly have been aware of, more able to explain each and every way our ships of state are to seed than we are, ourselves, because he used logic and experience, two things entirely forbidden in the lickspittle affirmative action government we now seem to own.
Go read just some excerpts. One will find truly frightening gems lying about at nearly every hand.
His conclusions? We are at a point of enslavement or revolution. We have more arrows in our quiver than any society in history, similarly situated. He does not claim a certain outcome, but his warnings; a man of the French Revolution, who examined the American with an unjaundiced eye, says we need only one thing: to decide.
Decide to throw in ur lives, our fortunes, and our Scared Honor, or live as sheep or chickens, dependent upon our betters for sustenance or to decide if we live or die, like sheep.
In his day, they knew the difference. They saw sheep slaughtered every single day. They saw entire Armies destroyed to no effect.
"To be; or NOT to be. THAT IS the question." The ONLY question.
Choose well.
Smart Frog. I will certainly give him that.
I think, 2000 years ago, his name would be "Elijah".
51 weeks ago
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