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“Just so. Just exactly so.”

February 22, 2012 - 10:44 pm - by Richard Fernandez
2012-02-23 15:12:09

And they have so declined.

The answer to that is the Health Care Mandate. What in principle prevents the government mandating women to have a certain number of children to keep the tax revenues flowing in? If you can be required to buy insurance; required to provide services perhaps contrary to your beliefs; required to give away services for “free”, what cannot a woman be “required” to have children?

Government could for example, stipulate that a person’s extended family have a minimum number of children (counting from your father or grandfather) equal to a certain ratio to the older age cohorts, or be ineligible for the state insurance pool. Otherwise a person would have to make other insurance or pension arrangements. The rational would be simple: we have to be “fair”, we have to make sure people contribute their “share”.

I’m not saying they should. But why could they? My fearless forecast is that they will. The government will start caring about the “sanctity of human life” — even start to ban contraception — the instant it clearly threatens the gravy train. Never get between the elite and money. Especially the public’s “contributions”. Why would socialism back off from requiring women to do x, y or z? Because they respect rights? If the state needed babies they would create baby hatcheries with women in them like battery hens.

“Rights” are just the bait part of the a bait-and-switch process of obtaining power. It’s just words, worth about as much as the paper they’re printed on. Once power is obtained, what need of “rights”?

It is a mistake, I think, to take any leftist rhetoric at face value. Nothing is ever done for the stated reason. The only reason anything is done is to gain power.