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Why “too big to fail” means “wait for it”

December 3, 2011 - 4:28 pm - by Richard Fernandez
Mr. X
2011-12-04 18:13:44

Wretchard, I think the Return of the Reich is worth a post. Not because it’s remotely possible for Germany on its own to bail out Italy, much less Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal all combined. The author seems to think either Teutonic stubborness or cleverness accounts for this, rather than arithmetic. But rather this Small Wars Journal author’s piece seems to be getting traction (it was picked up by Walter Russell Mead) and perhaps a few mil and State Dept. types in D.C. wising up to the fact that it’s Germany, not Russia, that is STILL the power most likely to dominate the Continent of EUrope.

Of course the SWJ author omits that the German banks, including Commerzbank according to Zerohedge this Sunday evening, are insolvent and won’t survive without more Fed/ECB bailout money printing. Nonetheless, I believe the element in D.C. around ole’ Z. Bzrezinski that has always viewed Russia as the main adversary and promoted Germany and German proxies like the Croats in the 1990s against Russian proxies like the Serbs have been too clever by half. Those dummies like Vlad Socor over at the Jamestown Foundation sounding the alarm about a Germany tilting toward Moscow have actually been PLAYED by (who else?) George Soros and his minions:

Among the various trial balloons and calculated gaffes that came out this year, the most revealing is without contest the 16-page “The New German Question : How Europe Can Get the Germany it Needs,” written by Ulrike Guerot, the head of the Berlin branch of the Soros-sponsored European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). After decades of exasperating German Kantian cant, the fiery rhetoric of the red-haired Valkyrie of the German foreign policy establishment is actually a breath of fresh air.

Shows you the difference between the lower level people and the big picture, people.

Makes me think Putin needs to call his childhood hero Obergruppenfuhrer Stirlitz out of retirement:

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