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Richard Fernandez was an early joiner of PJ Media, and he is a longstanding PJ Columnist.

Richard has been a software developer for nearly 15 years. Before that, he worked in forestry, assisted in the negotiations between Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines and the Cabinet, organized tribespeople in the Philippines and played a role in the anti-Marcos movement.

On his PJM blog, titled Belmont Club, Richard provides a discussion of history and history in the making:

I write about current events and look back at their antecedents. This usually focuses on politics, security affairs, science and technology, and some social commentary. Ideologies of all kinds, including religion, are very often the subject of commentary.

In every post he publishes, Richard aims to start a discussion around a defined set of issues that never have clear answers: “The ideal piece will create a ground of agreement but also substantial room for debate, so that about 80 percent of the commenters agree on the premises and a significant percentage can differ on the conclusions.”

When he’s not engaging people in discussion about important issues, Richard likes to take long walks, find shortcuts and explore little-used byways: “One day I hope to do an extended tour focusing on the history of a landscape. That is a dream that is very unlikely to come true. But come to think of it, most everything that actually did come true in my life was even more improbable.”

Richard’s blog is available at a few minutes now to read his latest entry, and share it with your friends.