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The Clattering Train

November 15th, 2013 - 3:16 pm

That is a tacit admission of the most pressing problem. Things really are that bad. His economic policies are merely wallpaper over widening cracks. He has presided over an enterprise built on a fantasy; a house supported on twigs teetering over a cliff. And now the floorboards gape.

Krauthammer doesn’t go far enough. The status quo is facing an extinction event and they are beginning to realize it. Take the New York Times as representative of the liberal media. There’s a good chance it will be gone in four or five years from bankruptcy. Maybe they hoped that somehow Obama would save it.  Now it’s clear he can’t and he won’t. Or take Detroit. They were hoping for “bacon” to show up somehow. But the pig is dead and gone and it is dawning on them.

The facts are hard. Very hard. And they can’t be elided any longer.

The most interesting figure in the short term is Bill Clinton because the Democrat revolt needs a leader. The delegation to Obama needs a spokesman. And he’s the natural. Bill is smart enough to know that the jig is up and canny enough to realize that if the status quo is to save itself there is only a small window of opportunity left in which to act.

The problem for Bill is he cannot lead this change since he’s used up the two terms allotted him. The crux of the drama from the Democrat perspective is that the only man capable of leading the revolt cannot. They have no real party elders left. Gore, Hillary and Kerry have beclowned themselves. Obama has seen to it that no star rose within the party to rival his brilliance.

The weakness of the Democratic Party is the single most destabilizing element in the equation. It’s the wildcard in the drama. Nobody, not even the Democrats, knows how it will play out.

Meanwhile, the conservatives, who cannot at present account for more than half the voters,  are in a strategic waiting game. At best they can consolidate the half into the nether millstone against which events may grind. The single greatest task for conservatives is to fix their own leadership problems. In so doing they must avoid the single greatest mistake Obama has made, which is to rely on fantasy. The facts, however unpalatable. The truth, no matter how bitter.

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Ruth Marcus writing in the Washington Post uses the Democrat trope that the canceled plans are "substandard." Sub what standard? The Detroit Standard? The New Orleans Standard? The standard that gives away free birth control pills to Ivy League law students to win votes? The standard with such stunningly high deductibles that if those who actually pay for Obamacare -- a lot for Obamacare -- break an arm they have to come up with the cash to get it set themselves?

We see the Standard Democrat cronies in operation. The Standard special interest. The Standard corrupt and incompetent political operatives. The standard lawyers that sue everyone's pants off and pocket a huge chunk of the winnings. The Standard self-aggrandizing bureaucrats. The standard Democrat politician who will dish out pork at the expense of the American Worker and those in search of quality health care. Quite a standard.

As Krauthammer wrote: "Beyond the competence issue is the arrogance. Five million freely chosen, freely purchased, freely renewed health-care plans are summarily canceled. Why? Because they don’t meet some arbitrary standard set by the experts in Washington."

Pre-Obama most people (in the order of 85 percent) had a positive view of their insurance company despite years of bashing by Obama's Leftist allies.

It is Obamacare that is substandard. The Republicans should champion a bill that allows Americans to participate in a Free Market, Free Enterprise health care system if they so desire. Then the patients can set their own standards free of standard Washington Politicians and Bureaucrats. Those who want the DC crony corps in charge of their health care can remain with Obamacare.
1 year ago
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It may be that events are closing in on Obama. This is a risk and an opportunity. But it is going to require a clear head. Both the Governing Class and the Country Class are going to have to step warily.

First of all, there has to be a recognition that an adversary who is cornered and feels there is no way out is at his most dangerous. This is not a plea for mercy for the >>>Liu2 kou3shui3 de5 biao3zi5 he2 hou2zi5 de5 ben4 er2zi5<<<. It is a caution that an enemy with nothing to lose and who believes he is doomed can concentrate on taking as many of his opponents out as possible in the process of being wiped out. And sometimes that intensity can lead to survival and victory. I've seen it.

Second, both the Governing Class and the Country Class; the enemies of the Constitution and its defenders, are both locked into a pattern of thinking about where the boundaries of political warfare are. I would at least hope that the Patriot movement would recognize it. If TWANLOC are caught by surprise, it would not break my heart.

Consider the life and times of one Buraq Hussein Obama. Even if you take account of the two [2!!] "autobiographies" he supposedly wrote before having any accomplishments at all; can anyone point to any events in his life where he has demonstrated a love of country, of the American people, of our culture, of our Constitution, of the rule of law? Conversely, has his life and actions ever demonstrated contempt for any of these?

I use a phrase in German. It comes from Karl von Clausewitz' *On War*; the classic military treatise.

*Der Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln.*

War is merely a continuation of Politics by other means.

I usually use the phrase to illustrate that whatever means of politics a culture has [and they can vary widely]; each is a proxy for Might making Right. It all comes down to the ability to kill your fellow citizen and/or take his goods. Politics in its various forms allocates power and resources short of that.

But some political traditions are closer to might making right than others. Americans are accustomed to politics and the allocation of power being decided non-violently [with the exception of 1861-1865] and by means within the law, the Constitution, and custom.

Once again, review the life of Buraq Hussein Obama. His first resort has been to extra-legal and extra-Constitutional means. He has not been averse to threatening mob violence by surrogates to get his way. Threats of personal violence against political enemies, the routine use of the organs of the State against political opponents in violation of the law and Constitution is now the norm, and likely blackmail based on the most intrusive surveillance of citizens since the DDR's *Stasi* have become routine. Every aspect of a police state, including the militarization of the Executive Branch, has been accomplished in the last few years.

When pressed and fighting for survival, you react with what you know. What will Buraq Hussein Obama's reaction probably be? Will it be inside the law and Constitution, or outside them? What limits will be placed on the coercive organs of the State?

Over at INSTAPUNDIT this morning, there was a discussion of whether we were already a police state. The consensus was not cheery. Patriots should be ready for all possibilities. And those who have taken the Oath should be ready to fullfill it if in a crisis our politics goes beyond the bounds of the Constitution.

Subotai Bahadur

1 year ago
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Not every damaged clock can be repaired. If some of the delicate parts have been lost or bent out of shape beyond recognition, the clock may never again work properly, even if its outward cosmetics are restored. And even if all the parts are present, aligning them properly takes a long time. This is a fundamental law of entropy. It takes a very long time and a lot of energy to put things together, and only a small amount of time and energy to destroy them.

It just might be that the public will turn against this administration but that does not mean that they will abandon the "hope and change" fantasies of the left.

And it does not mean that there are enough original parts (or even spare parts) with which to restore the nation.

The economy is on the precipice of a huge deflationary/then inflationary collapse. Our military has been weakened and our general staff has been decimated (or should I say castrated). Two generations or more of students have been educated not to love America and not to see America as "exceptional" in any good sense. Not only is there ignorance of history but also of logic. The inability to reason clearly is among the worst plagues our educational system has inflicted on our youth.

Yes, Obama himself may be weakened (though the media will continue to air brush his flaws), and his party might have a temporary setback in the next one or two elections. But that does not mean that wishful thinking and utopianism won't still dominate politics. This is especially true because the "loyal opposition" hasn't gotten its act together and has few if any who can articulate an inspiring and effective vision.

We took the wrong freeway in 2008 and missed the last safe exit in 2012. After we crash or get lost I fear that the only options will be to walk. But there is no agreement on our destination and there are highwaymen ready to exploit us on our journey.
1 year ago
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Bush vs. Obama, the First Pitch.
1 year ago
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MachiasPrivateer brought up the issue of impeaching Eric Holder. I think that this is a most important issue as the time is right for this action, and that Eric Holder's activities as AG need to see the light of day.

Well, you can't get politics out of this stuff and ride to new moral heights, but the president has been weakened by his own actions and malfeasance. It is time to bring up the issue of Eric Holder. The House brings up the charges. They need to be rigorous in this, and the Senate can try him. Either way, the dems in the Senate will own him, and with the Obamacare fiasco, they are put in an untenable position. They either support Obama and his band of criminals or they stand up to him.

The dems look at politics as waging war. They need to understand the consequences of this.
1 year ago
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but the biggest bomb is the economy.
not with oil adding 2% growth to the economy, shrinking the trade deficit and making every central banker in the world think it unwise to unload their dollars because the natural direction of the dollar is up when the trade deficit and the federal deficit are down. Yeah the fed is printing money but 95% if that money just sits on the federal ledgers. The 5% of it that escapes into the real economy --goes into to the stock-market. A rising stock market juices federal revenues to the tune of 100 billion annually. oil receipts add another 100 billion annually. The federal deficit has fallen to roughly 650 billion this year. That's still historically high but but down significantly from last year. If the deficits keeps falling this fast in the coming years --it will rapidly return to normal levels and even balance if the trend continues.

Obama of course will have had nothing at all to do with this. All if it will have happened despite his best efforts to kill it.

That said Obama is already claiming credit for the shrinking deficit. Just as Clinton did in the late 90's when the balanced budget was the result of the dot com led booming stock market and Newt's efforts to just keep the federal expenditures from growing. Clinton trashed Newt for his efforts and then took credit for the balanced budget.

I don't think that Obama will be able to do the same jujitsu. His people were hoping to do something like that with the government shut down last month. But obamacare is so hopelessly screwed up its not even wrong. So the shutdown is forgotten. Cruz and Lee are looking pretty.
1 year ago
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Operation Damayan proceeding apace

31st MEU to deploy in support of Operation Damayan

Read more:\

USS George Washington (CVN-73) and her escort ships have delivered about 11 tons of humanitarian assistance to those in need. Distribution of more aid is in progress right now. We continue to see fresh clean water as one of the greatest needs - we intend to deliver more than 2,800 5-gallon containers today and tomorrow.

In addition, Sailors onboard George Washington are using innovation when possible - taking empty 48-cubic-foot containers used for shipping large material, lining them with plastic, then filling them with water and freezing the entire container. This frozen container of ice can then be delivered via helo, where it will melt into water when it reaches those on the ground.

We flew 50 humanitarian assistance flight missions yesterday, for a total of 77 since arrival.

George Washington is delivering water, medical supplies and hygienic supplies to Guiuan/Samar, Ormoc, Borongan and Leyte Gulf. 20 US Navy helicopters have been in continuous operation since the 14th.

The Government of the Philippines requested assistance in getting supplies to remote areas inaccessible by truck, so that's where the focus has been. Guiuan is the supply hub and Navy helos distribute from there to the remote areas where need is greatest.

The total tonnage of Navy supplies delivered for 15 Nov was about 11 tons.

In addition, George Washington and USS Lassen (DDG-82) helos have carried displaced and injured civilians from remote areas such as islands in Leyte Gulf to areas where medical aid is present. We have transferred 96 distressed personnel to receive further care in this manner.

Current information from the Government of the Philippines indicates the current level of George Washington support is adequate now and will likely be desired for another 5 days or so.

Three ships (USS Emory S. Land (AS-39), USS Antietam (CG-54) and USS Cowpens (CG-63) with 4 helicopters are working in Leyte Gulf to distribute supplies from Tacloban to remote areas.

USS Mustin (DDG-89) is in Ormoc Bay with 2 helos and is moving supplies delivered by C-130s from distribution centers to remote areas where the supplies are needed. Charles Drew (T-AKE-10) is also near Orloc.
1 year ago
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--reading all those place names that are so familiar from 1944-45 history, well it's a little disorienting --like "Leyte Gulf? Whoa, this is 2013!"
1 year ago
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--mercysakes, 187 comments. I'm late and tho i tried to read them all tonight, i can't finish; drooping and sagging i sways off bedward. So, or but, if no one else has mentioned it,

...clearly a poem writ, recited, or excerpted for a column title, for a moment when the speaker has had all concern for the purple or lurid wrung out by the forces squeezing.

Here's another example --this is for the comments calling for strong messaging from right to left at this breaking (a hopeful word!) of the O spell --it's Andrew Napolitano writing.

Disregard for a moment his topic, and note how, in this very short piece, he never marshalls an argument without alongside a thumbnail of the animating principle.

...and here's his archive --which i hope is as well-done. A lot of art needed for a lack of artifice.
1 year ago
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Israel and Saudi Arabia on military cooperation pact

"Riyadh reported to give Jerusalem okay to use Saudi airspace and to cooperate on other tactical support, according to Sunday Times"
1 year ago
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Now they've done it! Raised an issue the MSM cannot ignore. When the House passes the bill of impeachment, they throw the ball to the Senate and John Roberts. The issue of separation of powers comes to a head. Obama won't be able to control the discussion by inaction on his part or that of the Lamestream Media. All these actions of his that are not in accordance with the Constitution will come out. What is his legal authority for granting waivers to only some and not others? What ever became of Equal Justice under the LAW???

The Constitution is THE LAW!

The debate will drive the ratings of even MSNBC.

Political correctness relies on CENSORSHIP of cognitively dissonant views. Remove the censors and open up the debate. Let the sunshine in.
1 year ago
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I saw video of Lamumba flinging up these horrible jump shots, missing each one badly. His elbow was out too far and he was getting side spin. He had no arc to his shot -- most hit the front or back of the rim and bounced violently away. He was pecking his forearm forward like he was throwing a dart. He never bothered to square up his feet. Without pausing he just kept fling them, never stopping to consider why he was missing so badly. I was then surprised to find out he played on the team at Punohou Prep Acadamy for Affluent Sissies. I am sure the he was advised by the coach how to shoot a jump shot. He must never have listened. Maybe Frank Marxshall Davis advised him in basketball as well as politics and race.
1 year ago
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I still maintain if Obama is any good at golf, we would have seen tons and tons of footage of his swings.

It's not like the guy never lack of practice on taxpayers' dimes.
1 year ago
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Remember, even back then, he was a better coach/player than any of his coaches or teammates. If you doubt this, just ask him!!!
1 year ago
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yes- obama is most definitely a chucker- no discipline/fundamentals and will hurl anything from any position towards the basket

i still find his baseball throws to be more illustrative of his wussiness
maybe he should just focus on his bodysurfing
1 year ago
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Personally I'd like to see President Wannabe flail away in a proper shorebreak on a consequential day.

1 year ago
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Gents: Ever seen him throw a baseball, eg baseball's opening day?
1 year ago
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Here's Mark Levin's play-by-play of Prezzy Mom Jeans' first pitch at the 2009 All-Star game:

For comparison: Bush at Game 3 of the 2001 World Series:

Note that you can see the ball actually reach the catcher. 'Nuff said.

1 year ago
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Sorry, the second URL should be

1 year ago
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USA loves a come back. Hard to believe all these far left, globalists, smart, elite, rich daddys, that want to run the planet, could not build a web site or understand that ACA was a massive expansion of medicare, without verification, or all the other problems.

They had years to plan this and access to the best globalist, international talent money could buy. They are playing for all the chips, our natural resources and economy and Constitution, and will not stop on an ACA speed bump.

Would seem to be a small chance Obama and crew are pulling a "rope a dope" and will make most of ACA work by March.

Rpubs better come up with a plan for the major components of ACA, which will mean higher insurance costs and deficit subsidies. This is only the third round.
1 year ago
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Americans want and need a new hero
amerikans will not endure a new hero.
evil people w/ their personal attacks and lies contaminate everything they touch. always have, always will.

of course, we already have the old, new, cool super hero to worship.
he is pictured above.
you say he is sinking quickly into quicksand,
he says you know nothing and that he is sitting on a fine horse.
time will tell.

1/6 of the country's economy is hanging by a thread.
a lot more being propped up by money created out of thin air.
debt beyond comprehension, and
our traditional enemies hold title to our future, literally.
what have we to be worried about?
we have an undocumented, drug addled community organizer at the helm.

we are soooo screwed. when it all crashes down, guess who has already prepared the paperwork (e.o.'s) and armed and funded his own private internal army for his ascension to permanent power? yep. and I'm betting those cozy snuggles w/ boris wasn't him lining up his usual 'afternoon delight' either. he will need some big-time mil. help, just like he said. he probably figures being c.i.c. will delay our fighting responses just long enough for his friends to ....? kypd

I prefer to think he's playing his fairy flute and the lemmings are dragging the rest of us over the cliff w/ them, all the while blaming us for letting them get that near the edge.
1 year ago
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