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May 26th, 2013 - 5:54 pm

The other night I was watching Judgment at Nuremberg, a really wonderful movie that explores the process through which civilized men do uncivilized things. At the heart of Rolfe’s defense — played by Maximilian Schell — is the idea that the survival of the tribe is the highest value. He argued the Nazis did what they did to survive, as would anyone, and therefore their main mistake was in losing the war. In his view, the only judgment Americans could deliver at Nuremberg was the revenge of the victor.

Although the Nazis lost the war, ironically the West bought the Nazi point of view. Have not the sophisticates rejected Spencer Tracy’s argument that the defense of civilization begins with the sanctity of the individual “because once you sacrifice the first innocent man then the rest are an inevitable consequence”? That smacks too much of the sacred, and we don’t do the sacred anymore.

But we do abortion and eugenics. We follow orders. And, most importantly, we do suicide, whether of the individual or civilizational kind.

The lesson Europe appears to have learned from the Nazis is that Western civilization is irredeemably possessed by a moral devil, which will return unless the culture is crippled. Therefore all spirits are viewed askance. It’s fascinating to contrast the world of Judgment at Nuremberg, where the only defense against the death of millions is morality, with the world of the Boardwalk Empire, where no morality is possible, as if the world recently emerged from the shadow of death understood its value more than we do now after 70 years of safety.

The man who hacked off the British soldier’s head waited for the bullet. And though I despise what he stands for, it is undeniable that he stood for something. However misguided his beliefs, there was something he believed in.

What do we believe in? Insofar as I can see, we solemnly believe in nothing. How proudly we — the sophisticates in the media and academy — proclaim that we are empty of convictions, bereft of patriotism, devoid of faith. We are a civilization compelled to shout from the housetops, “I am excrement because I walked with myself.”

That is our conviction, our creed, our profession of unfaith. But if we continue to adhere to it, we shall lose to the Islamists, who at least are willing to fight their corner. We will lose and we will deserve to lose.

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What we do, betrayal.

We have lost the sense of honor. Honor is not only passe', it is "the wrong kind" of patriotism, the "wrong kind" of spousal devotion, the "wrong kind" of religious faith, the "wrong kind" of personal dignity, the "wrong kind" of responsible behavior and individual accountability.

The slick and slippery arguments of a Bill Ayers and a Michael Moore make "rebellion" cool and God, family and country...uncool.

Our cultural institutions have been swarmed by "betrayal gurus", who build peer pressure into the "imprinting factories" of academia, entertainment, information gathering and distribution and education to the extent that the baby ducklings newly hatched into our culture, follow not the honorable...but the intentionally dishonorable..., learning the quackery of treason and wearing it in the soft downy feathers of ignorance and Pavlovian reflex.

The odd bedfellows of the homosexual hating, misogynistic, feral brutality of radical Islam...and the multicultural metrosexuality of peer pressured Marxism...defies linear logic at first blush.

Yet, they BOTH...have at their core...the shattering of Western society, cohesiveness and moral clarity.

The assault on our honor and integrity, our religious tenets and adherence, our institutions of marriage, country and our freedoms, liberties, and sees the barbarians inside the gates. We are being brutally assaulted, from combination with the radical Muslim assault from within and without.

Our honor is being whipsawed. We are in a pincer movement of national destruction. And our imprinted duckling countrymen...are voting our suicide in greater and greater numbers.

The cult behavior has taken hold. We are being brainwashed...and those who resist are being marginalized, investigated, abused and their resistance put down. Our resistance so far has been tepid, tame and mild. Often halting and apologetic.

We get suckered into genuflecting to the false and phony charges that WE are the "bigots", that WE are the warmongers, that WE are the mouthbreathing Troglodytes.

Yet, the least tolerant, the ones actually engaged in war gaming, the most reactionary...are those trying to destroy us.

Pray that we wake up from our slumber and stupor, wretchard. We show no signs of doing so...or staving off our inevitable demise any time soon. We instead...continue to vote for our mass suicide.

1 year ago
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This is why people form nations, and gather into cultures, to live as they like. One may not understand why; but if Muslims so prefer they should be left to decapitate each other undisturbed -- and the Swedes permitted to snarf meatballs in the same spirit. Cultures are valuable because they are different, but for the same reason their interaction must be managed.

Clearly those in the West who wish to live as Muslims should be free to travel to those lands and become part of that society. But by the same token Muslims who go to Sweden ought to have some desire to become Swedish. And in that way we can live in peace. The flip side of freedom is a willingness to leave other people alone.

One of the reasons you isolate memory spaces in a process is to give those processes the freedom to run through the code. Multiculturalism is like a system with no rules for pointers. And in the end you get the blue screen of death.

1 year ago
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"In concluding this discussion of the basic fallacies in
Communism we should perhaps make a summary
comment on the most significant fallacy of them all.

This is the Communist doctrine that problems can be
solved by eliminating the institution from which the
problems emanate. Even Marx and Engels may have
been unaware that this was what they were doing, but
the student will note how completely this approach
dominates every problem they undertook to solve.

Take, for example, the problems of government. Marx
and Engels would solve these problems by working
for the day when they could eliminate government.

Problems of morals would be solved by doing away
with morals. Problems growing out of religion would
be solved by doing away with religion. Problems of
marriage, home and family would be eliminated by
doing away with marriage, home and family.

The problems arising out of property rights would be
resolved by not allowing anyone to have any property
rights. The problem of equalizing wages would be
solved by abolishing wages. Problems connected
with money, markets and prices would be solved by
doing away with money, markets and prices.

Problems of competition in production and
distribution would be solved by forcibly prohibiting

Finally, they would solve all the problems of modern
society by using revolution to destroy this society. It
seems the phantom of Communist hope can only
arise from the bowels of the earth through the ashes
of all that now is. Communism must be built for one
purpose -- to destroy. Only after the great destruction
did the Communist leaders dare to hope that they
might offer to their disciples the possibility of
freedom, equality and justice.

It is this dismal and nebulous promise for the future
which Communism offers the world today. Until such a
day comes, the Communist leaders ask humanity to
endure the conflagration of revolutionary violence, the
suppression and liquidation of resistance groups, the
expropriation of property, the Dictatorship of the
Proletariat which they themselves describe as "based
on force and unrestricted by any laws," the
suspension of all civil liberties -- suppression of free
press, free speech and assembly, the existence of
slave labor camps, the constant observation of all
citizens by secret police, the long periods of service
in the military, the poverty of collective farming, the
risk of being liquidated if discovered associating with
deviationists, and finally, the tolerance of an economic
order which promises little more than a life of bare
subsistence for generations to come."

FROM: The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen
CHAPTER TITLE: Communism as a Negative Approach To Problem-Solving

It appears that 'those who would be equaler' have taken the all-too-familiar approach to solving the problems of reason, facts, and reality.
1 year ago
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You counterpoise two versions of Collectivism, Modern Socialist Statism and Tribalism and find yourself giving a kind of Machiavellian/Neitszchean credit to Muslims for their unwillingness to to adapt to the culture of the countries in which they live, when the one that preaches their Islamic principles are too oppressive and barren for them.

When you encounter a contradiction, the rational thing to do is to check your premises. A renaissance of tribalism in the West is not the answer, or it's unit form we call "family." How about protecting the smallest minority? The Individual? Capitalism, freedom, what the founders of the United States of America created? How about that option?

I give the Muslims NO credit for maintaining their dogma of total global subjugation -- by the sword or by stealth -- to Islam. It's slavery, just as modern Statism. To Hell with the both of them.
1 year ago
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typos, dammit: "ones that preach", "its unit form"
1 year ago
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"Parasite single." I'm adding this to my political lexicon.
1 year ago
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“Parasite single” Is that accurate? What a nasty thing to have a word for. Your translation as a “ denote a person who has made no family plans of his own” is too value-neutral.

I get worried about what a government plans for people whom it can describe as parasites.
1 year ago
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In some ways the minions of the Devil (HaHa, you atheists, I use literary device of personification of a set of abstractions, just to piss you off.) have managed to define democratic egalitarianism as the highest goal and achievement of any enterprise.

THEY ARE LIARS, with a devious purpose.

A symphony orchestra may have scores of players who are more skilled and greater artists in many important ways than is the conductor. But the conductor is by convention and practice accorded deference in all tempos, in all phrasings, volume / dynamics, stylistic attacks on the notes ("marcato" and "legato") AND all excursions from strict tempo.

To do otherwise - i.e., to allow individual musicians to make their own moment-by-moment decisions were CHAOS.

It may be seem to be a NAZI-like rigid and uncompromising system, but tens of millions of musicians have found that it WORKS, where doctrinaire democratic egalitarianism DOES NOT.

As a professional who has played in recording symphonic orchestras AND in Rock, country, and Celtic bands, I can tell you this is true even for seemingly drug-crazed and utterly wild rock and roll musicians.

Music - and certain other human enterprises - CAN NOT WORK unless there is a general submission of the individual will to an agreed upon executive direction.

That's talking about MUSIC performance, though - NOT Government. Not if you intend to have citizens who love their country and hope to find individual fulfillment through their citizenship.

The Communists practiced that authoritarian rule in the state dictatorships that ruled the Russias and their vassal states until the 1989 collapse. The PRC have been adapting their own government to try to avoid the trainwreck they saw in the CCCP, but they certainly operate emphatically on the same general principle described above, NOT any sort of half-assed democracy. Both of those systems devoured ("SLAUGHTERED AND STARVED") many tens of millions of their own people simply to impose and consolidate their tyrannies of state.

I'm not advocating any tyranny of socialism-communism or Marxism for the USA.

I'm talking about an elected representative REPUBLIC, which worked pretty well for a long time, and AWAY FROM WHICH we have been accelerating for decades.

Towards tyranny.

Much further in that direction, and we will be facing the same sort of bloodletting that was required by Stalin and Mao to impose control.

1 year ago
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The problem with multiculturalism is that promoted at the end of a barrel. Americans are multiculists by nature but there is difference when it becomes a compulsory exercise to 'celebrate' anothers culture. That is plain puniary.
1 year ago
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Screw you Multiculturalists. You flatter yourselves, hoping to have the respect of "OTHERS" whose actual values define you as idiots and traitors to your OWN culture.

The world is headed for a grand-scale adjustment, as they like to term it in economic/finance circles. Simply, if you prostrate yourself long enough, inviting the OTHER cultures to crush you, they eventually will do so.

It doesn't after all MATTER whether they crush you beneath their hooves, wheels, or jackboots. It doesn't MATTER whether they crush you in a culturally hostile rage, or from religious zeal of the sort YOU regard as infantile; or from sheer peevish BOREDOM.

If you don't value your own heritage, if you don't defend your own values, don't be surprised when NO ONE ELSE does either.

You morons who promote "multi-culturalism" and cultural relativism don't seem to grasp that OTHER people find great comfort and fulfillment in their own heritage, and the vitality and richness they perceive in their own culture makes them want to preserve and advance it, and squash YOURS like a bothersome cockroach.

You think that it's evil to impose your own values on someone else, and fool yourself into believing that since YOU want to be so generous, everyone else AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE is somehow obliged to acknowledge what a fine person you are, and go along with YOUR PLAN.

YOU ARE IDIOTS. This is utterly as ignorant as the savages who believed they could render themselves invulnerable to high-powered bullets hurtling toward them by the power of their Shamans' incantations.

Why do I even bother? You have long since convinced yourselves that YOU are the pinnacle of all creation; that YOUR logic cannot be denied, and that YOUR goals and rejection of values are so persuasive that the hosts of OTHERS will fall to their Knees and beg you to invite THEM to your extremely hip cocktail parties.

You won't last another generation.

1 year ago
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tdiinva - “Libertarians are no longer part of the conservative movement.”
I can’t help but think that you are conflating Libertine with Libertarian. The classic Libertarian in my understanding is likely an economic conservative and a social liberal. Libertines on the other hand object to any moral values and are known to be avid pederasts. Economic conservatism by nature controls the size and scope of government which would naturally limit its ability to forcefully enforce social justice which is a fascist social control mechanism. Fascists can control 95% of the population by using 5% homosexuals as a group victim foil. A perceived slight by history can lead to a rewriting of the laws and the constitution itself to validate sodomy.

I’ll admit that there are flavors of Libertarians that are closer to Anarchists as are Libertines. Those suggesting the abolition of borders and the military are Anarchists in my book. Perhaps any pure ideology is radical in its extreme application.

The social liberal model suggests that it is OK what two consenting adults agree to and that is where I stand. Fascists say that all relationships are equal and some, due to historic grievances, must be celebrated, making them more equal than others. This is a misapplication of state power. The principles of Libertarianism strongly suggests that the government over steps its bounds when it attempts to apply social values at the point of a gun, such as the prohibition of drugs, prostitution, and gambling. All of these things are controlled by organized crime and a social pact with law enforcement that drives 90% of its work and funding. All patent scams because even the government admits that they only catch 10% of the activity, punishing the little people and glutting our burgeoning prison system. If we could rehabilitate 10 million dope smokers we could empty our jails and have them wash dishes for free rather than importing a class of welfare criminals from other failed states at a higher cost to society.
1 year ago
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Perhaps we need a new name for a political model where the government is by the people and for the people and stands collectively to protect national interests starting at the border and ending overseas should an active defense be necessary, a political system that doesn’t strive to enforce the law of every trivial permutation of wrong doing, especially between consenting adults in private. A new political model that government stops becoming its own advocate and championing its own causes but becomes, like Themis the blind lady of justice, a neutral arbiter of universal rights. Not the bully employed by minorities to harass, harry, and extort the majority for special status and favors. A just government could not so easily be turned to those purposes compared to what we have now which is the misapplication of justice on greased rails.
1 year ago
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The Progressives get much of the blame for the creation of multicultural anarchy that we see today but they only deserve a small portion of the "credit' for the decline of western culture at least in the United States. It is the Libertarians who are the really villains. Without the support of Libertarians, the Progressive attempt to destroy the institution of the family, which ultimately is the last line of defense against tyrannical government, would have fallen short of a majority. Libertarians have pushed the destruction of the family over the goal line. Libertarian cant is a proclamation of supremacy of personal autonomy, not liberty. Liberty is about political institutions not social arrangements. Fascist governments can grant a lot of personal autonomy and the modern Fascist now understands that championing personal autonomy is a major weapon in achieving political control. Personal autonomy provides a diversion from political issues and at the same time achieves the atomization of society that enables government control.
The biggest failure of the conservative movement was its failure to understand the transformation of Libertarianism that occurred in the 1980s from movement concerned with politics and economics to one focused on social issues. Libertarianism is the Progressive Trojan Horse that has neutered the conservative movement. Libertarians are no longer part of the conservative movement. They are the not so unwitting allies of Progressive Fascism.
1 year ago
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I am afraid you are correct to a large degree. And aside from that there is the real question of whether what constitutes modern libertarianism represents anything like a coherent thought process.

One commentator said that he had attended a number of the national Libertarian Party conventions and had two main observations:
1. Substantive, real, valid, and vitally important issues are discussed there that are too taboo for both the Dems and Repubs to discuss at their conventions.
2. Most of the delegates there are insane.

I have defined "Conservatism" as being "Practical Libertarianism." By this I mean to understand its basis as it relates to the Founders but also realize that why theoretically it might be ideologically correct to sell heroin in the grocery store, cocaine in the drug store (which is done now, but by prescription), and automatic weapons at Wal Mart, the practical aspects of that approach render it unacceptable.
1 year ago
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You have the wrong culprit I think.

It is not the government, it is the media and academia that are controlling the government at present. The government is helpless to do anything at all which these two do not approve.

Quick case in point, anti-gambling laws are getting proposed and passed here in Australia overnight because the academy and media are unanimously for it.

The academy must be won back from the hysterics who control it.
The media will fall into place like lemmings
1 year ago
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Academia cannot be won back, and neither can the media. Those battles have been lost forever, and wishing things were different won't make it so.

Academia must be discredited and the system they oversee destroyed - same for the media. It all must burn, along with our society as it is. Only from the ashes will there be any hope of renewal.

Time to prepare for the conflagration.
1 year ago
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European Christendom is going to have to reassert it's dominion. It's as simple as that.
1 year ago
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"European Christendom" will have to start existing. Liberal Christianity and Liberal Judiasm are simply excuses for replacing the Bible with current leftist doctine (c.f. "Tikun Olam").
1 year ago
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