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Jumping To Conclusions

May 25th, 2013 - 5:51 pm

One can only conclude that the authorities themselves jumped to conclusions before anyone else. That they were sure from the first instant what they were dealing with since they knew exactly what words or phrases nobody could refer to. And you can’t do that unless you yourself have jumped to the same conclusions nobody else should jump to.

Thus, references to Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, or Mexicans appeared little censored. Why, you can chaff these people with no consequence. But words referring to certain identities we are not supposed to associate with the news stories are quickly punished such that the UK authorities, who lack the manpower to monitor individuals with terror files at MI5 as long as one’s arm, can still find an ample number of policemen to track down on Facebook and Twitter.

The Mirror says that authorities expect Google to crack down on hate sites responsible for inciting attacks on British soldiers, but what is the search term that should be proscribed? Probably Google is expected to jump to conclusions without actually doing so.

To their eternal credit, those who shall not be named have completely seen through the childish efforts of the establishment. The attackers know full well how contemptible and spineless the political and media elites of Western nations have become. Whatever their defects, the enemy appears to possess one virtue that the enlightened citizen of the West can envy: they can still see  the hand in front of their face. They can still add two and two to make four.

The law-abiding Westerner is no longer supposed to be able to do that. In some paradoxical way, the enemies of the West are now freer than their targets; free, by virtue of their defiance, from the mind-boggling hypocrisy and doublethink that encumber anyone who still subscribes to conventional wisdom. If radical Islamism has any merit at all, it lies in seeing a supine and defenseless culture for what it really is: a fat, idiotic target waiting to be plundered.

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The enemy who will not be named by the government who will not be informed.

Ahh, yes. We are in the best of hands.

We won't "profile" the traits of sworn enemies...that is, unless we are profiling political "enemies" for the IRS.

We won't call jihadists "warrirors" or "terrorists" or declare them to be a clear and present danger, or train our soldiers to beware of them. We are too busy training our soldiers to beware of Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons and Evangelical Christians.

We are not interested in protecting the 1st Amendment or freedom of religion rights of YouTube video producers, Fox News reporters or Tea Party members. We are too busy protecting the rights of assembly for those who wish to build a mosque upon the bones, blood and sinew at Ground Zero.

The enemy who will not be the government who will not be informed...each moves about in darkness. Dancing in concert upon the freedoms, liberties and security of a citizenry that votes to commit mass suicide by allowing themselves to be thus abused.

1 year ago
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Perhaps on reason why the Greatest Generation so decisively changed the world is that most of them only had a high school education. They didn't have enough education to the swallow the monumental, sophisticated lies that we are sold today.

They had not yet lost possession of the basic instincts that protected the human race through its long history, and unlike the sophisticates who saw in the Fascists and Communists the Supermen of Tomorrow -- the men with robes -- those homely people could bring themselves only to see thugs in cheap uniforms.

What is marvelous about today's narratives is it can get away with telling lies that nobody -- not even the tellers -- believe. You would think that the first principle of propaganda is that falsehoods should be plausible. But somewhere we crossed the line into a world where the less we believe in something, the truer it is.

And so the media elites are always waiting to head the public off at the pass; a pass whose location nobody is even supposed to know. How surpassingly strange that our leaders should act as not as if they were convinced that the unnamed personages were innocent; but as if they were certain of their guilt.

It's a farce and we are clowns in our own circus of the absurd.
1 year ago
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The Stockholm rioters who are setting cars and schools on fire are identified as immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, but their religious affiliation is unmentioned. The law abiding Swedish citizens who attempt to defend their city and their homes and their families are identified by the authorities as right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis. This cowardice by Western authorities will continue until someone puts a stop to it, violently if necessary. The alternative is the slow and increasingly violent death of Western civilization at the hands of the barbarians. The brilliant, briefly lit fire of Western thought, science and art will die, as other civilizations have died before us, and life will continue, though not as before.

The western sky, a setting sun
Snow topped mountains gleaming gold
Shadows turn the desert dun
Science, music, art untold
Once discarded aren’t returned
Once great cities, soul and heart
Of the West, destroyed and burned
Pilgrims harried and depart
Like Detroit, a hollow shell
New York, London meet their fate
Say goodbye and wish them well
Time is gone, the hour late
But the world will soon forget
There was once a better place
Where free people freely met
Challenges with smiling grace
Night is nigh, and come the dawn
Others follow in their way
They won’t miss us when we’re gone
And the sun sets day by day

1 year ago
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Song for the EDL and events in England and more broadly Europe

There is something happening here
What it is, aint exactly clear
There's a man with a Koran over there,
Telling me Ive got to beware

I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's goin' down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong
Young people speakin' their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

I think it's time we stop, heh, what's that sound
Everybody look what's goin' down

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people on the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hurray for our side

It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's goin' down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away
1 year ago
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Dr. Strange was one of the good guys. He even fought against the tyrants taking over the US in the Civil War cycle.

Seriously though, these attackers do have the advantage, particularly in England. It has been wondered on many sites why no men jumped in to help the soldier. Two reasons. 1) they were unarmed. 2) If they had, precedent in England is that those who interfere with a criminal's "choice of action" will be arrested and feel the full weight of the law while the criminal is home in time for tea. So, you can bet that weighed very heavily on their minds.
1 year ago
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Why is any one surprised at this conduct by Muslims? Look at Egypt, Somalia, Libya, etc., etc. ... . This is what Muslims do; this is Islam. This the great Islamic contribution to society that Obama is so proud of.
1 year ago
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Stockholm Syndrome
1 year ago
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Fail Burton is correct. The racism of the sincere liberal convention organizers in Wtsconsin is no different from that of the Segregationists of 50 to 100 years ago. I have read the South Carolina educational reports full of statements about the need to provide separate facilities for the Negros where they could flourish. Endicott in "In the Heat of the Night" cared for the Negro like he cared for his flowers. Islamists assure us they only want to protect women from the lusts of men.

When High School administrators, where students have at best limited rights of self determination, choose to imitate College authorities, but really that was just an excuse to abdicate responsibility, and permit racial and sexual grievance groups to establish segregated tables in the cafeteria we started down this road.
1 year ago
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Feminist liberals are as dumb as stumps. They're supposedly reacting to things like "whites only" water fountains now a half-century gone by re-instituting them in principle. These are people who I saw exchanged angry Tweets expressing horror about the first integrated prom somewhere in Georgia and then mimic it.

I'm pretty sure they think the word "irony" has something to do with wrinkles.

Whoever thought the KKK would be revitalized in Madison and with concerns about wheel chair access and allergies to scented products? Smart PR blokes, racists. And I do mean blokes.
1 year ago
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We in modern civilization are tolerant and forgiving. I wonder how far things will get before we have outright war with Islam.

Europe is much farther down this road than the Americas. How long before we see a round up of all Muslims, good, bad and in between, along with forced sterilizations? Do we really think that a continent that brought us the Nazism of the Germans, the fascism of the Spanish, and the fascism of the Italians, will just sit back and watch their cities burn?
1 year ago
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Many European countries can be expected to sit back and watch their cities burn. They are already doing it. I would guess Sweden, Denmark, Norway fall straight into that category: self-neutered. Belgium also, Holland probably so. Germany and France perhaps a bit less so, along with Austria and Italy, Spain. Of the Western European countries, the only one I am sure will stand up vigorously (or probably) is Switzerland. East European countries are different, but I think they also have far fewer Muslim immigrants in general.
1 year ago
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To show you how far down the outhouse chute liberals have gone, the Madison, Wisc. science-fiction convention called WisCon, around since 1977, this past weekend had a room set aside for non-whites.

According to the WisCon site, it's "a designated space for people of color to dialogue freely and openly."

To heap insult on top of that KKK-like bigotry, they have the nerve to title the description "Safer Space for People of Color," as if white people at the con are some kind of threat to them.

This smug and out-of-this-world racism protected by identity is mind-blowing. And the entire science fiction community sits back and doesn't say one word.

Feminists and liberal racists: making friends one person at a time.

"What was that? An explosion? Prolly a white guy. Or in that we trust."
1 year ago
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What would happen to a white person who entered the "Safer Space for People of Color"? Would he be barred entry? Beaten up? Lynched? Would the police be called?

Maybe we need to borrow a page from the "Take Back the Night" activists and simply go into these forbidden rooms so people can see that we (white people) are harmless as a group.
1 year ago
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I believe it was 20 years ago when I read about a major university in which black students demanded their own dorm.

One commentator at that time pointed out that 50 years before we had at great cost defeated an ideology that emphasized genectics, that evaluated people on how many drops of Jewish blood they carried. And now that ideology had triumphed, promoted by the very sort of people those same ideas would have exterminated.

The SF Community is simply reacting to what it sees as the desires of "people of color." Segregation is no longer imposed, but some insist on it as an option for themselves.
1 year ago
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Well, black dorms would seem to be consistent with black colleges and fraternities.....

What a pity that people self-segregate while decrying racism. I don't see how that will ever fix anything.

1 year ago
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we are applying 20th century solutions to 21st century problems.

violence has its own logic - it significantly shapes our world and has so since dirt, it determines (and has determined) our relationship with each other and with governments (of whatever stripe, king, prince, senator, president, premier etc etc); we pay dearly for the protection government "provides".....when this bargain, as Wretchard calls it, the king's justice (a good term) no longer works, things break down, in a big way -

What many try to sell as "understanding", "sensitivity" is nothing but cowardice in the face of unanswered violence....reporters are cowards, Obama is a coward, the Brits are cowards, the French are cowards, we are all cowards, with no fight for what needs to be done, no understanding of it or the enemy, or how to fight. I admit I don't get it - I guess I'm a coward too.

Think about it - two clowns (albeit murdering savage bastard clowns) effectively close down an entire city for several days, thousands of "protectors" were engaged to really no effect and one enemy "soldier" is killed, the other captured....the logic of violence tells me that this is a big winning strategy - dispersed fighters, simple, open source orders and instructions, minimal training, rock hard commitment marrying ideology and the numinous - man are we f****ed unless we wake up....WTF.
1 year ago
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I am frequently seriously confused, certain that I am experiencing an episode of the Twilight Zone, but alas it then dawns on me, no, this madness is real.

The whole world is upside down. Insanity is the new sane.
1 year ago
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Multicultural Dictionary of Liberal Thought: _Allahu Akbar!!_: an expression that has nothing to do will Islam, which is a religion of peace that has been greatly abused by The West and its allies, particularly the Jews.
1 year ago
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