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PJ Media FAQ

Q: Why do I need to create a registration?

A: To ensure the best possible community experience, our new commenting system requires that you register, verify your email address, and be signed in to comment.

There are many benefits to creating a PJ registration. Registered users can:

  1. Participate in the comment sections
  2. Watch free PJTV videos
  3. Get access to our free daily newsletters


Q: How do I register?

A: Click here.


Q: I didn’t receive the confirmation email after registering. How do I verify my account?

A: If you do not receive your confirmation email, you can ask to have it resent by signing in and clicking “My Account” on the right side of the black menu.

Within My Account, select ”Email Address.” You will see a message that your email address is not yet verified. To have the verification email sent again, please click “Send Verification Email.” Before doing this, make sure that is in your address book, and if you have a spam filter, make sure that is “whitelisted”.


Q: Can I register using Facebook?

A: Yes. Click the “Connect using Facebook” button on the registration page and follow the prompts to register using Facebook.


Q: I can’t remember my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: Click “Sign In” in the black bar just below the search box. On the Sign In page, click “Forgot Password” to have your password resent to you.


Q: How do I update my email address?

A: Click here.


Q: How do I update my password?

A: Click here.


Q: What is a screen name and what is it used for?

A: Your screen name will appear when you comment. This name is visible to other users. Please note: your email address will not be made public, nor is it visible to others.


Q: Can I update my screen name?

A: You can update your screen name at any time. Click here.

Note that you must choose a screen name that no one else is using.


Q: How do I sign up for the daily emails?

A: Click here.


Q: I don’t seem to stay signed in to PJ Media even though I check the “remember me” checkbox. Why won’t the site “remember me”?

A: Your browser settings may be preventing us from storing a “cookie” on your workstation. A cookie is the small file that indicates the request to stay signed in. Every browser has settings that control this. Please refer to the “help” section of your specific browser to learn how to store cookies.


Commenting: Guidelines and Moderation

Q: What are the rules for commenting?

A: Comments are not moderated and will appear immediately. However, if you find a comment offensive, you can report that comment by clicking on the “report abuse” button and a member of the editorial staff will review it. You will still be able to view the comment even if the editorial staff agrees with the abuse report. Just use the “Click here to view it anyway” feature.

PJ Media appreciates comments that stay on topic and avoid profanities or foul language, unless it is contained in a necessary quote or is relevant to the comment. Your comment is likely to be deleted if it is libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, or pornographic. Threats are taken seriously and will be reported to law enforcement. Spam and advertising are not permitted.

PJ Media reserves the right to delete your comments or revoke your registration for any reason.

PJ Media management does not necessarily agree with or otherwise endorse any particular comment.


Q: I posted a comment, but it isn’t showing up. Why can’t I see it?

A: There are a few reasons why your comments might not appear:

  1. Try “sorting” the comments by clicking on “Newest” just above the comment box. This will sort comments so the newest comments appear at the top of the comment section.
  2. Make sure you have confirmed your registration. If you registered, but did not confirm your email address via the confirmation email, your comment will appear, but only to you. It will not appear to others. If you need to have the confirmation email resent to your email address, click here:
  3. If you have been banned from commenting, you will be unable to post comments.


Q: Why was I banned from commenting?

A: Repeated comments that do not adhere to our commenting guidelines may result in a user being banned from commenting.


Q: What if I find a comment that is in violation of the PJ Guidelines?

A: If you find a comment offensive, you can report that comment by clicking on the “report abuse” button and a member of the editorial staff will review it. You will still be able to view the comment even if the editorial staff agrees with the abuse report by using the “Click here to view it anyway” feature.



Q: How do I submit a comment, question or tip for a news story?

A: Click here.


Q: How do I inquire about advertising on PJ Media?

A: Click here.


Q: How do I find your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy?

A: Click the appropriate links at the bottom of any page on Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Q: How do I subscribe to PJTV, so that I may watch members-only videos?

A: Click here.


Q: How do I get support if my question is not answered by this FAQ?

A: Send an email to: