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How Do You Rank the Top 10 Greatest Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Today?

Talkers magazine just released their "Heavy Hundred" of the most influential hosts. My focus is a little different: which hosts put on the best shows and have the best ideas to improve America?

The Radical Left Fishes for Israel, Uses Jewish Americans as Bait

Radical Islam's War against the Past

The murder of the past is an effective form of cultural homicide.

Think You Could Get Away With This Congress Member's Astonishing Parking Fail?

Maybe it's time for a designated driver.

The Dawn of the Digital Actor

The late actor Paul Walker is being recreated digitally for Fast & Furious 7, as predicted 30 years ago by Arthur C. Clarke.

Saudis Unleash Strikes on Yemen After White House Promotes UN-Led Negotiations

GAME CHANGER: Hillary's Campaign Is More Tech Savvy than in '08

Flashback: President Poor Choices Says 'Absolutely No Apologies' for Bergdahl Swap

Controversy Over 'American Pride' Themed Dance at High School

You Have to Know How to Wage War to Win the Final Four

Coach K's passion for winning goes back to his days at West Point.

Bergdahl Charged with Desertion, Misbehavior Before the Enemy

Beck and O'Reilly Clash: Are Political Parties Outdated?

Stop beating a dead horse.

ISIS Reportedly Claims Town Where George Lucas Filmed Part of Star Wars

The Islamic group is bent on claiming all of North Africa -- and then some -- for their caliphate.

Want to Win Big Money Tonight? Read These Tips!

Daily fantasy sports expert and professional poker player Max Steinberg shares statistical tips for winning the big Wednesday tournaments at Fanduel and DraftKings.

The Woody and Bill Show

Woody Allen and Bill Cosby are both in the headlines this week. And not for any reasons they want.

Cornered Animal: The Frenzied Fight in Conservative Activists

Increasingly, confrontation between activists and incumbent politicians seems random, vicious, and unmoored from any sense of purpose.

Obama Marks 5-Year Obamacare Anniversary: Where's the 'Death Panels, Doom'?

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Racial Redistricting

The case, arising from Alabama, is a game-changer.

Is Everybody in the Obama Administration Corrupt? Sure Looks That Way

And nobody gives a damn; this report will be filed and forgotten, and the rich will get richer... thanks to the federal government and its extra-constitutional functions.

Kerry: Ben Franklin 'Could Never be Confirmed by the Senate Today'

Jindal: Next President Should Want to 'Do Something, Not Just be Somebody'

If You're Really Serious About Getting Rid of Common Core, Here's What It's Going to Cost You

How far are you willing to go to get the feds out of your local schools?

The House of Democrats

Democrats know that "it's good to be the king." Let's make it an entirely ceremonial position.

Hilton Kramer, 1928-2012

Speaking truth to Modernism, from the New York Times to the New Criterion.

CNN Plays Gotcha: Is Ted Cruz a Hypocrite for Signing Up for Obamacare?

The only thing that's "deeply ironic" is CNN pretending to be journalists.