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Here Are Five Steps Gun Grabbers Can Take to Make America 'Gun Free'

Senate to Vote on Bill Punishing Sanctuary Cities

Race for House Speaker in Chaos: McCarthy Doesn't Have the Votes

Boehner and McCarthy allies repeatedly say only 30 GOP House members oppose them. Not so.

Video: Donald Trump Is Like Your Annoying Drunk Neighbor

Mark Levin's 'Plunder and Deceit' -- a Wake-Up Call for the Youth of America

Ripped-off, fattened up, and ripe for the slaughter.

McCarthy on 'B-' Grade for Boehner: 'That's the Highest Grade I Ever Got'

WATCH: Cruz Humiliates Sierra Club Prez at Senate Hearing

Sierra Club President Aaron Mair came to a battle of facts completely unarmed.

Four Terror Stabbing Attacks in One Day in Jerusalem: Is 'ISIS Intifada' Here?

Purposely inflamed Islamist rage is spiking in Israel again. This time, the model for Palestinian terror tactics is ISIS.

Obama Combining Visit to Oregon Shooting Victims with Fundraising Swing

Apple Approves App that Warns of Washington D.C. Speed Cameras

'Zero Correlation' Between Gun Laws and Crime

Eugene Volokh does the math.

Palestinians Gone Wild: One Stabbing Attack After Another

Israeli civilians are being attacked at random.

Ten Commandments Removed from Capitol Under Cover of Darkness

Thanks to Baptist pastor, ACLU, Satan, and Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Christian Persecution, Not Guns, Is the Real UCC Story

Shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, should spark conversation about anti-Christian bigotry, not gun control.

Viral 'Don't Stay in School' Video Is Completely Missing the Point

The goal of education is to turn out good humans, not merely good technicians.

'This Changes Everything' Proves Conservative Critics of Environmentalism Are Right

Naomi Klein's new documentary on "environmentalism" is nothing more than a cover for centrally managed economies, wealth redistribution, and intrusive government regulations.

California Governor Slams Door on L.A. Carpool Lanes

"Energy growth cannot be at the same rapid rate as it has been in the past. Resources are being depleted,” says Jerry Brown.

Panicky Team Hillary Begins Oppo Research on Biden

Some Longtime Clinton Hands in New Hampshire Think the State Is a Lost Cause

AP Reporter Exposes Obama Admin Hypocrisy Regarding Israel in Wake of Afghan Bombing

The Obama administration never lets a crisis go to waste.

WaPo: Trump Has Only Spent $2 Million on Campaign So Far

Bully Pulpit: Kasich Says He'll Send Bibles to Enemies of Medicaid Expansion

Ohio governor also compares his battles with conservatives on Medicaid expansion to fighting ISIS.

Caleb Logan Bratayley's Overexposed Life and Strange Death

Fans of the popular YouTube show are both shocked and grieving.

Defense Sec: Russia Incursions Into Turkey 'May Be Further Sign of Their Strategic Confusion'

'Hypermasculinity' and You: The Problem with Your Biceps

College students get a warning: weak means strong, unhealthy means healthy, and men with muscles might rape.