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Your Tax Dollars at Work in Denver: Gay Groping at the TSA

"A male TSA screener told a female colleague in 2014 that he 'gropes' male passengers who come through the screening area at DIA."

Vox Editor Slips a 'Tostada' Into Rubio Platform

'God Doesn’t See Color': Young Black Man’s Reaction to Being Pulled Over

Not your typical police encounter video.

John F. Rubio?

Is Rubio the next JFK? Could he be peaking too early? Is he the new GOP frontrunner? Roger investigates.

Hillary's Campaign-Video Hypocrisy Exposed

She opposes the one thing that could help the little girl who is being forced to move.

Why I'm Not Convinced Michael Slager Is a Cold-Blooded Killer

Unlike many people you have heard opine on the Walter Scott shooting, I have been in Slager’s shoes.

American Reporter Held by Iran Since Last Summer Facing Espionage Charges

'Yesterday Is Over': Rubio Jumps in Campaign Ring vs. 'a Leader from Yesterday'

Egyptian TV Host Begs Netanyahu to Bomb Iran

Second Witness Contradicts Leftist Comic Sarah Silverman's Wage Discrimination Video

If "equal pay for women" is a real problem, why can't celebrity Leftists tell a real, true story about it?

Eight Memorable Things I Saw at the NRA 2015 Convention

GRAPHIC: Cartoon Shows Beheading of Obama by ISIS Executioner Jihadi John

How Is This Not Kidnapping? ‘Free-Range Children’ Picked Up by Cops Again

Is a 10-year old too young to go to the park without a parent?

Gov. Kasich: No Religious Freedom Law for Ohio

Symbolically washes his hands of the matter in anticipation of presidential run.

Some Other Good Democrat Nominees

If we're going to have a woman president, why not a What-A-Woman President? Va-va-va-voom, am I right, boys?

Race Doesn't Exist: Why Rand Paul Is Really Wrong to Fall into the Racialist Trap

You go to a Republican event, it's all people. That's enough.

Should Christians & Jews Fear a Muslim Majority?

Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the world, with a trajectory toward surpassing Christianity near the year 2050, according to a Pew Forum report discussed in a new video with Fox News’ Lauren Green and guest Dr. Alex McFarland.

Would This Hillary Running Mate Spell Real Trouble for the GOP?

Is This Book Really 'the Best Account of the Whole of the Human Experience'?

In an interview with one of my favorite historians, Daniel Pipes, conducted by April Griffin of History News Network, the Middle East expert named his #1 pick.

When Salon Went Hunting for Christian Terrorists...

Does Jesus inspire the same kind of life as Mohammed?

Wasserman Schultz: Like a 'Prune' with 'Some Tinsel,' Rubio Not 'Fresh and New'

Egyptian Grand Mufti Attacks Pamela Geller's Bus Ads

His hypocrisy and whitewash of Islamic Jew-hatred is on display.

Rand Paul for Prez Ad Conveniently Leaves Out Important Anti-Israel Fact

No Questions, Please: Hillary Announces on Twitter

And Roger has an announcement of his own to make today...

The Potemkin Economy

The press has hidden the holes in the economy for months.