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White House Slams 'Unconscionable' Remarks by Gambian President About Killing Gays

Don't Mess With This Young Man's American Flag

Coming Soon to a Middle School Near You: 'Gender Fluidity' Studies

Pope Francis Refers to Holocaust Denier, Anti-Semite, and Terrorist as an 'Angel of Peace'

Conservative Ted Cruz Goes After Progressive Jeb Bush for His Support for Common Core

Jeb Bush is a progressive. His only virtue is that he's honest about it.

Arab Media: ISIS Has Stolen Passports from Westerners for Easy Infiltration

They don't have to sneak into the West, they can walk in.

Smartest Guy Ever to Become President Blows It Again

Salman, Mohammed, Faisal, Whatever.

ISIS in Ramadi: Like the Tet 1968?

Son Comes Home with Bad Grades. Then His Father Decides to Give Him Some Tough-Love Motivation

Lesson learned or does this go too far?

Obama Grilled on His Rwanda, Says He Didn't Want to Violate International Law

TSA Failing 'in Almost Every Area of Their Functions'

Inspector general has issued hundreds of recommendations for efficiency and effectiveness to little avail.

Transparency this Time? Perry 2.0 to Announce on June 4

On looks, he's central casting as POTUS. But can he overcome one of the biggest flubs in presidential debate history?

[EXPLOSIVE VIDEO] Gavin McInnes: Women Happier at Home With the Kids

Watch Tamra Holder get the vapors when he tells her, "You'd be happier with a husband and children."

Boston Bomber Tsarnaev Sentenced to Death

Could Radical Russ Feingold Take Back Senate Seat from Ron Johnson?

As of now, Feingold is the most likely Dem Senate pickup.

Reince Priebus: George Stephanopoulos Was Never Going to Moderate a Republican Debate, Anyway (Video)

Analyzing the Winning Lineup in the $250,000 DraftKings Tournament

Some Christians Object to Our Muhammad Cartoon Contest. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Franklin Graham articulated what many Christians (and others) are thinking.

Have You Heard the One About the Deserter and the Five Taliban Commanders?

John McCain has, and by God he's going to get to the bottom of it some time before 2022.

'Libertarians of Convenience'

"Progressives" learn the hard way from Detroit that zoning laws suck. Will it inspire any other lessons?

R.I.P., B.B. King, 89

Legendary bluesman influenced scores on young electric guitarists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gingrich to PJM: Bush and Rubio Have 'Huge Advantage' with Latino Voters

Plus: Sanders talks to PJM about how he plans to fight the Clinton fundraising machine.

Feminist Media Ignoring Greatest Thing to Happen to Muslim Women on YouTube...Of Course

One comedy web series is reclaiming women's rights in Islamic culture. What's so scary about that?

Oedipus Calling! Does Ron Really Want Rand to Be President?

Is Ron Paul motivated by envy of his son? Judging by his recent actions, I wouldn't bet against it.

Obama to Gulf Allies: Please Back Iran Nuke Deal, We'll Arm You Against 'External Aggression'