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Breaking: Jeb Bush Is Running for President

Another Bush in the White House?

131 Dead in Pakistan School Massacre; No Mention of Taliban in White House Condemnation

It Takes Three to Tango

Bill Clinton's centrism left the DNC a long time ago. And exactly who is Obama supposed to be triangulating with?

6 New Examples of Muslim Outreach to Jews and Christians

Here are a few examples of recent attempts at inter-faith dialogue that Pope Francis should consider as he weighs engaging with the Islamic State.

Scott Walker to EPA: Take Your Clean Power Plan and Keep Walking

State legislatures tussle over reach of Environmental Protection Agency on their turf.

Kirk: Obama’s Immigration Order ‘Incredibly Condescending to Latinos’

Senator talks to PJM about the next step on Iran sanctions and "wacko liberalism" policy toward Israel.

'Despite NRA's Negative Onslaught,' Controversial Surgeon General Pick Squeaks Through Confirmation Vote

Pope Bites Dog! Maybe...

No cats in Heaven either, thank God

The Next Democrat Candidate for President? Elizabeth Warren

Bet on it.

Iran's State-Owned TV Points Sydney-Siege Finger at 'Terrorism Supporters' U.S., Israel

The Black Knight Stares Down the Corporate Human Resources Department

Fighting back against the Social Justice Warriors with Reverse Alinsky Ninja Jiujitsu.

Handcuffed or Spanked?

How do you want your 6 year old disciplined at school?

Shutdown Fairy Tales

Where is the GOP getting this fear of shutdowns from, anyway?

Of Course: NY Magazine Story of 17-Year-Old Market Whiz Debunked

J-School tip: if your high school-aged sources are blushing and giggling, move on.

Warren Leads Effort to Lift Ban on Gay, Bisexual Men Donating Blood

'Known Wolf' Syndrome: Sydney Hostage-Taker Is Yet Another Case

Yet again, it appears political correctness kept the West from preventing the preventable.

Taliban Demand Investigation of U.S. for 'Violations of International Humanitarian Laws'

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Allah Now Angry About Boutique Coffee & Chocolate Shops

Iranian Cleric ID'd as Hostage-Taker in Sydney Cafe

As I Was Saying About That 'Torture' Report...

Dianne Feinstein's false-flag operation: Just who, exactly, has "gone native"?

VA Helpline Leaving Homeless Veterans Out in the Cold

Inspector general's report is "embarrassing to our nation’s brave men and women."

Did Edward Snowden Hack Sony Pictures?

As a veteran Hollywood screenwriter and director, permit me to enjoy a little schadenfreude.

The Campus as California

LIVE UPDATES: The Sydney Cafe Siege

Richard Fernandez reports just a few miles from the scene of what is now being referred to as a terrorist incident.

Congressman: Protesters in D.C. for 'Same Reason That People Threw Tea Into the Boston Harbor'

Rep. Al Green, Al Sharpton push for police brutality legislation, more Justice Department authority.