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10-Year-Old Girl Seeks to Become Gun-Rights 'Inspiration'

Dan Rather’s Revenge and the Battle for Free Speech

Robert Redford will play Dan Rather in a film about the former CBS anchor's disputed report about President George W. Bush's National Guard service.

6 Reasons Why People Avoid Anime

Here are a few of the hurdles that scare off many potential fans.

Obama on Ebola: 'I don't have a philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban.'

Kerry Compares 'Radical Exploitation of Religion' in Caliphate to Thirty Years' War

Obama to Appoint Gore Recount Lawyer, Former VP Chief of Staff as Ebola Czar

Desperately Seeking an Upside to Venezuela Joining the UN Security Council

Here are three potential benefits to Venezuela winning a two-year term, from 2015-2016, on the Security Council.

4 Big Reasons Why the GOP Should Worry About Georgia’s Next Governor

Jason Carter, grandson of Jimmy, is locked in a tight race with GOP incumbent Nathan Deal.

Jeb Bush Stumps for GOP in Michigan, 'Very Optimistic' About Republican Sweep

Land can't find footing in the polls, though, to win Levin's Senate seat.

PJTV's Afterburner: Play the Hand—The Heroism of Wounded Soldiers and Their Families (Video)

Kerry Meets Iran Counterpart; Nuke Deal Hung Up on 'Sort of Everything'

Earnest: Travel Ban Would 'Drive Those Individuals' Possibly Carrying Ebola 'Underground'

Again: Another Democrat Refuses to Admit Voting for Obama

Why I Don't Spend Much Time Worrying About Ebola

Here's what worries me, and should worry you...

Is the White House Behind the CDC's Travel Ban Stubbornness? Frieden Won't Say.

Senator Doc: Obama Needs to Withdraw Nomination of Young Activist for Surgeon General

Kiwi Pumpkin Seeds Can't Cross Border, But Ebola Can

Jindal Unloads on Obama, Calls Ebola Crisis 'Latest Nightmare' Caused by President's 'Incompetence'

Charlie Crist Sneaks His #1 Fan Behind His Debate Podium

CDC Director Tells House Chairman Travel Ban Would Hurt W. African Economy

Ebola Latest: CDC Look Like Idiots, Again

Washington Times Guide to 'Moderate' Islam Sourced by CAIR and a 'Flying Imam'

Andrea Noble asks Islamists why ISIS isn't Islamist.

Indie Shocker in South Dakota: GOP Shot at Senate Seat in Trouble

Former Sen. Larry Pressler has one staffer, a small campaign chest, and both parties very worried.

The 'Bam Who Fell To Earth

If only the New York Daily News had taken its own advice in 2008.

Wargaming the 2014 Midterms

With three weeks to go, stuff just got real.