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How Much of a Threat Are ISIS?

Romney Having Fun With Political Resurrection

He's enjoying his role as a top surrogate for the party this year more than he did running for president.

Perry in D.C.: 'Common Sense' Says Terrorists Likely to Cross Illegally at Southern Border

Says any talk about immigration reform is “pointless because Washington has no credibility” on the issue.

Has Man Reached His Intellectual Peak?

Declining IQs, dumbed-down textbooks, the coarsening of the culture — is society "progressing" backwards?

'We Pray; There Is Still Hope' for Miami Native Threatened at End of ISIS Video

'Sports and Leisure Activities are a Good Way for Release,' White House Says of Obama Golf Optics

White House Explains Why It Swapped 5 Taliban for Bergdahl But Wouldn't Consider Foley Ransom

VIDEO—Sen. Harry Reid Launches Racist Jokes Before Asian Audience

Since he's a Democrat, will Reid get away with his insults?

Our Bien Pensant American Historians: The New Friends of Hamas

Welcome to the age of the intellectual organization of political hatreds.

PJTV's Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle: What is Truth? (Video)

Build the Border Fence Already!

With ISIS setting its sights on America, protecting the borders is no longer "merely" about illegal immigration.

Romney Defends Coal Record on Stump for W.Va. Senate Hopeful

Democrat has been pointing to a 2003 speech in which Romney denounced a coal-powered facility.

PJTV's Trifecta: Hillary Tour: Selling Socialism at $250K a Pop and Doing It In Style (Video)

Give Obama a Break About Vacations: Presidenting is Hard

If we ever had an Independence Day-type scenario, this is not a president who would personally fly an F-15 against the alien mothership

'Get Ready,' Warns Hagel: ISIS 'Beyond Anything That We've Seen'

Dempsey says terror group "can be contained, not in perpetuity" -- as ISIS threatens to exterminate Turkmen town under siege.

It's Alive!

Can Obama still control all of the nightmarish forces he's "unexpectedly" unleashed?

Gaza Defeat Threatens Hamas and Iranian Regime

When Islamofascists lose, the believers inevitably wonder if Allah has changed sides.

Dispatches from the CNN Style Guide

CNN's Don Lemon: “For me, an automatic weapon is…”

How Responsible Are Michael Brown’s Parents for His Demise?

We cannot continue to excuse criminal behavior by claiming poverty and inequality.

The Light Inside the Ferguson Darkness

Untold stories of courage amid the chaos.

'War Is Deceit': Tipsheet Tells Jihadists How to Shake Off Intel Agencies During Online Ops

Lead Investigator: Perry Was Not Under Investigation When He Tried to Get Travis County's Drunk DA to Resign

Eric Holder's Soros-Sponsored Police Sensitivity 'Training'

Your money went to the radical Institute on Race and Justice.

A Sixties Time Warp

At today's People Social Forum you can find out that “Marx was Right!”

Terrorist-Supporting Kent State Professor's Incendiary, Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

Julio Pino warns: "Isis will soon send a savage message to the American-Zionist cowards."