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House Passes Amendment to Train, Equip Syrian Rebels

America's Top Soldier Believes Islamic State's Rise Caused by 'Grievances'

Holder Announces Pilot Program to Dissuade Americans from Joining Terrorist Groups

GOP Takes Advantage of Begich Stumble, Gives Challenger National Platform

Looking redder: What was a 12-point advantage for Begich is now a 6-point lead for Sullivan.

Press Still Desperately Trying to Make Wendy Davis A Thing

Ayatollah: U.S. Asked Iran for ISIS Coalition Meeting But Was Rebuffed

Civilization and Nancy Pelosi Don’t Mix

Pelosi claims civilization may collapse if Republicans take the Senate.

What Exactly Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

If proponents of so-called reform detailed exactly what they wanted, Americans would never support their self-interested agendas.

The NFL's Domestic Violence Problem

Where was the outrage on the domestic violence front when Tennessee Titan's player Steve McNair was slaughtered by his 20-year-old girlfriend?

Feminists: Idiots or Shrikes?

You decide.

Cameron on ISIS: 'They are Not Muslims. They are Monsters.'

Poll: Obama's Black Supporters Abandoning Him

Immigration? Obamacare? ISIS? The Issues That Could Tilt the Senate in November

Foreign policy poised to play a bigger role than usual in midterms, but some issues play even closer to home.

Ross Douthat's Outrageous Statement About Ted Cruz's Israel Speech

I had to read the penultimate paragraph of the columnist's piece on "friendless Middle East Christians" before the enormity of it sunk in.

Obama: U.S. 'Stands Shoulder to Shoulder Tonight' with UK in 'Grief and Resolve'

BREAKING: ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker David Haines

Adrian Peterson and the 'Whooping' Culture

5 of the Latest, Dumbest Statements About Israel by Jewish Liberals

Spineless defamers of the Jewish state.

**UPDATED**Yet Another U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Makes Peace with ISIS

Nancy Pelosi Just Might Be Insane

The 10 Most Irritating Fast Food Items You Must Avoid

Arby's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King: these are the foods on the menu to skip. Your favorite isn't listed here, is it?

Government Threatened Hostage Families with Prosecution if They Raised Ransom Money

Fortuño to PJM: Puerto Rico Statehood Before Immigration Reform

"I’m not saying you should never deal with the issue, but shouldn’t you first deal with your own?”

Land Fall Burying GOP Hopes for Michigan Senate Seat

Can Republicans recover from the Land slide?

Oakland Firefighter Plays Victim Card Until Police Release Video

The perpetual siren call of victimhood.