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Putin's Next Steps: Why He Does Not Fear NATO

His Russian psyche guides him; his accurate assessment of NATO emboldens him.

Tesla's Business Model: Threat, or Free Market Triumph?

Cutting out dealerships—and their powerful lobby—is market-based innovation.

Barry Eat World

Just as it did in the 1960s, the left is currently devouring itself—and plenty of innocent victims as well.

Abbas Abandons Palestinian Prisoners—and the Peace Process

The Palestinian president chooses to seek recognition at the UN rather than talk to Israel.

We Are All Scientists

What entry-level qualifications are required before you can perform science?

'This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed:' Guns and the Civil Rights Movement

A new book explains how pivotal black gun ownership was to defeating the Klan.

The President of Brandeis University Should Resign

Ayaan Hirsi Ali publishes what she would have said at Brandeis.

Independent Inventors to Congress: We're Not Patent Trolls

Innovators fear Leahy-Lee bill would discourage invention and “seriously undermine the ability for start-ups to raise capital.”

Colbert Replaces Letterman; CBS Forgets the Lessons of The Late Shift

Those who failed to watch HBO's Late Shift are doomed to repeat it.

Putin Declares All-Out Cold War on America

The regime has shut down Voice of America and is flouting US sanctions against Iran.

Iran—It's Not Just About the Nukes

Easing sanctions against Iran could lead to further terror in Middle East, argues David Petraeus.

Regulatory Tyranny Flies Under the Radar

Courtesy of Barack Obama's Department of Labor.

Stephen Halbrook's Masterful History of Nazi Gun Control Measures

An excellent new book filled with applicable lessons.

PJTV's Instavision: Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff

Interview: Kathy Shaidle on Confessions of a Failed Slut

How to push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you.

Brandeis Goes Dhimmi—A Proposal for Passover

Pioneering Jewish university acquiesces to CAIR; rescinds promised honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The Unsolvable Equation of Equal Pay for Equal Work

The reality of men and women in the workplace.

It's Not New at Brandeis; 'Repressive Tolerance' was Born There

Banning Ayaan Hirsi Ali is all in a day's work for the university that helped to pioneer 'Political Correctness.'

Titanic Clears Deckchairs: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Eric Cantor thanks Sebelius "for her service. She had an impossible task: nobody can make Obamacare work."

Breaking: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is Resigning

MSNBC's Alex Wagner Just Broke Punditry

CONTEMPT: Lerner Citation Passes Committee; Boehner Vows Passage

House Dems vow the action against the former IRS official “will be laughed out of court.”

Can Valls Deliver?

Can a Napoleonic prime minister salvage France – and the French Left?

David Letterman Out, Stephen Colbert In

This is actually good news: Colbert finally retires his played-out character, and believe it or not, he may surprise us in his new role.

A Criminal Organization Masquerading As... Oh, You Know the Rest

Rev. Rat Fink Al Sharpton has been a snitch all along according to documents at The Smoking Gun. Related today: Rep. Elijah Cummings, Lois Lerner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and remembering Marc Rich...