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Marvel's 'Civil War' Isn’t Pretty — But It’s Not Paranoid, Either

Why Slate's Jamelle Bouie is wrong to depict the upcoming Captain America movie plot line as some "far-right" fantasy.

To MSNBC, It's Racism All the Way Down

What the World Needs Now Is… Another Arab State?

Advocacy for “Palestine” breaks all records for irrationality.

Begich Refuses to Run From Liberal Label

A deep line in the sand has been drawn between Begich and Sullivan by women’s rights groups and Planned Parenthood.

Is Mark Steyn's PR Firm Accepting New Clients?

Monica Lewinsky debuts on Twitter; Steyn interviews her famous dress in chapter one of his brand new book. There are no coincidences...

Obama's 'Core al-Qaeda Concept… Now Coming Back to Bite All of Us'

Intelligence Committee member Nunes, gunning for chairmanship in the next Congress, talks to PJM about White House terror narratives and "al-Qaeda 6.0."

Attendees Leave Maryland Campaign Rally When Obama Appears

Change! A steady stream of Democrats walked out while the POTUS spoke and a heckler interrupted him. For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

Monica Lewinsky's First Big Speech: Shaming the Internet into Stopping the Shame Game

U.S. Lauds 'Significant Contribution' of Cuba to Battle Ebola; Castro Says Let's Do More

BREAKING: Possible Terror Attack in Canada by Reported ISIS Sympathizer, Dead Suspect Is Martin 'Ahmad' Rouleau

Incident comes following ISIS call for Western supporters to "slaughter soldiers" in their homes.

Rubio, Ross Draft Ebola Travel Legislation, But There's No Congress Yet to Debate Bills

Wendy Davis Campaign Launches Its Most Absurd Attack on Greg Abbott Yet

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Lies, Renews Assault on City Pastors

Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS?

To blame ISIS' recruitment of young Muslims on the refugee problem of 1948, as Secretary of State John Kerry did last week, boggles the imagination.

Rolling Stone Goes to the Barricades

One-percenters Jann Wenner and Paul Krugman team up to motivate the "Progressive" base for November.

Pryor Digs at Cotton as Seat Looks to Be in Trouble

Tries to tie GOP challenger to Koch brothers and highlight Farm Bill vote, while congressman ties Dem to Obama agenda.

Independent Candidate Makes Debut at Connecticut Governor's Debate

Visconti goes after Gov. Malloy: “Legal gun owners deserve respect…they want their rights.”

Looks Like a Democrat, Quacks Like a Democrat, But…

"'Republicans for Orman' is nothing but a sham and an attempt to dupe Kansas voters,” argues Roberts campaign.

'The Death of Klinghoffer'; Then and Now, Human, All-Too Human

Klinghoffer isn't Palestinian propaganda, it's not anti-Semitic, and the animus against it is a disgrace that ought to be rejected both by conservative and liberals alike.

Republican Populism—or Republican Destruction

For now, “Obama did it” is an effective campaign slogan. But it won’t do much for the GOP after November.

Why Do Democrats Oppose Voter ID?

It isn't simply because they want to cheat and such laws interfere with their plans.

Those Crazy Mullahs (Attacking Me Yet Again)

The regime leaders are entirely right about my position. I hate them, and I wish I could do more to defeat them.

Why Sam Harris Is Wrong about Islam

"Stop tiptoeing around lest you offend Muslims’ sensitivity. Take sides."

Targeting Louisiana at the Justice Department

Motivating minority voters through fear.

The Elites Are Stupid

Exhibit number one: the columnists at the New York Times.