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THE MOST IMPORTANT SURA: Robert Spencer's Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 9, 'Repentance'

If you don't know Sura 9, then you don't know Islam, you don't understand the Middle East.

ISIS Is Using These Talking Points to Lure Taliban to Their Side

Police Want Exemptions from New Los Angeles Gun Restrictions

JULY 4 PROPOSAL: Republican Candidates Should Stand Together to Block Iran Deal

This is an emergency.

Space Is Hard: SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Takeoff

Each loss is also a lesson learned, and another step forward.

Bill Nye Thinks People Breathing Contributes to Climate Change

Take It From Me: Fitness Is Easier Than You Think

Stop being a couch potato. Working out makes life easier, not more difficult!

Ed Schultz: Purge of American Flag Is a 'Desecration' of American History

Clearly, the MSNBC host despises African-Americans.

Iran Nuke Talks to Miss June 30 Deadline

Coulter to PJM: Cut Off All Immigration, Focus on White Voters to Win

"The entire immigration bureaucracy is corrupt; it is run by and staffed by left-wingers who hate America."

U.S. Authorities Worry of Terror Attack over 4th of July

Is This the World's Ugliest Dog?

Justice Kennedy’s Matryoshka Doll

Whatever your position on same-sex marriage, if you care about the future of democracy in America, you should be profoundly disturbed by last week’s proceedings in which bloviating hermeneutical ingenuity gave cover to breathtaking judicial triumphalism.

How Republics Die

When we ignore and sidestep the Constitutional and legal process to achieve a desired end, the bedrock starts to turn to sand.

Conservatives Should Rejoice at the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling? Are You Kidding Me?

Conservatives should celebrate the death of federalism?

Media Bias? What Media Bias, Gay-Marriage Division

Cheerleading erupts at the nation's newspapers.

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush: OK, Federalism Is Dead, Let's Move Along Now

Neither presidential candidate has a backbone.

Liberals Celebrate 'Gay Equality' While ISIS Throws 4 Gays From Rooftops

But hey, they have 'marriage equality' now!

The Great Confederate Payback: 'Like the End of the Soviet Empire'

Revenge is the best revenge.

ISIS Using U.S. TOW Antitank Missiles in Latest Syrian Offensive

Walker Jumps the Marriage Shark

Ye Liveliest Awfulness: a Look at Lovecraft in Video Game RPGs

Do You Need Aggressive Cancer Screening After DVT or Pulmonary Embolus?

Or will doing so actually increase your risk of cancer?

Barack Obama Takes the Charleston Funeral from the Sacred to the Profane

Unity just isn't in his DNA.

The Right's Valley Forge