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Reid: 'Let the Dust Settle for a Little While' Before New Measures Against Iran

Breaking: Federal Court Rules Obamacare Insurance Subsidies Invalid

Religious Leaders Beg Obama to Force Them to Hire LGBT, Then Celebrate His Commandment

Nasty House Race in Michigan Brings al-Qaeda into the Mix

Challenger slams Amash over foreign policy credentials. (For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

The Media's Shameful Lack of Objectivity on Civilian Casualties in Gaza

Geraldo accepts Hamas's claims of child deaths, and the BBC ignores its own evidence of the terror group's culpability.

John and Ban's Not-So-Excellent Cairo Adventure

Time flies when you're destroying civilization.

Will Obama Heed Call Among Dems for 'Stronger, Stiffer Sanctions' Slapped Quickly on Putin?

Senate Dem chairman: "I'm not thinking about what Putin will do...we've seen what he'll do. It's what we in the West will do."

NYC's Seegerfest: Celebrating Pete Seeger and His Reprehensible Politics

Hatred of Israel is popular at this week's event.

Why Israel Needs to Finish the Job Now

The Chinese proverb applies: Kill the chicken while the monkey watches. The reduction of Hamas has to serve as a deterrent for Hezbollah and Syria, not to mention Iran.

Farewell the Maverick

RIP James Garner, 1928–2014

Thanks, Bill Gates: How to Keep Dictatorships Alive, Squelching Liberty on a Global Scale

Republicans Confident about Prospects in Gubernatorial Races

Will Christie's committee outpace GOP Senate gains or give a boost to struggling races? (For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

Challengers Pounce on Begich's Assertion That He's a 'Thorn' in Obama's Butt

"In AK vs. DC, Begich is not even on the field,” contends Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell. (For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

Kerry Heard on Hot Mic: 'It's a Hell of a Pinpoint Operation'

Obama’s Tranquility

The ego has landed.

Boyhood, a Unique Film 12 Years in the Making

Even if you don't think you want to see it, and I wasn't sure, you do.

Nicholas Kristof: The New York Times' Apostle of Moral Equivalence

From his column today on the fighting now going on in Gaza: “this is a war in which both peoples have a considerable amount of right on their sides. "

5 Ways to Avoid Dating Jerks

Break the jerk-dating cycle.

Obama Aides Knew Crisis Was Building at Border a Year Ago

Would You Want a Wife This Clueless About Sex and Your Emotions?

“According to his ‘document,’ we’ve only had sex 3 times in the last 7 weeks, out of 27 'attempts' on his part.”

State Department Official Tweets #UnitedforGaza

Was it a typo, a Freudian slip, or a statement?

Is the U.S. About to Be Blindsided by a Major Terrorist Attack?

The major strategic miscalculation of the Obama administration may have been a failure to anticipate that the terror threat would evolve.

7 Reasons Why the Palestinians Don’t Occupy the Moral High Ground

One hadith explains why it's acceptable for Jihadists to kill women and children...

Paris in Flames as Pro-Palestinian Rioters Clash with Police

How to Excel at Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra)

Check out Barbara Oakley's new book A Mind For Numbers.