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MUST READ: Robert Spencer's Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 2, 'The Cow,' Verses 211-221

When is it okay for a Muslim to be "immoral"?

'Mindslaughtered': U.S. Arms Negotiations, From Communists to Jihadists

Repeating past U.S. mistakes.

This Week's 'Dirty Dozen' Articles on Middle East, War on Terror

Lawmaker Calls Colleague's 18-Month-Old Toddler a Racist

Toddler microaggression is the new manspreading.

Obama the Crazy Pilot

Obama and his minions are busily destroying the Western World with their bizarre policies and eagerness to make a deal with the Iranian mullahs.

Mike Rowe Singing the National Anthem in a Baseball Uniform Will Blow Your Mind

I had no idea he was an opera singer.

Guess Which Senator Reid Wants to be Democratic Leader After He Retires?

Nightcrawling the Internet

A cautionary tale for the click-hungry.

What's Behind That 100-0 Iran Sanctions Vote — and Why Obama Should Worry

Will Alien Nation Reboot Include Amnesty Propoganda?

Get your sour milk ready.

Obama's Middle Eastern Flameout Has Dems, Media Starting to Panic

Alas, we are all prisoners of L'il Barry's coming of age.

Time to Party! Leave Your Farewell Message for Harry Reid Here

One small step for Harry Reid, one giant leap for the U.S. Senate.

Voxsplains How Childbirth Makes a New Dad Appreciate Abortion Even More

"I have come out with my own pro-choice convictions increased tenfold."

Uh Oh. How Is Hillary Going to Explain Throwing Bill Under the Bus?

Looks like the ex-president is going to be a major problem for her.

State Legislators Go Back to Tried and True Execution Methods

Debates over drug cocktails? Go back to the chair and firing squad, say some.

Germanwings Flight 9525

The insistent will was at the flight controls, and we allowed him to lock himself in the cockpit.

Menendez: U.S. 'Leaping with Both Feet' Toward Iran Demands, 'Any Deal for a Deal's Sake'

GOP Senators: Obama's 'Obsession' with 'Placating' Iran Led to 'Mideast on Fire'

Josh Earnest Requests Twitter Questions and Twitter Does Not Disappoint

The questions the White House Press Corps should be asking.

Are You Better Off Today Because of Obamacare? Facebook Users Passionately Respond: 'God No!'

It's all about "gradual improvement," folks!

The ISIS Tax: Budget Amendment Would 'Temporarily' Hike Taxes to Fight Islamic State

Obama Sells Out Israel to Iran

Our peevish, petulant, and impetuous president has struck again, in his efforts to banish Israel to the cornfield.

Leaked Report Reveals EU's 40-Point Plan to Force Israel's Hand

Another Obama Disgrace: Trading Enemy Scum for a Deserter. Why Believe Another Word He Says?

Unlawful orders do not have to be obeyed, even from Fearless Leader; that's a principle the U.S. clarified at Nuremberg. The military and the bureaucracy need to remember that before something really terrible happens.

A Tale of Two Yemens

Obama's bad judgement has left much of the Arab world broken, probably for a generation or more.