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How Much of a Threat Are ISIS?

Is White House Pressuring Pentagon to Downplay ISIS Threat?

One in Three Adults Think Libertarian Means the Opposite of What Libertarian Means

Time for Libertarians to Put on Their Big Boy Pants

Peace through strength, not isolationism.

Ferguson Postmortem

We are back to an O.J. / Duke Lacrosse / Trayvon landscape, in which larger issues loom—and yet cannot be discussed.

Does Islamic State Now Have an Air Force?

Maureen Dowd, Straight-Up Racist

Remember when the MSM declared that mocking the president's obsession with golf was racism of the vilest sort?

Save Mickey From The Terrorists

Saudi Sheikh Muhammed Munajid: "...according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases."

Ferguson is Calm, But What if There's No Indictment?

VIDEO: Does Suffering Prove God Doesn't Exist?

This week's course remakes a classic, compelling argument by Boston College Professor Peter Kreeft.

Romney Having Fun With Political Resurrection

He's enjoying his role as a top surrogate for the party this year more than he did running for president.

Paradigms Lost

ISIS, known-unknowns, and the left's descent into cognitive dissonance and nostalgia.

The Adventures of Sky Diving, Walking on Fire and Eating Out Alone

A blogger has taken up the challenge.

Take No Prisoners! Latest Book by David Horowitz Provides Modern Battleplan for Conservatives

Horowitz's book is designed to educate those who don’t understand the modern left, and provide a way to defeat them.

White House Issues New Contraceptive 'Fix' for Religious Companies

Moral Idiocy on Parade

Using the term "evil" to describe James Foley's beheaders proves too much for one professor.

10 American Warrior Women Your Kids Should Know About

From the Colonial era through the Civil War, World War II, CIA espionage, and the War on Terror women have played surprising, often forgotten roles.

The Banality of Mass Public Executions in Gaza

How are they less barbaric than the executions of ISIS? And why do the Times and the UN simply yawn in response?

PJTV's After Hours: From Ferguson to ISIS: The World in Chaos! (Video)

Perry in D.C.: 'Common Sense' Says Terrorists Likely to Cross Illegally at Southern Border

Says any talk about immigration reform is “pointless because Washington has no credibility” on the issue.

Has Man Reached His Intellectual Peak?

Declining IQs, dumbed-down textbooks, the coarsening of the culture — is society "progressing" backwards?

'We Pray; There Is Still Hope' for Miami Native Threatened at End of ISIS Video

'Sports and Leisure Activities are a Good Way for Release,' White House Says of Obama Golf Optics

White House Explains Why It Swapped 5 Taliban for Bergdahl But Wouldn't Consider Foley Ransom

VIDEO—Sen. Harry Reid Launches Racist Jokes Before Asian Audience

Since he's a Democrat, will Reid get away with his insults?