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Walsh Plagiarism Scandal Won't Be Easy to Leave Behind

U.S. Army War College opens investigation while GOP campaign arm jumps on the story.

Hamas Rejects Truce Extension: Fires Rockets into Israel

U.S. Evacuates Tripoli Embassy Personnel by Land to Tunisia

Good News on Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting

Doctor who saved lives unlikely to be fired, prosecuted.

Resurrection of the Lerner Emails: IRS Commissioner Says Some May Be Recovered

“At this point, I have no information as to whether there’s anything usable on those tapes,” Koskinen says.

Incoming ISAF Commander Acknowledges 'Inherent Risks' of Pentagon Contracts with Russian Arms Giant

Senators tighten up the national security loophole Obama used to circumvent ban on taxpayer cash lining Russia's pockets.

CNN Libels Israel, Promotes Hamas Propaganda Line

Hamas Terror Tunnels: What Did the UN Know and When Did It Know It?

Perhaps all those UN workers in Gaza were wearing ear plugs during the nine years of tunnel digging...

IRS Beltway Clown Show on Kelly File

Check out this video of my appearance on Fox News with Megyn Kelly.

Why Not Set Up Refugee Kiosks in Honduras? Can We Consider Any Idea from Obama, McCain?

Obamacare's Architect Admitted in 2012 That Only State Exchanges Get Subsidies

Fast-forward to 2014: He calls what he said in 2012 a "screwy interpretation."

Warner Up to $14 Million in Virginia Senate Race

But Gillespie, among top GOP challengers in fundraising, holding his own. (For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

Rice Lauds Freedom of Sudanese Christian Without Mentioning Christianity

Bipartisan Bill Moving Forward to Condemn Obama for Taliban 5 Release

'Man Is More Inclined to Do Evil Than to Do Good' - Machiavelli

The differences in the debate about the sexless spreadsheet husband go deeper than some men's rights vs feminists culture war.

Jon Voight: Obama Does 'Not Really Have Israel's Back'; Admin Response a 'Travesty'

VIDEO: Actor rallies pro-Israel crowd, calls on "every patriotic American" to show outrage with administration.

BIZARRE: Boeing 777s, After 18 Spotless Years, Crash Three Times Since July 2013

The brilliant plane has zero safety concerns. Yet 540 riders are dead in just over a year.

How Did We Get Here?

The slippery slope of growing antisemitism ultimately leads to the abyss.

Shirley Sherrod v. Breitbart Update: Big Law Fuels the Left

Big Law’s ideological “lawfare” tears down conservative institutions.

Today's News of Fresh Disaster Sponsored by Time-Warner-CNN-HBO

If Time and CNN are wondering who caused world politics to have gotten so ugly, they need only look in the mirror.

Sarcastic Posters Meet Obama at Silicon Valley Fundraiser

Islamic State Orders All Women in Mosul to Undergo Genital Mutilation

VIDEO: Coach Rippetoe Puts PJ Media on Starting Strength (Part One)

What's it like to learn from the best -- in your own home gym? With cameras rolling, the legendary strength coach visits, and gives PJM readers a private seminar.

FAA Lifts Ban on Flights to Tel Aviv, May Take 'Additional Actions'