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The Claim That 'Gay Marriage Can Defeat the Islamic State' Is Everything You Need to Know About the Left

This is not a lesson from history, but from a utopian mind.

The Left's Public Enemy No. 1: Scott Walker

They always tell us whom they fear.

#LessPopularChildrensBooks is Trending on Twitter and It's Hilarious

Beloved children's books with new and improved (?) titles.

Why Have Americans Become So Sensitive?

We used to be able to put up with things that offended us. Not anymore.

Houston 'Bathroom Law' Flushed by Texas Supreme Court

Hey Seattle! How's that $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Law Working Out for Ya?

As Hillary! Craters, Democrats Search for Panic Button


Ya Think? Sane Democrats Worried Party Is Moving Too Far Left

Hillary!, Bernie, O'Malley -- what's not to like?

President Trump—Get Used to It

British Researcher Picks Exactly the Wrong Video Game to Push Her White Privilege Theories

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised at Planned Parenthood’s Callous Inhumanity

A history of racism and eugenics.

Despicable Tweet: Planned Parenthood Uses Minions to Support Selling Baby Parts

Baby chop shop defends the indefensible with adorable cartoon characters.

Protesters: Obama Must Take Action Against Syria’s Assad

White House demonstrations coincided with display of war crimes photos at U.S. Capitol.

VIDEO: Cruz Accuses McConnell of Lying in Floor Speech

O'Malley: 'Citizenship Is a Human Right'

Why Trump Is Leading the GOP Pack

Enjoyably destructive, like Samson in the Temple.

When Autos Attack

Experts debate vulnerability of terrorists taking control of your car.

Lone-Wolf Crazy White Guy Shoots Up Louisiana Theater

You Will Never Be a Better Dad Than You Are a Husband

Our kids cannot benefit from our example as husbands if we inadvertently convey that this foremost of roles is subservient.

PJ Parenting Weekly Link-up 7/24-7/26

Oh-oh: Criminal Inquiry Requested to Investigate Hillary!'s Email Woes. UPDATED

Naturally, Justice "hasn't decided yet." Can you hold your breath until 2017?

McCain Accidentally Speaks the Truth About Iraq Army's Anti-ISIS Campaign: 'They Can't Do It Themselves'

ICE, ICE, Baby! Michigan GOP Ready to Erase 'Sanctuary City' Concept

Opponents "don’t want to have the local police doing the federal government’s work by destroying families."

AG Loretta Lynch Expresses Interest in Planned Parenthood Videos Following Dem Letter

Senator Suggests Waging ‘Comparable’ Cyber Attack in Response to OPM Hack

"The United States could react in a number of ways" to China like "going into their systems to let them know we can."