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In Israeli Election, This Is Bibi’s 'Make-or-Break' Week

Can Likud regain the lead?

[VIDEO] Ted Cruz: 'The Voice of Andrew Breitbart Said... Call Evil By Its Name!'

Breitbart's spirit lives on in millions of warriors; Ted Cruz is one of them...

Netanyahu to AIPAC: 'Moral Obligation' to Speak Against Iran Deal 'While There's Still Time'

Ted Cruz: CPAC's Real Winner

So Rand Paul won the straw poll...

The House Loses: Why Season 3 of House of Cards Utterly Disappoints

Has Netflix's flagship show jumped the shark?

Video Surfaces of LAPD Shooting Homeless Man

Dakota Johnson Joins ISIS on Saturday Night Live

The Lessons of Culture, Benjamin Netanyahu Edition

The rancid Pelosi-Reid contingent of the Democratic Party won't even listen to what Israel's prime minister has to say.

Why Was ISIS Terror Operative Nihad Rosic Arrested in Plainfield, Indiana?

Uh oh: The Islamic group that the White House is most closely tied to is headquartered in Plainfield.

State Lawmakers Order Attorney General to Uphold Virginia's Gay Marriage Ban

“It is time to discard these discriminatory bans and to recognize the humanity of gay and lesbian Americans," Herring has argued.

What Did Bin Laden Know About Al Qaeda Anyway?

A Manhattan trial has produced a few more documentary fragments from Osama bin Laden’s computer...

SOURCE: Why Obama Order to Shoot Down Israeli Jets Most Likely Disinformation

A high-level military source tells PJ Media the story is likely untrue, and meant to paint Netanyahu as a hothead.

Obama Administration, not Netanyahu, Working to Weaken America’s Support for Israel

All for the purpose of putting into effect a very bad nuclear deal with Iran.

'Susan Rice Has a Blind Spot: Genocide': Critics Go Ballistic Over Rabbi Shmuley's NYT Ad

Scott Walker Accurately Remembers History, And You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

A WaPo columnist forgets the last decade of the Cold War. "Unexpectedly."

Flashback: Samantha Power Suggests U.S. Invade Israel to Impose Peace

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets Striking Iran

The Case Against Synagogue: 4 Reasons My Jewish Family Doesn't Go

Fitting in or fencing in?

'They Want a Master Religion, Just Like the Nazis Wanted a Master Race'

Anatomy of a Smear Gone Sideways

Atheists Can Be Moral, Too

How can something beyond perception be the source of objective morality?

Can Congress Play Part in Preventing Another MH370?

Duckworth: “With all of the technology available to us... how could this disappearance have happened in 2014?”

Fiorina on Syrian Refugees: 'Why Would We Think We Could Distinguish Good from Bad?'

Plus: Trump gets swarmed at CPAC, while he and Fiorina both beat Christie.

Jeb Bush Tries, Fails to Explain American Exceptionalism at CPAC

And then he waded into really awkward territory.

Islamic State to Release 29 Christians