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Saudi Fatwa: Pledge Your Allegiance to King Salman Via Social Media

(WARNING: GRAPHIC) Facebook Jihad: Belgium ISIS Cell Shared Victim Photos, War Stories

Exploiting social media for the jihad.

Treasury Secretary Sent to Auschwitz Memorial as Obama Flies to Riyadh

The Government Is Spying on Your Car

RNC Vows to Oust Controversial Michigan Committee Member Who Has Been Called 'Islamophobic' and 'Homophobic'

Agema's Facebook posts have provoked stampede of criticism from party officials.

Guess Who's Throwing His Hat Into Kentucky's Gubernatorial Race?

Someone who promises a totally different way to govern.

At Miss Universe Pageant, Miss USA Said What as Her Message to Terrorists?

Video: New Jersey Policeman Fatally Shoots Suspect with Raised Hands

Unlike Michael Brown’s, Jerame Reid’s hands were up when he was shot and killed by a police officer.

Well, Surprise Surprise!

KGB whacked rogue agent Litvinenko, world not shocked.

Bill Nye the 'Idiot Guy' Hits MSNBC to Blame Storm and Everything Else on Climate Change

UK Votes Down Fracking Moratorium: 308 to 52!

Greens on the wane in Britain?

Canada: National Newspaper's Suspicious 'Advertorial' About French No-Go Zones

People Who Love Magic Shouldn't Miss This Cool TV Show's Second Season

Wizard Wars applies the American Idol format to sleight-of-hand and features Penn and Teller.

Want to Defeat Terrorism? It's Time to Go to the Source

Faster, please: All roads to lead to Tehran.

Turkey Tells Facebook to Nix Pages Insulting Muhammad; Facebook Quickly Complies

American Sniper Finally Breaks Hollywood's Anti-Military Omertà

Why does Hollywood hate this film? Let us count the ways.

Police Want Waze's Cop-Tracker Shut Down

Is the Noose Closing Around Andrew Cuomo?

New York governor is "obsessed with fear" over feds' investigation.

Boehner 'as Conservative as Anyone Here'

NY Times: Yemen's 'Death to America' Houthi Rebels are Moderates and Possible U.S. Partners

Weapons-grade stupidity.

Obama Backs Campaign to Defeat Netanyahu in Israeli Elections

Rand Paul on Mitt Romney: NO, NO, NO, NEVER

Pivoting from American Sniper: Are Drone Attacks Immoral?

All those Hollywood critics of Chris Kyle and American Sniper are about to get the film they'd prefer.

Did a Drone Infiltrate the White House?

What's to Become of Obama's Tax Proposals?

Paul Ryan: “A $320 billion tax hike is the last thing we need."