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Green Energy Firm Teams With Huffington Post, Runs PR Intended To Keep Its Profitless Work Subsidized By You

Exploiting the greenies at HuffPo with entirely false, feel-good claims about their product.

Deal Partner? Read Khamenei’s Mainstream, Koranic Kampf Supporting Israel’s Annihilation

His ideas are rooted in traditional Islamic doctrine, not "Brezhnev Doctrine" as one "expert" claims.

NLRB Declares War on Franchises

Clinton on Anti-Abortion GOPs: 'We Expect That from Some of the Terrorist Groups'

Report: John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Jackass’ at Fundraiser

The remark rubbed some attendees the wrong way.

Seattle Passes 'Gun Violence' Tax, NRA and Others Sue Seattle

A new revenue stream for a city run by progressive gun-haters.

What Trump Should Do

The Donald versus Rev. Al's reactionary worldview: a slugfest whose time has come.

Trump: Third-Party Run 'Not Something I'd Want To Do'

"At some point, I’ll you know, actually totally commit."

Yes, Really: 141 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People Alive

As a prerequisite to lawsuits, a legal foundation has put all 141 counties on notice that their voter rolls are in violation of federal law, not to mention a national embarrassment.

Jarrett on Gun-Control Push: 'Everyone Should Be Able to Live in Our Country'

For a 'Silenced' Journalist, Jorge Ramos Sure Is Getting a Lot of Air Time

Silence never sounded so shrill.

After the First Social Media Killing, Here's How I'm Protecting My Kids Online

I'll just be over here in the "too strict" camp with my daughter.

New Orleans Mayor: Trump ‘Spicing It Up' Like Huey Long, Edwin Edwards

Landrieu also has praise in Press Club speech for "really courageous" Gov. Haley.

Rappers Say Riots Work — But Backlash Could Hamstring Democrats

Researcher points to history of “black-led protests in which some violence occurs" and "significant decline in Democratic vote-share."

Trump OK with GOP Acting Like It's the Majority Party for Debt Ceiling Fight

Vester Flanagan July Road Rage Caught on Video

Democrats Who Didn't Let the #WDBJ Crisis Go to Waste

White House, Clinton Make Gun-Control Push Hours After Virginia Journalist Murders

Virginia Shooter Wanted to Ignite a 'Race War'

Shock: Media Matters Accuses Breitbart of 'Race Baiting' #WDBJ

Walmart to Stop Selling 'Assault Rifles'

Cruz Becomes the Second GOP Candidate to Attack Megyn Kelly

Trump Leads in N.H. While Kasich, Fiorina Make Gains; Sanders Trumping Clinton

Amsterdam Diary: The Iran Deal Seen from the Jewish Museum

It's amazing that contemporary American Jews (or anybody half awake, for that matter) could support such an absurdity.

Liberal Historian Calls POW-MIA Flag Racist, Then Apologizes While Attacking America

Old liberal arguments never die, nor obey logic.