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People Who Love Magic Shouldn't Miss This Cool TV Show's Second Season

Wizard Wars applies the American Idol format to sleight-of-hand and features Penn and Teller.

Think Progress Finds 2 Economists and a Magic Unicorn to Make $15 Minimum Wage Feasible

You Won't Believe Why Martin Scorsese Is Abandoning His Documentary About Bill Clinton

Quiz: Did the White House Say It, Or Did the Patriots Say It?

It's Barack Obama's Cloud Cuckoo-Land and We Just Live In It

Being There: If he's so dumb, how come he's president?

What This Racist Murderer Said Before His Sentencing Might Give You Nausea

Sign "O" the Times

Marco Rubio: Yet Another Man Who Will Never Be President?

What do you think?

White House Official: Netanyahu 'Spat in Our Face... There Will Be a Price'

The Secret Reason for American Sniper's Breakout Success

Why do those rubes in the heartland love it so much?

[VIDEO] Obama: 'I'm Mostly Watching SportsCenter’ in My Free Time

Was Strange Cantor Event Prelude to 'Cantor for Virginia Governor 2017'?

Cantor for Governor? Bill Bolling to primary Dave Brat? Linwood Cobb muscling Brat supporters out of the room? Sources say the formerly powerful Virginia GOP "establishment," with Sopranos-wannabe Ray Allen at the helm, wants it all back.

Is Making High School Students Pass Citizenship Test the Right Move?

Some afraid the civics test will take away from the time teachers have left in the school day for civic education.

Obama Lauds King's 'Courage of Convictions'; Biden to Lead U.S. Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Israeli Government Livid Over White House Fabrication

Israel has replied that there was absolutely no recommendation from Mossad matching that of Obama's State of the Union positions on Iran.

Breaking: Saudi King Abdullah Dead at 90

CREEPY: Chris Mooney, WaPo Publish Intentions To Modify America's Behavior

The writer behind The Republican War on Science is back, pitching Wilsonian control of your lifestyle.

Do You Believe Bill Belichick on Deflategate?

Rand Paul: Expensive Regulations Should Require Congressional Approval

Also hits at foreign policy, blaming "the Republican war in Iraq" for current chaos.

Bibi Accepts Boehner Invitation, But He Won't Be Welcomed by White House

'It Sure Hurt': Reid Explains Workout Accident, Announces Eye Surgery

Slate Social Justice Warrior Overcome by the Urge to Retroactively Complain About...Chandler Bing

Yemen Joins List of Collapsed Mideast States

Authoritarianism, or terror states: the only foreseeable results across the Middle East. Also read: U.S. Pulls Some Embassy Staff in Yemen, But White House Says No Need to ‘Change Posture’

Pelosi Peeved That Boehner Had 'Hubris' to Say 'I Rule' and Invite Bibi

Publicity Stunt or Epic Troll? UK's The Sun Continues to Run Page Three Topless Pics

"We would like to apologise on behalf of the print and broadcast journalists who have spent the last two days talking and writing about us."

'Manspreading': A Portent of Things to Come

2015 will see more crackdowns on the crime of masculinity