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The Claim That 'Gay Marriage Can Defeat the Islamic State' Is Everything You Need to Know About the Left

This is not a lesson from history, but from a utopian mind.

White House: Yeah, We're OK with Planned Parenthood Harvesting Baby Parts

Donald Trump: Poster Child of American Decline

We respond to his PC-bashing, but that's exactly what he went silent on when the subject was drawing Muhammad.

'It's Another Boy!': Pro-Life Group Releases 4th Video

Sean Hannity: Three Senators Confirm that Mitch McConnell Lied to Ted Cruz

But only one of them has the courage to go on record.

Bernie to Hillary: Your Excuses for Dodging Keystone Question Are Lame

Boehner Coup Attempt Fails

Over almost before it started.

Dead and Registered: Clarke County, MS, Sued for Having More Voters Than Live Citizens

The DOJ lets plenty of other counties ignore the legal responsibility to maintain accurate rolls.

#BringBackOurRebels: Despite Pentagon Denial, Reports Confirm That U.S.-Trained Syrian Rebels Were Kidnapped By Al-Qaeda Almost Immediately

An official statement and a Reuters report confirms earlier PJ Media reporting -- and contradicts the Pentagon cover-up.

Senator: Past 3 Presidents Took Drugs, So Reform 'Egregious' Drug Sentencing

Booker said there is “no connection between incarceration rates and public safety.”

Hidden Motives Behind the Huge GOP Primary

Sixteen Republicans are running for president. Why is the roster so large?

No Minimum Wage Madness in Michigan

GOP unleashes the “Death Star” bill to battle labor unions and Democrats.

L.A. Superior Court Bars Pro-Life Group from Releasing New #PP Videos

N.Y. ISIS Suspect Got All He Needed for Jihad on eBay

Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Rising in United Kingdom

University Language Guide Says Not to Use the Word 'American'

This Comedian Started the #WhenTrumpIsElected Hashtag -- and It's Hilarious

Here is a roundup of some of the hilarious posts users sent in.

Day After Kerry Lobbied Her Committee, House Dem Says No to Iran Deal

Cruz Not Backing Down From Comment About Obama Sponsoring Terrorism

Boehner on Ouster Effort: A Few Lawmakers are 'Off the Reservation; No Big Deal'

Does Mark Cuban Speak for Most Trump Supporters?

“I don’t care what his actual positions are.”

Report: 'Stimulus' Wasted Billions of Taxpayer Money on Rural Internet Projects

A just-released investigation details the startling waste and stupidity.

JV Team? Reports Claim 18 U.S.-Trained Syrian Rebels Were Captured on First Day in Syria, While ENTIRE CLASS of 50 Rebels Are Reportedly M.I.A.

These "vetted moderate" rebels have cost the U.S. $4M per fighter thus far.

Why Trump Has Catapulted to First Place

Not because the people are stupid and need to be guided by the suits in Washington.

Hillary: Planned Parenthood Videos 'Obviously... Disturbing'