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Green Energy Firm Teams With Huffington Post, Runs PR Intended To Keep Its Profitless Work Subsidized By You

Exploiting the greenies at HuffPo with entirely false, feel-good claims about their product.

Deal Partner? Read Khamenei’s Mainstream, Koranic Kampf Supporting Israel’s Annihilation

His ideas are rooted in traditional Islamic doctrine, not "Brezhnev Doctrine" as one "expert" claims.

Slate Wiped Clean in Ferguson in 'Sweeping Changes' to Courts

After DOJ finds pattern of discrimination, judge withdraws all arrest warrants issued before 2015.

Yes, You May Look It Up on the Internet: Confessions of a Puzzle-Evader

White House Calls Trump-Cruz Anti-Iran Deal Demonstration a 'Big Pro-War Rally'

Four Years of Imprisonment by Iran: Our Family Won't Stop Fighting to Bring Amir Home

Police Seek Help Finding the 'Portland Pooper'

Yes, you read that right. An Oregon man is doing his business in public.

Charles Barkley: Blacks Have Always Voted Dem, 'and They're Still Poor'

Grayson: I'm Sort of the Trump of the Left, Except My Supporters Aren't 'Nuts'

When Will ABC News Release the Full Vester Flanagan Manifesto?

Uplifting Links to Brighten Up Your Weekend

Sit back and enjoy!

CNN Is Screwing Over Carly Fiorina

She's number 7 in the polls, but CNN pretends she isn't even in the top 10.

This Little Boy Lost Both of His Parents, But He's Focused on Making Others Smile

Heartbreaking and inspiring.

Judge Blocks EPA Water Rule for 13 States Hours Before Implementation

Trump: McCain on Steroids?

Incoherency: Trump, like McCain, represents a grab bag of ideas that have little in common besides simply being his personal preferences.

IG Looking Into Allegations that Obama Admin Pressured Intel Analysts to Downplay ISIS

Defense Secretary Tells Marines They'll Be Protected from 'Few Troubled Losers Who Are on the Internet Too Much'

NLRB Declares War on Franchises

Much Needed Reminder About the Perils of 'Routine' Police Work

Clinton on Anti-Abortion GOPs: 'We Expect That from Some of the Terrorist Groups'

Report: John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Jackass’ at Fundraiser

The remark rubbed some attendees the wrong way.

Conan Spoofs Trump/Ramos Fight

Low hanging fruit.

Seattle Passes 'Gun Violence' Tax, NRA and Others Sue Seattle

A new revenue stream for a city run by progressive gun-haters.

What Trump Should Do

The Donald versus Rev. Al's reactionary worldview: a slugfest whose time has come.

Trump: Third-Party Run 'Not Something I'd Want To Do'

"At some point, I’ll you know, actually totally commit."