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Robert Spencer's Blogging the Qur'an: Sura 6, 'Cattle'

Allah reveals the greatest possible sin. And it isn't murder, rape, child molestation, or even genocide.

President Obama is 'The Vehicle Through Which bin Laden Succeeded'

Osama's bookshelf reveals much about his socialist anti-American worldview, and his kindred spirits on the American left.

GOP Bill Creates Incentives to Put Birth Control Pill Over-the-Counter

Obama Explains How It's Acceptable to Broker Deal with Regime That Wants to Annihilate Jews

Want to Fix the Debates? Look to the Gipper

I know, I'm a dreamer -- but I'm not the only one.

Trump Slams Geller, Muhammad Cartoon Contest: 'With All the Problems We Have, Why Taunt?'

Why Is the Trade Deal Top Secret? And Why Is the GOP Helping Obama? UPDATED


Civil Rights Activist Questions Brutality Charges Against Black Cop

“I do hope that we are not looking at a double standard..."

Alternet Freaks Out Over Church Planting

The Left is suddenly up in arms over a tactic the church has used since its beginning.

Three Words You Should Never Say to a Young Mom

There's a struggling parent out there who needs to read this today.

Summer Fun: Boy Scouts Ban Water Gun Fights

How Accurately Does David Simon’s The Wire Reflect Baltimore’s Reality?

And what happens to Baltimore’s citizens when the post-Freddie Gray message to its cops is that doing police work can get you locked up?

Patriot Act, USA Freedom Act, or None of the Above for Privacy vs. National Security?

It's dividing not just GOP lawmakers, but presidential hopefuls in the Senate.

Brennan: CIA Must Rely on Social Media in the Middle East

Director advocates new legal framework to let agency "tap into" digital information.

'Is David Letterman a Liberal?' Why Not Simply Ask Him?

Letterman admitted his politics to Howard Stern last year. Why does the Washington Post pretend not to know this?

More Dems Than GOP Aiding Paul's Marathon Protest of Patriot Act

PJTV's ZoNation: Does Michelle Obama Only Represent the Black Community? (Video)

#StandWithRand: Rand Paul Filibusters the Patriot Act (Video)

Much-Heralded Study on Gay Marriage Views Retracted Because Data was Faked

ECO AWKWARD: Ohio Representative Notices an Inconvenient Truth About New Thomas Edison Statue

Do you see it?

Obama to Coast Guard Grads: Don't Endanger National Security by Denying Climate Change

Did You Receive Your 'Wife Bonus' This Year?

Measuring mom's worth with financial rewards.

O'Malley Makes Video Announcement That Punks Hillary's Video Announcement

Clinton Hires DREAMer Activist as Latino Outreach Director

The Real #WarOnWomen in One Easy Tweet

The mixed message narrative used to abuse today's moms.