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MUST READ: Robert Spencer's Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 2, 'The Cow,' Verses 211-221

When is it okay for a Muslim to be "immoral"?

'Mindslaughtered': U.S. Arms Negotiations, From Communists to Jihadists

Repeating past U.S. mistakes.

This Week's 'Dirty Dozen' Articles on Middle East, War on Terror

Beck and O'Reilly Clash: Are Political Parties Outdated?

Stop beating a dead horse.

ISIS Reportedly Claims Town Where George Lucas Filmed Part of Star Wars

The Islamic group is bent on claiming all of North Africa -- and then some -- for their caliphate.

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Racial Redistricting

The case, arising from Alabama, is a game-changer.

Is Everybody in the Obama Administration Corrupt? Sure Looks That Way

And nobody gives a damn; this report will be filed and forgotten, and the rich will get richer... thanks to the federal government and its extra-constitutional functions.

Jindal: Next President Should Want to 'Do Something, Not Just be Somebody'

Hilton Kramer, 1928-2012

Speaking truth to Modernism, from the New York Times to the New Criterion.

CNN Plays Gotcha: Is Ted Cruz a Hypocrite for Signing Up for Obamacare?

The only thing that's "deeply ironic" is CNN pretending to be journalists.

Do Michelle Obama's 'Girlie' Dresses on Asian Tour Send Message about Dowdy Hillary's Pantsuits?

The One Important Fact Every Media Report Left Out About That 'Town That Banned Swearing'

Sean Penn Watches ISIS Videos Because 'We Are Not Seeing Enough of Real Violence'

When Will MSM Admit Its Role in Advancing the Racialist ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Lie?

The myth is dead. Long live the myth.

Hillary: More Journalists Needed to 'Get to the Hard Truths That Matter'

Then leaves journalism award ceremony before any reporters can ask her questions.

Black Lives Matter Complains, then Does the Thing It Complained About

Blatant hypocrisy matters.

Hoyer: U.S. Not So Innocent as It Accuses Israel of Spying

Rick Perry More of a 'Netanyahu Guy' than an 'Obama Guy' (VIDEO)

That Time Rand Paul Forced Liberty U. Students to Listen to His Convocation Speech

Double standard.

Ted Cruz Speaks the Languages of Hyperbole and Exaggeration Fluently

Reid: I've Gotten No Iran Intelligence from the Israelis

Video Shows Al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra Using U.S.-Provided TOW Anti-Tank Missiles in Syria

Israeli Official Spills: We Knew Obama Wanted 'Revenge'

Obama: Netanyahu Relationship Not Matter of 'Let's All Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya'

Welcome to 2016: There Are Already 196 People Running for POTUS