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Democrats on Gun Violence: Ban Facts

Take a look...

Joint Tsk-Tsk Issued to Russia as White House Official Argues Putin Is Bombing Out of Position of Weakness

Hero Army Vet Chris Mintz Shot Seven Times While Charging Oregon Shooter

"You're not getting by me." (Click here to support Mintz's recovery.)

Oil Trade Group Challenges Environmentalists: Enough Talk, Try Actually Living Without Fossil Fuels

Greens would never bear the low living standards of such a world. They just want to feel righteous.

Our Long National Nightmare...

... just got a little worse. A Nobel Peace Prize?

Father of Shooting Victim Confirms: Oregon Gunman Targeted Christians

Is It Sexual Assault to Force a Woman to Shower Alongside the Transgendered?

Courts, businesses, schools and legislatures grapple with transitioning reality.

Ben Carson on the Media: ‘If the Nation Goes Off the Cliff, They’re Going Off with It’

"Political correctness is ruining our country and we need to stand up for what we actually believe."

Blacks, Latinos Face New Problem: 'Math Misplacement'

Democrat says minority kids are being pushed to the back of the math class bus.

Hillary: Battle 'Absolutist Theology About the Second Amendment Being Sacrosanct'

Obama on Oregon Shooting: 'This Is Something We Should Politicize'

PJ Parenting Roundtable: Do You Make Your Kids Say 'I'm Sorry' When They've Done Something Wrong?

Our parenting contributors talk about how they handle this situation.

White House Pitches 'Common Sense' Gun Control as News of Oregon Shooting Breaks

Al Gore: 'Democracy Has Been Hacked; Capitalism Is in Need of Serious Reform'

“We really have to address the democracy crisis," vice president argues in Washington.

Rush Limbaugh Praises Ted Cruz: 'Among Our Candidates Most Anti-Liberal'

Are conservative radio talkers slowly uniting behind the junior senator from Texas?

China's Growing Involvement in Latin America Carries 'Significant Negative Consequences' for U.S.

Washington can’t afford to “turn a blind eye” even "if short-term PRC intentions appear mostly benign.”

Local Live Stream From Oregon Community College Shooting

Netanyahu Slams UN for 'Deafening Silence' on Iranian Threats to Wipe Out Israel

To emphasize his point, he stopped talking for 40 seconds.

Putin's Middle East

As though anybody in the Middle East cares about Kerry's "concerns" while Moscow and Tehran are actually taking strong action.

Carly: Planned Parenthood Activists Threw Condoms, Asked 'Why Do You Hate Women?'

Powell: 'I Want to Continue to Be a Republican Because It Annoys Them'

Naive Hillary Supporters Are in Love with 'Her' Tax Plan. The Only Problem? It's Donald Trump's

"I feel stupid."

A Long, Slow Ride to Hell -- Nunc Dimittis

The satanic Left can only win by using our best qualities and intentions against us.

Shocking: New U.S. Army Patch Closely Resembles ISIS Logo

What's next? "In Allah we trust"?

More 'Minnesotans' Merrily Joining Jihad

Might want to rethink that Syrian "refugee" idea...