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Robert Spencer's Blogging the Qur'an: Sura 6, 'Cattle'

Allah reveals the greatest possible sin. And it isn't murder, rape, child molestation, or even genocide.

#StandWithRand: Rand Paul Filibusters the Patriot Act (Video)

'The Best Lattes Around': ISIS Effort to Lure Westerners to 'Cosmopolitan' Caliphate

Pitching ISIS pickles better than Walmart's, British jihadi threatens "most painful" attack on Washington culminating in "converting your children."

Conservative Nebraska Could Dump Death Penalty

Why are conservatives turning against the death penalty?

Teacher Fired for Helping Teens Plan Tryst in School Closet

The mom couldn’t believe what was happening.

Pathei Mathos: What I Relearned the Last 12 Months

What doesn't kill me, makes me sadder.

Even the Washington Post Isn't Buying Hillary's Spin on Ducking Press

United State of Denial: White House Pulls Together Post-Ramadi Spin

"Baghdad itself might even come under threat"... but "we don't have those fears now."

Did U.S. Policy Allow Ramadi to Fall?

Stubborn D.C. advisers won't accept why Iraqi security forces fail and the jihadis keep advancing.

Washington Post Columnist Harold Meyerson's Socialist Delusions

He's thrilled by Bernie Sanders' efforts to make the Democratic Party even more socialist.

Boston University Professor Cited for Racist Tweets Accused of Bashing White Rape Victim

Obama to Ban Some Military Equipment from Police So They Won't 'Alienate and Intimidate'

Get Ready for the Trans Fat Ban

Common Core Is Making Kindergarten Way Too Academically Hardcore

What ever happened to learning by building with blocks, drawing, and playing make-believe?

(VIDEO) Legacy Media Democrat Mika Brzezinski Criticizes ABC's Legacy Hiring of Stephanopolous

As Ramadi Falls to ISIS, POTUS Goes Golfing, Gets New Twitter Account

The More, The Merrier: Jindal Forms Exploratory Committee

New Docs: Obama Admin Was Tracking Weapons From Libya to Syria in 2012, Knew Benghazi Attack Was Planned in Advance

Kerry: Don't Worry About Fall of Ramadi, 'Daesh Has Been Driven Back'

Why We're Addicted to Nihilism: The Psychology Behind Mad Men's Empty, Pointless Ending

The sick truth is, no Mad Men fan was ever rooting for Don.

U Can't Touch This

It's not just that the GOP budget plan is doomed to fail to achieve its goals, it's that the GOP plan is insane.

CAIR Asks Administration to Levy Terrorism Charges Against Man Who Plotted to Destroy Islamberg

We Really Must Do Something About America's Gun Culture

Blacks were found to be 142 percent more likely to be shot and killed than those who are white.

Bored to Death: Do Jeb and Hillary Really Want to Be President?

Is the rest of America as bored with the Bush and Clinton dynasties as I am?

Israel Warns: Hezbollah Makes Lebanon a Human Shield

And Israel won’t roll over and die because of it.