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Monsters From the Deep

Talk about a fish story...

The Jarrett-Obama Administration Submits to Yet Another Slave State

Hope & Change: Swapping 3 spies for one wrongly imprisoned American contractor and new steps toward normalizing relations with the Castro brothers' island prison.

Elvis Costello Had SNL's Number Back in 1977

Open Letter to Theater Owners about The Interview: Please Show This Terrible Movie

Trump ‘Very Strongly’ Weighing Presidential Run: ‘The Country Is in Serious Trouble’

Would be inclined to jump into race unless he sees "somebody that’s outstanding."

We Need a Wartime Consigliere

Dust out your old globe—we're headed for the biggest foreign policy election since WWII.

Review: Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording: The Book

The legendary engineer-producer-band leader’s newest project.

You Won't Believe the Things People Try to Sneak Onto Planes

Shocking TSA pictures.

Atlanta's Serial Killer Caught

The suspect allegedly shot and killed three sleeping homeless men and a hairstylist.

The 7 Most Unnerving Unsolved Cases This Year

In television shows like Cops and The First 48, the bad guys almost always end up in cuffs. But don’t let creative license fool you.

It Didn't Take the Press Long to Lie About Ted Cruz's 'Apology'

Angry CIA Interrogator James Mitchell Lashes Out at Partisan Senate Report

"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has the opportunity to address the charges against him but I don't."

New York Magazine to Readers: We Screwed Up

Just because it's a "rumor" doesn't make it true.

North Korea Threatens to Attack NYC Movie Premiere?

Marine Held in Iran Appeals to Obama: 'Help End the Nightmare I Have Been Living'

District Court Finds Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration Unconstitutional

Oberlin College Prof Won't Delay Exams for Students 'Traumatized' by Brown And Garner Stories

Instagram Use Surpasses Twitter

Which social network do you prefer?

Kerry Focused on Israel as 'Almost Medieval' Islamist Attacks Rock Pakistan, Australia

[VIDEO] AP's Julie Pace: Warren Has 'Principles,' Not Sure What Hillary's Message Is

Breaking: Jeb Bush Is Running for President

Another Bush in the White House?

131 Dead in Pakistan School Massacre; No Mention of Taliban in White House Condemnation

It Takes Three to Tango

Bill Clinton's centrism left the DNC a long time ago. And exactly who is Obama supposed to be triangulating with?

6 New Examples of Muslim Outreach to Jews and Christians

Here are a few examples of recent attempts at inter-faith dialogue that Pope Francis should consider as he weighs engaging with the Islamic State.

Scott Walker to EPA: Take Your Clean Power Plan and Keep Walking

State legislatures tussle over reach of Environmental Protection Agency on their turf.