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America's Top Soldier Believes Islamic State's Rise Caused by 'Grievances'

The End of the UK as We Know It? Scots Edge Towards Independence

A yes vote could bring political and social upheaval that lasts for decades.

When the Grandchildren of the Atom Bomb Wake Up, There Will Be No More 9/11s

We need to start seeing this as a very personal war.

Drudge Report: PHOTOS CAPTURE OBAMA 'HEAD OF HORNS' from Last Night's White House Speech

Armed Services Chairman: 'No Way Around It; American Boots Will Be Standing on Sand'

10 Things We Should Have Done Since 9/11 to Defeat the Jihad

If Robert Spencer were president...

VIDEO: Bill Maher Defends Christians, Demolishes Charlie Rose on Islam

Obama Avoids Benghazi in Big Terrorism Speech on Eve of 9/11

In what has been portrayed as an exhibition of the president’s resolve, no mention of the night two years ago when he showed none.

Did President Obama Signal that the Islamic State Is Here to Stay?

On September 11th and Generational Blindness

Can pessimistic Gen X-ers and optimistic Millennials open their eyes to see what happens when civilizations die?

VIDEO: McCain Smacks Down New CNN Analyst Carney for 'Sayings Facts That are Patently False'

'I Blew the Whistle, Because I Had To'

House panel hears "increasingly, whistleblowers are given the choice of resigning or risking jail time" under administration.

PJTV's The Run Down: Biggest Threats Facing America 13 Years After 9/11 (Video)

Potheads of Alaska Could Give Begich a Second Senate Term

How a marijuana legalization ballot measure could influence the makeup of Congress.

'Vetted Moderate' Free Syrian Army Commander Admits Alliance with ISIS, Confirms PJ Media Reporting

The Nowhere Man Goes to War

Welcome to nowhere war waged by a nowhere man.

Lawmakers Offer Cautious Support to Obama's ISIS Strategy, Don't Want Congress Left Out Or Half-Measures

At least one vulnerable Dem says no to arming rebels, while other members want more details or worry about plan's implementation.

Drunkblogging Obama's Foreign Policy Speech

For a president who's shaken not stirred, vodka, vermouth, olives, and cracked ISIS.

Obama vs. the Islamic State: The Speech

'A Core Principle of My Presidency... If You Threaten America, You Will Find No Safe Haven'

Four-pronged strategy presented, including chairing a Security Council meeting in two weeks. MORE: Includes PR campaign to "highlight ISIL’s hypocrisy."

Admin Lobbying to Pass Training of Syrian Rebels from CIA to DoD

Time For a New Church Militant?

At Mass when I was young, we used to pray for the conversion of Soviet Russia; now we should be praying for our own survival.

Will Obama Finally Promote ISIS from Jayvee to Varsity Tonight?

What Type of Syrian Jihadist Rebel Are You? Take This Quiz!

Obama intends to arm the Syrian "moderates," so expect Syrian opposition leaders to publicly spout leftist claptrap in the coming days to pass his test.

Dear Apple: Why a Watch?

The heirs of Steve Jobs: Standing at the crossroads of Technology, Liberal Arts, and Style.