I’m sure constitutional lawyers on the Left will give me a hundred reasons why the plain language of the U.S. Code does not mean what it says, just as they say that the Second Amendment’s subordinate clause is — perhaps uniquely in grammar — really an independent clause, thus governing the true meaning of the amendment.

But that’s crap, as Randy Barnett has pointed out:

The next time someone tells you that the militia referred to in the Second Amendment has been “superseded” by the National Guard, ask them who it was that prevented United Airlines Flight 93 from reaching its target. The National Guard? The regular Army? The D.C. Police Department? None of these had a presence on Flight 93 because, in a free society, professional law-enforcement and military personnel cannot be everywhere. Terrorists and criminals are well aware of this — indeed, they count on it. Who is everywhere? The people the Founders referred to as the “general militia…”

Ask yourself every time you hear a proposal for increased “security”: Would have in any way have averted the disaster that actually happened? Will it avert a future suicide attack on the public by other new and different means? Any realistic response to what happened and is likely to happen in the future must acknowledge that, when the next moment of truth arrives in whatever form, calling 911 will not work. Training our youth to be helpless in the face of an attack, avoiding violence at all costs will not work…

The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights in large part because many feared that Congress would neglect the militia (as it has) and, Congress could not be forced by any constitutional provision to preserve the militia, the only practical means of ensuring its continued existed was to protect the right of individual militia members to keep and bear their own private arms.

Amen to that. What kind of society willingly repeals the law of self-preservation in the name of an illusory “security” that can never be provided? That turns law-abiding youth into sheep and the elderly into prey? That prides itself on weakness and openly prefers dishonor before death?

This kind:


Let’s give the last word to Barnett:

It is long past time we heeded the words of the Founders and end the systematic effort to disarm Americans. Now is also the time to consider what it would take in practical terms to well-regulate the now-unorganized militia, so no criminal will feel completely secure when confronting one or more of its members.