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How To Create Fantastic Covers For Your E-Books

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Sarah Hoyt


March 12, 2014 - 1:00 pm
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So I ran the image through the Sketchy Painting filter on Filter Forge, looking for something with a yellow greenish background, kind of like the one behind the figure.  Meanwhile, I’m figuring out how to give her two convincingly painted/matching neck wounds vampire style.

And now I wait on Filter Forge which on this detailed a render takes one or two centuries to finish.

Right, so this is what the painting looks like after going through Filter Forge:


The colors are far too pale for the background of that painting, so I brought it up in JASC paintshop and did some manual color adjustment.  I also reduced the size of the picture, since I’m only making an ebook, and there’s no point having a massive image (besides lowing everything down.)  So I brought it down to 1563×2500 pixels, the dimensions for an Amazon e cover.

color touched up.

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