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7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 I Invite You to Burgle From Me Bilbo-Style

Why do you think I've buried myself in books all year? I've stolen all of these self-improvement ideas from others so you can snatch them from me. Just don't take My Precious!

Dave Swindle


January 1, 2014 - 4:25 pm

Day 5, Fridays: Biography. My study of Walt Disney's life and ideology with my friend Chris Queen continues on. I have a few more smear books of #Disney to read and also what I anticipate may be the best of the biographies, finally. Then I have books on John Lennon, John Dee, and Aleister Crowley that I am eager to get to. #history #culture #magick #art #hermetic

Friday Reading Plan:

Walt Disney has been the subject of study at PJ Lifestyle by my friend Chris Queen and me for over a year. We’ve made some fascinating discoveries through using the Radical Reading Regimen of seeing across subjects. In particular, Pacepa’s Disinformation reveals how the Soviet Union used cultural warfare to smear powerful Judeo-Christian leaders as secret Nazis, racists, and antisemites. A play, The Deputy, was created by a Soviet Disinformation campaign for the purpose of dividing Jews and Christians through promulgating the lie that Pope Pius sympathized with the Nazis.

In researching the biographies of Disney I’ve discovered how in some of the less reputable — but nevertheless popular and influential — the same smear patterns appeared. Around about the time that Disney started opposing the Communists that’s when the claims of antisemitism emerged. And who was the animator responsible for accusing Disney of frequently attending Nazi meetings? An admitted progressive agitator who had a personal bone to pick with Disney, Arthur Babbitt was the only one to ever go on record with the claim, one that he made as late as 1990 in Marc Eliot’s anonymous-source laden Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince. (I read it last year — absolutely worthless. Eliot rarely sources anything he claims. You can’t verify just about anything he says. For all we know even the Babbitt quote is an exaggeration or fabrication.)

Now history repeats itself, again theatre targeted at a high brow audience is used as the vehicle for anti-American disinformation. A novel appeared a few years ago entitled The Perfect American that supposedly depicts a fictionalized version of the end of Disney’s life. And the angry Nazi sympathizer caricature is employed. The cover with a Hitler shadow following Disney Peter Pan-style makes the intention clear enough:


And now it’s been transformed into an opera by Stephen Glass:


In continuing my research into Disney I’m going to read the smear novel and more books about Disney, including another Disney biography that I have a feeling may be the best of the bunch, Michael Barrier’s The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney.

Friday Resolution:

New year's resolution 5: to intensity my study of #disney culture, for the next 2 weeks I will have #Disney films and documentaries and #cartoons on in background the whole time I am working. This is experiment that I will then apply to others. I need to train myself to dig deeper into the history of media and culture to find old gems and new realizations. So much that is old can be made new again.

Usually when I’m working I have some combination of talk radio and Songza/Pandora on in the background. Now I’m going to replace the music with Disney films, cartoons, and documentaries, immersing myself in everything until I feel like I’ve really gotten a handle of the repeating themes and style.

And yes, I do intend to Tweet and Instagram out pics, quotes, and observations, in following with my New Year’s resolution #1 of more family-friendly content…

I am watching #WindInTheWillows on Netflix streaming while finishing up New Year's Plans article... #MrToad #disney

Why, hello there... #cute


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All Comments   (4)
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Wow, I like the idea of dedicating each day to reading on a different subject! I'm sure taking on all 7 days would be too much for me, but maybe I could do one or two in that fashion, to start off. Hm...
1 year ago
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I'm in awe of your list and I kind of want to hide under the covers for a while and eat some ice cream and re-read The Hobbit.

I plan to finish my work in progress, a novel currently titled Killing Time. And I will do my best to work on #3: Give polytheistic pop culture a black eye and a fat lip as often as possible. With pleasure.
1 year ago
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My only resolution is to study The Divine Comedy.
1 year ago
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Wow. I thought I was well read, but I only recognized 6-8 books in those stacks. Book envy aside, it sounds like you have a dream job. A Messianic Jew gave me a copy of Maimonides's Guide a few years ago and I started it, but haven't finished. Maybe I should?
1 year ago
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