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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Ugly Sweaters

Countdown to Christmas: Only 9 weeks left and looking this good takes planning.

Rhonda Robinson


November 2, 2013 - 4:00 pm
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Sweater design by Melissa Douglas.

This is what I ended up with.

We’re running out of time. Looking this tacky takes a lot of effort. Any design ideas for this year’s ugly Christmas sweater?

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Rhonda Robinson writes on the social, political and parenting issues currently shaping the American family. She lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Middle Tennessee. Follow on twitter @amotherslife

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All Comments   (5)
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The light up sweaters are always a hit. Our top sweaters usually have a giant Santa bust doing things very unSanta like: Riding bikes, making yellow snow, drinking whiskey, etc.

I think the future of Ugly Sweaters will involve LCD screens embedded in wool that allows you to rotate and customize designs. How sweet would that be?!?!
44 weeks ago
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Funny thing is, "gay" already had its dual meaning back when the Monkees were on TV, as demonstrated in this little clip of them singing "Deck The Halls" for a young lad's entertainment:

Nowadays, kids also sometimes use it to mean "lame" as in "Being an activist is totally gay!" (South Park, "Rainforest Schmainforest") Thus, we soon may be able to "troll" the ancient Yuletide carol anew with all its original words intact. Don we now our lame apparel...
45 weeks ago
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Oh those little lights are sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

46 weeks ago
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Thanks for the reminder. Love the sweater!
46 weeks ago
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Thanks for the "ironic" title. Irony is such that it shows the surface to be other than the depth.
46 weeks ago
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