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4 Kitchen Items That Will Get You Ready For Holiday Cooking

With the weather finally getting colder here in SoCal, here are some of my favorite appliances to help out with fall food.

Anna Vu


October 15, 2013 - 2:00 pm

2. Demarle Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat 


If there was ever a product in my mind that deserved the Simple Genius Award it would be the silpat. In its simplest use it replaces parchment paper or  greasing your baking tray to ensure your cookies don’t stick. But it does more than that – use it as a nonstick surface for making pie crusts, bread dough or as a resting surface for sticky sugar work like like caramel and toffee.

Made of woven glass fibers that have been impregnated with silicone, this little baking mat can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Washable and re-useable, it’s perfect for sweet and savory applications, and it sure beats buying parchment paper every few weeks!

Pros: It’s a durable money saver that’s easy to clean and store – just roll it up and wrap a rubber band around it to save space.

Cons: Discoloration occurs after a while. Do not fear though – it does not affect the taste of your food.

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Lodge carries a line of enamelled cookware.

They also make the most gorgeous cast iron- they have a series with steel handles- it's marine grade, lasts forever-- and the cast iron part is pre-seasoned and super- polished. It's like jewelry for your kitchen.

Lodge is also made in America, by Americans. It's the last cast iron cookware company located in America. I had to call the helpline once to find a press for making quesadillas. They are super, super helpful, every step of the way. The person answering questions is right there at the factory.

And, they have a line of cooking gear for Boy Scouts.

Just a super- cool company.

And, you can make a deep-dish Chicago pizza in one of their skillets. What's not to love?

1 year ago
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I do love Lodge cookware, but in doing research I discovered that their enameled cookware is made in China. I was a little disappointed, but on their website they state ' The profits from our Enamel sales still go to support over 250 families at our American company.' I can't fault them for outsourcing though, sometimes to keep prices competitive it just makes more sense to outsource some of the work.

I LOVE using my skillet for deep dish pizza - it is a Friday night staple at our place!

1 year ago
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I never understood the silpat craze. To me, it's silly to have something that only holds about a dozen cookies. I bake 8-10 dozen at a time and parchment paper allows me to slide them on and off cookie sheets. So much easier.

I also am not a fan of Le Crueset because their surface areas are too small but I love my Kitchenaid mixer and my forschner knives, and I am a huge fan of USA PAN baking pans. They're sturdy, bake everything evenly and they're made in the USA.
1 year ago
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I love my Siplat, and while I still use parchment paper for banana bread and muffins, I use my silpat to make toffee and honeycomb candy and for kneading fondant. I like your idea of sliding the parchment off the cookie sheets, I'll keep that in mind when the holidays roll around and I'm crazy baking!

I do love my Kitchenaid too, it's the best labor-savor ever. It really is worth the money since I use it almost on a daily basis. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to look into forschner knives.
1 year ago
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