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Financial Miracles or Happenstance? You Decide

13 Weeks to Family Financial Freedom After a Crisis: Week 9

Rhonda Robinson


August 24, 2013 - 6:32 pm
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The Henningsens are our close family friends. We’ve lived and raised our children together on neighboring farms for many years. I’ve had the pleasure of watching their children grow up along side mine.

At one point Aaron, the young man on the left, lived with his new bride in a small apartment behind us. As a struggling songwriter he worked very hard at every odd job he could. The song in the video, “To Believe,” is sung by his sister Clara and their dad Brian. Listen to hear the true story of how his wise heavenly Father provided in the last hour.

Now, “To Believe” is on their first EP along with their hit song “American Beautiful” and new single “Miss You.”

Aaron may have written about his own faith and circumstances, but we also “got a check from God” one day.

When my husband, Mike, was in the hospital things looked pretty bleak for us.

One day as I pulled weeds and prayed worried, I gave God my list of fears. Somehow, faith rose up from deep inside me and I felt God say, “I got this.” No audible voice from heaven, and no explanation for the sudden peace that flooded my soul.

We had saved a three-month emergency fund. It was the beginning of September — our disability insurance wouldn’t kick in until six months down the road, if at all.

Just one week after taking out my fears and frustrations out on God and weeds, I received a letter in the mail. The factory that Mike worked in for 13 years, early in our marriage, was restructuring. They wanted to know if he wanted his retirement early — in one lump sum. He worked there over 25 years ago.

Just three months later, with our savings completely depleted, we took the last few dollars out and put gas in the car and went grocery shopping. We pulled into the drive wondering how long the gas and groceries would last.

Before going in, we checked the mail and there it was. It wasn’t large, but it was the exact amount we needed, just when we needed it.


Have you ever gotten a “check from God”?



Photo credit Shutterstock, Pavel L Photo and Video

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Rhonda Robinson writes on the social, political and parenting issues currently shaping the American family. She lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Middle Tennessee. Follow on twitter @amotherslife

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This happened to me years ago when things were so tight I didn't know what I was going to do.

Once I needed a specific amount to make ends meet and there in the mailbox was a check for that amount that was a payment from a class action suit I didn't know I had been a party to via an old credit card I no longer used.

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