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Can Parents’ Divorce Push a Teen to Join Al-Qaeda?

A jihadist's "Officer Krupke" defense.

Robert Spencer


July 15, 2013 - 8:50 am

Justin Kaliebe

Far from being a simple soul, Kaliebe was also aware that he might be dealing with undercover agents, asking for assurances that the man he thought was an al-Qaeda  operative was not going to “rat him out” and assuring him in turn that he wanted to wage jihad “for the sake of Allah.” He spoke also about “the crime that they would charge people like us with,” which involved plotting “to kill, maim and kidnap in foreign countries.”

Nonetheless, he wanted to charge ahead, declaring: “There is no way out for me. … The only way out is martyrdom.” When asked if he wanted to die, he said, “I wanna …  it’s what anyone would want, any believer would want.” He was aware that he was going to be waging hot warfare against “those who are fighting against the Sharia of Allah … whether it’s the U.S. drones or the, their puppets, in the Yemeni army …  or, who knows, if American agents or whatever, U.S. Special Forces … who they got over there.”

Is this hatred of his own country and desire to fight and die for Islam really a product of divorce and autism? Yet millions of children grow up in broken homes, and millions are autistic, and yet they never take the path Justin Kaliebe chose. Was he really entrapped? The very fact that he went ahead with his plots ought to be sufficient indication that he wasn’t. Think about it: what would it take to lead you to join a jihad terrorist group? If undercover agents approached you and tried to entice you into joining one, how hard would it be to convince you to do it?

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1 year ago
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Whatever his mental disabilities - and surely they need to be addressed - in no way dare a parent's divorce be used as a defense! Not only that, but most who join terror groups are more than aware of their main aim - to upend America and the west, regardless of any other disabilities.
There is every reason to believe that the onus belongs upon the mosques, which are deeply aligned with the Brotherhood Mafia/Al Qaeda/Wahhabi Islam. Therefore, isn't it about time to root out these mosques from American shores (western shores in general), if this scourge is to be beaten back?

As to the mantra of freedom of religion, well, when a political death cult, masquerading as religion, implants on ones shores, where is it written (certainly not in the Constitution) that said terror fronts should be allowed to destroy America from within? Nowhere and nowhere -

To wit, remove the mosques (only those compatible with western democracy should be allowed to remain) and the rest will take care of itself!

Adina Kutnicki, Israel
1 year ago
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Lets be sure of one thing....

Islamists specifically target those of weak will and low-intelligence to carry out their dirty work..they are NOT above strapping bombs to Retarded children and telling them they will get Ice Cream when they pull the cord.

Somebody, SOMEBODY, in that mosque saw this kid as vulnerable, and therefore maleable. He may indeed be guilty, but he certainly didnt "get there" on his own.
1 year ago
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As I see it, most Islamists are really members of the group with "weak will and low intelligence."
1 year ago
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