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What Are the Best Apps For Artists and Writers Desperate To Get Work Done?

Organizing Your Creative Life in 13 Weeks, Week 2.

Sarah Hoyt


July 13, 2013 - 9:30 am
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Once I get the boys and the aps organized, I'll be ready to take over the world.  Mwahahahahahah!

Once I get the boys and the aps organized, I’ll be ready to take over the world. Mwahahahahahah!

Despite this, though, real progress was made. Getting dates on the calendar really does slow down the stress – who knew? Now to get the tasks required to perform my long-term projects out of my head and onto something external. That’s the project for this week. I’ve gone to the doctor, so the muzzy-headed feeling should diminish.

I’m going to continue with the calendar thing, because it’s working. As for other lists, just having them on paper in a drawer doesn’t get them done. That’s got to change.

It has also been brought to my attention that if I can get someone else to shoulder some household tasks around here, I should be able to deal with the persistent problem that no organizational method can handle: how to fit 40 hours into 24 and still sleep eight hours. Of course, since my husband’s time is about as occupied as mine, this is going to require convincing young adult males that yes, there are to do lists more important than theirs. Wish me luck.


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Sarah Hoyt lives in Colorado with her husband, two sons and too many cats. She has published Darkship Thieves and 16 other novels, and over 100 short stories. Writing non-fiction is a new, daunting endeavor. For more on Sarah and samples of her writing, look around at Sarah A. or check out her writing and life blog at According to

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As a musician still getting this organizing thing sorted out, I can definitely relate.

One thing I've found that helps is the reminders app on my iPhone, which allows for multiple lists, and each can have days and times to alert you. You can also set up repeating to-do items.

So far I've found a couple downsides, though: it's easy to end up with way too many lists (and then I just ignore them), and it doesn't differentiate between categories. Some sort of color coding might be a nice added feature there.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Kindles, but I guess if any of their apps was just like that you'd already know (and it might still not fit your needs).
1 year ago
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Sarah, in case you missed this comment on an earlier post:

The computer program that implements the Getting Things Done system is called Thinking Rock ( It is designed to capture thoughts on the fly, so you don't have to remember everything yourself, and then organize them into actions and projects. Give it a look, it might work for your needs.
1 year ago
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