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5 Common Accusations Leveled at Christianity

Objectivst philosopher Andrew Bernstein debates Judeo-Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza.

Walter Hudson


February 7, 2013 - 7:00 am

4) The Supernatural Does Not Exist

It follows that, if reality consists only of that which can be perceived with the senses, God or any other supernatural being is not real. Rand’s epistemology informs a metaphysics which regards the universe as simply that which exists, not a creation, but a “metaphysically given.” In the vernacular, it is what it is. Rand’s intellectual heir, Leonard Peikoff, elaborates in The Philosophy of Objectivism lecture series:

The universe is the total of that which exists—not merely the earth or the stars or the galaxies, but everything. Obviously then there can be no such thing as the “cause” of the universe. . . .

Is the universe then unlimited in size? No. Everything which exists is finite, including the universe. What then, you ask, is outside the universe, if it is finite? This question is invalid. The phrase “outside the universe” has no referent. The universe is everything. “Outside the universe” stands for “that which is where everything isn’t.” There is no such place. There isn’t even nothing “out there”: there is no “out there.”

This view of the universe places God in an untenable position. If He exists, then he is part of the universe and therefore not God by definition. So, logically, we are meant to conclude He does not exist. As with the question of epistemology, D’Souza may be tempted to get bogged down in arguing this point. However, his time will be better spent focused elsewhere.

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You know, it occurs to me that debating religion is really a waste of time. Here is how it should go:

Religious person: You owe everything to god and should follow his commandments.

Nonreligious person: Please present your proof of god.

Religious person: I don't have proof.

Nonreligious person: Thanks for playing.

Of course, leave it to the self-aggrandizing blowhards at "The Objective Standard" to engage in such a ridiculous past time. The result speaks for itself. Andrew Bernstein embarrassed himself for the sake of a dose of publicity for TOS.

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