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The 5 Commandments of Being A Jerk

If you have to tell people you're the most interesting man in the world, you're not.

John Hawkins


January 9, 2013 - 7:00 am

4. Ingratitude: Thanks….for nothing!

Just because your friend spent eight hours last Saturday helping you move out of your apartment doesn’t mean you’re obliged to spend 30 minutes of your time helping him move a table. Additionally, it was nice of your mother to give you $150 to pay your electric bill, but that’s what mothers do, isn’t it? That doesn’t mean you have to visit her on her birthday! Giving is supposed to be its own reward, right? Additionally, it’s not like you’re writing up a contract that says, “You helped me when I was in a jam; so I owe you something in return,” right? You’re so wonderful that people just give you things and they don’t even expect a little gratitude in return.

Smug ingratitude

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