The point is, though, that while I’m weighing myself every day in order to have good data, this week has demonstrated that weighing every day might not be a good thing for everyone. In fact, if someone were to do a similar sort of experiment, it’d be interesting if they didn’t weigh themselves at all from the start of the 13 weeks to the end.

That person won’t be me though: that’s a kind of self control I don’t have. I’d have to know.

Psychologically, for me, this process of keeping the careful food diary, and weighing everyday, carefully capturing the data and charting it, seems best. But I can easily imagine someone who isn’t quite as much of a geek as I am being better off weighing once a week, or even once a month.

There’s a second lesson, though: I had, total just a few ounces of wheat over the two days — pie crust, the little bit of wheat in cornbread stuffing. But by the end of the day Friday, I was having all the GERD symptoms I hadn’t had while following my eating plan. They were, of not exactly agony, certainly very unpleasant, and what’s worse is that was what I knew I’d thought of as normal in October.

All in all, it seems like a lovely argument for staying the hell away from wheat.

Andy Strickland, one of my Facebook followers, said something very wise I wanted to repeat here: “I’m not on a diet, I just don’t eat that anymore”. I think that’s important and profound.