Last week, days before the Kennedy Center honorees were announced, I had planned to write this column about my two favorite classic rock songs, “Stairway to Heaven” and “Kashmir”. My thought was to take a new approach, focusing on songs rather than a specific classic rock album.

Somehow, the energy of my former “Rock God,” Robert Plant, the singer/co-writer of these two songs — now a “Kennedy Center honoree” — and the universe, together in perfect alignment, have preordained that I present the two greatest classic rock songs of all time — right here, right now!  Do you feel the power?

First is the recorded version of “Stairway to Heaven” with a video montage and below that, a live version from 1973 at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

You can enjoy these videos to their fullest extent by chugging Jack Daniels (“Jack”) straight from the bottle because that is the only way to drink the official adult beverage of Led Zeppelin. (I warned you this week’s column would be a little different.)

Jimmy Page enjoying the "official" band beverage.