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The 10 Most Damaging Chick Flicks Ever Made

In real life, Baby probably would have ended up as a one-night stand, crying her heart out to her sister while Johnny moved on to his next easy catch.

Cassy Fiano


September 10, 2012 - 7:45 am
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9. Clueless

Damaging Message: Pretend to Be Dumb and Everyone Will Adore You

Also Seen In: Legally Blonde, Along Came Polly

The heroine of Clueless, a teenage girl named Cher, is ditzy, superficial, and shallow. She spends most of the movie butchering the English language, screwing up virtually everything she touches, and ruining relationships left and right. But because she’s pretty, sweet, and rich, everyone around her just adores her. Of course, by the end of the movie, we see that she’s not really stupid. She suddenly becomes wise, driven, and even gets involved in charity! But she never loses that adorable dumbed-down persona that made everyone love her to begin with.

The idea that women need to dumb themselves down to be liked is vomit-inducing, but it caught on post-Clueless. Many of Cher’s catchphrases (“Whatever!”, “As if!”, and excessive uses of the word “like”) remain popular today. Girls see in this movie that they should appear intelligent by using big words, albeit words they don’t actually know the meaning of, but make sure to not actually be intelligent. Because that’s not quite as cutesy and adorable, or something. Even if you decide to become all smart and stuff, make sure you don’t take it too far. Don’t want to lose that dumb, adorable charm!

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