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Why an Evil Jew in Act of Valor?

Was the movie selling some sort of Elders of Zion scenario where the Jews financed everything, including the work of those dedicated to wiping them off the face of the earth?

Andrew Klavan


August 10, 2012 - 9:59 am
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Still, it was unfortunate, not to say stupid, to include the scene. I’m not interested in racial “sensitivity” in art, but I can’t believe Jewish funding of Islamic terror is representative of reality any more than the occasional crime by a US soldier is representative of the military (as it is made to seem in such ugly films as In The Valley of Elah and Redaction). In a world in which the anti-semitic Tsarist forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion can be purchased in many bookstores in the Islamic world, and where “anti Zionism” forms a respectable mask for the oldest hatred in western universities and churches, a little care in these matters would not go amiss.

So — my verdict is that this is a good action film with stirring patriotism, but the filmmakers definitely made a bad choice which could easily be misinterpreted by viewers of good will.

I’d love to hear someone involved in the film speak about this.


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