2. Follow the Jobs

This is the one where people tell you: 1) you like math and 2) there are plenty of jobs for accountants right now; therefore, 3) you should be an accountant.

NO! 1 plus 2 does not equal 3! Okay, mathematically it does, but you know what I mean! If you want to make a decision that will affect your entire life span based on an economic trend that might last 5 to 10 years tops, then you are decisive, but you are also an idiot.

If you want a job, go work at Starbucks. If you want a career, keep thinking. How much math would you be doing? Where? For whom? What would your lifestyle be like? What kind of future can you expect? Can you envision spending 40 years doing that? In your first year doing that, will you be passionate about it and have a lot of fun? No? Forget it.

Oh look, there’s lots of job postings in retail. I guess you should major in retail!

The Follow the Jobs advice is a subset of number 3…