And some stuff I did understand got up my nose.

Breslaw tosses off a pair of wrongheaded incidentals that nevertheless marred my reading experience the way two pebbles in your shoe can ruin a scenic stroll.

First: “…sauntering onto stages in the farthest outreaches of some podunk town” — a phrase I suspect she typed while forcing out a derisive snort — is what’s otherwise known as “being a working comic.”

Second: Contrary to Breslaw’s assertion, there was nothing “inexplicable” about Joan Rivers’ compulsive ubiquity (like her creepy Fagin-esque bauble-mauling on QVC) “after the suicide of her husband”:

He’d left her with $37 million in debt.

Anyway, Breslaw’s main thesis seems to be:

Tina Fey = bad.

Wow. I never pictured the cool kids ever turning on Tina.

Isn’t she the hipster’s sweetheart, their nerdy-cute heroine who proves you can be attractive AND funny AND successful (AND — I’ll say it even though they never would – still get a husband)?

But this week, columnist Lynn Crosbie also came out swinging at the 30 Rock star/hair dye pitch lady/Sarah Palin impersonator.

What is it, that time of the month…?

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