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6 Reasons The Who Is Better Than That Stupid Band You Like

Pete Townshend on Woodstock: "A lot of Americans congratulating themselves on the fact that this festival was gonna change the world."

Kathy Shaidle


April 25, 2012 - 10:30 am

“Quadrophenia” (mixed media, 2004) by Davide Bertocchi

#3 – The Who Won’t Go Away

Which brings us to the inevitable:

Complaining that Pete Townshend got old and didn’t die, and, worst of all, still sings that song in concert without a camp wink or apologetic shrug, is a peevish complaint that’s way past its sell-by date.

Ditto observing that they hold the world record for “farewell” tours.

Look: we can and will complain all we want that the “Mona Lisa” is, frankly, pretty homely, or Christmas is “really just a pagan holiday” (and is “too commercial now.”)

Here’s the problem: it’s too late. None of that stuff is going away at this point.

Similarly, at an early age, Pete Townsend built a lyrical and attitudinal brick wall. Then he got old, and drove a truck through it.

If you’re still standing there bitching in the dust after he’s miles down the road, that’s really your problem at this point.

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