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‘When The **** Hits The Fan’: The Eccentrics of Doomsday Preppers

They're a bit nutty, they're obsessed with disaster, and they just might live next door to you!

Chris Queen


April 5, 2012 - 10:40 am
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One couple of teetotaling Baptists in Alabama stocks up on liquor in bulk, not for libations, but for barter and weaponry. For another prepper, the survivalist mentality takes a tragic, dangerous turn when he nearly shoots off his thumb while teaching his sons how to fire guns.

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With Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic has done a fine job highlighting a certain subset of American life. In the eyes of the show, these people are the eccentrics among us. For the most part, they could be any of our neighbors, friends from work or church, or even our kids’ classmates, but they are outliers nonetheless. Don’t think that the show’s branding of preppers as different from the norm isn’t lost on the survivalist community. One blogger rants:

The bottom line is, Doomsday Preppers isn’t necessarily doing us a lot of favors in their presentation of us to the mainstream.


The consequence of Doomsday Preppers is a negative viewpoint being presented and built of our community. (emphasis his)

And this is exactly what they want.  I’ve talked to them – long before the pilot was put together last year.  Their view of our community and the view that they want to present is that we are on the fringe, we are not normal and that we are gun nuts.  And WE are letting them do it – for a literal 15 minutes of fame.  They are getting exactly what they want; they present a show with a bunch of crazies and they get the largest viewing audience they’ve ever had all at the expense of our community and how the public perceives us.

One of the most fascinating features of the show takes place over the closing credits. An announcer examines the probability of the preppers’ fears becoming reality. In practically every case, the odds are infinitesimal. Much like the people who freaked out over Y2K, these preppers expend untold amounts of time and energy getting ready for events that are highly unlikely to actually take place.

The first season of Doomsday Preppers has come to an end, but National Geographic reruns the season’s episodes incessantly. The channel claims that the show has garnered the network’s highest ratings ever, so it stands to reason that future seasons could well be in the works. Eccentric or not, it’s clear that these preppers have struck a chord with viewers.

Chris Queen hails from Covington, GA. Check out his website,, and follow him on Twitter.

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All Chris Queen wanted to be growing up was a game show host, a weather man, or James Bond. But his writing talent won out. By day, Chris is a somewhat mild-mannered church communications director, but by night, he keeps his finger on the pulse of pop culture and writes about it. In addition to his Disney obsession (as evidenced by his posts on this website), Chris's interests include college sports -- especially his beloved Georgia Bulldogs -- and a wide variety of music. A native of Marietta, GA, Chris moved with his family as a child to nearby Covington, GA, where he still makes his home. He is an active charter member of Eastridge Community Church and enjoys spending time with family and friends. In addition to his work at PJ Media, Chris spent nearly a year as a contributor to NewsReal Blog. He has also written for Celebrations Magazine and two newspapers in Metro Atlanta. Check out his website,
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