Reason #2: Really Cool Propaganda Art

Communists have produced some of the most stirring and totally cool graphic art ever designed. You really have to hand it to them. They expertly combine coolness with abstract philosophy, which is no mean feat, making them masters at manipulating human emotion through propaganda. Why are Communists so good at this? Probably because reason doesn’t work in their case; they HAVE to appeal to your emotions; and boy, do they ever! By just looking at one of these posters you are immediately brainwashed; and your cool quotient goes up by at least 25%.

Prosperity is "that-a-way!"


Translation: We are strong, happy, Commie family!


Wow! Can I live there? Yes you can! This may look like Hong Kong under Capitalism, but it’s really a thriving communist city in North Korea.


I’ll be a commie! But do I have to swing a hammer? My doctor told me not to lift more than 10 pounds.


Why, he doesn’t look like a psychopath at all! Who needs facts when I have this inspiring picture!


Who needs facts when I have this inspiring picture…oh, I already said that.

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