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Being a Dictator: More Physically Destructive than a Crack Habit

Muammar Gaddafi was once movie-star handsome. But eventually, like most tyrants, he acquired the face he deserved.



November 4, 2011 - 11:29 am

Doh! No, it’s that crazy homeless lunatic looking guy, Saddam Hussein.

Down, Fang!!

I gotta be honest, I think Saddam came out better than Gaddafi, but still. After 24 years of torturing and murdering and launching chemical weapons, that once handsome youth turned into a Hagrid lookalike.

The good thing about writing this article is that it’s hard to run out of examples. There sure are a lot of dictators to choose from! Here is one that gives me a lot of personal satisfaction:

Okay, so Hugo Chavez never was very handsome. He kind of always looked like a petulant dictator. In fact, this is the youngest picture I could find of Chavez and he’s not really young in it. I guess he sprung fully formed as a bloated, baby-faced dictator. But now he looks like this:

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