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Rule of Law

Racial Smears of Conservatives by Conservatives

May 10th, 2013 - 11:50 am

In other words, federal law recognizes that past generational experiences can impair a minority’s present-day ability to participate in politics.  While it is the law, this factor has always struck me as the sort of thing the critics now howl about regarding Richwine. Naturally, they are entirely silent regarding Senate Factor Five, and the ACLU and NAACP will probably use the factor shortly in another voting case.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department won’t because it seems to have given up enforcing Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, once again without a whisper of criticism from the Left.

One of the most uncomfortable parts of immigration reform for me is the extent to which the champions have joined with the ugly, malicious, nasty, repugnant, wicked, and destructive racial Left to push the bill.  Nothing good ever comes from confederacies of convenience with those uncivil monsters.  Whatever Richwine’s dissertation says, it has nothing to do with the data in the Heritage study.

If you are a purported conservative or Republican supporting Senator Marco Rubio’s bill, don’t let your newfound friends on the racial Left rub off on you.  If you do, go all in, and go away.

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Haven't listened to any of them in awhile and if what you say is true then I agree with you 100%! They are probably just jonesen on the fact he's not an old white guy. If so, they need to give that up because Rubio isn't a natural born citizen anyway (Mark Levin should already know this as he's already SAID this!) and is unqualified for the presidency. They need to hitch their wagon to someone else - like Allen West.
1 year ago
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Oh go AWAY! You dare to excuse the blatant racism of the ENTIRE democrat party and think you can play nit-pik on the gop? (full disclosure - I am NOT a republican - I hate them too!)

And BTW - Hispanics are classed as WHITE! Our beef with these people is cultural and legal and NOT racial you bigot!
1 year ago
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No racial group is a conservative group. At least to me, they are mutually exclusive concepts. Same for gays and women; be a human, be an American, and express yourself as such. The more you allow such groups the more they will act in their own self interest.
1 year ago
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You are acting surprised by this? This isn't something new! The Bush administration (with those losers McCain and Graham) did the same thing when they tried to push this through back in, what (?) 2004-2006?

Honestly, people really didn't care about this until those people arrived in such numbers that they actually started affecting our country to everybody's detriment. American's are naturally generous and wishing to give people a hand up. But that's not what is happening here!

And it's not like they are grateful to be here. Oh NO! They are arrogant, entitled and superior in their dealings with natives. These people are takers. They contribute NOTHING to this society. They trash entire neighborhoods.

Oh, sure, individually, they may be nice people, but collectively they approximate the entire UK in population numbers. That is unacceptible to have the equivalent of a country inside your own country especially when they absolutely refuse to assimilate.

And, as someone on this site already pointed out, they already had their own countries - and look what they did to them!

At this point call me all the names you want - these people have GOT to GO!
1 year ago
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