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Rule of Law

Without talking to them, she was able to tell that hard-working lawyers who left DOJ (because of a poisonous atmosphere she has personally presided over for years) didn’t want to return. She seems confident that they never wanted to return even though she never contacted a single one of them. Some of them were, in fact, looking for jobs.

In the real world — outside of government — Wertz’s excuse has a name not fit for publication.

Rebecca Wertz

Also consider current Voting Section Deputy Chief Bob Berman’s response to the IG — that he wanted lawyers with “redistricting experience.” (And it is no accident that the two — Wertz and Berman — were sympatico on this effort.) His response doesn’t hold water either, because the attorneys who left didn’t all have redistricting experience.

Why does all this matter?

Ask South Carolina, ask Texas. Ask Louisiana or Florida.

Ask the governor of Pennsylvania, who received a letter from this Voting Section demanding he turn over documents his office used to prepare a press release.

Ask any of the jurisdictions who faced a Voting Section willing to twist the law (or to overrule career lawyers on South Carolina Voter ID) to achieve partisan ends.

The conniving of Wertz and Fernandes matters.

We’ll have much more on this here, at other news outlets, and — in time — in Congress. But this episode gives you yet another example of the mismanagement and ideological rot that have infested that place for years, and which you can now read about first-hand in the damning report released this week.

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We have a government that doesn't treat its citizens fairly, makes us buy things we don't want, tells us we can't buy things we do want, says that only certain people are entitled to its protection and has the media in its pocket so it is never held accountable, when THE PARTY is in office.

THE PARTY is more important than the people.

The pattern and practice of governmental abuse and cover up of those abuses by them and their propaganda arm are now beyond question. Retribution is in the air. Revolution is now in full gear. We need to stop mincing words about it, unfortunately, that is my complaint with the OIG's report.
1 year ago
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I think you folks are missing the point. What they've been doing, in this area of expertise, is what I call "framing the pitch."

In baseball, a good catcher has several methods for doing what's called "framing the pitch." Especially with a veteran pitcher who has a good reputation for control, the catcher can do things like catch a ball just out of the strike zone, and make it look as if it were a strike, by doing such things as moving his glove (which he just used to catch the ball) very quickly over the plate, etc. The trick is that the ump doesn't see the movement, and assumes the ball was a strike, even though it wasn't. The catcher, in essence, has moved the strike zone to suit himself...and these attorneys are doing the same thing.

In days gone by, perhaps when Mr. Adams was in the Justice Department, you could be either a conservative or a liberal Voting Rights attorney. Then, halfway through the Bush Administration, the Boston Globe did that piece that won the Pulitzer, accusing Bush of hiring conservatives into the Attorney General's office. This was seen as bias, because everyone knows that the liberal position on civil rights, voting rights etc., is the only one with any merit. This last statement was sort of embedded in the argument, as if everyone (even conservatives) had already conceded the point...and that's where the framing comes in. No one actually did concede the point, but they got away with the reporting, at least in their own minds and that of much of the rest of the public, and the rest is history.

None of these people think they've done anything wrong by excluding conservatives. Adams points out in this article that the chief guy who did it thinks it exonerates him...because liberals are unbiased on this subject, and those who disagree with them are obviously tainted, biased, and implicitly racists.

I'm not sure how to deal with this. No one's going to award a Pulitzer to a conservative who discovers something like this. John Stewart and Steven Colbert aren't going to do bits about it. It's not going to be the subject of a late night monologue. There might be a conservative rant in a newspaper column here or there---it's not hard to imagine Ann Coulter, George Will, or P.J. O'Rourke making a fuss---but everyone dismisses those as biased or at least opinionated, and waits to see if a "true" journalist takes up the call, and none will, of course. Without that, it's likely that this will just fade back into the woodwork, and the Justice Dept. will continue to act as if racial discrimination in this country were always perpetrated by whites, and the victims are always black or occasionally Latino.
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This systematic bias is off the charts - no question. So what happens as a result of this report? How can anything significant be done to rectify the abuses detailed? Or will this just be a dust-up and forgotten - like Fast and Furious. And this doesn't even have dead bodies...
1 year ago
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