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PJ Media has obtained Facebook postings from Department of Justice Voting Section employees demonstrating contempt for the states for which they have oversight authority under the Voting Rights Act, including for voter ID approval. One such posting demonstrates open contempt for Mississippi, a state which recently passed a photo voter identification law. The same Voting Section employees have the power to approve the law.

On her Facebook page, Voting Section supervisory civil rights analyst Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi says about the people of Mississippi:

“Disgusting and shameful. Hey, that should replace the state motto: ‘Mississippi: Disgusting and Shameful’. . . forget the Magnolia State motto.”

(Hans von Spakovsky also has this PJ Media story about Gyamfi: “The Justice Department Condones Perjury … Again“)

The DOJ inspector general is conducting a wide-ranging investigation of Civil Rights Division employee bias against conservatives and other misconduct, including the perjury matters in von Spakovsky’s article.  Sources say no remedial action has yet been taken for any of the employee misconduct in the Civil Rights Division.

Shortly, Mississippi will have to decide whether to submit its photo voter identification law for approval to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice Voting Section where Gyamfi reviews such submissions. Employees of the Voting Section view southern states with, at best, skepticism and, at worst, as demonstrated in this Facebook posting, with contempt. As I write in my book Injustice:

Voting Section visits to the deep South are seen by some as expeditions to alien territory. Anyone who questions this simplistic worldview must be a racist, if not an outright Klansman.

When I worked at the Voting Section, other attorneys openly expressed the view that travels to the South made them uncomfortable, including the white attorneys. They viewed southerners as oppressive and bigoted.

Why do the personal biases or bigotry of DOJ lawyers matter?  They matter because states such as Mississippi, Texas, and South Carolina are subject to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  This law requires covered states to submit all election changes to either the DOJ or to a federal court for approval.

The contempt that DOJ Civil Rights Division employees have for southerners manifests in public policy — whether skepticism toward legislative motives in enacting voter ID, or, as I experienced firsthand, unwillingness to protect whites in Mississippi who were the victims of racial discrimination by black officials.

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There is an interesting story about the 2008 election coming out of Wikileaks. Memos from Stratfor released by Wikileaks say that widespread voter fraud occurred in Ohio and that “black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly.”  The McCain campaign knew about the fraud but feared taking action because of the “possibility of domestic violence” if they challenged the results in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The memos say campaign staff urged candidate John McCain to act in court:

“Staff felt they could get a federal injunction to stop the process.”

One of the Wikileaked memos says: “Sen. McCain chose not to  fight.”  The reason?

The memo states:

“McCain felt the crowds assembled in support of Obama and such would be detrimental to our country and it would do our nation no good for this to drag out like last go around, coupled with the possibility of domestic violence.”

With the blessings of hindsight, we see that fear of mob violence in our country is no longer a hypothetical in the mind of a presidential candidate.  The call by the New Black Panther Party in Sanford, Florida, to seize (or kill) a private citizen is no longer the stuff of a senator’s imagination.

Recall Philadelphia was where the entire New Black Panther Party controversy started on election night. Poll watcher Bartle Bull has opined that one purpose of the presence of the New Black Panthers was to intimidate poll watchers, the exact people trained to detect and memorialize polling place misbehavior. That’s another reason why the dismissal of the lawsuit by the Holder Justice Department, even before discovery took place to investigate the events in Philadelphia, was such a blow to the rule of law.

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Voter ID Has Broken Leftist Containment

April 11th, 2012 - 6:00 am
YouTube Preview Image

Things are not going well for voter ID opponents. The latest James O’Keefe video is the most recent problem for the left. The bigger problem is that the voter ID debate has broken leftist containment, and the left has made an enormous strategic miscalculation by elevating the voter ID fight.

I was on the Darby/Stranahan show yesterday explaining why. (I start at minute 35; “breaking containment” starts at 47). The left didn’t count on voter ID becoming a national issue among Republicans and independents. Instead, the left wanted to keep the issue contained.

What do I mean by “broken leftist containment”? Travel back to 2005 for a successful leftist voter ID strategy. In 2005, Georgia passed a voter ID law. Because Georgia was subject to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, the Justice Department had to preclear the law. The left activated their public relations machine to either stop the law inside DOJ, or take a pound of flesh after the Bush administration precleared the law. It was a win-win situation for the left.

After a bitter internal fight (that remains a subject of an ongoing internal DOJ inspector general investigation), the Bush DOJ precleared the Georgia voter ID law.

But the most important thing for the left was to keep knowledge of the voter ID anger and opposition contained within Democrat, left-wing, and civil rights circles. If the 80% of Americans who support voter ID learned about the leftist mobilization, it would hurt the effort to block the law. A counterattack from the right might follow.

The left overestimated their enemies in 2005. The counterattack never materialized, and the left kept containment on voter ID. The right was silent through this fight. There was no counter-mobilization in support of voter ID.

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True the Vote is a national organization dedicated to election integrity. They do what no political party has ever done, meticulously review the voter rolls to detect fraud and ineligible voters, and deploy hundreds of poll watchers to monitor polling places. For example, they detected tens of thousands of phony petition signatures in the Scott Walker recall effort. True the Vote will have a very large footprint in the 2012 elections, and the usual gang of Leftist vote fraud deniers aren’t happy about it.

But ensuring free and fair elections isn’t a spectator sport. You can learn how to participate in the election this fall. True the Vote is holding a national training summit April 27 and 28 in Houston where you can learn how to be an active participant fighting for election integrity instead of a passive observer. (Registration is here).

I will be appearing to speak, but so will a blockbuster lineup of speakers. They include:

•Rep. Artur Davis -Former Alabama Congressman | Fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics

•James O’Keefe -President, Project Veritas

•Pat Caddell -FOX News Contributor | Political Strategist

•John Fund – Author of Stealing Elections | Columnist, America Spectator

•Christian Adams -Author of Injustice | Publisher, Election Law Center | Former DOJ attorney

•Anita MonCrief -ACORN Whistleblower| Publisher, Emerging Corruption

•Hans Von Spakovsky -Senior Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation | Former Federal Elections Commissioner

•Tom Fitton -President, Judicial Watch

Take note of Rep. Artur Davis. Former congressman Davis was an eyewitness to the systemic voter fraud that plagues American elections. But he also witnessed the conspiratorial silence of voter fraud deniers, because he was once on that side. Davis saw how elections in Alabama were stolen by racially infused operatives that stuffed the ballot boxes with illegal votes. Good and decent can only tolerate so much criminality before they are compelled to speak out.

James O’Keefe, naturally, needs no introduction. His Project Veritas videos have exposed disturbing vulnerabilities in electoral systems when no voter ID is required.

Attendees will learn about the mechanics of actually doing something about voter fraud and election integrity instead of griping that somebody else should do something about it. If you want to help foster election integrity in your community, this is the event to attend.

If not in 2012, when?

Make no mistake, institutions are aligned against citizens who fight for fraud free elections. Groups like Brennan Center for Justice, a group funded by the convicted felon George Soros, publish phony and flawed reports on voter fraud that omit example after example of voter fraud. Worse, media outlets present the phony Brennan Center study as if it is credible. (A few examples here and here and one “Jack Hembree” here.)

Or consider the sloppy reporting by William March of the Tampa Tribune. He writes: “True the Vote is an outgrowth of King Street Patriots, a Houston-based group accused in court of using poll watchers to suppress minority voting in Houston in 2010.”

William March

Really? Where? What court document alleges that True the Vote suppressed minority voting in Houston in 2010? More likely, March is confusing debunked reporting by Left wing blogs and the shrill complaints of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee with a court document. No matter, this passes for reporting by the Tampa Tribune, a publication with plunging circulation numbers.

So come to Houston and learn how to look for corruption in the electoral process. Learn how to counter the lies by Soros-funded voter fraud deniers like the Brennan Center. And learn how to expose the sloppy reporting that gives cover to criminal activity in our elections by people like William March.


A frightening event happened March 28 on an Alabama highway. The event has received no national attention apart from a lone story in the Macon Beacon in Macon, Mississippi. Not only was the event frightening, but the response — or lack thereof — by Alabama law enforcement authorities was almost as frightening. The local media, including the Birmingham News, failed to cover the shocking attack. With the flurry of national media attention the Trayvon Martin killing has received, why hasn’t the daylight stabbing of Nick Stokes received any attention?

Your first guess might be right.

Typically PJ Media doesn’t republish stories, but the Macon Beacon is a weekly paper with no website. Outside of subscribers in one rural Mississippi county, the story below has never been published. From the April 5 Beacon:

Daylight Highway Stabbing by Black Motorcycle Gang

By Scott Boyd

Nick Stokes says the knife that was used to stab him was a big one. “I got a good look at it,” he said. “It was a black dagger-type knife, with a blade about six inches long.”

Stokes, a Brooksville-based truck driver, is telling about his recent harrowing road-rage experience with an Alabama motorcycle gang.

Stokes, with neighbor Johnathan Cooper riding shotgun, was headed north out of Birmingham March 28, hauling a portable cabin for Graceland buildings of Artesia.

“I had noticed the motorcycle traveling close behind us, but didn’t pay too much attention to him until I noticed him pulling alongside, trying to get us to pull over,” said Stokes.

Stokes would later find out that the motorcyclist, a member of the notorious “Outcasts of Alabama,” was angered over flying gravel. “One of my trailer tires slipped off the pavement as we went around a curve on the Minor Parkway and it must have slung some gravel,” said Stokes.

Stokes tells the story like this: The motorcyclist then sped up and pulled in front of Stokes F-250. He stopped in the middle of the road and forced Stokes to stop. He then jumped off his bike and came around to the passenger side and hit the rear passenger window with his fist but it didn’t break. Stokes then made the quick decision to get out of there and pulled out around the parked motorcycle.

Stokes said he looked back in his rear-view as he pulled away and noticed the biker rolling in the highway. “He either tried to jump in the back of the truck or onto the trailer and somehow slipped.”

Stokes said when he noticed the injured man flailing in the roadway he stopped, worried about leaving the scene of an accident. Stokes said he was getting out of his truck to go check on Clay when a woman in a red Jeep pulled alongside and shouted a warning: “You better get out of here — they’ve got guns.” That’s when Stokes looked back down the highway and some the motorcycle gang — 30 or 40 bikes strong — headed his way. “I jumped back in the truck and took off until I could find a busy intersection and that’s where I stopped.”

Stokes said he and Cooper were immediately surrounded by a gang of black bikers, all with black bandanas covering the bottom half of their faces.

The gang forced him out of the truck and commenced their revenge attack. “After I saw the knife and then felt the stabbings I fell to the ground and played dead — I think that may have saved my life,” he said.

Within seconds of falling to the ground he heard the approaching sirens. Cooper had been on the cell phone with a 911 operator. The bikers calmly mounted their rides and left the scene. Not a single biker was stopped and detained, or even questioned.

Stokes has a copy of the police report prepared by the Adamsville, Ala. Police Department. It identifies Ladarrious Clay of Birmingham as the injured biker. It also reports that he handed off his pistols to a fellow biker before the police and ambulance arrived.

Stokes was transported to the UAB hospital where he received 15 stitches to close up the two stab wounds. “They kept me until about 11 p.m.,” he said.

A representative from the portable building dealer in the area came to pick up Cooper and Stokes’ rig. He took Cooper to the hospital to check on Stokes.

Now a college student, Cooper has faced numerous challenges in life. He is a cancer survivor, stricken as a young child. He says the road rage incident had him fearing for his life once again. “One of the bikers saw me in the truck talking on my cell phone with the 911 operator and he jumped in the truck and told me to put the phone down. That’s when I thought I would be next.”

Stokes said he didn’t do anything to provoke the attack. No cursing, no obscene gestures. Just loose gravel. “The police told me there was really nothing they could do, that it would be almost impossible to identify the knife-wielding suspect. “They indicated to me that they don’t mess with the Outcast gang and their members,” he said.

Stokes said he spent the remainder of the weekend in the Birmingham area so he could visit the FBI office that Monday morning. “They listened to me and took my information down and that was about it,” said Stokes. He said this week that he has since received a phone call from the Birmingham FBI office promising an investigation. Stokes said he thinks someone should be charged with attempted murder.

The Beacon has attempted to contact the Adamsville Police Department. They’ve referred all questions to their public affairs officer, and as of presstime Tuesday the officer had not returned the call.

Stokes says the incident was eye-opening for him. “I wish I would have done more to keep from stopping,” he says. “Next time I’m going to keep driving, following my GPS to the nearest police station and I recommend that’s what anyone else in a similar situation do,” he said. “I lived through it, but the next person might not be so lucky.”

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DOJ’s Granite State Free Ride

April 5th, 2012 - 6:49 pm

Over at Election Law Center, I have a piece discussing the Granite State Free Ride that DOJ has been giving to New Hampshire under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  PJ Media has extensively covered the strong-arm enforcement of Section 5 against southern states like Texas and South Carolina regarding voter ID, and more.  It turns out that New Hampshire is subject to the obligations of Section 5, but has been allowed to ignore the law’s requirements for years, and the DOJ has never done the things it does to southern states which ignore the law.

Tabella also over at ELC notes the Justice Department has been ignoring New Hampshire’s failure to comply with Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act for years.  Stacks of unapproved changes are implemented in New Hampshire.  DOJ never sends “please submit” letters or files Section 5 enforcement lawsuits like it did in Calera, Alabama.  After all, Alabama is full of, well, southerners.

Why does this matter?  Obviously government officials deciding whether or not to enforce a law is a bad thing.  But imagine if you are a citizen of Texas, South Carolina, Florida or Arizona and learn that Washington D.C. forces your state to run a gauntlet of leftists bureaucrats anytime you move a polling place from a school to a church.  But New Hampshire enjoys a DOJ that looks the other way while election law changes stack up, unprecleared.  The Union Leader notes:

His [N.H. Secretary of State] office recently completed filing all changes made to election laws from 1968 to this year. For years the state ignored the federal law — outside of redistricting plans — and did not submit election law changes for pre-approval, and the federal agency took no action against the state.

How nice.  While Texas jurisdictions employ hundreds of government employees and tens of thousands of dollars complying with Section 5, New Hampshire gets the Granite State Free Ride.  This matters because the Supreme Court of the United States is likely to take up the constitutionality of Section 5 very shortly.  At issue is whether it is proper for some states to be subject to Section 5 (like Florida) and other states to be free from Section 5 obligations (like Ohio).  The Court might also find it peculiar that some states subject to Section 5, really aren’t.

Fast and Furious is the story of Justice Department deception, ideological recklessness, and, above all, murderous indifference toward good government.  Katie Pavlich’s new book, aptly titled Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up (Regnery), is an encyclopedia-style account of the scandal.  If you want a single source for an objective and thorough chronology of the outlandish DOJ program, and the names of the guilty bureaucrats, this is the book.

One of the most disturbing things to emerge from the Fast and Furious scandal (apart from the hundreds of murdered victims of DOJ policy) is the fact that nobody has lost their job.  Eric Holder exhibits no outrage, and nobody was held accountable. The architects, foot soldiers, and propaganda mouthpieces remain unpunished.

Fast and Furious also reminds us about something I emphasize: Attorney General Eric Holder is not the Alpha and Omega of bad decisions and rotted policy in the DOJ. Individual bureaucrats deep inside DOJ are also at fault, and in the past remained anonymous.  Not anymore.  The civil servants who leverage petty power to corrupt ends should be accountable for their behavior, if by no other means, by exposing their role in the new media.

During the Bush administration, some foolishly labored under the false notion that DOJ lawyers were all upstanding professionals free from political bias or reckless indifference to the law. Most at DOJ aren’t unprofessional liars, but sadly, some are.

Pavlich names the names of the people responsible for Fast and Furious.  Consider Emory Hurley.

Emory Hurley is an Assistant United States Attorney in Phoenix who helmed Fast and Furious.  He blocked the arrest of straw gun purchasers repeatedly, even after ATF agents gift wrapped multiple cases for him.  Pavlich records Hurley as saying again and again “no probable cause,” even though video existed of illegal straw purchases.

Hurley even prevented arrests in “a case on grenades.”  Pavlich describes emails from cooperative gun dealers expressing concern to Hurley about the safety of border agents, but the dealers were told everything was fine and no guns were going to Mexico.  Hurley kept the spigot of guns flowing wide open into Mexico.

I confirmed today that Emory Hurley still has a job as an attorney at the Justice Department.

Pavlich paints a disturbing portrait of ATF Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell.  Newell comes across in Fast and Furious as someone who would find himself right at home in the Polish Służba Bezpieczeństwa in 1980, using his civil service perch to approve rough handling of Gdansk shipyard workers or authorize tails on unruly Catholic priests.  After all, he just had a job to do and a regime to serve.

Pavlich: “Newell had earned a reputation for punishing those who questioned his authority.”  When an ATF agent complained not enough was done to address threats against another agent, Newell retaliated.  After the agent’s house was set on fire, “Newell doubled down.  He had subordinates accuse [the agent] of purposefully burning down his own home.”  A subsequent inspector general report concluded not enough was done to protect the threatened ATF agents, but Newell still has a government job.

Newell was the enthusiastic ATF captain on the ground in the gun running operation, as detailed in Fast and Furious.

Pavlich also details the deception and diabolical plotting of presidential appointees at DOJ.  Topping the list are Assistant Attorneys General Lanny Breuer, Ron Weich, and Holder’s current chief of staff Gary Grindler.  These three appear to be the top level political appointees responsible for concocting and managing the program.

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Looking for a place to send your kids this summer? Don’t care if they come back as miniature community organizers? Then Action Camp might be perfect.

The Advancement Project, an organization funded by the convicted felon George Soros, is holding regional “Action Camps” for children in Raleigh, Los Angeles, and, of course, Chicago. You can read all about it here, and even sign up your young and impressionable teen.

The Advancement Project opposes voter integrity laws around the nation, including the requirement that voters show photo ID. (Don’t miss PJTV’s attempt to get into the Advancement Project building without photo ID.)

Courses for the kiddies include:

Organizing 101

An optional session for participants with little organizing or advocacy experience. Facilitators from successful grassroots organizations will lead participants through workshops on the basics of organizing for social change including building relationships, organizing structure, and campaign strategy.

In case your children came dangerously close to forming independent thoughts, Action Camp “facilitates” the process in a workshop called:

Facilitated Learning Circles

Participants will meet in small groups to discuss topics of interest with a focus on drawing from the experience of participants. Discussions will involve particular challenges and successes. Applicants can select topics that interest them or submit ideas through the application. To submit a more detailed proposal, email sroberts@advancementproject.org.

This particular “Action Camp” is dedicated to the “Schools to Prison Pipeline.” This is jargon for the belief that the system is rigged to push vast numbers of children into jail. The Schools to Prison myth is straight out of Critical Race Theory. In my book Injustice, I write about how some in the Justice Department believe that school discipline is racially discriminatory based merely on the higher percentage of minority youths being disciplined.

Can anyone find a mirror image of conservative activism toward children? Post below in the comments if you can.

You’ll never guess who is asking for photo identification!

Groups like the Advancement Project, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and others all complain that requiring photo identification is discriminatory.  In this undercover PJTV video you’ll see that you can’t go to the offices of these organizations without showing. . .  photo ID.

Click here to see the video.

The Department of Justice has been forced to hand over $120,000 for bringing a meritless abortion clinic access lawsuit against a clinic protester.  This loss is one of multiple lost cases by the Department of Justice against abortion clinic protesters.  The Special Litigation Section is the unit bringing the meritless cases.  It was profiled in the PJ Media Every Single One Series as being headed by and filled with Leftist ideologues.

The Special Litigation Section sued Mary Sue Pine under the “FACE” Act, which guarantees access to abortion clinics.  The complaint alleged Pine obstructed a car entering the clinic by standing in front of it.  Hans von Spakovsky previously wrote about the scalding the DOJ received in the trial court.

Judge Kenneth Ryskamp was left to wonder at the near-total lack of evidence offered by the prosecution. The government was unable to show that Pine had in fact violated any provision of the FACE Act; prosecutors had no evidence that she had injured, intimidated, or interfered with the people she spoke to on a public sidewalk. It was not even clear that the people she was talking to were entering the abortion clinic.

In fact, as a routine business practice, the abortion clinic keeps a video surveillance record of its driveways and entrances. Those videotapes would have shown whether Pine was actually interfering with or obstructing any customers, but the clinic destroyed the tapes. Its sign-in sheets, which would have had the names of potential witnesses who went into the clinic the day Pine was there, were also destroyed.

DOJ lawyers apparently thought the case heinous enough to meet with the president of the abortion clinic the day after the incident. But they conceded that at no time during this meeting or after did they ask the clinic for the tapes or the sign-in sheets. Accordingly, DOJ entirely failed to obtain what the judge called “potentially critical evidence.”

The Court found a strange relationship between the DOJ lawyers and the abortion clinic.   From the opinion:

The Court is at a loss as to why the Government chose to prosecute this particular case in the first place. . . . The Court can only wonder whether this action was the product of a concerted effort between the Government and PWC, which began well before the date of the incident at issue, to quell Ms. Pine’s activities rather than to vindicate the rights of those allegedly aggrieved by Ms. Pine’s conduct.

The DOJ wasn’t so concerned when New Black Panthers were blocking the access with a weapon in a polling place in Philadelphia when Chris Hill tried to enter.  Like so much with Eric Holder, the case against Pine was another example of using the power of the federal government to skewer political enemies.  The New Black Panthers got a pass, while Mrs. Pine did not.

As a condition to dropping the appeal of this meritless lawsuit, Eric Holder’s Justice Department has agreed to pony up $120,000 in attorneys fees to Mrs. Pine. If you think the attorneys who brought the bogus case should have to pay instead of you, the taxpayers, you’re note alone.  Let’s meet the lawyers who were on the complaint in the bogus case.

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