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Here we go again.  Eric Holder’s Justice Department last month oversaw a guilty plea for solicitation of kidnapping, a federal offense.  Jayen Patel entered a plea in New Jersey for soliciting a purported white supremacist (actually an FBI agent acting as a white supremacist) to conduct a kidnapping.

I wrote earlier this week and appeared on Fox News to say that solicitation of kidnapping is a federal crime.  The New Black Panther Party has put a bounty out on George Zimmerman being taken “dead or alive.”  From Eric Holder, crickets.

The bounty posters, incidentally, changed from the original posters which plainly stated “dead or alive.”  This is standard procedure for the New Black Panthers. Even the toned-down poster has been removed from the New Black Panther website.  The Panthers tone down their language after first stoking up the mob, which is the real mission.  Once the public at large learns of their behavior, they get more civilized.

Changing an outrageous public statement after the fact of the Philadelphia voter intimidation was incredibly persuasive to the attorneys in Holder’s Justice Department.

Will Eric Holder at last open an investigation into the criminal conduct of the New Black Panthers?  Will there be arrests like in the Jayen Patel case?  It sure would be a way to put an end to the New Black Panther albatross that hangs around Eric Holder’s neck, and will through November.  And it will be a much heavier albatross with the events in Sanford.

Florida Media Reckless About Trayvon Martin

March 30th, 2012 - 6:29 am

I am in south Florida on a number of speaking engagements for Injustice and I’ve discovered that the local media has gone as nuts has the national media in the Trayvon Martin frenzy.  (By the way, I’m speaking in Stuart, Florida, Friday night at 6 p.m. and signing books).

Yesterday, WIOD-AM in Miami filled their afternoon newscasts with a report from the funeral director who handled Trayvon Martin’s funeral.  They treated the undertaker like a coroner.

The undertaker, of course, had a business relationship with whomever paid for the funeral, thus raising questions of his bias.   WIOD naturally took no note.  The undertaker opined that the Zimmerman statements about being attacked had to be false because Trayvon, “had no marks or bruises on his arms.”

I’m no Quincy, but I’ve read enough crime copy to know marks on arms are usually relevant to the victims of attacks, not the perps.

I’ve painstakingly avoided a factual debate over the Trayvon Martin shooting.  That’s what courts of law are for.  But for the largest news radio outlet in Miami to put on an undertaker, possibly paid for by the Martin family, to opine about matters which he has no competence and plenty of bias is reckless.  The recklessness of the media (see my previous post on Bianca Prieto’s reckless report on the New Black Panther threats) has added to the mob frenzy.

WIOD also has a story with the teaser headline: “More people take to the streets this weekend demanding  justice.”  At least that is an improvement over vengance, last week’s demand.

I was on Fox and Friends today discussing the New Black Panther bounty on George Zimmerman, and more crickets from Eric Holder’s Justice Department. The video:

Can be accessed here (link fixed).

When New Black Panther Mikhail Muhammad called for the mobilization of a 10,000-strong black male mob to capture George Zimmerman, we glimpsed into the depths of racial depravity of the organization. “An eye for an eye,” Muhammad threatened.  A cash bounty for Zimmerman, “dead or alive,” provided a nasty incentive for thugs across the land.

But did a crime occur in the New Black Panther Party’s call for mob vengeance against Zimmerman? Quite possibly.

I’ve been familiar with this crowd since the day President Obama was elected when I worked at the Department of Justice.  Soon after election day 2008, I and other attorneys would bring a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.  The Obama administration famously dismissed the case.  Afterwards, I and another DOJ lawyer testified under oath about the hostility within the Obama DOJ to bringing cases against defendants like the NBPP.  Nobody has ever contradicted the specifics of our testimony, or the details in my book Injusticewhich describes, among other things, Eric Holder’s personal involvement in the Panther case dismissal.

Now Florida officials may have a chance to do what Eric Holder refused to do — bring these New Black Panther gangsters to justice once and for all.

State Attorney Norman Wolfinger is busy these days.  While he is busy looking at the underlying facts of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, he needs to look at the New Black Panther threats also.

America is not a land where thugs should be allowed to threaten free Americans who have been charged with no crime.  Seminole County, Florida, is not Ox-Bow Canyon, where resolutions come quick by murderers with rope and a tree.

We can thank Eric Holder in part for the disgusting bravado we’ve seen from these lawless thugs over the last few days.  Not only did his DOJ drop the voter intimidation charges against them, the DOJ refuses to bring what appears to be slam dunk felon-in-possession gun charges against one member.

The New Black Panthers act like they are above the law because so far they have been.

Americans are taking renewed notice of the New Black Panthers and the politicians who have enabled them.  What sort of country have we become that racist uniformed thugs can stalk polls and threaten free citizens with mob arrest and murder?  Is this a post-racial America, or a wicked reminder of a lawless age we thought we had moved beyond forever?

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Bianca Prieto at the Orlando Sentinel, like so many others in the media, has scrubbed clean the New Black Panther Party.  In covering the Panther’s announcement that they would be protesting the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, Prieto makes no mention of the Panther’s violent rhetoric, brazen anti-Semitism or murderous racial separatism.  Instead, the Panthers are just one more legitimate voice calling for justice.

Prieto doesn’t even provide a hint about the true nature of the New Black Panther Party.  Instead, she provides helpful event information:

The protest is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. in front of the police department at the corner of 13th Street and S. Lake Avenue in Sanford, according to organizers.

The media can’t have it both ways.  Some marginalize the Panthers by claiming they are “a cartoonish fringe group of a couple guys.”  Others, like Prieto, cover them like they are the Freedom Riders, rushing in to right injustice, with nary a mention of their quasi-Islamicist hatred for whites and Jews.

Which is it?  A couple of cartoonish nuts, or, a group worthy of gracing the 36th largest newspaper in the United States with a sanitized version of the organization?

How about a third option which I describe in my book Injustice

The media often dismisses the Panthers as a “fringe” group, but it is mistaken to think the Panthers merely consist of a few isolated nuts. For starters, the group has a knack for conjuring crowds in urban settings. For example, on November 3, 2007, Shabazz held a rally at the federal courthouse in Charleston, West Virginia, that attracted around a thousand people and drew the support of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Reverend Al Sharpton. Later that month, Shabazz addressed a large lunchtime crowd in downtown Washington, D.C., at an Al Sharpton rally ostensibly aimed against hate crimes. Shabazz led hundreds of federal workers and other seemingly mainstream D.C. residents in chants of “Black Power!” replete with raised black power fists. . . .

Michael V. Roberts, one of the nation’s most successful black entrepreneurs, has attended Panther-sponsored events. Roberts, who owns TV stations, condo developments, a cabinetry company, real estate ventures, hotels across the country, and the Roberts Orpheum Theatre in St. Louis, appeared at the National Black Power Convention hosted by the New Black Panther Party in Atlanta in May 2010.

If the Panthers are an irrelevant “fringe group,” as the media often claims, then a lot of people have not yet received the message.

Add Bianco Prieto of the Pulitzer Prize Winning Sentinel to the list who haven’t gotten the message.


Trust for Andrew Breitbart’s Children

March 21st, 2012 - 7:27 pm

There was a lovely memorial service last night for Andrew Breitbart at the Newseum in Washington D.C.  Before the doors opened, we meandered the front page display on Pennsylvania Avenue, showing the front pages of the country’s major print dailies.  They seemed more antique than they did before Breitbart.  Inside the Newseum was an actual East German watchtower used to spot people fleeing for the clear air of freedom.

The night was filled with heartfelt accounts about Andrew from people like Rep. Louie Gohmert, Sonnie Johnson and his lifelong friend Larry Solov.

Andrew left four children.   A trust has been established to help the future needs of Andrew’s kids.  The address to help is below.  I suspect anything would be appreciated:

Breitbart Children’s Trust, 149 S. Barrington Ave., #735, Los Angeles, California, 90049.

America has learned a great deal about Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell over the last three weeks.  His nutty and venomous philosophy, Critical Race Theory, is now familiar to many Americans.  My book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department  shows what happens when Critical Race Theory gets a foothold in government policy.  My book also has a photograph that perhaps explains Critical Race Theory better than any article or crazed writing by Bell over could.

I describe where I found this photo in Injustice:

The nation’s premiere voting rights museum—the National Voting Rights Museum—now sits at the foot of the bridge [in Selma, Alabama]. The museum is an inadvertent monument to the civil rights movement’s degeneration. Its outlook is neatly captured in ten words that begin its timeline display of the civil rights movement. There, we find a replica of John Trumball’s iconic depiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence with the caption, “1776. The Declaration of Independence signed by wealthy white men.”

The original civil rights giants would never have tolerated this historically false assertion. They were patriots, driven by love for their fellow countrymen and a burning desire to make America a better place for all its citizens. They repeatedly and vehemently rejected hatred. But the nasty caption captures the bitter spirit of much of the civil rights movement today and of numerous race-based activist groups around the country.

I own the copyright to the photo.  But feel free to copy and distribute.  The more people learn about these nutty ideas, and the museum display in Selma, the better.  Incidentally, I will be in Miami on March 29 signing copies of Injustice and also Stuart, Florida, on March 30.



The Communist (I do not use that term recklessly) publication People’s World has an article full of threats and libel from union thugs and Soros-funded voter fraud deniers directed at law abiding Americans: “Labor raising an ‘army of 400,000′ for the 2012 elections.”

Groups like True the Vote and Judicial Watch are working to cleanse the voter rolls of ineligible and dead voters, using federal laws Eric Holder’s Justice Department won’t enforce.

Here is Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America, with an outright fairy tale:

“We know their game,” he said, they even have tried to criminalize voter registration — something that was always considered an act of good citizenship. We will not be deterred. If necessary we will be arrested, if that’s what it takes, to register voters — if that’s what it takes to protect democracy.”

Criminalize voter registration?  Where? How?  Note carefully the threat of lawlessness.  Cohen can’t help it.  A union scorpion will remain a union scorpion.   Another union scorpion, Arlene Holt-Baker of the AFL-CIO adds her threats:

The tea party groups, like the so called “Election Integrity” group in Maryland match names on the voter rolls to all kinds of other databases, including property tax information, arrest records or anything else they can find. Similar groups are at work in at least 30 states.

“We will work with our allies and coalition partners to stop this form of vote suppression,” said Holt Baker.

Some bad news, Arlene. First, too late.  The work is already done or well along.  And though it might not matter to you, the work of these groups is perfectly legal and protected by federal law which allows private actions to clean up the voter rolls.  But the law has never been much of a deterrent to the particular species of muscle your organization relies upon.

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Armed Americans Revolt Against Voter Fraud

March 16th, 2012 - 5:22 am

It actually happened, and not too long ago in Athens, Tennessee.  The Department of Justice received years of complaints about voter fraud, but took no action.  Returning servicemen were disgusted at what they saw, and put an end to it.  An interesting piece of history worth learning, and details can be found at Election Law Center.

Democrat Chris Hahn Makes Facts Up on Fox

March 15th, 2012 - 7:00 am

Democrat strategist Chris Hahn just appeared with Monica Crowley on Fox News.  Monica correctly rattled  off a list of outrageous actions by Attorney General Eric Holder. They ranged from Fast and Furious to the dismissal of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. 

That’s when Hahn lied about the case, which so many Democrats seem inclined to do.

Hahn said that the Bush Justice Department, not Holder, dismissed the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.  Hahn better get a calendar.  The case was dismissed on May 15, 2009.  I wrote the dismissal pleading.  Obama had been in office 115 days.  Holder had been Attorney General 101 days.  In other words, Chris Hahn was just making things up.