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NAACP 2012: All Talk, No Action

February 29th, 2012 - 8:59 am

In 1963, when the vilest of structural systems denied blacks the right to vote in the South, groups like the NAACP devoted enormous resources to enfranchise the disenfranchised. Civil Rights groups like the NAACP focused on voter registration drives during the Freedom Summer of 1964. They took people to register to vote. They fought to overcome the most entrenched, most racist, most violent barriers to the ballot box by real tangible action with real voters.

Fast forward to 2012.

Today, the NAACP complains that voter ID laws are the modern version of Jim Crow. Set aside this laughable and disproportionate analogy for a moment and ask more important questions:

How much effort is the NAACP devoting to getting people these free photo IDs? How many dollars, or even pennies, is the NAACP expending to give people free rides to get their free IDs? How active is the NAACP in overcoming the “new” Jim Crow as they were the old, real, Jim Crow?

Is the NAACP picking people up who don’t have cars to drive them to get their photo IDs? Is there any courage to be found, nay, any on-the-ground action to be found on the part of the civil rights groups complaining about the “new” Jim Crow like the action they displayed in July 1964?

Perhaps there is. Perhaps not. Perhaps, instead, we have very different civil rights organizations than the ones that existed in 1964. Then, they were about accomplishment, action, and achievement. Today, it seems they are about something else.

Or maybe the NAACP 2012 really knows that photo voter ID isn’t worth spending real money, real energy on the ground to combat. Maybe rides to get those free IDs aren’t the best use of NAACP resources like the rides to the registration offices were in 1964.

If someone sends me the link to any NAACP, Advancement Project, or Project Vote effort to drive people to get their free state-issued photo ID, I will post it. If there is a hotline to call to get a free ride, or a free birth certificate offered by the civil rights groups, I will post it. If someone sends me the link to any effort by these groups to overcome the “new Jim Crow” of photo-voter ID by offering real tangible assistance to its “victims” (rather than rhetoric and complaints about legislative policies) I will post it.

Until that happens, it seems we have more evidence that the civil rights “movement” is not what it once was. In 1964, it was about overcoming barriers by any legal means necessary. In 2012, it just might be more about donations.

David Brock and his $8,000 Suit Bag

February 27th, 2012 - 12:48 pm

Fox News has exposed a nasty little cat fight involving Media Matters head David Brock and his former beau William Grey.  The details are delicious:

Grey threatened to go public about Brock and Media Matters’ finances after he accused Brock in a civil suit filed in Washington of taking $170,000 in possessions, including an $8,000 Louis Vuitton suit bag, paintings, a rug, a chandelier, a painted bust of a Roman soldier and a pair of carved wooden chairs upholstered with purple fabric. Those possessions were displayed in the Washington townhouse where the couple entertained liberal movers and shakers in happier times.

I’ll bet lower ranking drones at Media Matters like Matt Gertz don’t get $8,000 Louis Vuitton suit bags and busts of Roman soldiers.  Expect story to get worse, and implicate the 501(c)(3) status of the propaganda organization.

On Thursday, the Advancement Project, an organization funded by the convicted felon George Soros, will sue Wisconsin over the new state Voter ID law.  Mr. Soros might question why the Advancement Project is using his money to attack a law that got its first trial yesterday, and everything seemed to go smoothly.   There were not mobs of voters turned away at the polls. Nor were there multitudes of disenfranchised racial minorities.

The Advancement Project press release about the lawsuit to be filed tomorrow was posted at various sympathetic blogs, and then it mysteriously vanished.  I called the Advancement Project and asked why.

Erika Maye in the press office told me the press release was pulled, not because everything went well in yesterday’s Wisconsin debut of Voter ID, but rather because “the lawyers didn’t want the announcement out before the lawsuit was filed.”  Here’s the vanished presser from the Advancement Project:




Milwaukee, WI – Advancement Project, joined by the League of Young Voters and the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, will file the first lawsuit based on a claim of racial discrimination against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and members of the Government Accountability Board charging that a newly enacted restrictive voter identification law specifically discriminates against African American and Latino voters.

The lawsuit, to be filed Thursday February 23, challenges Wisconsin Act 23 under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits the institution of any electoral procedures that deny or abridge the rights of citizens to vote on account of race or color.

“This law is a part of the largest legislative effort to turn back the clock on voting rights in our nation in over a century and shows how essential the Voting Rights Act is to allow all Americans their right to vote,” states Advancement Project co director Judith Browne Dianis, one of the nation’s leading civil rights litigators. “If this bill is allowed to stand it will undermine the basic fabric of our nation’s democracy.”

Studies in Wisconsin have confirmed that racial minorities, especially African American and Latino voters, are far less likely to have a Wisconsin-issued ID, finding that roughly half of the state’s African Americans and Latinos lack a valid driver’s license. Specifically, a 2005 study determined that 55% of Black males and 46% of Hispanic males – as compared with only 16% of white males – lack a driver’s license. Among females, 49% of African Americans and 59% of Latinas lacked a driver’s license as compared to 17% of Whites.

When age and race are considered together, the disparities become far more pronounced: an astounding 78% of African-American males (as compared with 36% of White males) aged 18-24 lack a driver’s license, and 66% of African-American females (as compared with 25% of White females) aged 18-24 lack a driver’s license. The study also found a disparate impact on Latino voters: 57% of young Latino males age 18-24 lack a driver’s license, as compared to 36% of White males age 18-24.

One of the lead plaintiffs is Bettye Jones, 77, who was born at home in Tennessee and had no birth certificate filed of her birth. She has voted in every election since 1956 and advocated as a civil rights activist for the Voting Rights Act. Despite being a registered voter, and having a valid and current ID from another state, she will not be allowed to vote. She has tried in vain to get a voter ID and will be disenfranchised in April’s primary elections as a result.

Wisconsin’s law, the strictest voter identification law in the nation, requires citizens to present limited forms of current, government-issued photo identification before receiving a ballot. Commonly held forms of identification like state or federal employee IDs, veterans’ cards, most college and university identification cards, and out-of-state or expired driver’s licenses are not allowed.




Matt Rutherford is from a bygone age, an age of Shackleton, Cook and Scott.  He is on a small 27 foot sailboat, and is circling the Americas – Atlantic, Northwest Passage, Alaska, the Pacific, the Horn, and now the Atlantic.  He is doing it on the St. Brenden, a 27 foot (you read that right) Albin-Vega.  Right now he is in the middle of the South Atlantic making his way home for Annapolis.

The scope of this journey cannot be overstated.  It will go down as one of the great sea voyages and feats of seamanship upon completion.  He will not touch land the entire voyage.  His yacht has been accumulating water in the bilge and his pumps have failed – forcing him to use the most ancient of bailing methods, a can.

St. Brenden is the patron of sailors.  If you have ever been in any sort of sea, on a small boat, you appreciate the feat Rutherford is attempting.  Twenty seven feet.  The angry sea is one of the most awe inspiring scenes on earth.

I’ve seen what 4 foot seas on the Chesapeake can do to a 30 foot yacht.  I’ve been in the middle of the blue Atlantic 200 miles offshore in 35 knots with 44 feet of stiff blue water sailing equipment underneath me. There is a type of fear experienced at sea that one cannot on land.  I don’t want to even imagine what Rutherford has faced in a 27 foot boat on this journey.

He is doing it all for CRAB – the Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB), a nonprofit sailing program for people with disabilities.  You can follow his trip in real time here, with occasional updates and stories to stagger the imagination.



Obama Deceives Catholics on Compromise

February 19th, 2012 - 2:46 pm

Give the Obama administration their due, they sure are great deceivers. In an effort to escape the firestorm engulfing them because of the ObamaCare mandate that forces churches to violate their theology, the president announced a “compromise” on February 10. The details of this compromise demonstrate that President Obama simply cannot be believed.

Naturally, the Washington Post, either as compliant dupes or dishonest confederates, ran with the front page headline: “Obama shifts course on birth control rule to calm Catholic leaders’ outrage.”  The headline contained a falsehood, the “shift,” as well as the administration’s messaging to Catholics, calm.

N.C. Aizenman, Peter Wallsten, and Karen Tumulty, authors of the Post story, claimed the White House “alter[ed] a new birth control rule.”   It characterized the announcement as a “new policy.”  Most deceptive of all, the Post said the announcement “amends a rule announced in August.”

Lies, all.

First, nothing was changed from the original rule.  The Department of Health and Human Services, Friday night, hours after Obama’s big “compromise,” issued the final regulation in exact form as the regulation first issued in August 2011 “without changes.”  Church-affiliated entities, such as Catholic hospitals, were still not exempted in the issued final regulation.

Next, the final rule issued the evening of the “compromise” provided absolutely no relief from the sterilization mandate.  Remember, this fight is not just about contraception, though the White House seeks to steer the debate in that direction.  ObamaCare also mandates that Catholic institutions provide sterilization services and abortifacient drugs, something squarely at odds with Catholic theology.  The Washington Post and White House usually omit the pair when discussing the issue.

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Taxpayer Funded Glazed Doughnuts

February 16th, 2012 - 6:51 pm

The only thing better than a tasty glazed doughnut is a doughnut paid for by the taxpayers.  Witness the scene in a California 7-11:

EBT is how you say “food stamps” in California.  Somebody alert Michelle Obama.

Over a year ago, I first warned that the Obama administration adopted a policy of refusing to enforce federal laws which require states to purge dead and ineligible voters from the rolls. I discuss at length the details of this policy as revealed to me when I worked at the Justice Department in my book Injustice. Today we learn that American voter rolls are infested with millions of dead and ineligible voters heading into the presidential election.

Eric Holder and his Leftist political appointees at the Justice Department have gotten exactly what they wanted.

The Pew Center on the States estimates nearly 2,000,000 dead voters are on the rolls, and 2,800,000 people are registered in more than one state. This is precisely the mess that the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) was designed to prevent.

Last Thursday, Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, announced that it is teaming up with me and True the Vote for an election integrity project to get the voter rolls cleaned up before November. We will do what Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez refuse to do.

The Justice Department refuses to enforce Section 8 of the NVRA because, as political appointee Julie Fernandes revealed in a Voting Section meeting in 2009 that I attended, removing dead people from the rolls “doesn’t increase turnout. It stops people from voting.” Seriously.

In the meantime, DOJ has vigorously enforced Section 7 of NVRA, the welfare agency voter registration provision. Judicial Watch has determined through FOIA litigation that the aggressive Section 7 enforcement policy at DOJ had its genesis in the lobbying of Estelle Rogers, of ACORN fame. (Read her emails at the link.) One wonders if Rogers was registered as a lobbyist, or if she just lobbied the White House without registering.

Rogers also made ACORN-blessed job recommendations for attorneys applying to the Voting Section. DOJ refuses to release the names of the lawyers Rogers pushed, and whether or not they were hired to enforce election law this fall.

Instead of enforcing Section 8 and cleaning up the voter rolls, the Justice Department is shaking down states to wring out every possible welfare agency voter registrant before November.

In doing so, it has resorted to unprecedented investigative tactics that no media outlet has yet reported before today.

Justice Department sources familiar with Voting Section tactics tell me that DOJ has been sending investigators wearing wires and electronic surveillance equipment into state welfare and food stamp offices across the country to see if state officials are pushing voter registration on investigators posing as recipients. They have stung Louisiana, Georgia, Rhode Island, and potentially more states with these tactics.

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I’ve received some angry emails from students at Idaho Law School.  Dean Don Burnett sent the email below to law students:

From: law-3l-bounces@uidaho.edu on behalf of Burnett, Donald [dburnett@uidaho.edu]

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 12:18 AM

To: law-students@uidaho.edu

Subject: [Law-3L] Dialogues on Professionalism and Diversity (ATTENDANCE REQUIRED)

Dear Student Colleagues,

On February 13–16, the College of Law will host a special guest who will conduct dialogues on professionalism and diversity with all students, staff, and faculty. Dean Blake D. Morant of the Wake Forest University School of Law will hold dialogue sessions with 3L students in Boise as well as with 1L, 2L, and 3L students in Moscow, plus sessions with staff and faculty at each location. The Boise 3L student session will take place on Monday, February 13, followed by three sessions in Moscow for 1L, 2L, and 3L students, respectively, on Tuesday, February 14. (Faculty and staff sessions will be conducted on February 13 in Boise and on February 15-16 in Moscow.)

The purposes of the student sessions are to identify the elements and importance of professionalism in the academic experience and in future careers, and to illuminate the links between diversity and professional success. For these purposes, “diversity” will be viewed in a comprehensive sense – including backgrounds and perspectives as well as demographic characteristics of our law school community, the legal profession, and the public served by the profession. The sessions will not be “talk at” programs; rather, they will be guided conversations that encourage candid and respectful expression, personal reflection, and insight.

Dean Morant will bring to Idaho a distinctive set of credentials and experiences. After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law, he served in the JAG Corps of the U.S. Army, worked as general counsel to the District of Columbia Metro Transit Authority, and taught on the law faculties of the University of Toledo, University of Michigan, Washington & Lee University, and the University of Alabama before becoming Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – and now the Dean – at Wake Forest. He is a scholar and consultant to the courts, as well as to American legal education, on issues of equal opportunity under law. As you will discover, he is also a remarkably open, friendly, and thoughtful person.

These dialogues are a high priority for the College of Law. Accordingly, all students, staff, and faculty are expected to attend and participate in their respective sessions. Classes will be rescheduled in order to assure full attendance. When the specific time-and-date schedule is distributed to students, any student who has a serious, irreconcilable conflict will submit to Dean Albertson, in advance of the assigned session, a memo seeking an excused absence and detailing the conflict. Roll will be taken at each session. Attending students will have a certificate of participation placed in their student record files. Any student who does not participate, and has not been excused, will have a memorandum to that effect placed in his or her student record file.

In Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), the U.S. Supreme Court, in a majority opinion authored by then-Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, observed that “numerous expert studies and reports [show] that … diversity promotes learning outcomes and better prepares students for an increasingly diverse workforce …. Major American businesses have made clear that the skills needed in today’s increasingly global marketplace can only be developed through exposure to widely diverse people, cultures, ideas, and viewpoints.”

Our dialogues on professionalism and diversity are intended to give Idaho law graduates an advantage as they put their knowledge and skills to work in this “global marketplace.”

- Don Burnett

The controversy in Idaho is part of a little noticed problem in American law schools.  The American Bar Association, an increasingly marginalized left wing organization that has as members only a fraction of American lawyers, has been given “accreditation” power over American law schools.  Worse yet, the ABA has an accreditation committee is obsessed with ”diversity” issues.

The grief, for example, that the College of Charleston School of Law had to endure in the name of diversity is astounding.

Consider further the backgrounds of the staff  members of the accreditation committee.  Hulett Askew previously worked for the Legal Services Corporation, a law firm on the government teet that notoriously advances left wing causes.  Becky Stretch  “worked with the Center and the Conference of Chief Justices on a project funded by the Open Society Institute” – yes, our friend the convicted felon George Soros’ favorite foundation.  You can read the biographies of the committee members governing the section on admission to the bar.

At Idaho Law, during an ABA accreditation visit (they must be re-accredited every few years), “diversity” issues were raised, and Dean Burnett reacted.  Students say Burnett’s reaction was reactionary, as opposed to reasoned.  The students confronted Dean Burnett about the policy, and I hear Burnett dug in. The Idaho Legislature is now considering action against the policy.

Here is something Idaho legislators need to understand – the ABA will never revoke accreditation simply for want of this training. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t being square.  The ABA doesn’t want a fight, and they especially don’t want their increasingly questionable role as the nation’s accreditation body challenged.

The more the ABA drifts left, and forces taxpayer funded law schools to hire expensive diversity consultants, the more the public has a reason to question why racialist priorities decide how lawyers should be taught.  This might explain some of the behavior I describe in my book Injustice among certain practicing attorneys.

I don’t suppose I’ll be getting an invitation to speak at Idaho Law anytime soon.



The ‘Negro Project’ and Voter ID

February 7th, 2012 - 7:42 pm

It seems photo voter ID and Planned Parenthood have been in the news quite a bit lately.  On Tuesday I gave a presentation at Duke University School of Law on voter ID.  I discussed both topics.  How are they related?

One of the favorite canards of voter ID opponents is that voter ID is an intentional scheme to harm black voters.  The theory supposes since black voters tend to have photo identification less frequently, then state laws requiring voter ID are a deliberate plot to harm black voters.

Consider the nonsense of Virginia Senator Mamie Locke.  After the Virginia Senate passed voter ID this week, she called it “so 1866,” thinking she was describing a year where blacks couldn’t vote and whites could.  In fact, 1866 saw precisely the opposite.  White confederates were disenfranchised and freedmen enjoyed the franchise.  The reconstruction constitutions decades later stripped blacks of voting rights.  But in 1866, all was relatively well. Locke’s racially charged history is both unfortunate, and wrong.

As I said at Duke, I’ve participated in legislative efforts to pass voter ID, and nowhere was there any hint of a deliberate effort to harm black voters.

Regardless, the left goes wild over the prospect of racist conspiracies driving support of voter ID.

So let’s  consider the “Negro Project.”  This is a real racist conspiracy.  Here we have a deliberate plan to harm blacks, not just black voters.  You now know the “Negro Project” as Planned Parenthood.  As I said at Duke University today:

It would be like alleging that the abortion advocacy group Planned Parenthood got involved in the issue because they wanted to decrease the population of African Americans in the country, so they focused on promoting access to abortion and sterilization of American blacks. Of course anyone who knows about Planned Parenthood’s founder, the eugenicist Margaret Sanger, knows this is exactly what she was up to. She started the “Negro Project,” her words, and set out to sterilize large segments of the black community and supported abortion among blacks to prevent them from “breeding like weeds,” again her words, and to eliminate “defectives, delinquents and dependents,” again, her words.

Maybe Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke can aim her accusations of historic racist intent at Planned Parenthood  and leave voter ID alone.   Hampton has a Planned Parenthood office.   Locke can summon all the usual race hucksters to picket, and demand answers about the deliberate acts of Planned Parenthood in facilitating hundreds of thousands of abortions of African-Americans to curtail the “weed-like breeding.”

Of course we know that won’t happen because imaginary racist conspiracies are so much more appealing than actual ones.  And some sacred cows of the Left get a pass on a nasty, murderous, and most of all, real racist history.

Polls show that about 80% of Americans support photo voter identification laws. A majority of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Democrats, and Republicans support voter ID. Why do so many people want voter ID laws?

According to Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Dwight Jones, “because there is a brother in the White House.”

Here’s a secret. I’ve been following the voter ID debate for seven years. In fact, I’ve even been involved in some legislative plotting in various states to pass voter ID. And I can say with one hand on a Bible, and one hand in the air, that I’ve never once heard any voter ID proponent suggest that a “brother in the White House” has anything to do with it. This is pure, simple, racialist nonsense from the mayor of Richmond.

Of course if you’ve read my book Injustice, you’d already know that a favorite tool of those opposing voter integrity laws is pure, simple, racialist nonsense. The civil rights industry, the accidental heir to the civil rights movement, uses race to create a smokescreen for criminal wrongdoing. The stories in my book from Hale and Perry County, Alabama, are downright disgusting and disturbing.

Prior to the entry of guilty pleas to multiple voter fraud indictments, a civil rights rally was held for the not-yet guilty in Greensboro, Alabama.  From Injustice:

In a stunning display of racial solidarity, more than 200 people, almost all black, packed their arraignment hearing and loudly applauded when not guilty pleas were entered. In a corrupt appropriation of the moral authority of the civil rights movement, they wore t-shirts that said, “Greensboro 2: Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.”  Outside the courthouse, supporters held hands in a huge circle, sang songs from the civil rights movement, and prayed for the defendants’ legal deliverance.

Soon after the rally, the “victims” entered guilty pleas and became “felons.”  And this is just one example of dozens.

If you genuinely oppose voter ID, you might call Mayor Dwight “Bloody Shirt” Jones and let him know he does your cause no favors by such preposterous racialist rhetoric. He is marginalizing your cause to most reasonable Americans.  He can be reached at (804) 646-7970.