Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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YEP: NC State sociologists say Michelle Obama’s healthy eating program is classist and sexist.

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AT AMAZON, deals galore on new iPhone 6 cases.

Plus, the new Restaurant & Bulk Food Grocery Store. Popular with preppers, I imagine.

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DAVID BARON, CALL YOUR OFFICE: Rutgers student believed killed by New Jersey’s first fatal bear attack in over 150 years.

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NEWS YOU CAN USE: Plantar Fascitis Relief.

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DAVE WEIGEL ON THE ASSERT FORFEITURE SCAM: Don’t steal — the government hates competition. “If there is a post-Ferguson marriage of principles between progressives and libertarians, it is breaking out in Philadelphia. The Institute for Justice’s stated goal is the end of civil forfeiture. As thousands of Philadelphians work through the system every year, they must wonder whether the libertarians have it right.”

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BUT IT STILL WON’T GO AWAY: 9 Absurd Edit Justifications By Wikipedia’s Neil Tyson Truthers.

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WELL, WE KNOW HE LIKES GUNS FOR HIMSELF. Ex-Sen. Jim Webb Seriously Looking At 2016 Run. Hillary’s looking weak.

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MOB RULE ON CAMPUS: Vandalism on Ivy League Campus Attacks Conservative as ‘Racist Rape Apologist.’

Related: University of Chicago Gets Its Own ‘Rapist List.’ All by unaccountable anonymous types.

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ASHE SCHOW: Anti-rape activist to men: Tell your buddies a woman is ‘ugly’ to prevent rape.

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RULING CLASS HYPOCRISY: When Journalists Commit Domestic Violence. “Lo and behold, it seems that the media itself has a domestic violence problem. Ten cases discovered at first Google. Which is twice as many, to be specific, as the five cases that have had the media in such a frenzy over domestic violence in the National Football League. Where are these ten cases to be found? Two cases at ESPN, with the rest spread out over affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and, yes, the New York Times. And there are others for television stations not affiliated with the major networks. With all this massive focus on what the Wall Street Journal calls ‘moral preening’ in the media about domestic violence in the NFL — isn’t it a tad curious that the same ‘moral preening’ is absent, that the camera never swings around to the media itself?”

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ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Now That Cars Have Black Boxes, Am I Being Tracked? Who gets access to the info in your vehicle’s event data recorder?

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BLOOMBERG EDITORIALIZES: Keep The White House Open. “Making the White House even less accessible to the public than it already is — in reaction to an isolated intrusion by a clearly troubled man — isn’t just a matter of inconvenience. It’s a matter of serious symbolic significance.”

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BUT HOW’S THE CREASE? THAT’S THE IMPORTANT THING. Hillary Clinton, an empty (pant)suit?

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RICHARD EPSTEIN: The Vogue of “Social Responsibility.”

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: A rape epidemic — by women? CDC report reveals troubling equality when it comes to sexual assault rates.

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IN THE MAIL: Your Life Isn’t for You: A Selfish Person’s Guide to Being Selfless.

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WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Politico’s Epic Fail in Their Lois Lerner Interview. I wonder if, when they assigned this story to Rachel Bade, her bosses warned her how such a fluff-job might harm her credibility as a reporter?

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 502.

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TARGETING THE CONSTITUTION: “It is now well known that the IRS targeted tea party organizations. What is less well known, but perhaps even more scandalous, is that the IRS also targeted those who would educate their fellow citizens about the United States Constitution.” They’re against anything that might stand in the way of Obama’s agenda. That certainly includes constitutional literacy.

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CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS: Feminism vs. Truth. “Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. They advocate this falsehood through victim mentality propaganda and misleading statistics, such as the gender wage gap myth.”

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DEVAL PATRICK: List My Brother-in-Law As A Sex Offender, Get Fired From Your State Job. So he fired a woman because she wanted to list his brother-in-law, who was convicted of raping his sister, as a sex offender?

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YES. NEXT QUESTION? Are Tree Huggers Hypocrites?

I will give conservative critics this: Adopting this stance only makes sense if you don’t believe that there’s much power in “setting a good example.” As it happens, consistent with my stance, I do not believe that there is much power in setting a good example, at least not on things that are as central to modern life as breaking apart hydrocarbon chains and using the energy to replace human muscle. I believe that movie stars can inspire idealistic teenagers to go vegan; I do not think that more ordinary-looking adults can convince the majority of Americans to suffer through discomfort and inconvenience for the sake of a hard-to-see threat.

If this is what you believe, then it’s perfectly reasonable to go about your life until the day we are ready for collective action. But I must note that this belief is at odds with the faith professed by most environmentalists in the powers of American example-setting on carbon emissions. When it is pointed out (correctly) that China and India’s billions of people currently pose a much greater threat to the atmosphere than rich Americans, environmentalists usually respond by first pointing to the public-relations noise that China is making, even as it continues to construct dirty coal plants as fast as it can pour the concrete, and second by arguing that we need to adopt these changes first, which will set a good example and give us the credibility to ask that China and India follow suit.

I find this belief sincere, touching and almost willfully naive.


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HOW’S THAT HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? (CONT’D): Millennials Aren’t Getting Jobs and Aren’t Buying Houses.

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PHILIP K. HOWARD: When Humans Lose Control of Government: A decades-long obsession with writing excessively detailed laws had made it impossible for real people to get anything done.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: A rape epidemic — by women? CDC report reveals troubling equality when it comes to sexual assault rates.

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MORE POLITICO MOCKERY, THIS TIME FROM JAMES TARANTO: Politico landed an exclusive interview with Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the still-unresolved scandal, and to call it a whitewash would be an insult to lime.” Heh. So should we call this sort of fluff-job “pulling a Rachel Bade?” from now on, since “whitewash” is inadequate?

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WHO CARES? IT’S GOING ON THE CREDIT CARD ANYWAY: White House won’t estimate cost of ISIS war.

The White House does not have an estimate on how much the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will cost.

Pressed on that point Monday, press secretary Josh Earnest wouldn’t give a ballpark figure for how much the administration expected military operations to cost.

“I don’t have an estimate on that,” Earnest said. “I know that we’re interested in having an open dialogue with Congress to ensure that our military has the resources necessary to carry out the mission that the president has laid out.”

So far, the administration has relied on the Overseas Contingency Operations budget to pay for operations against the terrorist group. The White House had previously requested a cut in that pool — from $85 billion to $58.6 billion — for the next fiscal year, but lawmakers decided instead to keep funding at current levels in the temporary budget measure passed last week.

The White House also indicated it would seek funding for the effort against ISIS from international partners. So far, more than 40 countries have said they would support a coalition effort against the terror network.

I’ll believe it when the checks clear. Meanwhile, why aren’t we killing ISIS’s “angel investors” in Qatar and around the Gulf?

UPDATE: From the comments: “If we kill rich Arabs, who will pay Obama’s speaking fees after he leaves office?”

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BYRON YORK: Something Is Terribly Wrong With The Secret Service.

Here at InstaPundit, I’ve been noting management problems with the Secret Service for over a decade. But the problems seem to be getting worse, not better.

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WAIT, I THOUGHT PUTIN WAS ON ASSAD’S SIDE: Russia Condemns U.S. Airstrikes Against Islamic State In Syria.

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SO THAT POLITICO PUFF PIECE ON LOIS LERNER IS WORKING OUT NICELY: Lefty journalists circle wagons around whining Politico reporter, attack Stephen Hayes. The Politico reporter is Rachel Bade, and she should be apologizing, not whining. Because it was a lame puff piece that produced no significant new information, and seemed as if it was dictated by Lois Lerner’s PR person.

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LISA DE PASQUALE: When It Pays Better To Lobby Than To Be Entrepreneurial. Plus, Peter Thiel on the “tech slowdown.”

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JACK DUNPHY: Daniele Watts and the Allure of Racial Victimhood.

(07:54 AM)

STRATEGYPAGE: Philippines: The Chinese Threat Grows.

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CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Roll Call: D.C. Council Considering Handgun Permit Bill. “Grudgingly” is the key word in this story.

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ED DRISCOLL: Roll Over Alinsky, and Tell Glenn Thrush the News.

John Nolte of Big Journalism coined the phrase “BenSmithing” to describe the tactics of the former Politico turned BuzzFeed scribe and member of the JournoList, that self-described “non-official campaign” to elect Obama, which as its founder Ezra Klein explained, was only open to his fellow leftists. As the Urban Dictionary notes, BenSmithing is “a political tactic that disguises itself as journalism in order to protect Democrats, most specifically Barack Obama.”

Smith’s former colleague Glenn Thrush, still with the Politico, is also quite prepared to do a little BenSmithing to aid his fellow Democrats in higher places: whenever a scandal engulfs them, Thrush affects an attitude of boredom. Hey, no big deal — Evel Knievel totally meant to crash the motorcycle on the landing ramp. All part of the act; happens all the time, you guys.

It’s a curious tone though, for someone who holds himself out as a journalist, and not as a Democrat operative with a byline. Those of us who have the privilege of observing the Hieronymus Bosch meets Koyaanisqatsi landscape of the world of the 21st century and then reporting on the wreckage around us are usually horrified at how dysfunctional the modern world and its political players are and eager to share the details with our readers. But for Thrush, it’s all pretty boring. At least when bad things happen to his fellow leftists.

It’s never news unless you can blame a Republican, and preferably Sarah Palin.

Related, from Mollie Hemingway: “Yeah, I can’t put my finger on why people were talking about Alinsky ever… SAYS A POLITICAL REPORTER. I mean, seriously. I get if you’re a normal person who lives a happy life unencumbered by discussions of politicians. But if you’re a political reporter, how can you cover the manufactured War on Women without knowing from which its tactics spring?”

They know, approve, and don’t want to tell the truth because it would threaten the whole feedlot. Treat them accordingly.

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METAPHOR ALERT: White House Will Now Lock The Front Door.

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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE (CONT’D): Former teacher’s aide found guilty on rape charges. “Jennifer Kennard was found guilty of six counts of second-degree rape, two counts of third-degree rape and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.”

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WELL, IT HASN’T BURNED OUT LIKE EARLIER ONES, WHICH HAS BEEN TROUBLING ME FOR A WHILE: Could The Ebola Outbreak Last Forever? Well, if it persists for a while, there’ll be reason to develop and deploy a vaccine.

Monday, September 22, 2014

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CHARLES C.W. COOKE: Robert Kennedy, Aspiring Tyrant: He’d like to charge the Kochs with treason and send climate-change dissenters to jail.

(11:19 PM)

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: A rape epidemic — by women? CDC report reveals troubling equality when it comes to sexual assault rates.

(11:16 PM)

ROGER SIMON: Trotsky’s Curse: Obama Goes To War.

(11:13 PM)

THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR MITT ROMNEY . . . Joe Biden 2012: If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War In Syria.


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NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: New lab incidents fuel fear, safety concerns in Congress.

Scientists wearing space-suitlike protective gear searched for hours in May for a mouse — infected with a virus similar to Ebola — that had escaped inside Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana, one of the federal government’s highest-security research facilities, according to newly obtained incident reports that provide a window into the secretive world of bioterror lab accidents.

During the same month at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, a lab worker suffered a cut while trying to round up escaped ferrets that had been infected with a deadly strain of avian influenza, records show. Four days later at Colorado State University’s bioterrorism lab, a worker failed to ensure dangerous bacteria had been killed before shipping specimens — some of them still able to grow — to another lab where a worker unwittingly handled them without key protective gear.

Nobody was sickened in the incidents and the mouse was caught the next day. Yet in the wake of serious lab mishaps with anthrax and bird flu at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that prompted an uproar and a Congressional hearing this summer, these additional incidents are further fueling bipartisan concern about lab safety.

I’m troubled.

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UNREST: Turkey breaks up crowds at Syrian frontier protesting Islamic State, border closings.

(10:12 PM)

HEADLINES THAT SEEMED UNLIKELY IN 2008, BUT ARE INEVITABLE NOW: What Obama Could Learn From George W. Bush About War.

(10:10 PM)

GAMERGATE: Escalation.

(10:05 PM)

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: US Launches First Allied Airstrikes to Hit ISIS Targets in Syria.

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NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Venezuela Seeks to Quell Fears of Disease Outbreak: Government Seeks Doctor’s Arrest for Saying Deaths Could Point to Mosquito-borne Disease. Arresting people for saying something scary — that’ll quell panic and rumors.

(09:01 PM)

THE HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE MAY HAVE ALREADY POPPED IN LEGAL EDUCATION, BUT THAT HASN’T STOPPED EVERYONE: $700 Million in New Buildings at Five Law Schools. I hope these aren’t paid for with borrowed money.

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DO TELL: Higher Fast Food Wages Could Leave Some workers Behind.

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HOGWASH BLOWBACK: Is it a coincidence that the White House was invaded by a crazed guy “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” on the day of the big Climate March?

(06:52 PM)

AT THE CLIMATE MARCH, PJTV’S MICHELLE FIELDS HAS TOUGH QUESTIONS FOR LEONARDO DICAPRIO: DiCaprio Rented World’s 5th Largest Yacht, Now Marches to Save Climate. She also chats with Bernie Sanders, who explains that critics should shut up, because science.

(06:30 PM)


Well, as I demonstrated with my syllabus for courses on the Occupy Movement, you can teach an interesting and informative course on any topic. But I suspect this one will turn out to be a bit one-sided.

(06:29 PM)

A POEM FOR EZEKIEL EMANUEL, from Rudyard Kipling.

Kipling is always good, but I would say, rather: “Though much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in the old days Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are. One equal-temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

(05:02 PM)

TOO YOUNG TO DIE, too old to worry. As you get older, you do see these things differently.

(04:21 PM)

SHOOTING THOSE WHO DISAGREE ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Ed Driscoll: Terry Gilliam’s Eliminationist Rhetoric. With lefties, however funny they might seem, things always seem to turn to the gulag eventually.

Plus: “Gilliam’s dystopian 1985 film Brazil ends with Jonathan Pryce’s protagonist being brutally tortured by Michael Palin’s Speer or Eichmann-esque coolly technocratic statist character. Presumably, Pryce’s character dies at the end of the film or shortly afterwards. Who knew until now Gilliam meant it to be a happy ending and the whole film a how-to guide for big government?”

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TEST-DRIVING THE 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

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AT AMAZON, shop today’s Kindle Daily Deals.

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K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Why Girls Tend to Get Better Grades Than Boys Do. “The testing situation may underestimate girls’ abilities, but the classroom may underestimate boys’ abilities.” When I was that age, the teachers’ favorites were usually girls with neat handwriting who weren’t exceptionally bright. That still seems to be the case.

Perhaps it’s because of the shortage of male teachers. We need Title-IX-like laws to force equality.

(02:40 PM)

BOB ZUBRIN: Victory From Space: In 20th-century wars, the key was air power. In 21st-century wars, it will be space power. “The defense not only of Europe, but of the entire free world, hangs upon this matter. For the past 70 years, U.S. Navy carrier task forces have controlled the world’s oceans, first making and then keeping the Pax Americana which has done so much to secure and advance the human condition over the postwar period. But should there ever be another major conflict, an adversary possessing the ability to locate and target those carriers from space would be able to wipe them out with the push of a button. For this reason, it is imperative that the United States possess space capabilities that are so robust as to assure not only our own ability to operate in and through space, but also our ability to comprehensively deny this power to others. Space superiority means having better space assets than an enemy. Space supremacy means being able to assert a complete monopoly of such capabilities. The latter is what we must have.”

(02:30 PM)

SO, BASICALLY, GMC HAS PUT OUT THE “MUSTANG II” OF SPORT TRUCKS? I’ve always considered the “sport truck” segment to be silly anyway, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. And the Syclone was cool, except for its dumb name.

(02:00 PM)

ACTUALLY, I’D LIKE THIS FEATURE: Ford offers ‘surveillance mode’ to cops. “It employs the car’s rear-view camera and proximity radar to warn police officers if they are being approached from the rear. If a stranger comes up from behind, a chime warns the officer. It also rolls up the driver’s side window, locks the doors and flashes exterior lights.”

(01:30 PM)

I DON’T KNOW IF HE REALIZES IT, BUT DAVID BROOKS IS BASICALLY CALLING FOR a revival of fraternal organizations like the Elks Club. Membership in these used to be much, much bigger, and one of their roles was precisely to bring together men from different classes and backgrounds. But they came to be seen as suspiciously masculine, and were suppressed. They still exist, but in a shadow of their former role.

(01:00 PM)

FASTER, PLEASE: Scientists Discover “Dimmer Switch” For Mood Disorders. “What we have found is a process that may dampen the brain’s sensitivity to negative life events.”

(12:55 PM)

STANLEY KURTZ: Why Hillary’s Alinsky Letters Matter. An explanation for Glenn Thrush, et al.

(12:27 PM)

LOOKS THAT WAY: Does Neil deGrasse Tyson Make Up Stories?

(12:20 PM)

I FIGURED SHE WAS PROTECTING A DEMOCRAT: New York TImes: It Was Daniel Inouye Who Made Sexist Remark To Kirsten Gillibrand. Plus, some history: “With his deep baritone and courtly manner, Mr. Inouye was revered by his colleagues and was a powerhouse in both Hawaii and the Senate, where he was a reliable supporter of women’s rights. But in an all but forgotten chapter of his career, the senator had been accused of sexual misconduct: In 1992, his hairdresser said that Mr. Inouye had forced her to have sex with him. Her accusations exploded into a campaign issue that year, and one Hawaii state senator announced that she had heard from nine other women who said they had been sexually harassed by Mr. Inouye. But the women did not want to go forward with their claims.”

So, he was a typical Senate Democrat, then.

UPDATE: Amy Otto: “They pinned it on a dead Democrat. Convenient.” People sure have gotten cynical.

(12:16 PM)

DAVID HARSANYI: Sorry, Politico, but Lois Lerner Is Not A Victim. Nope. She’s a perpetrator.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey Points And Laughs At Politico.

She’s entitled to take the Fifth. And we’re entitled to be suspicious when a high-level bureaucrat caught up in a scandal refuses to be accountable to Congress and then wants our sympathy on the pages of Politico.

The rest of this piece is sheer drivel, and perhaps the most monumental effort ever made in print to deliberately miss the point. Rachel Bade starts off in the lead suggesting that anti-Semitism is what’s driving the criticism of Lerner, goes through a few paragraphs of “some say” framing of Lerner criticisms and defenses, and then goes into a lengthy anecdote about how Lerner rescued pets during Hurricane Katrina. Only after dozens of paragraphs do we get to the section titled “Unanswered Questions,” where Bade finally concedes this point:

As head of the division where it all began, Lerner certainly bears some of the blame for the selective scrutiny of tea party applications, and numerous emails understandably raise eyebrows.

So yes, the claim that Lerner “didn’t do anything wrong” is complete nonsense. Democrats, Bade assures us, are “still furious that Lerner didn’t tell Congress about the situation sooner,” but doesn’t get around to mentioning that Lerner hasn’t told Congress about it at all, let alone sooner. Instead, Bade shortly returns to her real interest, which is framing Lerner as someone of courage who won’t let critics “ruin her life.” Too bad Lerner didn’t have that same ethos about the people whose grassroots groups were targeted by her unit.

A sorry effort, and one that reveals more about Politico and Rachel Bade than it does about Lois Lerner. And it makes me wonder: Was she an anonymous source for Politico in the past, and is this a reward for past service?

(12:04 PM)

ASHE SCHOW: Desperate Democratic women up the rhetoric amid midterm concerns. “In what appears to be an act of desperation, Democratic women have begun using domestic violence and other intense language against Republicans in the final months of the 2014 elections.”

Out: Bogus charges of racism. In: Bogus charges of rapism.

(11:00 AM)

IN THE MAIL: Patent Trolls: Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of Innovation.

Also, today only at Amazon: $50 Off a Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Wi-Fi Tablet.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 501.

(10:30 AM)

JAY COST: If the GOP wants to win, it needs to talk to the middle class.

Congressional Republicans would have better spent their time drawing up a middle-class agenda. They could start by adopting the perspective of families that make about $65,000 per year. These people’s economic situation is uncertain, and they pay a goodly portion of their income to the IRS—not so much through the income tax, but through Social Security and Medicare taxes, which flow into the federal government’s general revenues. So a middle-class agenda would aim to make these voters more secure and stop the government from wasting their money.

Economic security for this group primarily means lowering the cost of education, health care, and energy. Where has the Republican party stood on this in the last two years? Mike Lee has promoted interesting education reform ideas, but the leadership has not gotten behind them. The 2017 Project has put together a health care reform package that aims to contain costs for people like these, but the party leadership has offered nothing. About the only area where the party has done much is energy; not coincidentally, the energy sector is a major donor to the GOP.

What of cutting government? Republicans in Congress too often suggest that the first dollar to be cut come from programs that the middle class finds useful or worthwhile. Corporate welfare, meanwhile, which takes up a shockingly large portion of the budget, is almost never discussed. To wit, why did the congressional Republicans not make a full-throated assault on Obamacare’s risk corridor program, which is a naked payout to insurance companies? Why did they cave on the Export-Import Bank, which is a payoff to Boeing? Why did they buckle on tax reform, an opportunity to excise tens of billions in payola to the well connected? Middle America would not miss these programs. Indeed, it would be glad to see them go. Ask the average American if he thinks special interests hold too much sway, and prepare yourself to be told, “Hell, yeah, they do!”

And what about Congress itself? Middle-class people get angry at the thought of Congress because they (correctly) regard it as corrupt and irresponsible. Republicans have an ironclad grip on the House. Why not pass some tough reform measures to make members behave better?

Why, indeed?

(10:16 AM)

2016 IN A NUTSHELL, FROM FRANK J. FLEMING: “Hillary has to be careful to not let the fact that she’s not particularly good at anything distract from how she’s a woman.”

(10:03 AM)

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Utah teacher to stand trial on charges of sex with second boy. “The 35-year-old woman is charged in Farmington’s 2nd District Court with four counts of first-degree felony rape and two counts of first-degree felony forcible sodomy — accused of having sexual relationships with two of her former students.”

(09:00 AM)

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BARACK OBAMA, BAD BOYFRIEND. “PS: How effective is it? Well, Vox reportedly hates it, in much the same way that a classical Central European vampire hates sunlight and whitethorn. So there’s that.”

(08:57 AM)

EVER SINCE ITS BOGUS IRAQ-CASUALTIES REPORT, THE LANCET HAS BEEN A JOKE: Leading British medical journal refuses to retract open letter on Gaza written by authors concerned that “Jews control the media, politics and banking.” “What is new is that the Telegraph reports that two of the five authors of the open letter, Dr Swee Ang, an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr Manduca, a professor of genetics at the University of Genoa in Italy, sent emails to their contacts endorsing a raving anti-Semitic video from David Duke entitled ‘CNN, Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix.’”

UPDATE: From the comments: “Britain’s intellectual classes seem to have gone full-raving-fascist in their Jew-hatred. The Rotherham rape gang scandal shows that Britain is now getting the religious minority it deserves.”

(08:56 AM)

LOIS LERNER TOOK THE FIFTH, but now she’s telling Politico that she did nothing wrong, and that she’s the real victim here. And note the prominent play Politico gives to alleged anti-semitic epithets, and to Lerner’s brownie-baking. So why the media-rehab operation — and that’s what this is — and why now?

But it’s nice to hear that even the Washington revolving-door apparat finds her “untouchable.” Perhaps that’s because nothing much in this story suggests that she didn’t target Tea Party groups for partisan political reasons.

(08:53 AM)

MARY BURKE PLAGIARISM SCANDAL EXPANDS: Wisconsin Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Also Copied Some Text In Other Plans.

Scott Walker’s campaign: “Mary Burke’s plagiarism is clearly not an isolated incident as she claimed last week but a disturbing pattern of intellectual dishonesty. It’s time for Mary Burke to come clean with Wisconsin voters.”

(08:44 AM)

THE GAMERGATE SCANDAL CONTINUES TO UNFOLD: ‘They’re On To Us’: Gaming Journalists Respond to Critics in Newly Revealed GameJournoPros Emails. I’d say it’s basically Journolist for dummies, but that was the original Journolist, too. . . .

Plus: “What will strike many readers as remarkable is how ill-prepared senior editors on the GameJournoPros list were for the controversy that arrived when questions began to be asked openly about their closeness to their subjects and the general standards of ethics in video game journalism.”

(08:35 AM)

MOST OF THEM VOTED FOR HIM, THOUGH: Journos, whistleblowers decry Obama’s tightening noose on news, information. “The administration uses FOIAs as a tip service to uncover what news organizations are pursuing. Requests are now routinely forwarded to political appointees. At the agency that oversees the new health care law, for example, political appointees now handle the FOIA requests.”

You want to teach him a lesson? Start covering him the way you’d cover a Republican president.

(08:34 AM)

BRAVER AND MORE SIGNIFICANT THAN YESTERDAY’S CLIMATE MARCH: Russian peace march draws tens of thousands in support of Ukraine.

(08:30 AM)

IT’S APPALLING TO SEE SEN. MARY LANDRIEU (D-LA) enabling the alcohol culture that so contributes to the #rapeculture on campus. “After running into a family friend, Landrieu made her way across a portion of the expansive field to a tent of welcoming fans, who quickly asked her to do a keg stand. She declined, but agreed to hold the spigot for someone else, who gripped the metal keg as others held his legs in the air.”

Take my advice: Send your kids somewhere safe.

(08:28 AM)

JOHN FUND: The Crumbling Climate-Change Consensus: Extremists’ rhetoric heats up as their case falls apart.

(08:19 AM)

THE NRA goes after Mike Bloomberg. Why shouldn’t he get the Koch treatment?

(08:15 AM)

#NARRATIVEFAIL: The Rape Epidemic Is A Fiction: Sexual assaults today are a third of what they were twenty years ago. Remember, none of this is about reality, or the welfare of women. It’s about Hillary battlespace preparation, and jobs and power for “social justice warriors.”

(07:59 AM)

DEMOCRATS ON WHISTLEBLOWERS: SNITCHES GET STITCHES. Decorated Wis. cop says he paid dearly for blowing whistle on DA’s crusade against Gov. Walker.

(07:28 AM)

DAVID HARSANYI: Biden Gets Another Free Pass.

Remember when the media freaked out for three days over Sarah Palin’s completely innocuous use of the term “blood libel”?

Nearly every major media outlet took a deep dive on this critical outrage. Millions of Americans learned more about how Jews in the Middle Ages were sometimes falsely accused of kidnapping and murdering Christian children so they could use the blood for ritualistic baking. But more significantly: What did Palin mean? Was she sending a veiled message to evangelical voters? Was it just anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head again?

There will be no such national conversation over Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments. While extolling the virtues of his son Beau at a speech at Legal Services Corp., our Clouseau-esque vice president launched into one of his folksy populist rants. “When he was over there in Iraq for a year,” he explained, “people would come to him and talk about what was happening to them at home in terms of foreclosures, in terms of bad loans that were being — I mean these Shylocks who took advantage of these women and men while overseas.” . . .

Is there any question that the repercussions for these sorts of mistakes are meted out asymmetrically? There is simply no way a Republican could get away with the buffoonery Biden peddles almost daily. Is the lack of genuine scrutiny over Biden’s mistakes a reflection of the media’s handling him like an unserious person? If that’s the case, then shouldn’t the president be open to far more criticism for putting the country in such a precarious position? Or is it that Biden finds himself in the right party? Either way, it reflects poorly on the media.

Think of them as Democratic operatives with bylines and you won’t go far wrong.

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GOOD QUESTION: Remind me again, why isn’t Condi Rice running for president? “For what it’s worth, I haven’t seen any recent polling on Condi but as of December 2012, no major Republican except Christie had a favorable rating comparable to hers. And Christie now isn’t what Christie was then, needless to say. Exit question: Is her reluctance about running mainly about not wanting to field ‘How come you aren’t married?!’ questions for the next six years? I think the media would tread lightly there, but they’d tread.”

If she were a Democrat, it would be bigoted even to ask.

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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Ex-Clearfield High teacher takes plea deal in sex assault case. “Gaile Kristine Supp, 24, was charged in April 2013 with object rape, a first-degree felony, in 2nd District Court. The student told investigators she went to Supp’s West Haven home to get help with homework. Instead, her teacher showed her a sexually explicit movie and sexually assaulted her, according to a probable cause statement. On Sept. 3, Supp pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of sexual battery, a third-degree felony.”

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ANDREW MCCARTHY: The Islamic State . . . of Saudi Arabia: Between beheadings, they’ll help train the “moderate” Syrian rebels. Since we aren’t going to invade them, kill all the mullahs, and seize the oil, the best thing we can do is to dilute their power by encouraging the development of oil supplies outside the Middle East, and particularly in civilized countries.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

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TEACH WOMEN NOT TO KILL: “Koster was shot and killed in Caryville on September 7th. Monica Leigh Ann Briggs is in custody and charged with his murder.”

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PJTV: RFK Jr. Loses Cool at Climate Rally; Gets Grabby with PJTV’s Michelle Fields When She Corners Him. Boy, RFK Jr. is dumb, and speak in lame talking points. And what happened to his voice?