Thursday, May 5, 2016

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You’re one of the loudest, most provocative voices at Breitbart News, and you’re currently on a speaking tour of college campuses, railing against “P.C. culture.” You once admitted in a profile that your public persona started out as a comedy character that you created because “I didn’t like me very much.” What didn’t you like about yourself?

I’ve wrestled with being religious and being conservative and being gay, but the reason I felt like that is because of other gay people. The only real shaming I’ve ever experienced has been from other gay people when I reveal my politics or my religion.

Read the whole thing.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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THE ANCHORESS FROM 2005: The Art Of The Painless Coup. “Believing that the rest of us, now disillusioned, are no longer clinging to romantic ideals of honor, or truth or nobility, these always-restless First Children, devoted to deconstruction, believe they are about to take down the presidency, the churches, the ‘old’ government and even the ‘old’ media. They expect to put into place something ‘brand new.’ But believe me when I tell you what they are building is older than dirt. And up from it. Which is why they will need their fortresses. Castro lives in one, too. They’ve been practicing all of this, by the way, perfecting the Art of the Painless Coup so thoroughly that most ordinary folks do not even realize what has occurred.”

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BLOG COMMENT OF THE DAY: “Once you’ve allowed the barbarians through the gates, any swashbuckling ruffian who is willing to pick up a sword and push them back out again is an ally.”

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21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Loud sex finally too much for cancer-stricken neighbors.

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WELL, WELL: Exclusive: President Fox Apologizes, Invites Trump to Mexico.

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#FEELTHEBERN: How bad is it in Venezuela? Soldiers are stealing goats.

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WHY ARE LEFTIST INSTITUTIONS SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM AND SEXISM? Irony alert: AP’s race and ethnicity editor sues for racial discrimination.

Longtime Associated Press journalist Sonya Ross has sued the AP for race, sex and age discrimination and retaliation, alleging that she has worked under a “hostile and abusive” environment in the news service’s Washington bureau.

According to the suit, Ross was the first African American woman to permanently cover the president for AP, but her career stalled several years later under one supervisor, identified in the suit as Employee A, and others at the organization.

Ross claims that the AP created “a climate of hostility towards African American employees” and Employee A marginalized Ross.

No wonder lefties see the world this way. Their world is this way.

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IT BEGINS: Get Ready for the Biggest Media Assault You’ve Ever Seen—Aimed Squarely at Trump.

UPDATE: Transcript and audio of Rush Limbaugh reading a pull-quote from Paula Bolyard’s PJM article on the air today.


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THE CURSE OF THE POTATO: “Grains crops transformed the politics of the societies that grew them, while tubers held them back.”

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I DON’T KNOW, I THINK THIS DEMONSTRATES A LACK OF COMMITMENT: The 19-year-old said she would continue to fight for equal rights, “but I don’t see the need to show my breasts all the time”.

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MILO YIANNOPOULOS: Meme Magic: Donald Trump Is The Internet’s Revenge On Lazy Elites.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.48.22 PM

Choose the form of your destructor.


UPDATE: From the comments: “Trump was the Mule to Nate Silver’s Foundation.”

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SCIENCE: Testosterone Makes You More Honest. Hmm. I suspect that a fair number of our ruling-class guys are supplementing with testosterone, but I’m not seeing any increase in honesty. On the other hand, I suppose you have to set that against a background of generally falling testosterone levels.

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WELL GOSH, THAT WOULD BE AWFUL: If Trump destroys GOP, he may take DNC down with him.

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HERPES: Australia’s Surprising Weapon Against Invasive Fish.

To rid their streams and rivers of invasive European carp crowding out native freshwater species, officials plan to begin introducing a strain of the herpes virus — Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3), or “carp herpes” — into fish populations.

In a statement released May 1, Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) officials described their National Carp Control Plan, which will be developed over the next two and a half years at a cost of approximately AU$15 million (about US$11.2 million) and potentially deployed by 2018.

Research by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has already determined that the virus kills European carp quickly, and that it does not develop in native fish, in other introduced fish species or in other animals — including humans.

Good to know.

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JESUS ON A DART BOARD AT RUTGERS: THE DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD OF FREE SPEECH: Conservatives demanding removal of the ‘artwork’ are using tactics of the professional offended class of the left.

Is that really such a bad thing? As Obama and Hillary’s mentor famously said, “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules..You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.”

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DELIVER US FROM SCHLOCK: Reimagining Times Square, my City Journal proposal for liberating the Crossroads of the World from city bureaucrats, desnudas, costumed characters and rent-seeking vendors of schlock. Then we can liberate the rest of Broadway from cars and create the world’s greatest promenade. (Hear me out, car lovers. As the author of The Autonomist Manifesto, I share your affection for cars – everywhere except Manhattan.)

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UNEXPECTEDLY: Study Finds Employers Are Hiring More Freelancers To Avoid Obamacare.

And building more robots to avoid minimum wage hikes. Who could have predicted such developments?!

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WHY PEN CAPS have holes in them. “Turns out it’s not just us who love chewing on pen lids – a whole lot of people do it, and that can lead to lids getting accidentally swallowed and lodged in the wind pipe, with potentially fatal consequences. By simply adding a larger hole to the top of the lid, pen company BIC increased air flow and the chance that people would still be able to breathe even if that happens – a design feature that, quite literally, saves lives.”

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RED LINE: John Kerry vows not to let Aleppo fall to Bashar Assad.

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21ST CENTURY PROBLEMS: Death By GPS: Why do we follow digital maps into dodgy places?

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READING DAVID BROOKS IN ALTOONA: At Commonweal, Matthew Sitman, who grew up just outside Altoona, Pennsylvania (100 miles east of Pittsburgh) writes:

Blair County, where I was raised and where my parents still live, overwhelmingly went for Trump in the recent Pennsylvania primary, giving him 61 percent of the vote. A few neighboring counties delivered even larger margins of victory.

And as it happens, I was traveling back to this part of Pennsylvania on Friday to visit my parents when I read David Brooks’s latest column, in which he confesses he was woefully unprepared to understand the rise of Trump. Or rather, he simply doesn’t know the kind of people Trump appeals to:

I was surprised by Trump’s success because I’ve slipped into a bad pattern, spending large chunks of my life in the bourgeois strata — in professional circles with people with similar status and demographics to my own. It takes an act of will to rip yourself out of that and go where you feel least comfortable. But this column is going to try to do that over the next months and years. We all have some responsibility to do one activity that leaps across the chasms of segmentation that afflict this country.

At first I thought Brooks deserved some credit for this, and maybe he does: there seems to be a measure of regret expressed in this passage—and shouldn’t he be admired for his intellectual curiosity, for wanting to learn about the “other”? Perhaps. But as I sat in my uncomfortable bus seat and we rumbled along on Interstate 80, the column grated on me more and more. By the time I reached home, it seemed to me not just a typical, mildly annoying Brooks column, but an emblem of why those searching for what to do about Trump—especially on the right—have proven so disastrously ineffective.

It’s rather disturbing that it took a vulgar, authoritarian demagogue being on the brink of the Republican nomination for Brooks to realize that he might have intellectual and political blindspots when it comes to working-class people and others straining under the post-recession economy. Could he really be serious? The column was written in the faux-innocent style Brooks has perfected, treating a banal observation as a breakthrough. It baffles me that someone paid to observe the American political and cultural scene didn’t realize before the last few months just how many Americans were struggling, or that the fallout from the 2008 recession might generate a populist-tinged backlash.

Gee, wait ‘til Sitman discovers Pauline Kael. Seriously though, there’s a reason why Dana Loesch’s new book is titled, Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To. I can’t wait to read its review in the Times; if indeed the Gray Lady deigns to write about it all.

UPDATE (From Glenn): How David Brooks Created Donald Trump.

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WAPO HEADLINE: “What Donald Trump wants to do to America.”

Think WaPo will phrase the headline the same way when Hillary secures her party’s nomination?

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NOBODY COVERS ALL THE BASES LIKE ENGLAND’S LABOUR PARTY! Sadiq Khan engulfed in new race storm after branding moderate Muslims ‘Uncle Toms.’

As I wrote here on Sunday, “Reuters adds that Kahn will be “the first Muslim to head a major Western capital.” He’s pledged to be ‘a Muslim Mayor that stands up for Jewish rights,’ and I hope that works out well, but he’s got his job cut out for him; as Nick Cohen writes in the Guardian (of all places), ‘I saw the darkness of Labour’s antisemitism, but I never thought it would get this dark.’

But the year is still young.

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DISINVITED ON CAMPUS: The anti-free speech takeover is so complete that now the fear of stirring a protest can determine what ideas students will hear.

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Jason Riley was barred from Virginia Tech for doubleplusungoodthink:

The Obama presidency, high-profile police shootings, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the national debate surrounding mass incarceration have led to more invitations from schools to offer my opinion on race relations. Many of the students I encounter tend to believe that white racism largely explains racial disparities in the U.S. I encourage them to consider other possible explanations given black history. Large parts of these speeches are devoted to what was happening in black America in the first half of the 20th century with respect to employment, schooling, crime and parenting and why so many positive black trends either slowed dramatically or reversed course beginning in the 1960s.

Students who disagree with my lectures don’t hesitate to speak out during the Q&A. The back-and-forth is spirited but civil, and I have never been shouted down or physically threatened.

Still, a disinvitation at some point may have been inevitable.

The stated reason for Riley’s disinvite? His presence might spark protests.

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VIDEO: WHat’s the Right Angle on “meternity” leave? PJTV alums Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green discuss from their new home.

Full disclosure: I’m Green.

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HMM: To Thwart U.S. Lasers, China Wants Smokescreens.

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On Monday, Roger Simon asked “Who Will Be Trump’s VP?” Today, Ed Morrissey writes that Kasich could fit the bill quite well: “Well-versed in Washington politics? Check. Getting solutions through a legislature? Check, although sometimes to the dismay of conservatives. Kasich also holds the promise of winning Ohio, without which Republicans can kiss any hopes for the White House good-bye…We’ll see, but perhaps not soon. Team Trump might want to hold off on that media blitz until sometime in June, when they can use the pick to disrupt the ad attacks from Hillary Clinton’s PACs.”


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THE SINGULARITY APPROACHES: How IBM’s new five-qubit universal quantum computer works.

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THE WAR ON COLLEGE MEN: Camille Paglia: ‘Masculinity Is Being Dissolved on Campus.’ “You have to have strong women in order to deal with masculine men. That is why masculinity is constantly being eroded, diminished, and dissolved on university campuses because it allows women to be weak.”

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NIALL FERGUSON: The resurfacing of anti-Semitism in Britain.

Last week’s controversy is of course not really about the history of 1930s Germany, but about the much more recent history of the British Labour Party. Since the late 1960s — the era when both Ken Livingstone and the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the party — a significant element of the British left has aligned itself with the Palestine Liberation Organization and other groups hostile to the state of Israel. Close to half a century of anti-Zionist rhetoric lies behind Livingstone’s complaint that “there’s been a very well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticizes Israeli policy as anti-Semitic.”

Yet Livingstone and Corbyn are no longer the devious “entryists” of their early militant years. Rather, they have become the useful idiots of an entirely new generation of Labour infiltrators.

Remember: Livingstone’s comments were made in defense of two 2014 Facebook posts by Naseem (“Naz”) Shah, who became the Labour Party member of Parliament for the Bradford West constituency last year. One stated: “Solution for Israel-Palestine conflict — relocate Israel into United States. Problem solved.” The other explicitly equated “Apartheid Israel” with Hitler’s Germany.

Now, ask yourself why the MP for Bradford West was systematically using the Palestinian issue to mobilize voters.

It is not that Naz Shah is herself an Islamist. If she were, I doubt she would appear with her head uncovered in the House of Commons. It is just that bashing Israel appears to be an effective way of mobilizing Muslim voters, who account for roughly half the electorate in Bradford West.

Read the whole thing.

And try not to dwell on the fact that a place named “Bradford West” has a half-Islamic electorate.

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MAKING SENSE OF THE JUNIOR ANTI-SEX LEAGUE, AIRSTRIP ONE DIVISION: The new curtain-twitchers: why feminists are so down on sex.

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ONCE AN ANTI-WAR HERO, ALWAYS AN ANTI-WAR HERO? Hundreds of veterans of 1971′s May Day civil disobedience in Washington, D.C. returned to the scene earlier this week for a nostalgic review of an event that saw more than 12,000 arrests, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Richard Pollock. Among the highlights of the conference was a video presentation to the group by the Pentagon Papers’ Daniel Ellsberg.

It seems like a reasonable conjecture to think that former community organizer Barack Obama would have been among the May Day demonstrators had he been around, but now that he’s president and there is a war somewhere in the world involving U.S. troops, he’s an inviting target for anti-war heroes like Ellsberg, who warned that Obama will “furtively” escalate the Iraq conflict, just as Ike, JFK, LBJ and RMN did in Vietnam:

“’Right now, Marines are being furtively being sent into combat in Iraq in a hopeless operation as before,’ he said, adding that like the early days in Vietnam, there will be ‘gradually advisors calling in air support,’” Pollock reported. Somethings never change for the far Left. It’s always all about Vietnam and evil American presidents who can’t wait to send young Americans into combat.



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IN THE MAIL: From Wendy McElroy, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1091.

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FEDERAL REGULATIONS ADD $1.9 TRILLION TO THE COST OF GOVERNMENT EVERY YEAR: That’s the conclusion of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Wayne Crews in his annual update, “Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State,” according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Ethan Barton.

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AS ALWAYS, LIFE EVENTUALLY INITIATES MARSHALL MCLUHAN: Landmarking Is Turning New York City Into a Life-Sized Historical Diorama, Reason notes.

Marshall McLuhan called this change a half-century ago; in 1967, he told Tom Wolfe, ”Of course, a city like New York is obsolete. People will no longer concentrate in great urban centers for the purpose of work. New York will become a Disneyland, a pleasure dome…”

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German soldiers taking part in a four-week Nato exercise in Norway earlier this year had to leave after just 12 days because they had gone over their overtime limits, it has emerged.

Troops have complained to a parliamentary watchdog that they are being forced to spend entire days doing nothing under the new rules.

“It can’t be that we can’t fulfil our Nato obligations because of overtime,” Hans-Peter Bertels, the German parliamentary commissioner for the armed forces, told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.[..]

Under the latest reforms, in force since January, the military working week has been reduced to 41 hours and troops can no longer be paid for working overtime.

But wait, there’s more: “It sounds like the Germans have some work to do to get their defense affairs in order, no? And yet the government at the same time chose to release a grandiose white paper calling for the accelerated formation of a pan-EU army.”

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IT’S OKAY, HONEY; THEY DIDN’T MEAN YOU: “‘Are you going to ruin it for all of us?’ one of my dog-fancying friends asked, when I told her that I was writing this article. I was surprised to learn how many of my acquaintances were the owners of so-called emotional-support animals….’People can’t ask about my disability,’ one friend told me. ‘But if I feel that I’m in a situation where I might have a struggle being let in somewhere with my dog, then I come up with a disorder that sounds like a nightmare. I like to be creative. I’ll say I lack a crucial neurotransmitter that prevents me from processing anxiety and that, without the dog, I’m likely to black out and urinate.’”

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SO THERE’S HOPE FOR AMERICA: Vietnam, ruled by communists for 40 years, is now the No. 1 fan of capitalism on the planet.

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I DUNNO, CAN WE SHRINK THE INFLUENCE OF POLITICS ON THE FCC? Could the FCC Shrink the Influence of Money in Politics?

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#SOCIALISMSUCKS: ‘We want out of this agony’: What it’s like to eat in a country that’s on the verge of collapse. Venezuela sure has suffered from a lot of bad luck.

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. GLOVES ARE OFF: Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Will Be A “Very Poor” President. Just look at her record as Secretary of State.

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IT EXPLAINS A LOT: Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace is $2.99 on Kindle today.

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I BLAME REPUBLICANS: Abortion clinics closing in Blue States:

For all the criticism and outrage red states get for tightening restrictions on abortion leading to clinic closures, blue states are seeing their fair share of closures as well.

In California, where abortion laws are liberal, 12 clinics have closed since 2011. Three clinics have closed in Washington, along with several in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. In total, 162 abortion providers have shuttered their doors since 2011, while only have 21 opened, according to analysis from Bloomberg.

For every three abortion clinics associated with the Abortion Care Network that have closed in red states, two have closed in more liberal states in the past five years, according to ACN’s Executive Director Nikki Madsen.

Shauna Heckert, executive director of Women’s Health Specialists of California, told FiveThirtyEight that it’s not just anti-abortion legislation that has accounted for the drop in abortion facilities. It’s also a paucity of willing providers. “We are a dying breed,” Heckert said, adding that some of the closures are “because of economics.”


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NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: Navy Seal Killed by ISIS While Training Peshmerga.

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WARFIGHTING: It’s Time To Go Back To Basics. “Most modern military doctrine should be scrapped. The Pentagon would be far better served if our military thinkers got back to the basics and taught the principles of war—and little more.”

In the words of Curtis LeMay, “I’ll tell you what war is about, you’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.”

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YOUR SCARY-ASS CHART OF THE DAY: Europe’s Ridiculously High Industrial Electricity Prices.

Flashback: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Steven Chu to the Wall Street Journal, shortly before becoming Obama’s first “Energy” Secretary. And as Candidate Obama himself promised the San Francisco Chronicle in January of 2008, as though it was a feature, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket… “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

(Via SDA.)

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YES, THAT CAN HAPPEN AFTER YOU’VE BEEN “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED:” AP: Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country.

Omitted from the article? Any reference to Obama’s pledge in 2008 to the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle that he would bankrupt the coal industry, or Hillary’s similar pledge if anything, delivered with even more gusto, during the Democrat debate this past March to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

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PUT PEOPLE OUT OF WORK AND CRUSH THEIR STATE’S ECONOMY AND THEY GET TESTY: Hillary Clinton Gets the Business in Coal Country: Protesters greet Democratic front-runner with taunts and insults.

The protesters, many of them coal miners, shouted “Go home, Hillary!” and chanted Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s name as Clinton toured a health facility that treats coal miners with black lung disease.

Clinton is unpopular with many in coal-mining country in Appalachian states because of her positions on replacing coal with renewable energy, saying in March on a CNN town hall that “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

As the motorcade passed through the protest after the event, the crowd gave Clinton the business.


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Earlier: Democrats Plan to Pound Trump Before He’s Nominated.

(07:46 AM)

PRESIDENT ASH CARTER: Coalition Vows to Build up Further Against Islamic State.

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“THE DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT IS WRITING A NEW CHAPTER IN THE SAGA OF LIBERAL FASCISM,” Scott Johnson writes at Power Line. “Democratic officeholders seem to be operating a conspiracy to stifle free speech and suppress heterodox thought. They’re on C.P. time, alright: Communist Party time.”

Read the whole thing.

Update: Wrong author listed previously; now fixed.

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MICHAEL WALSH: Whither the no-Trumpers? “Do you really want four (or eight) more years of Democrats? Moral preening is one thing; defiant words of “Never!” have a nice ring to them. But what is their practical application? Their open contempt for Trump supporters will not be forgotten for a very, very long time.”

(07:30 AM)

WHAT’S ONE MORE DEFEAT? Kasich Campaign: Our Defeat in Indiana Won’t Alter Our Plans.

John Kasich’s presidential campaign announced Tuesday evening that the Ohio governor has no intention of dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination, despite the increasing likelihood that front-runner Donald Trump will secure the nomination before the party’s summer convention.

“Tonight’s results are not going to alter Gov. Kasich’s campaign plans,” Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, said in a statement.

“Our strategy has been and continues to be one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention. The comments from Trump, on the verge of winning in Indiana, heighten the differences between Governor Kasich and his positive, inclusive approach and the disrespectful ramblings from Donald Trump.”

Trump won the Indiana primary easily Tuesday night, guaranteeing him at least 30 of the state’s 57 delegates and putting him within reach of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Well, if Kasich’s plans ever involved winning most of the primaries, I’m sure he’s moved on by now.

(07:25 AM)

SCOTT ADAMS: Clinton Versus Trump — Persuasion Scores: “We’ll start with Clinton’s new campaign slogan: LOVE TRUMPS HATE… Spoken aloud, the slogan sounds like asking people to agree with Trump’s hate, as in “Love Trump’s hate (because Trump hates war, terrorism, and bad trade deals, same as you?). This is the sort of mistake you never see out of the Trump campaign. The slogan is pure amateur hour. It accomplishes the opposite of its intent, and you can’t fail harder than that. Now let’s look at the ‘woman card’ issue:”


 You can’t make this up. When you saw that symbol, you thought of a restroom. it is automatic.

But the biggest mistake was putting a magnetic strip on the Woman Card. That makes you think of a credit card. And that makes you think of debt. Or perhaps it makes you think of a transit card that Clinton had trouble using at the subway in New York. All bad.

You might ask yourself why the campaign did not go with a playing card model instead of a credit card. After all, “deal me in” is not typically associated with a magnetic strip.

I’ll tell you why they didn’t use playing cards as their clever response. It’s because you would have to end up labeling Clinton the queen of – let’s say –hearts. And in cards, the queen is ranked below the king. That’s not so good if your opponent is a man…who lives in castles.

Read the whole thing. Arguably more likely though, is the fear of making Hillary the 21st century equivalent of Angela Lansbury’s infamous character in the Manchurian Candidate, which might hit a little too close to home, given Hillary’s Saul Alinsky connection and the various facets of her leftwing politics, which connect to her virtually all of the postwar strains of American politics in Liberal Fascism.

(07:19 AM)

SHORT OF NUCLEAR WAR, ANYTHING THAT SCARES HARRY REID IS GOOD BY ME: Reid to PJM: Cruz or Lee on Supreme Court Should ‘Scare You.’

(07:14 AM)

I BLAME THE MEDIA: Joel Kotkin: Politics Move Left, Americans Move Right. “This divergence between politics and how people choose to live has never been greater. As economist Jed Kolko has observed, the perceived “historic” shift back to the inner city has turned out to be a relatively brief phenomena. Since 2012, suburbs and exurbs, which have seven times as many people, again are growing faster than core cities. . . . Among America’s 53 largest metropolitan areas, nine of the 10 fastest-growing ones are in the Sunbelt: Austin, Orlando, Raleigh, Houston, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Nashville and Tampa-St. Petersburg. The only outlier is Denver, which has become a destination for people and companies fleeing higher priced areas, particularly the West Coast. Perhaps even more revealing are the trends in domestic migration.”

(07:10 AM)

MAKE INSANE CONSPIRACY THEORIES GREAT AGAIN! Donald Trump Thinks Ted Cruz’s Father Killed JFK, And In No Way Does That Make Him A Crazy Person.

Related: “PolitiFact’s facial recognition scan of Rafael Cruz hours too late to save campaign,” Twitchy notes. “As long as we’re taking conspiracy theories seriously, check out the timestamp on PolitiFact’s tweet, showing that it was posted after the first polls had closed in Indiana. Who knows how many votes could have been salvaged if this important information had been brought to light even a few hours earlier.”

Kudos though to Jake Tapper of CNN for taking the effort to debunk Trump’s smear a bit more seriously.

Flashback: My 2007 Tech Central Station interview with James Piereson on his must-read book, Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism. As I noted in the intro, Piereson argues “both that Kennedy was a victim of the Cold War, and that the repression of his killer’s ideology caused tremendous psychological damage to the collective health of the nation.”

Damage that is still ongoing, as yesterday’s conspiracy theory freakout by Trump illustrates, as America continues to slide back and to the left…back and to the left…


(07:01 AM)

ROGER SIMON: The Presidency Is Trump’s to Lose — The Sequel. Plus a “See, I told you so” reminder that Roger called Trump’s presumptive nomination way back in August.

And a warning on how The Donald can still blow it.


(05:30 AM)

SOME CONTINUE TO WORK TO GET US OFF THIS ROCK: A new chapter for a commercial space pioneer.

(05:00 AM)

PLAYING WITH MATCHES: Did they manage to “burn it down”?

(04:30 AM)


(04:00 AM)

AH, THE ARISTOS! Chelsea Clinton’s speaking fee: $65,000.

(03:27 AM)

THE LONGER WE LIVE THE GREATER THE RISK: Readers’ Responses to a Woman’s Journey Living With Alzheimer’s.

(03:00 AM)

A VERY GOOD QUESTION: Why Is Facebook Censoring News About Planned Parenthood’s Organ Trafficking?

(02:28 AM)

IT DOESN’T LOOK PROMISING: Can feminism grow up?

(02:00 AM)

DEPENDS READING WHAT: Can Boys Beat Girls in Reading?

(01:26 AM)

AH, THE CRAZY YEARS: David Gerrold’s Unrepentant ASStericks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

(11:41 PM)

JOURNALISM: “CNN talk is all about Trump but the big news is Hillary’s humiliation.”

(11:33 PM)

MY USA TODAY COLUMN features some thoughts on politics, special interests, and societal collapse.

(11:00 PM)

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IT’S LIKE IT’S SOCIAL-MANIPULATION MEDIA OR SOMETHING: Surprise! Facebook Blacklists Trending Topics And Conservative News Outlets.

Related: Could Facebook Swing An Election?

(09:38 PM)


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.37.55 PM

(09:34 PM)

BERNIEMENTUM: Sanders Wins Indiana, Hillary Plans To Cruise On Superdelegate Support.

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GOP CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS: TRUMP IS NOW THE PRESUMPTIVE GOP NOMINEE. “Priebus tweeted out shortly before 9 p.m. that Trump will be the presumptive nominee, adding that the party needs ‘to unite and focus’ on toppling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in November.”

Flashback: “No More Politicians: The Presidency Is Trump’s to Lose,” Roger Simon accurately predicted in August of 2015.

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CBS: TED CRUZ DROPS OUT OF PRESIDENTIAL RACE AFTER INDIANA LOSS. “Cruz is ending his campaign for the Republican nomination Tuesday night, CBS News’ Major Garrett has confirmed, effectively ensuring Donald Trump will become the GOP’s standard-bearer in 2016.”

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ALL WE ARE SAYING, IS FORCEFULLY GIVE VOTERS A CHOICE. Kasich Camp: ‘We Intend to Forcefully Give’ GOP Voters a Choice.

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FASTER, PLEASE: A single injection of antibodies protects monkeys against HIV for nearly 6 months.

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Earlier today Ed Morrissey paraphrased the Donald’s prediction: “Trump: If I win tonight, it’s over.” As Ed writes:

After this, it’s going to look even more difficult for Cruz. Next week Cruz is expected to win Nebraska’s 36 delegates (no polling as of yet), while Trump is expected to cruise to victory in West Virginia for its 34 delegates. After that, the primaries mostly return to the coasts, with Washington, Oregon, California, and New Jersey combining for 295 delegates in mostly winner-take-all hybrid configurations. If Trump even gets 40 delegates tonight, he’ll need about two-thirds of the 295 delegates in the coastal states, a very achievable outcome thanks to the GOP’s rules on delegate allocations. And don’t forget that Cruz supposedly conceded Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich, who has little chance of standing in the way of Trump’s momentum.

So yes, it won’t be literally over tonight, but a big win in Indiana for Trump tonight means that Trump can probably start measuring the drapes for the convention in Cleveland.

“Welcome to the general election,” Jennifer Epstein of Bloomberg tweets.

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FINALLY: Brazil Ponders an Erotic Theme Park, With No Sex Allowed.

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JOINING THE WINNING TEAM: Men have gender changes because women have won battle of sexes.

Ms Weldon, whose books include The Life and Loves of a She-Devil and What Makes Women Happy, said women “play the victim” and now have “it better than men”.

“The only way men have of fighting back against the natural superiority of women is by becoming women themselves,” she said in an interview with The Sunday Times.

She accepted it was an “argument personal to me” but added: “Feminism was necessary in the 1970s because men were so awful then.

“By the end of the 1980s they had realised what was going on and, to their credit, changed. But women didn’t change and went on being victims. Now women can be absolutely horrible to men.

“Women have it better than men.”

Related: Male Suicide Rates Massively Increase.

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TYLER O’NEIL IS LIVEBLOGGING THE THRILLA IN INDIANA: Click here early and often for all the play-by-play action.


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HERD IMMUNITY: Flu Shots Protect Babies, Too.

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21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be healthier than the real stuff.

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“We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake – we will defend our allies, the rules-based international order, and the positive future it affords us,” Carter said at the U.S. military’s European Command in Stuttgart, Germany.

Carter expressed a desire not to start a new Cold War with Russia – or a “hot” one.

But he said Russia seeks to “erode” the peaceful order Europe and the rest of the West have enjoyed since the end of the Cold War.

It’s nice to have a grownup like President Ash Carter running things again.

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FASTER, PLEASE: Scientists Discover Nanotechnology Coating That Can Kill 99.9 Percent Of Superbugs.

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LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: How police in Verona, US, saved a life in Verona, Italy.

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In a world overtaken by smartphones—72 percent of U.S. adults now have one, according to Pew Research Center data—Freeman sees the Punkt cell phone as a way to be less distracted, even if only for a little while. It doesn’t have access to the Internet, or any games or apps. To get a cab, Freeman, the founder and CEO of a coffee shop and roasting company called Blue Bottle Coffee, has to call one. And while he can text, he must go back to doing it with the T9 (that’s “text on 9 keys”) method by tapping the phone’s buttons.

Freeman says he puts away his iPhone to force him to focus, if only once a week, on the “million interesting things that happen that are quieter but much more profound than my Twitter stream.”

Obviously, he doesn’t follow me on Twitter.