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FROM THE INSTA-WIFE, A COLUMN: How The Law Punishes Boys Who Are Raped.

REMINDER: Data Refute Campus “Rape Culture” Claims.

THE ANCHORESS: Do The Rapes of Rotherham Tell a Tale of Conquest? “One of the terrible after-effects of invasion and war has been the subjugation of the women, the rape of wives and daughters, the seed of the conqueror, inserted into a culture and a society — yet another tactic meant to subdue and eradicate. And yet, there has been no old-fashioned ‘invasion’ and no ‘war’ in the southern part of Yorkshire. This conquering was invited, and it was invited throughout Europe, where Rotherham will be discovered to have been replicated. Why wouldn’t it be? Who in Europe would dare to prosecute?”

When you have a ruling class that dislikes the nation it rules, the invitations will be issued, and the prosecutions will be foregone.

Plus: “Look at the bright side. Very soon we may be done dealing with a fake ‘war on women’ and the illusory crisis of free birth control. Let us find our mercies where we may.”

Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition? That’s not Joel Osteen Christianity, but something older. And perhaps newer?

FROM THE INSTA-WIFE, A COLUMN: How The Law Punishes Boys Who Are Raped.

PRESUMED GUILTY: College men accused of rape say the scales are tipped against them. It’s not just the men who are accused who are being discriminated against. The entire structure is itself a hostile environment, and a Title IX violation. As one parent recently said, her son’s account of the mandatory sexual-assault orientation for freshmen was: “You’re a rapist, and we’re watching you.” If that’s not a hostile learning environment based on sex, what is?

UPDATE: From the comments: “We need students to start recording these orientation sessions and uploading the highlights.” Yes. Also suing.

FEMALE RAPE CULTURE: Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support.

IT’S LIKE IT’S ALL TWO-FACED POLITICAL CRAP OR SOMETHING: Rotherham has a real rape culture–which is why “rape culture”-obsessed feminists don’t care.

IN THE FUTURE, EVERYONE WILL BE A RAPIST FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES: Washington Post Columnist: ‘Weight Is the New Rape.’

Plus: “The mainstream press has also repeatedly mocked Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight, and there is no indication that future comments about Christie’s weight will be held to the same standard as those about Gillibrand’s.” You can’t talk about women the way you talk about men! Because equality.


The scale and brutality of the abuse in Rotherham have shocked a country already shaken by a series of child abuse scandals involving celebrities, public officials, clerics and teachers at expensive private schools. The Rotherham report suggests that it continues unchecked among the most vulnerable in British society.

It has highlighted another uncomfortable dimension of the issue, that of race relations in Britain. The victims identified in the report were all white, while the perpetrators were mostly of Pakistani heritage, many of them working in nighttime industries like taxi driving and takeout restaurants. The same was true in recent prosecutions in Oxford, in southern England, and the northern towns of Oldham and Rochdale, where nine men of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghan origin were given long prison sentences in 2012 for abusing up to 47 girls. Investigators in Scotland have reportedly uncovered a similar pattern of abuse.

That’s more forthright than I expected, though there’s some backing-and-filling later.

UPDATE: As Cameron Gray notes, the Times is quick to tell us that the majority of convicted abusers in Britain are white — but misses the irony that these abusers weren’t even arrested. Because racism.

GIVEN THE CURRENT SEX PANIC, ONCE AGAIN HERE’S PROF. MARK PERRY: Before declaring that there’s a ‘rape epidemic’ in the US, has anybody bothered to check the actual data? Apparently not.

We keep hearing in the news about a general “rape epidemic” in America and more specifically about a “campus rape epidemic.” A White House task force headed by Vice-President Biden tells us that “one in five female college students has been assaulted, but that just 12 percent of such attacks are reported.” I’ve demonstrated statistically using actual crime reports from various universities that if the 12 percent under-reporting White House claim is true, then the 1-in-5 claim can’t possibly be true – it’s more like 1-in-20 or 1-in-30. So there’s a little bit of statistical hijinx, misreporting, and hyperbole going on at the White House on this issue.

But before generating hysteria by reporting that there’s a rape “epidemic” (defined generally as “a rapid spread, growth, or development”), has anybody at the White House or elsewhere bothered to actually check the crime data on rapes in the US? Because if they had, they would find that there’s been a steady decline, not an increase, in the frequency of rapes in America for the last 20 years.

Note this chart.


LIKEWISE THE SELF-LOATHING OF THE U.S. LEFT: The self-loathing of the British Left is now a problem for us all. “We don’t need to rehearse the facts. We’ve all read them, and reeled away in horror. The interesting question is how and why would any country allow the racialised gang-rape of its own daughters? Why? Because too many in that country, especially on the Left, most especially in the Labour Party, despise their own ordinary people: the white working classes. . . . What kind of message does Straw’s statement send to everyone else? It says that the English are dislikeable, that they are to be feared, and contained, to be treated with contempt.” Pretty much the way much of our American ruling class sees Americans.

THE SAME WAY LABOUR LIKES ITS VOTERS: Emma Jackson, Victim of #Rotherham Rape Gangs: ‘They Like Us Naive.’ “If you do the math, you realize that Emma’s exploitation began in 2002-2003. The failure of British officials to crack down on this horrible trafficking of young girls is inexplicable and inexcusable.” Inexcusable, yes. But it’s explicable as a combination of PC cowardice and — I strongly suspect — law enforcement being involved, or on the take, or both.

ROTHERHAM: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now? The Yorkshire town where 1,400 girls have been sexually abused by Asian men is a byword for depravity – all because people wouldn’t rock the multicultural boat.

One 11-year-old known as Child H told police that she and another girl had been sexually assaulted by grown men. Nothing was done. When she was 12, Child H was found in the back of a taxi with a man who had indecent pictures of her on his phone. Despite the full co-operation of her father, who insisted his daughter was being abused, police failed to act. Four months later, Child H was found in a house alone with a group of Pakistani men. What did the police do? They arrested the child for being drunk and disorderly and ignored her abusers. As President Obama said about the fiends who beheaded the journalist James Foley: “No just God would stand for what they did.”

My, what the British people would give to hear such ringing moral condemnation from our own political leaders.

The Labour Party, in particular, is mired in shame over “cultural sensitivity” in Rotherham. Especially, cynics might point out, a sensitivity to the culture of Muslims whose votes they don’t want to lose. Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, actually admitted to the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” Much better to hang on to your impeccable liberal credentials than save a few girls from being raped, eh, Denis?

Labour deliberately brought these immigrants in to change British culture. It worked.

OVER AT REASON: GWU Prez Should Not Apologize for Remark About Drunk Girls and Rape.

Plus: “On the whole, I don’t think Trachtenberg’s comments are offensive. But that doesn’t mean his advice—drink less—is particularly helpful, either. Instead, he should advocate a clear policy change that would actually reduce binge drinking (and by extension, opportunities for rape): lowering the drinking age. Since drinking any amount of alcohol is illegal for most undergraduates, they have an incentive to cram all their drinking into short windows of time. They can’t just order a drink here and there; they have to go to parties where alcohol is being consumed recklessly, secretly, and illegally.”

FACES OF EVIL: Rotherham: the council leaders who presided over child abuse scandal.

The author of the Rotherham child abuse report said that by 2005 ‘nobody could say “I didn’t know”‘ about child sexual exploitation in the town. But who was in charge?

And note that while they ignored child rape on a scale of hundreds or thousands, there was one sin they couldn’t ignore: “The woman who presided over the last five years of failure as the boss of children’s services at Rotherham Council is the same executive who removed three children from their foster parents because they were Ukip voters.”

Tar and feathers would be merciful and mild.

Related: Douglas Carswell’s defection to Ukip is a seismic shock to the British political system.

TONY WOODLIEF: The Turned Back.

I will tell you something about courage and cowardice. I will speak primarily about men, because I am a man, and because the evil that grieves me was glimpsed by men, and these men turned away their eyes.

News accounts from England reveal that over 1,400 children in the borough of Rotherham were systematically brutalized over the past decade. The authors of this damning report indicate that the actual number is likely much higher. The report also details gang rapes of 11 year-olds. Children doused in gasoline and threatened with matches. A “grooming” process that entails addicting children to drugs. Children murdered, others missing.

Local police have known about this for over ten years. So have all manner of child welfare authorities and local government officials. They convened conferences to discuss it. They combatted it with guidelines and policies. They bravely met for many hours, and boldly authored internal memos.

Perhaps we should expect no more when community preservation is outsourced to bureaucracies, but the unavoidable reality is that on many occasions, Rotherham police came upon children being sexually exploited—in some cases, in the very instance of being raped—and arrested no one. The perpetrators are Pakistani; they might call us racists. The children seemed to consent. These gangs are violent.

All of which amount to an admission by those police officers that they are cowards, and something less than men. I’m reminded of the janitors who discovered Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky’s rape of children, and who said nothing, for fear of losing their jobs. They were cowards too, and deserve to be remembered as such.

Indeed. A moral response to this behavior might involve those officials, among others, hanging from lampposts. The legal system is, ultimately, an ancient bargain: Renounce your mob violence and blood feuds and we will provide you with justice. It could be argued that such a default as this calls the whole bargain into question, and justifies self-help along ancient lines.

ASHE SCHOW: 5 problems with California’s ‘affirmative consent’ bill. “In the rush to advance legislation to combat sexual assault on college campuses, California lawmakers have cast aside the due process rights of the accused. As a result, more college men could find themselves unfairly branded as rapists. . . . The law is being pitched as a way to ensure the safety of college students. But instead of merely making sure that all accusations of rape are treated seriously, it creates a standard that stacks the deck against the accused.”

Bad news for higher education enrollments.

WELL, THAT’S CHARMING: Woman Jailed For Falsely Accusing Grandfather of Rape In Bid To Get Her Inheritance Early. “She eventually admitted she had made up the sex attack claims – but only after her innocent grandfather had spent time in a police cell following the allegations.”

UPDATE: From the comments: “And just think, Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis, dem candidate for Texas governor, wants to remove the statute of limitations for rape prosecutions.”

#ROTHERHAM FOLLOWUP FROM BREITBART LONDON: Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It? Because it would blow the narrative. As honesty typically does. . . . “It is difficult to overstate how awful these crimes were, nor how completely victims were failed by the authorities. One girl was doused in petrol and told she would be set on fire if she didn’t comply. Others were forced to watch rapes and told they would be next if they spoke out. The police regarded these girls with as much contempt as the rapists. . . . The political Left shrieks blue murder over the slightest indication of overbearing male behaviour when it’s a white man. The tone-deaf ‘Everyday Sexism’ project is a weapon wielded almost exclusively at white middle-class men by white middle-class women. But it makes excuses for rapists and even child abusers when the criminals are black, or, especially, from a Muslim community.”

ANN ALTHOUSE: “I’d like to see more detail about this ‘fear of being thought as racist.’ It sounds like a confession of deliberate law enforcement paralysis, a choice to permit thousands of children to be raped for decades on end, because of befuddlement about how on earth to begin to do anything without looking bad or because of a sense that your community is already hopelessly overwhelmed by evil forces that will only become more aggressive and violent if opposed.”

Perhaps they need to consider the possibility that there are worse things than being thought racist. Of course, if that idea were to spread, a powerful tool of social control would vanish.

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Former HHS Cyber Security Director Convicted For Child Porn. “In addition to viewing and soliciting child pornography, reportedly asking another member of the site whether he’d share pictures of his son, he suggested meeting a fellow pedophile in person to violently rape and murder children together.”

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Rape conviction statistics won’t improve ‘until women stop getting drunk’, says retired female judge.

ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE IVY LEAGUE: Episcopal chaplain at Yale: Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism for not making peace with genocidal enemy. “Next on Rev. Shipman’s bucket list: blaming women who dress provocatively for rape, blaming blacks for racism because of high crime rates, and blaming gays for homophobia for being ‘flamboyant.’ If Rev. Shipman had made analogous comments about any other ‘ism,’ he’d be out of a job. And if it were any group but Jews, their student organization would be occupying his office and demanding it.”

He won’t be occupied because those occupations are in service to the academic establishment, and the establishment is on his side. Take note.

JAMES DELINGPOLE: Leo DiCaprio wages war on Western Civilisation. “Here are some of the simple mistakes DiCaprio would have spotted, if only he had been able to scrape together the money for an entry-level production team.”

ASHE SCHOW: Fallout from campus sexual assault hysteria: College men now suspicious of women.

Thanks to an increased focus on sexual assaults on college campuses – mostly due to an overblown statistic claiming 20 percent of college women have been sexually assaulted – young college men are starting to rethink how they talk to women.

At first glance that might seem like a good thing – men learning to be more respectful of women and not be so rapey – but that’s not what this is.

This is about men actually avoiding contact with women because they’re afraid a simple kiss or date could lead to a sexual assault accusation.

Bloomberg reporters John Lauerman and Jennifer Surane interviewed multiple men from colleges like Harvard and Stanford who expressed concern over what was once known as a “hook-up culture” but is now labeled by feminists as “rape culture.” The change in terminology ensures that all responsibility is placed on men, just because of their gender.

Take Malik Gill of Harvard University, who said he wouldn’t even give a female classmate a beer.

“I don’t want to look like a predator,” Gill told Bloomberg. “It’s a little bit of a blurred line.”

Gone are the days of buying a woman a drink – even if it’s just to be nice.

Gill also told Lauerman and Surane that after he passed on the contact information of a woman who said she was interested in his fraternity brother, his friend was hesitant to call her.

“Even though she was interested, he didn’t want to pressure her,” Gill said. “He was worried about making her feel uncomfortable.”

William Pollack, a Harvard Medical School psychologist, told the Bloomberg reporters about a patient who was kissing a girl during a party and began thinking about what would happen if things went further.

“‘I want to go to law school or medical school after this,’” the student said, according to Pollack. “‘I said to her, it’s been nice seeing you.’” . . . We’re facing a cultural shift where soon men might be afraid to talk to women at all for fear of being labeled rapists. Without presumed innocence on college campuses, the only way this will be fixed is after universities have to start paying out millions of dollars to students after being sued for denying them due process.

And with the current landscape – that might not be too far in the future.

At least in the original version, people got to have a lot of sex.

Next question: How many women will want to attend in such an environment?


When Lara Stemple, a researcher at UCLA looked at the latest National Crime Victimization Survey, she was shocked to see that men experienced rape and sexual assault almost as frequently as women, and that women were often the perpetrators. Once the definition of rape was expanded to include more than just penetration, it became clear that men and women were equally likely to be raped, and more importantly, equally likely to be rapists. Researchers from the University of Missouri got the same results, finding that “43% of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience and of those, 95% said a female acquaintance was the aggressor.”

Sexual assault on college campuses and how that is handled has been all over the news lately, with even the President taking time to address the issue. But almost without exception, all the cases given as examples involve women as victims and men as perpetrators. Yet the survey and the confirmation from independent researchers indicates that men are often the victims and women the perpetrators.

So yes, let’s teach men what sexual consent means and how to obtain it. But let’s teach women that, too, because there are apparently a lot of women who do not understand the concept very well. Let’s teach men that women can be assailants and that they are under no obligation to accept or remain silent about unwanted sexual aggression from women. If consent is indeed “sexy”, then it needs to be applied equally. Current campaigns to encourage enthusiastic consent almost always target men, which is why I find them so irritating. It’s not the consent part that annoys me, it’s the fact that the campaigns imply that only men need to be certain they have on-going, enthusiastic agreement to sexual activity. This plays into the stereotype that men are little more than animals, willing to have sex at all times, with any willing or unwilling partner. . . .

Given that men have no reproductive rights, and given that men will be arrested if they physically resist unwanted sexual aggression from women, it is even more vital that we begin educating men about consent and victimization. But there is no point educating men if we are not going to educate women at the same time. A popular poster campaign suggests that we need to teach men not to rape. Well, okay. As long as we teach women not to rape, too. All rape is bad. No matter who the victim is, no matter who the assailant is. It’s not okay.

Saying that makes you a misogynist, I’m pretty sure. But then again, a lot of women need to be taught not to rape, apparently.

K.C. JOHNSON: Three GOP Senators Join the Crusade Against Due Process.

To the surprise of many, three Republican U.S. senators have joined the Democrats in supporting the weakening of due process rights of students accused of rape and sexual assault in campus hearings.

Along with earlier answers from Marco Rubio, the offices of two additional Republican senators, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, have now responded to questions submitted by the Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow. (To date, none of the four Democratic co-sponsors have responded to Schow, including Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal, who oddly implied that 19 percent of college women have filed sexual assault complaints.) So it appears that a broad, bipartisan consensus exists to weaken due process on campus.

Grassley’s spokesperson answered most of Schow’s questions; Ayotte’s office provided a stream-of-consciousness response that evaded much of what Schow had asked. Ayotte is a former state attorney general. Grassley has been a legislator—at the state or federal level—since 1958. That the two experienced lawmakers seem contemptuous of due process is deeply disturbing.

But not entirely surprising.

ASHE SCHOW: No, 1 in 5 women have not been raped on college campuses. “It has been debunked multiple times, but apparently the paranoia it causes is just too good to let facts get in the way, so I am going to debunk it again.”

To get universities to debunk it, start running ads telling women not to go to college because they have a 1-in-5 chance of being raped if they do. With pictures of university campuses labeled “rape factory” and pictures of university presidents labeled “rape-factory president.”

IT’S JOHN BANZHAF AGAIN: Professor: ‘Illegals at border have more rights than college students accused of rape.’

SAMANTHA HARRIS: Law Enforcement Must Take the Lead in Campus Sexual Assault Cases.

To ensure that sexual assault is treated like the crime it is, law enforcement must take the lead. Only our criminal justice system can properly protect the accuser and the accused — and punish those found guilty accordingly.

Currently, internal university proceedings are used both to provide Title IX remedies to the alleged victim (such as changes in dorm assignments and class schedules, no-contact orders and so forth) and to adjudicate an accused student’s guilt or innocence.

In these proceedings, accused students are routinely denied the most basic elements of due process, such as the right to see the evidence against them and the right to confront, even indirectly, the accuser. Not only is this terribly unfair to students accused of serious wrongdoing, but it undermines the integrity of the process in a way that harms everyone involved.


ANDREA PEYSER: ‘Rape culture’ leads to manhunts on campus.

Cellphone records showed that the gals, who claimed to be passed out on the night in question, sent text messages to Peloe and later joked about the case. Members of a grand jury declined to indict him for a crime. The case should have ended there.

It was just getting started.

Moms and dads, be afraid for your sons. All across America, men are getting snared in what feminist activists and leftists call a “rape culture’’ that supposedly exists on college campuses.

In April, the Obama administration released a report concluding that nearly 1 in 5 women attending institutions of higher education become victims of unwanted sex acts. Legislation has been proposed in the Senate to tackle this “epidemic.”

Never mind that one of the sources of the 1-in-5 statistic was a 2007 online survey in which some respondents, who were rewarded with $10 gift certificates, equated drunken hookups and men’s attempts at stealing kisses as examples of sexual assault, according to Christina Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute. She spoke out against the nonsensical notion that huge numbers of women are being sexually assaulted on campuses at a June panel conducted in Washington by the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative think tank.

“I think this is a war on men that started a long time ago in gender studies classes and in women’s advocacy groups eager to believe that men are toxic,’’ Hoff Sommers told me. She believes that a more reliable statistic was contained in a 2003 report by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, which found that 1 in 40 college and university students are sexually assaulted. Still too many? Yes. But that does not excuse what happened to Ethan Peloe.

If I were in charge of recruiting at pretty much any college in America, I’d be getting worried. It’s already hard to get enough men to attend.

EXPERTS: Senate Has It Wrong On Campus Sexual Assaults.

Dozens of colleges and universities are reeling after having been cited by the Education Department for their apparently lax response to allegations of sexual assault. Meanwhile, Congress and the White House are on a moral crusade to eradicate the problem, making constant reference to a troubling statistic: that one in five women are victims of sexual assault during their college years.

What is disturbing about this figure is not just the alarming rate of occurrence, but also the widespread misunderstanding about its source and limitations. The estimated 19% sexual assault rate among college women is based on a survey at two large four-year universities, which might not accurately reflect our nation’s colleges overall.

In addition, the survey had a large non-response rate, with the clear possibility that those who had been victimized were more apt to have completed the questionnaire, resulting in an inflated prevalence figure.

Moreover, the definition of sexual assault used in this and other studies was too broad, including unwanted touching and sexual encounters while intoxicated. A small percentage actually rose to the level of forcible rape. By lumping uninvited advances and alcohol/drug-influenced encounters together with forcible rape, the problem can appear more severe than it really is, creating alarm when cool heads are required.

Which is, of course, the whole point. To be clear: These are not well-meaning activists pushing this stuff, but power-hungry empire builders. They are not good people.

THE NEW REPUBLIC: “Far from being sites of activism and empowerment, Berkeley’s Women’s Studies classes were weighed down by theory and jargon.” True, but since this article mindlessly parrots the discredited one-in-five-college-women-are-raped claim, maybe that’s just as well.

JOURNALISM: British journalism student gang-raped in Calais.

The woman was reporting on illegal immigration from France to Britain and police believe the attack was carried by some of the men she intended to write about in the northern France port.

Detectives described the attack as being of a “particularly brutal nature”.

Some 100 would-be immigrants to Britain were rounded up by a force of French riot police and are being questioned as potential witnesses.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was described as “a London student who had travelled to France to highlight problems surrounding clandestine immigration.”

Well, I think she succeeded in that, at least. I hope she fully recovers.

UPDATE: Via InstaPundit in 2002, a story about refugees in Calais.

K.C. JOHNSON: How Yale Brands Innocent Males As Rapists. Rapists with a six-figure tuition tab. “A Yale student is now being investigated as a serial rapist, with the possibility of sanctions—even though none of the females he allegedly raped have filed a complaint, or have even been identified. How any student could defend himself against such a charge is unclear.”

ANOTHER LAWSUIT: Male student sues university, accuses gender bias in rape case. “The suit goes so far as to name a dean at the university who Peloe claims was biased against him.” That’s how it’s done.


If my son were accused of rape and not apprehended by the police for lack of evidence but rather placed in an administrative collegiate tribunal I believe I would unleash the hounds of hell on the university and each and every individual participating in the kangaroo court. I would sue them for practicing law without licenses, I would sue them for slander, I would sue them for whatever I could pay a lawyer to think up to sue them for. And then I would sue the parents of the students participating in the kangaroo court and I would sue the accuser and her parents. And of course, the school.

I think a lot of people feel that way, and I think that colleges and universities have only the dimmest understanding of what they face.

THE TRUTH IS, IT’S NOT THE TRUTH: The Truth Behind that 1-in-5 College Women are Raped Statistic. “The problem is, the statistic is flimsy and unsubstantiated at best – and maliciously manipulated as a means to an end at worst.”

THEY ALSO SEEM TO BE MORE ATTRACTIVE: Anti-Feminist Women Baffle Feminists. “The women who send pictures to the Women Against Feminism Tumblr page may not know or care to study all the nuances of feminism through the ages. What they do experience is the culture that contemporary feminists are in actuality trying to create for all the members of their sex. Most women today support aspects of traditional feminism, but that support does not mean blanket support for all of contemporary feminism’s agenda. Feminists seem upset by this selective support, or simply deny altogether that it is possible. If one doesn’t affirm the notion of rape culture or the necessity of feminist biology, then according to feminists, neither does she appreciate laws against marital rape or universal suffrage.”


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – MY RAPIST
Had Dinner Twice With Parents Just After, But Still Found Guilty
WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 28, 2014): In a bizarre twist on the famous movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” a complaint in federal court charges that a coed invited a male student to have dinner with her and her parents twice – and then, shortly afterwards, and only after learning that he had not been faithful to her, charged that an act of intercourse they admittedly engaged in just before the first dinner was really a rape.

If the facts in this complaint against Philadelphia University and his female accuser are correct, it seems hard to believe that, if she had been raped, she would have had anything to do with him thereafter, especially inviting him to have dinner with her parents not just once but twice immediately following the alleged rape, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

He notes that the two had been in a sexually active romantic relationship for some two years before the more recent act of intercourse which she branded as a “rape.”

But, says Banzhaf, who is studying the legal issues, this is only one of several truly bizarre situations in which colleges have found students guilty where the evidence seemingly doesn’t warrant it.

In an equally bizarre situation at the University of Michigan, a female student agreed to spend the night in the bottom bunk of a male student’s bunk bed. They kissed, and then had intercourse, while the male student’s roommate was trying to sleep in the top bunk.

Although their amorous activities were so noisy that the roommate in the top bunk texted the accused to complain that the two in the bottom bunk were “loud and inconsiderate,” he never heard the female cry out for help or otherwise complain. Yet, according to his law suit, the student was expelled.

At Swarthmore, a female student climbed into bed with a guy she had been having sex with for three months. She successfully rebuffed his first attempt at sex one night but, when he later made a second attempt, “I just kind of laid there and didn’t do anything – I had already said no [earlier in the evening]. I was just tired and wanted to go to bed. I let him finish.”

Getting into bed with a sexual partner of some three months, and then letting him both start and “finish” without saying “no” again, because she was just too tired and wanted to go to sleep, probably don’t sound much like rape to many, including fellow male and even female students, suggests Banzhaf.

Interestingly, a female student – whose complaint that Swarthmore violated Title IX by ignoring her report about rape triggered major changes in how the school handles date-rape cases – has now come out in strong support of a male student whose law suit is challenging those very procedures as unfair, says Banzhaf, noting that it is only one of many such law suits.

Banzhaf has been studying a new legal movement in which males found guilty of date rape are then successfully suing their colleges, sometimes under the same Title IX which triggered the problem.

Also, some are being urged to videotape their sexual encounters to help prove that the intercourse wasn’t against the woman’s will, and several accused have used videotapes successfully in the their defense, says Banzhaf, noting that in many states such surreptitious tapings may not be illegal.

Interestingly, even those who are sympathetic to the problem of campus date rape, and are in charge of the campus adjudication process, are now recognizing that it can be unfair if not illegal.

For example, the director of the Association of Title IX Administrators bluntly warned that some male students may have been improperly penalized.

“Some boards and panels still can’t tell the difference between drunk sex and a policy violation,” he wrote. “We are making Title IX plaintiffs out of these men.”

In the Swarthmore case, “John Doe” and “Jane Row” had two sexual encounters in 2011 which did not involve intercourse. Subsequently, the male and female had intercourse, which the woman agrees was consensual.

But, 19 months after the fact, she suddenly claimed that the two earlier episodes had been coerced. The school originally thoroughly investigated and then cleared the man in January 2013 without even filing disciplinary charges.

However, sometime thereafter, the student newspaper published articles charging that women who reported rape felt re-victimized by the college’s failure to take their complaints seriously, and Mia Ferguson’s highly publicized Title IX complaint against Swarthmore went public. Less than two weeks later, Swarthmore told the male, a law student, that they had reopened a complaint filed against him a year earlier.

Then, after an emotional hearing before a panel made up of faculty, staff, and students, he was expelled. His attorney charges that the inference is clear.

“To correct one wrong – its past unresponsiveness to female complaints – [Swarthmore] committed another wrong against John based on his gender . . . He was a male accused of sexual misconduct at the wrong time and in the wrong place.” Mia now apparently agrees.

Swarthmore has subsequently changed its adjudication procedures, and now has such cases heard before and decided by a retired judge; a tacit admission, suggests Banzhaf, that its former procedure – using possibly biased and also untrained faculty members and students – had serious problems.

Male students have already used legal action successfully at Brown (2X), Central College, Denison, Duke (2X) , George Washington, Holy Cross, Occidental, Saint Joseph, University of the South, and Xavier.

Meanwhile, law suits filed by male students convicted by their universities of rape and/or sexual assault are pending against Bucknell, Cincinnati, Columbia, Delaware State, Depauw, Drew, Kenyon, U of Michigan, Philadelphia U, Swarthmore, Vassar, Williams, and perhaps others.

“When even rape victims and Title IX administrators admit that men are being convicted unfairly, and male students are being found guilty in cases where the facts seem so clearly to suggest some consent, it’s long past time to consider changing the procedures,” argues Banzhaf.

Banzhaf, as I’ve mentioned, has a nose for where the legal action is.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 22, 2014): A female student – whose complaint that Swarthmore violated Title IX by ignoring her report about rape triggered major changes in how the school handles date-rape cases – has now come out in strong support of a male student whose law suit is challenging those very procedures as unfair, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

Banzhaf has been studying a new legal movement in which males found guilty of date rape are then successfully suing their colleges, sometimes under the same Title IX which triggered the problem.

Moreover, even those who are sympathetic to the problem of campus date rape, and are in charge of the campus adjudication process, are now recognizing that it can be unfair if not illegal.

For example, the director of the Association of Title IX Administrators bluntly warned that some male students may have been improperly penalized.

“Some boards and panels still can’t tell the difference between drunk sex and a policy violation,” he wrote. “We are making Title IX plaintiffs out of these men.”

In the Swarthmore case, “John Doe” and “Jane Row” had two sexual encounters in 2011 which did not involve intercourse. Subsequently, the male and female had intercourse, which the woman agrees was consensual.

But, 19 months after the fact, she suddenly claimed that the two earlier episodes had been coerced. The school originally thoroughly investigated and then cleared the man in January 2013 without even filing disciplinary charges.

However, sometime thereafter, the student newspaper published articles charging that women who reported rape felt revictimized by the college’s failure to take their complaints seriously, and Mia Ferguson’s highly publicized Title IX complaint against Swarthmore went public. Less than two weeks later, Swarthmore told the male, a law student, that they had reopened a complaint filed against him a year earlier.

Then, after an emotional hearing before a panel made up of faculty, staff, and students, he was expelled. His attorney charges that the inference is clear. “To correct one wrong – its past unresponsiveness to female complaints – [Swarthmore] committed another wrong against John based on his gender . . . He was a male accused of sexual misconduct at the wrong time and in the wrong place.” Mia agrees.

Swarthmore has subsequently changed its adjudication procedures, and now has such cases heard before and decided by a retired judge; a tacit admission, suggests Banzhaf, that its former procedure had serious problems.

Male students have already used legal action successfully at Brown (2X), Central College, Denison, Duke (2X) , George Washington, Holy Cross, Occidental, Saint Joseph, University of the South, and Xavier.

Meanwhile, law suits filed by male students convicted by their universities of rape and/or sexual assault are pending against Bucknell, Cincinnati, Columbia, Delaware State, Depauw, Drew, Kenyon, U of Michigan, Philadelphia U, Swarthmore, Vassar, Williams, and perhaps others.

“When even rape victims and Title IX administrators admit that men are being convicted unfairly, it’s long past time to consider changing the procedures,” argues Banzhaf.


K.C. JOHNSON: HuffPost Gets It Wrong on a Campus Rape Case. Well, where “gets it wrong” means “engages in a nasty smear.”


Michael Phillips had long ago given up trying to clear his name. At 57, he was a registered sex offender, living in a nursing home, wheelchair-bound from severe sickle cell anemia.

Then in May, two police officers delivered news that Phillips says only God could have ordained: Dallas County, Texas, prosecutors had proved through DNA testing that he had spent 12 years in prison for a rape he hadn’t committed.

Hundreds of people have been exonerated through DNA testing. But on Friday, Phillips will become the first exonerated by DNA through systematic testing by a prosecutor’s office even though he hadn’t requested the testing, according to the National Registry of Exonerations, a project of the University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law.

“I’m in awe,” Phillips of Dallas told USA TODAY. “At first, I thought I was like, kind of in another time zone or a twilight zone.”

As the news sank in, he says, the Holy Spirit confirmed to him that it was all part of his life’s plan.

The exoneration comes thanks to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit, which is testing DNA evidence on decades-old cases even when convicted defendants aren’t proclaiming their innocence.

It’s great that they’re doing this. It’s terrible that a man spent 12 years in prison, and was forced to register as a sex offender, for a crime that he didn’t commit. Let’s not forget about that part.

NONSENSE. IT’S ALWAYS THE FEMINIST THING TO PUNISH MEN, ESPECIALLY OVER SEX: Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Punishing Prostitution Clients Is Not a Feminist Solution.

My question is why all these so-called feminists are pro-rape.

“RAPE CULTURE” IS A PROPAGANDA-TALKING-POINT LIE: The “Affirmative Consent” Trap: California lawmakers take on “rape culture” at the expense of rights.

FROM K.C. JOHNSON, some final thoughts on the Duke Lacrosse false-rape debacle. “Higher education is perhaps the only product in which Americans spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without having any clear sense of what they are purchasing. Few parents, alumni, legislators, or prospective students spend much (if any) time exploring the scholarship or syllabi offered by professors at the school of their choice; they devote even less effort to understanding hiring patterns or pedagogical changes that have driven the contemporary academy to an ideological extreme on issues of race, class, and gender. At most, there seems to be a general — incorrect — impression that while colleges have the occasional ‘tenured radical’ who lacks real influence on campus, most professors fall well within the ideological mainstream. . . . The lacrosse case provided a rare opportunity to glimpse inside the mindset of an elite university—and the look was a troubling one. There is no evidence of any accountability at Duke: the university has the same leadership and the same hiring patterns it had in 2006. Several members of the Group of 88 have gone on to more prestigious positions, their efforts to exploit their students’ distress causing them no problem in the contemporary academy.”

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: When Rhode Island accidentally legalized prostitution, rape decreased sharply.

If you favor keeping prostitution illegal, you’re pro-rape. You don’t want to be pro-rape, do you?


Illegals Crossing Border Have More Rights Than College Students Accused of Rape

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, both children and adults, now streaming across the border, have more procedural protections – like the right to an impartial hearing, to require the production of documents, to present evidence, to cross examine those testifying against them, and to have their own lawyer present – even though it appears that most will never be deported, and those who are deported will simply be returned to their homes, whereas the much smaller number of college students who face expulsion and all of its life-altering consequences for alleged date rape have no such rights.

The disparity in procedural protections is likely to shortly become even worse, with a just-filled law suit seeking to require that each of the 60,000-plus unaccompanied children who have come across the border since November get taxpayer-funded representation at deportation hearings.

President Obama has just requested $15 million for attorneys to represent unaccompanied minors in deportation removal proceedings, and an additional $1.1 million for “immigration litigation attorneys” who, presumably, would assist adult illegal immigrants in their proceedings.

“The president is asking U.S. taxpayers to spend millions to help illegal immigrants who knowingly broke our laws to avoid deportation,” says Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies; a decision which may have dire consequences for our entire immigration policy.

Indeed, if these and other budget requests are not approved, other border functions will have to be cut, said Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. “At the current burn rate, ICE is going to run out of money at mid-August and we project CBP will run out of money in mid-September,” Johnson said.

In sharp and dramatic contrast – even though the issues in typical “he said, she said” date rape proceedings tend to be far more complicated to resolve, and often require skilled cross examination to get to the truth – students accused of date rape and other sexual assaults are often not permitted to even have their own attorneys present, much less to conduct cross examination, something which would cost colleges nothing.

Indeed, even cross examination to test the veracity of what is often the only direct evidence of wrongdoing – the testimony of the complainants, some 60% of whom are so intoxicated that they have no clear memory of the event, and some 33% who had mental health issues prior to the alleged assault – often is not permitted in college adjudicatory proceedings.

This is especially upsetting when the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution requires Due Process procedural protections – including cross examination and the right to counsel – before other arguably less serious consequences such as the loss of disability benefits, cuts in welfare benefits, wrongful terminations, etc.

So far, more than a dozen students have successfully sued their universities for improperly finding them guilty of date rape, and more than a dozen more cases are pending, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who first spotted the trend.

Because so many of these law suits involve allegations of violations of Due Process, judges may soon begin determining exactly what procedures are required by the Constitution, taking these controversial issues out of the hands of both legislators and college administrators, he predicts.

“The Supreme Court has determined that judges – not legislators or regulators – have the final say in determining under the Constitution which procedural protections a person is entitled to, and has set forth a formula which requires that judges consider both the seriousness of the loss to the accused and the importance of the procedural protection for preventing that loss,” says Banzhaf.

Like I keep saying, there’s a lot of low-hanging legal fruit in the higher-education sector.

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: New Organization Founded to Promote Due Process on Campus. “FIRE is pleased to announce the launch of a new organization, Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE), dedicated to defending due process on campus.”

Related: The Trouble With Campus Rape Tribunals.

FALSE CHARGES: Conor Oberst’s Name Cleared; Rape Accuser Admits She Lied. “The statements I made and repeated online and elsewhere over the past six months accusing Conor Oberst of raping me are 100% false. I made up those lies about him to get attention while I was going through a difficult period in my life and trying to cope with my son’s illness. I publicly retract my statements about Conor Oberst, and sincerely apologize to him, his family, and his fans for writing such awful things about him. I realize that my actions were wrong and could undermine the claims of actual sexual assault victims and for that I also apologize. I’m truly sorry for all the pain that I caused.”

Will there be criminal charges?


“INDOCTRINATE” IS THE KEY WORD HERE: Sen. McCaskill Would Indoctrinate Judges About “Rape Myths.”


NEW ZEALAND’S PROPOSED RAPE LAW “REFORMS:” No “right to silence,” and burden of proof shifted to the accused.

WAR ON WOMEN: Lib Ghoul Threatens To Rape Teen Daughter Of Leading Obamacare Critic.

WAR ON WOMEN: Hillary Clinton Refuses To Apologize For Laughing About 12-Year-Old Rape Victim She Maligned In Court. The thing is, all the “war on women” talk is aimed at energizing wealthy white women. The rape victim didn’t fit the demographic, so she’s disposable.

THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: K.C. Johnson: New Data Refutes ‘Rape Culture’ Activists. “The gap between these figures and an emergency that requires decimating due process protections for accused students is so wide that it’s hard to ignore. Yet another reason to doubt the good faith of the Task Force effort.”

You don’t want to be a science-denier, do you?

JIM TREACHER: Has Hillary Clinton Apologized Yet To The Rape Victim She Dragged Through The Mud And Laughed About? “I realize this question doesn’t narrow things down. Specifically, I’m referring to that 12-year-old Arkansas girl in the mid-’70s, whose assailant Hillary got released with time served.” Hillary’s defenders say she was just doing her professional duty. But there was no professional duty to gloat and laugh.

JONAH GOLDBERG: Obama, Quit Crying ‘Crisis.’ Crises give politicians more power, but actually Americans are doing pretty well.

Politicians and journalists have a common interest in crises. When there’s a crisis, people buy newspapers and turn on the news to learn how our political leaders will fix the problem. Indeed, crises give politicians more power, which is why so many politicians are fond of the phrase “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

President Obama has been particularly fond of fomenting a sense of crisis — environmental, economic and social — because he thinks doing so will advance his agenda. But every now and then, the truth comes out.

This spring, President Obama visited Malaysia. While talking to a group of young people, he repeated to them what he also tells the White House interns.

“I always tell them that despite how hard sometimes the world seems to be — and all you see on television is war and conflict and poverty and violence — the truth is that if you had to choose when to be born … now would be the time.” Optimism is warranted he continued, “because the world is less violent, it is healthier, it is wealthier, it is more tolerant and it offers more opportunity than any time in human history for more people than any time in human history.”

Obama was right. Just look at the numbers. Since 1990, child mortality globally has fallen nearly in half (48%). Maternal deaths have dropped almost a quarter, and the pace of improvement is accelerating. . . .

Indeed, at times it seems as if there’s an inverse relationship between the scope of a problem and the hysteria around it. For instance, today, college campuses are in a panic about a “rape epidemic.” Meanwhile, forcible rapes are down 80% in the U.S. since 1973.

Another source of anxiety these days is “white supremacy.” No doubt there is still racism in America — both structural and intentional — but can anyone outside the hothouse of racial paranoia at MSNBC really dispute that there is less today than there was at any other period in American history? And let’s not even dwell on a “war on women” that is largely defined as opposition to unnecessarily subsidized birth control.

Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to invent it.

YEAH, THAT’S PRETTY MUCH BY DESIGN: “Rape Culture” Theory Ensnares Innocent Men.

CATHY YOUNG: “Affirmative Consent”: The Sex Police on the Defensive.

While the bill has been criticized across the political spectrum as an intrusive and bizarre attempt to micromanage sexuality, its defenders are mobilizing as well. They claim that “affirmative consent” is meant simply to ensure that all sex is wanted sex and that its critics are either rape-loving misogynists or misguided folks confused about what this standard actually means.

So, how convincing are those defenses?

A rather strongly worded diatribe against “rape apologists”—and, specifically, yours truly—comes from firebrand feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte on According to Marcotte, I am a “professional female misogynist” who thinks that women “exist in a state of consent all the time” unless they explicitly say “no.” Of course, what I actually wrote was that consent is usually given through nonverbal cues—often, especially in first-time sex, in a gradual buildup of physical contact.

So, nothing says “reasonable discussion of due process” and “understanding of normal mating behavior” like Amanda Marcotte, and Raw Story.

WOMAN ARRESTED for false rape reports. “Starkville police arrested a Crawford woman for filing a false police report Thursday. Authorities say Carolyn Monroe, 47, reported she had been raped by a male acquaintance at America’s Best Value Inn on Highway 12 Sunday. Detectives say Monroe admitted the claims were false during an interview and stated she did not want to press charges.”

RUTH MARCUS on Hillary Clinton’s Money Problems. “You are truly well-off by anyone’s definition of the term. And hard work is the guys tearing up my roof right now. It’s not flying by private jet to pick up a check for $200,000 to stand at a podium for an hour. . . . Which gets me to the second set of issues: how you’re continuing to ­vacuum up the money, and the aura of greediness it exudes. Madam Secretary, enough already. This behavior borders on compulsion, like refugees who once were starved and now hoard food. You’re rich beyond your wildest imaginings! You don’t need any more!”

Well, after she had to make that dress out of drapes, Hillary swore she’d never be poor again. And if Hillary doesn’t actually plan to run, then dangling the possibility of her candidacy still helps her rake in more money now.

A FALSE CAMPUS RAPE CASE WITH A TWIST: Bizarre Lesbian Assault Case Revived in Georgia.

A woman arrested based on fabricated claims that she sexually assaulted a female classmate may have a case against college police officers, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled.

The arrest stems from a report that Haley Maxwell made to the Department of Public Safety at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga., in April 2009. Maxwell claimed that her classmate Amanda Hartley had beaten and sexually assaulted her in Maxwell’s dorm room two weeks earlier.

Maxwell also claimed that she had gone to Hartley’s apartment in Knoxville, Tenn., just the night before and that Hartley beat her again.

Hartley said campus police had her arrested in Tennessee on charges of battery, sexual battery and aggravated sexual battery.

She was extradited to Georgia where she allegedly faced more than three weeks of incarceration.
In her lawsuit against Agnes Scott College, three of its campus police officers and the head of the public-safety department, Hartley said a reasonable investigation by the District Attorney’s Office showed that Maxwell fabricated the whole ordeal.

Evidence allegedly showed that Hartley was not in Georgia at the time of the assault, and the charges against her were dismissed in December 2009.

The defendants claimed immunity under the Georgia Tort Claims Act, but the trial court refused to dismiss the case.

Good. False accusations should have consequences.

DO TELL: Panel: Campus Rape “Epidemic” May Be Overblown.

DATA: Sexual Assaults At The University of Michigan Don’t Support Claims of an “Epidemic.” “Note also that the downward trend in sexual assaults at UM is consistent with the downward trend in the national incidence of rape, which has fallen by 45% over the last 20 years, from 42.8 per 100,000 people to 23.6 per 100,000 last year (see chart below). If there’s a ‘rape epidemic’ in America, it certainly isn’t supported by the FBI national crime data.” Facts, data, and logic are tools of the Patriarchy.


I think what is happening is more nefarious, because it focuses on the person. It’s not just an idea that is put off limits (such as questioning the veracity of a woman who accuses a man of rape), it’s the person who dares to say it. You are to be regarded as toxic. It’s this fear of being regarded as toxic that inhibits many people from speaking.

The problem isn’t merely that the debate is chilled — that people don’t get to hear the arguments on different sides — but that people are also influenced to choose their side out of a psychological need to be accepted by others and not shunned. Even if, in a chilled-debate environment, you sought out information and arguments on your own and even if you saw the value in them, you might still choose your position out of a desire to be thought of as one of the good people. So the argument “George Will is toxic” works even on people who think George Will makes a persuasive argument.

I’m using the word “toxic” — the poison metaphor — because I see it a lot, and because to me — someone who has lived and worked in a liberal environment for a long time — it expresses the threat of shunning so well: You are afraid that if you associate at all with the toxic person — if you offer one good word — you will have toxin on you, and others will have to avoid you lest they become toxic.

So lefties are basically like Evil Amish, then.

PETER LLOYD: Why anonymity for men accused of rape is imperative.

After five weeks of public humiliation, finger-pointing and gender bias – both on campus and in the media – police confirmed that he won’t face a single charge over two unfounded rape allegations.

Not one. Nothing. Nadda.

But, like countless men all over the world – including Paul Weller, Amy Winehouse’s ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss, Nigel Evans MP, William Roache and Craig Charles – Sullivan’s life has already been affected by a system that considers men’s innocence a bonus, not a baseline.

What a joke.

In a damning example of everyday sexism, Sarah Pine, President for Women at Oxford University Student Union, spearheaded a character assassination against the innocent 21 year-old, before the accusations against him had time to be considered.

She devised a boycott of speakers scheduled to appear at the Union and called for Sullivan to resign. Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble, Norman Finkelstein and – rather worryingly – David Mepham, UK Director of Human Rights Watch, both jumped on board the hysteria train, parping their horns along the tracks of misandry and make-believe.

Jennifer Perry, CEO of the Digital Trust and author of the UK guidelines on digital risks, resisted – and later spoke of how she felt ‘threatened’ and ‘intimidated’ by Pine’s gender-driven agenda.

So much for innocent until proven guilty. . . . Is this modern feminism? I can’t help think it’s less third wave, more Third Reich.

Related: 40M Settlement Reached In Central Park Rape Case.

The five black and Hispanic defendants were found guilty as teenagers in 1990 in the attack on a white woman — an investment banker — who had gone for a run in the park.

They served six to 13 years in prison before their convictions were thrown out in 2002 because of evidence that someone else, acting alone, committed the crime. The five sued police and prosecutors for $250 million.

And, of course, the guilty party went unpunished.

MODERN FEMINISM: Apparently, it’s about men bashing other men for being men, in pieces edited by men. “Solution: Female Power. Hillary Clinton stands ready to restructure the old stratifications. This woman has amazing experience, including that time she sent a rape victim ‘through hell.’”

From the comments: “In Hillary Clinton’s America, child rapists are entitled to a vigorous defense and straight white men in college are subject to guilty without a trial.”

HARVEY MANSFIELD ON “Rape Culture” At Harvard.

WAR ON WOMEN: Rape Victim of Clinton Client Speaks Out: Hillary ‘Took Me Through Hell.’ You know, I think it would have been better for the GOP if Hillary had waited until 2016 to implode.

JAN MOIR: Shame on the she-furies who always assume men are guilty of rape…

Arrested at dawn. Placed on police bail for nearly two months. The target of a feminist crusade to further blacken his name.

What now for Ben Sullivan, the President of the Union at Oxford who has been told he will not be charged with rape? Can he expect an apology from those who campaigned so virulently against him?

Don’t hold your breath.

The 21-year-old history and politics student was arrested in May on suspicion of rape and attempted rape; accusations made against him by two different women. As Sullivan was the head of the debating society, he was a patriarchal cherry on the cake; a very high-profile student in a prestigious university. He was shown no mercy.

Sarah Pine, President for Women at Oxford University Student Union, wasted no time in leading the witch hunt against him. . . .

Had it gone to trial, Ben Sullivan’s guilt or innocence would have been a matter for the courts to decide. And if found guilty, his punishment would have been a lengthy jail sentence. Yet all this happened before the CPS had decided whether or not to charge him.

This is part of a chilling trend in which, on U.S. university campuses, feminists have become self-appointed rape cops. If a male student is accused of a sexual assault on a female student, it has become alarmingly commonplace for it to be dealt with in-house, as opposed to by the police.

University officials consider the evidence, deal with the matter and mete out the punishments to the offenders.

The article notes that people are beginning to call for anonymity for those accused before conviction, and tougher punishments for false accusations, which appear to be distressingly frequent.

CATHY YOUNG: The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape? “Aside from Brown’s handling of the case, the most striking aspect of this story is the utterly pathetic performance of the media. No attempt was made to independently verify any of Sclove’s claims. Most publications made no attempt to get Kopin’s side of the story. No one thought to ask such basic questions as: If Sclove was indeed violently raped and strangled, why didn’t she go to the police? Would Brown officials really readmit a known violent rapist after a brief suspension and run the risk of him reoffending? Of course, this lack of critical scrutiny is entirely typical of the media coverage of campus rape controversies. One can only wonder how many stories of universities letting rapists off the hook and re-victimizing women who have been sexually assaulted would hold up on impartial examination. With more and more commentators questioning the “rape culture” moral panic and the “justice” of campus kangaroo courts, perhaps the media will finally start doing their job.”

JUSTICE: Rape charge against Newark man dismissed after woman admits to lying. Note, however, that the story gives the name of the man falsely accused, but not of the woman making the false charge.

BUT THEY’VE BEEN TRAINED TO DO JUST THAT ALL THEIR LIVES: JoAnna Williams: Female Students Shouldn’t Play The Victim Card. “The current talk of a university ‘rape culture’ is merely the product of female students being encouraged to interpret the messy, uncomfortable and perhaps regrettable processes that are involved in negotiating relationships and sex through the prism of rape. The introduction of compulsory lessons in how to ensure sexual consent at many universities will only exacerbate this trend.”

It will also exacerbate the bursting of the higher education bubble, as college becomes less appealing — to women, who are now being told college is a cesspit of rape, and to men, who have increasing reason to fear a kangaroo-court proceeding.

WOMAN 36, RAPES BOY, 11, AND CAN’T BE CHARGED because law only recognizes women as rape victims.

IT’S ANNOYINGLY UN-LINKABLE, but this emailed press release from George Washington University Law Prof. John Banzhaf summarizes the state of the campus sexual assault litigation crisis:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 9, 2014): Colleges being asked by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskil how they deal with allegations of rape and sexual assault are being advised by attorneys to “lawyer up,” while more male students found guilty of rape or sexual assault by their universities are bringing law suits – almost a dozen of which have already been successful – charging that the institutions badly “screwed up” both the investigations and the campus hearings, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

In a slide show of legal advice prepared by lawyers for member universities of the American Council on Education [ACE] which received the inquiries, universities were warned about responding to the survey about rape and sexual assault because it could lead to “reputational harm,” “additional investigations” and “litigation,” and also cause “public relations risks.”

Lawyers reminded the universities, as they do large corporations accused of wrongdoing, that a congressional request for information “is not a subpoena”; that they can often duck by looking for an “opportunity to recast the questions”; and should be mindful of “what will play well on TV.”

ACE originally even refused McCaskil’s request for copies of slides used in a legal slide show to warn representatives of universities how to make their answers “bulletproof,” and provided the slides only once it became clear that copies had surfaced and were about to be published.

Reportedly, ACE is still refusing to tell the senator which institutions attended the “lawyer up” slide show. Meanwhile, colleges are facing a possibly more serious challenge as many male students found guilty of rape or sexual assault by their institutions are taking them to court and winning:

BROWN I – she didn’t remember the event, he said the sex was consensual, but was found guilty; was reported on TV as case of “When Yes Means No”; case settled by university

BROWN II – student charged the school interfered with his efforts to clear his name because of pressure from accuser’s father, an influential alum and a major donor; lawsuit settled by university

DENISON – accused passed lie detector test, was found guilty anyway by university, sued on ten different legal grounds including violation of rights; case settled by university

DUKE I – famous case involving lacrosse players, law suit charged conspiracy to fame players, and was settled by the university for an undisclosed amount

DUKE II – judge very recently prohibited university from expelling a student convicted of rape, because of alleged pressure on the campus tribunal to get tough on rapists

GEORGE WASHINGTON – was forced to settle a case where a former student sued the school for allegedly unfairly convicting him of sexual assault

HOLY CROSS – school policy held male responsible if both parties were drunk; university’s “responsible” finding was overturned; he was returned to school with no adverse mark on transcript

OCCIDENTAL – order of stay granted by the court when the student complained about improper procedures and definitions used in the campus proceeding which convicted him

SAINT JOSEPH – federal judge upheld lawsuit brought by male student against university, a university employee, and even the female complainant, under several novel legal theories

UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH – jury ruled university was negligent in a case that found a student guilty of sexual assault, saying that it did not follow its own published procedures

XAVIER – judge upheld a law suit, based upon many different legal theories, by a male student against his university which had earlier found him guilty of rape; university then settled

Also, late last week, in a case with some striking parallels, a military appeals court overturned a Marine’s rape and sexual assault convictions because of the unfairness of pressure to convict from higher ups; an allegation common to several students’ complaints

Meanwhile, law suits filed by students convicted by their universities of rape and/or sexual assault are pending against Bucknell, Cincinnati, Columbia, Delaware State, Depauw, Drew, Kenyon, U of Michigan, Philadelphia U, Swarthmore, Vassar, Williams, and perhaps others.

More such legal challenges are likely to be brought as pressure from the President, several federal agencies, women’s rights organizations, and individual women and groups on campus result in more findings of guilt where they may not be warranted by the facts and/or because the procedures used did not protect the accused student’s rights, says Banzhaf.

This may be especially true as the federal government pressures schools to convict, not where the evidence establishes proof beyond a reasonable doubt (the usual standard in rape cases) or even by clear and convincing evidence, but rather where the conclusion is based upon a mere preponderance of evidence.

This means that, in many “he said, she said” cases where there is no other corroborating evidence and the two students’ stories conflict, the campus tribunal just has to find her story a little bit more convincing than his to expel the male student and scar him for life, says Banzhaf, who has brought more than 100 successful legal proceedings charging sex discrimination against women.

Finding sexual assault by a mere preponderance of evidence may be appropriate where the consequence is a campus-wide restraining order, or a mandated move to another dorm or class to avoid facing the female complainant, but some higher standard may be required by law when the penalty, as in the Duke case, is expulsion plus loss of a diploma which he earned and is needed for his new job, says Banzhaf.

One major problem confronting prosecutions for date rape is that among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, only 17 explicitly prohibit rape involving penetration without consent. For example, in North Carolina, the home of Duke, a man is not guilty of rape when he simply sexually penetrates a female without her consent, providing that no force is used or threatened.

More specifically, in North Carolina, a male is guilty of first degree rape only if the intercourse is inflicted by “force and against the will of the other person,” whereas to constitute second degree rape, the defendant must have vaginal intercourse with someone who is “physically helpless.”

But North Carolina’s narrow definition of “physically helpless” – unconscious or unable to resist or communicate – may not include the all-too-familiar situation of a female university student whose ability to meaningfully consent may have been significantly impaired by alcohol, although she can still move, speak, and sometimes even exchange email or text messages, says Banzhaf.

Since so many date rape complaints allege that sex occurred without the female student’s consent, but without the use of force or the threat of force, prosecutions may not be successful, or are likely to be overturned on appeal, even if the victim’s testimony of the events which occurred is believed, says Banzhaf, who is working on new procedures to improve date rape proceedings.

As I’ve said before, if I were a plaintiff’s lawyer in a college town, I’d be running ads saying “Falsely accused of sexual assault on campus? Sue the b*st*rds!”

UPDATE: From the comments: “It is interesting that the list of colleges are mostly private, very expensive schools.” Yeah. Why would anyone pay top dollar to an institution that shows such disregard to its six-figure customers. The male ones, anyway.

Also: “Wow. Put together like that, it is a stunning list of misconduct by universities.” Yes, yes it is.

#WARONMEN: Exclusive: Brown University Student Speaks Out on What It’s Like to Be Falsely Accused of Rape. “Brown’s justice system bears little resemblance to a traditional court. Kopin’s advisor during the investigation and the hearing was the campus director of dining services, who he says had little knowledge of the disciplinary process. Criminal defense and civil rights attorney Harvey Silverglate, who was retained by the Kopins but was barred from any role in the campus disciplinary process, says in an email, ‘Dan, because factually innocent of everything except some bad judgment, was suspended for “only” one year, which quite often in today’s academic environment is the penalty for the innocent.’”

Why would anyone pay top dollar to attend such an institution?

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Nude selfies lead to rape rap against Saugus mom. “A married mom betrayed her family’s trust by having sex with her daughter’s teenage friend in a hotel room and a parked car before swapping the nude selfies that were her undoing, authorities said. Heather Salines, 38, has pleaded not guilty to six counts of aggravated rape of a child, one count of enticement of a minor and one count of dissemination of pornography to a minor. She confessed to two instances of sex and sending photos, according to police reports. . . . ‘(W)hen I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old … he acted like a grown man,’ she told police.”

When you think about it, she’s really the victim here.

THAT’S ALL? A “CAUTION?” False rape claim girl given caution for wasting police time.

TEACHER CHARGED WITH RAPING BOY flipped out with jealousy when he had a prom date.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Jail for woman who told husband she had been raped to hide her affair.

MORE MEN ARE SUING OVER SEXIST CAMPUS POLICIES: Duke, Grossly Unfair Again, Is Back in Court.

To defend its actions, Duke sent to court Dean Sue Wasiolek, a figure who had a somewhat checkered record in the lacrosse case. Wasiolek lacked the almost casual disregard for due process of one of her superiors, Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta, or the personal cravenness of Duke president Richard Brodhead. On the other hand, she urged the lacrosse captains not to tell their parents about the incident, advice that helped explain why they didn’t seek attorneys for several days.

Independent reporter John Tucker covered the hearing, and it seemed as if Wasiolek’s testimony didn’t go very well for the school. She admitted that Duke had never placed the presumption of expulsion in its published student handbook—but suggested this didn’t matter. “It is an understood practice. … We didn’t feel the need to make it public.” How something that’s not public can be an understood as standard must remain a mystery.

And she appeared to concede that Duke doesn’t take seriously Title IX’s promise of not discriminating on the basis of gender. Noting Duke’s finding that a rape occurs when a panel concludes based on 50.01 percent probability that a student had reached an incapacitating level of intoxication that rendered the student unable to give consent to sex, McLeod’s lawyer asked Wasiolek what happened if both students were drunk. In that case, presumably, “they have raped each other and are subject to expulsion.” Not so, stated Wasiolek: “Assuming it is a male and female, it is the responsibility in the case of the male to gain consent before proceeding with sex.” How this policy can be reconciled with Title IX must remain a mystery.

I got a press release from legal entrepreneur John Banzhaf on this yesterday, which suggests to me that the Title IX lawsuits are on the way.

SINS OF THE ELDERS: Who Is Really To Blame For “Rape Culture?”

KANGAROO COURT UPDATE: K.C. Johnson: More on Vassar’s Rigged Sex Hearing.

According to the filing, Vassar’s Title IX investigator, who had been on the job for nine months, “could not remember any training he received.” The investigator subsequently admitted–at his deposition in the lawsuit–that Walker’s Facebook messages undermined her statement to the Vassar tribunal, but that he didn’t recognize the problem during his inquiry. And he added that while he looked into Walker’s alleged intoxication, it wasn’t Vassar’s policy to inquire about the alleged intoxication of the male student. Yet since Vassar (like most schools) holds that sex after a certain level of intoxication constitutes rape, how can the level of intoxication of both parties not be relevant? This would seem to be a Title IX issue of treating females differently than males.

It seems all but certain that in future years, lots of male students will suffer Yu’s fate. Parents of future students would be well-served in taking a look at how Vassar treated him.

Six figures for a chance at being branded a rapist in a Kangaroo Court? Not much of a deal. But these procedures seem vulnerable to all sorts of lawsuits, not just limited to Title IX. At some schools they may rise to the level of conspiracies to deprive people of civil rights, and possibly even RICO violations.

IT’S ALL HILLARY2016 BATTLESPACE PREPARATION: A.J. Delgado: Crying Rape: Is there really a rape epidemic? Probably not. It’s very important for Hillary that women are afraid and looking for a Big Government protector, while men are chastened and silenced. This narrative is part of that.

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Students Accused of Rape Can Fight Back // Court OKs Suits Against University, Employees, and Female.

With so much attention focused on the alleged failures of many universities to forcefully prosecute male students accused of date rape and sexual assault, the problem of universities whose judicial proceedings are unfair to the accused, and/or are overzealous because of pressure from female students or otherwise, have been largely overlooked.

But now a new judicial ruling gives those wrongly convicted a powerful new weapon – they can sue the university, the employees who participated in the proceedings, and even the accused herself in federal court for substantial monetary damages and other remedies, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who was twice called a “radical feminist.”

After a school tribunal at Saint Joseph’s University found a male student to have committed sexual assault arising out of an incident of allegedly consensual sexual intercourse, he took legal action, says Banzhaf, who has been successful in over 100 sex discrimination proceedings.

The federal court held that he was entitled to sue the private university under the state’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, and that he could also sue the university, university employees, and the female complainant for defamation (slander), with the court holding that their accusatory statements about him were not legally privileged.

Banzhaf has a nose for developing legal trends.

PROF. MARK PERRY: Before declaring that there’s a ‘rape epidemic’ in the US, has anybody bothered to check the actual data? Apparently not.


“The chart above is based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports available here and here, and shows the annual frequency, or rate of rapes per 100,000 population, from 1974 to 2012 (most recent year available). From 1974 to 1992, the rate of rapes in the US was increasing from 26.2 per 100,000 population to a peak of 42.8 in 1992. Then for the next 20 years, the rate declined in almost every year, and fell to a 36-year low of 26.7 rapes per 100,000 in 2012, the lowest rate since 1976. Also note that the current rate of 26.7 rapes per 100,000 people means that there would be 26.7 rapes per 50,000 women, or 1 in about 1,900.”

ARKANSAS STUDENT ARRESTED for filing false rape report. I like that they published her name and picture. When you file a false rape report, you’re not a victim.

FALSE RAPE FALLOUT: Durham settles with wrongly accused Duke lacrosse players.


There’s a persistent explanation for the state of antibiotic therapy that blames drug companies for supposedly walking away from the field. This has the cause and effect turned around. It’s true that some of them have given up working in the area (along with quite a few other areas), but they left because nothing was working. The companies that stayed the course have explored, in great detail and at great expense, the problem that nothing much is working. If there ever was a field of drug discovery where the low-hanging fruit has been picked clean, it is antibiotic research. You have to use binoculars to convince yourself that there’s any more fruit up there at all. I wish that weren’t so, very much. But it is. Bacteria are hard to kill.

So the talk later on in the interview of spending some tax dollars and getting a bunch of great new antibiotics in ten years is, unfortunately, a happy fantasy. For one thing, getting a single new drug onto the market in only ten years from the starting pistol is very close to impossible, in any therapeutic area. The drug industry would be in much better shape if that weren’t so, but here we are. In that section, Jon Stewart actually brings to life one of the reasons I have this blog: he doesn’t know where drugs come from, and that’s no disgrace, because hardly anyone else knows, either.

Lots of things are harder than people who don’t understand them think.

WAVE OF THE FUTURE: Title IX Suit Filed Against University of Oregon On Behalf of Male Students.

Former Eugene City Councilor Kevin Hornbuckle has filed a civil rights complaint on behalf of three University of Oregon students who were kicked off the basketball team in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.

Hornbuckle said he submitted his Title IX complaint against the UO on Monday through the website of the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.

“The basic problem is that rape accusations are effectively forever,” Hornbuckle said Tuesday. “And the University of Oregon as well as the media have gravely harmed these three players, probably for the rest of their lives.”

In failing to defend the three players, and by “publicly impugning their character and morals,” the UO administration “participated in generating a climate of hysteria,” Hornbuckle wrote in his complaint.

If this flies, a lot of schools will be at risk.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Rape Culture is a ‘Panic Where Paranoia, Censorship, and False Accusations Flourish.’

I look forward to the “disparate impact” lawsuits brought on behalf of male students.

I’M NOT SURE PEOPLE SHOULD GO TO COLLEGE. I HEAR THEY’RE HOTBEDS OF RAPE AND RACISM. The campus sexual assault controversy is of liberal higher education’s own making.

CATHY YOUNG: Colleges can’t play cop in sexual assault investigations.

At Yale, as an official memo released last summer reveals, the definition of “non-consensual sex” in disciplinary proceedings is so broad that it includes reciprocating a sexual act without an explicit signal to go ahead — even if you stop immediately when asked to stop. Ironically, this creates a Catch-22, as universities find themselves criticized for insufficiently harsh punishments for nonconsensual sex.

Universities are under strong pressure from activists, backed by the federal government, to use a “preponderance of the evidence” standard in adjudicating sexual assault complaints. This is the lowest legal burden of proof, often defined as meaning that it’s more likely than not that the assault occurred. (Traditionally, disciplinary charges by students have been judged by the higher standard of “clear and convincing evidence.”) But what does that mean in practice, especially in he-said/she-said cases? Since anti-rape activists insist that wrongful accusations are extremely rare (and demand that college investigators and “judges” be trained in that dogma), the goal seems to be a presumption of guilt for any accused student, unless there is strong proof of innocence.

Obviously, this is not a question of sending people to prison. Nonetheless, it means that a student may be expelled from college, with a black mark that will follow him to other schools and places of employment, and in some ways acquire the equivalent of conviction for a very serious crime without any of the safeguards of a trial.

And, of course, with a dramatically disparate impact on male students, which is not by accident but by design.

JOKING ABOUT DATE RAPE: “She might get some flak here, since she’s joking about raping women.”

USA TODAY: College rape tribunals fail students.

A system run by university employees will always face the temptation to put the school’s interest above the interest of victims. . . .

As bad as schools are at providing justice for rape victims, they might be worse at protecting the rights of the accused.

Across the country, accused students don’t have the right to see all the evidence against them, and administrators can find a student guilty based on low levels of proof, rather than “clear and convincing evidence.” Protecting the accused is no small matter when 2% to 10% of rape accusations are found to be false and many more are riddled with uncertainty.

Until colleges and local government find a way to bring the full power of criminal courts to bear on sexual assault among students, campus courts will remain second-class justice for both rape victims and those who are accused.

It’s a kangaroo-court system that’s not adequate when the rape is real, and that’s way too heavy handed and unfair when it’s not.