November 24, 2015

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: Make fake clock bomb. Take to school. Get arrested. Profit.

November 23, 2015


Arizona Democratic State Senator Carlyle Begay announced Monday he is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican. Senator Begay is a Navajo Indian and represents an area of Arizona which encompasses the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

Begay told the Arizona Republican, “the Republican Party better reflects the values of self-determination and self-empowerment that he holds and wants to emphasize to his district.”

To announce his decision, Begay released a two-minute video entitled “Change Must Happen Now” explaining his reasoning. Citing the failing education system, high dropout rate, crumbling infrastructure and unemployment rates “as high as 80 percent” in parts of his district, Begay told constituents he’s found it is the Republican Party who has been willing to work with him to address these issues.

Democrats depend on poor, suffering people for their votes. Why would they want to reduce their numbers?

SCOTT JOHNSON: Barack Obama: The Man Our Founders Warned Us Against.

CHANGE: RNC breaking fundraising records while DNC falls deeper in debt.

UH OH: Dell admits that there’s a big security problem with its new laptops.

A METAPHOR FOR THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY: U.S. ran out of ammo in attack on ISIS trucks.

WHEN YOU GO FROM NONFEASANCE TO MALFEASANCE: Emails show DOD analysts told to ‘cut it out’ on ISIS warnings; IG probe expands.

CHARLES C.W. COOKE: Anyone Who Would Use Terror as an Excuse to Subvert the Second Amendment Should Be Tarred & Feathered.

Well, I have to say, our current political class is making the case for reviving this traditional remedy for overreach more persuasively than I ever could.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening.

NO. NEXT QUESTION? New RNC ad: Can these Democratic weaklings be trusted to keep America safe?

WELL, THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Domino’s has launched a physical button you push to order pizza.

I’m pretty sure that George Jetson, Homer Simpson, and Montgomery Scott would all approve this bold new leap in pizza ordering technology.

TELL THESE PRIVILEGED TWITS TO SHUT UP AND STUDY FOR FINALS: The university student anti-free-speech movement, this time at Duke. Since they seem like little Maoists, I think that perhaps they should be sent to work in the fields with peasants for four years, instead of attending a prestigious university. Though, to be fair, at this rate it won’t be all that prestigious for long. . . .

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I WANT A USA TODAY VS. WASHINGTON POST FACT-CHECKER CAGE MATCH! Oops! Carson’s not actually wrong about Jefferson.

I do wonder why the WaPo is willing to cut so many corners just to keep a black man down.

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE BEER LOVERS? Obamacare calorie rules brewing trouble for craft beer makers.

I WOULD START WITH ‘EWWWW:’ Seven Things I Want to Say to That Guy Watching Porn at the Library.

THE TRUTH ABOUT STUDENT EVALUATIONS. Well, maybe. When it comes to mine, I find the number-ratings of limited use, but the actual student comments are often helpful.

YOU HAD ME AT ‘SHUT UP’: SNL CO-OPTS ADELE FOR A VERY LIBERAL THANKSGIVING: “It’s really a brilliant piece of comedy and leftist propaganda rolled into one. I should be grateful that any TV comedy show has opted for both rather than just the latter,” Scott Ott writes. “But ICYMI (which means In Case You Missed It, ICYMI), there are at least six liberal tropes packed into fewer than four minutes.”

CHANGE: 2015 Brings Bumper Crop of New Rx Meds. “The science has got better and we seem to be finding more molecules that are showing material improvements. The old idea that industry pipelines are thin is not really true anymore. . . . Regulators are also getting much slicker at approving breakthrough drugs and in some cases the decisions are even coming faster than the companies expected.”

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: I Sent A Sample Of My Poop To uBiome. “uBiome, a biotech startup, exists to help people explore their microbiomes — the population of tiny organisms that live inside you, outnumbering your own cells 10(ish) to 1(ish). I wanted to know how my own microbiome compared to other people like me: youngish people who run a lot who are generally healthy but sometimes eat large cheeseburgers. But like other genetic test providers, including 23andMe and, the company has a second and less visible objective. Users participate out of curiosity, health concerns — or, in the case of the still-nascent science of the microbiome, sheer novelty. But their data is the ultimate prize, which those companies, with participant permission, can study, share, and sell.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE MEMORY HOLE: “College Students Say Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims.”

From “We must never forget” to “toss it down the memory hole” in less than 15 years — a new Oceania record, beating the last one by decades!

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GITMO FIGHT HEATS UP: 16 veteran GOP House members have signed onto a letter to members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, encouraging them to consult with lawyers before executing any presidential order to transfer Gitmo detainees to the U.S.

“The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) contemplates that with respect to enlisted personnel and officers in the United States armed forces, when an order given by one’s superiors comes into conflict with the laws of this nation, the latter prevail. We believe that in our democracy — in which governance is undertaken, in the words of Founding Father John Adams, by ‘…a government of laws, and not of men…’ – that understanding necessarily applies equally to orders given by the Commander-in-Chief,” writes the group of 16 House members who are all military veterans.

Current U.S. law does not permit the expenditure of any funds to transfer Gitmo detainees to the U.S., or to construct or modify facilities to house the detainees.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Clock Kid Ahmed Mohamed Wants $15 Million in Damages.

Iowahawk suggests that the city of Irving, Texas “Pay him in 50% off Radio Shack coupons.”

Texas Muslim Student Clock


WHY ARE UNIVERSITIES SUCH HOTBEDS OF RAPE, RACISM, AND POLICE-STATE TACTICS? The whistleblowers: Employees claim retaliation in campus rape cases.

THE GRIEVANCE GENERATION: “Whiny college students are protesting when their feelings are hurt,” Stephen Moore writes. And as today’s “snowflake fascists” begin to enter the workforce, Moore asks,Can you imagine the tyranny you would bring upon yourself by actually hiring one of these self-righteous complainers”?

Within a month they’d be slapping you with a lawsuit for not having a transgender bathroom. And you’ll be thinking: Right, but did you actually finish that assignment I gave you? Employers tell me despondently that the millennials are by far the highest maintenance generation they’ve ever seen. One recruiter recently told me: “They need their hands held, they demand affirmation, they are forever whining about their feelings. We really don’t have time to deal with their petty grievances.” Ironically, when I graduated from college in the early 1980s they called us the “me generation.”

Who’s to blame for all of this? Alas, we are. The parents who caved in to every instant gratification demand they ever had, arranged “play dates,” for them, showered them with daily positive affirmation, and gave them time-outs rather than spankings. Our schools are to blame for labeling them “gifted and talented,” and awarding them towering trophies for finishing in 6th place so as not to damage their self-esteem. The college professors who corrupt their minds with hate-America ideology and now are the administrators who cave into their every petty demand.

Which brings us to… Exclusive: Occidental Professors Voting to Give Students Power to Report Them for Microaggressions.

George Orwell, call your office.

You too, Franz Kafka.

I BLAME JOYCE CAROL OATES: Emails show DOD analysts told to ‘cut it out’ on ISIS warnings; IG probe expands.

While the Obama administration has a lengthy history of ignoring or downplaying intelligence that doesn’t fit its own preconceived Middle East narratives, as Allahpundit notes, “Who sent the e-mails, though? Story doesn’t say.”

‘LACK OF ENTHUSIASM’ MAY DOOM DOWAGER EMPRESS OF CHAPPAQUA’S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: As Michael Walsh spots, even her cheerleaders at the New York Times are forced to grit their teeth and write:

But Mrs. Clinton has a striking problem with young voters. A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed that a solid plurality of young voters has a negative view of Mrs. Clinton. She did even worse in a Bloomberg Politics national poll. Here is a result to unnerve her Brooklyn campaign headquarters: Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton get a 60 percent favorable rating with 18-to-29-year-olds. She gets 35 percent approval and 57 percent unfavorable.

Betsy Newmark spots the Times adding this black mark against Hillary as well:

Though she criticizes the American economy as being “rigged” for the rich*, Mrs. Clinton has lost some support recently from party members who think she would go easy on Wall Street excess if elected.

President Goldman Sachs going easy on Wall Street? Heaven forefend!


* To be fair, Hillary may have stumbled onto something here, but not in the way she thinks.

DARTMOUTH REFUSES TO STOP RESTRICTING SPEECH, LOSES ‘GREEN LIGHT’ SPEECH CODE RATING: I am sad to report that after failing to heed FIRE’s warnings that its “Bias Incident Reporting” protocol impermissibly threatens free speech on campus, Dartmouth College has lost the “green light” speech code policy rating it has held since 2005. For those of you who are unfamiliar with FIRE’s policy rating system (a “green light” is our highest rating), check out our website.

As FIRE’s Samantha Harris said today in The Torch:

Examples of bias incidents, according to Dartmouth’s Office of Pluralism and Leadership, include “telling jokes” and “stereotyping.” This policy is inconsistent with Dartmouth’s claim to be an institution that “prizes and defends the right of free speech.” If every joke or provocative remark about politics, religion, or culture is potentially subject to a formal investigation, Dartmouth students are not truly free to speak their minds.

You can read more about why Dartmouth has been downgraded over at FIRE’s website, and if you want to share your thoughts on this with Dartmouth directly, you can reach out to the school on TwitterFacebook, or via email.


Even the Obama administration—which had punished el-Sisi for overthrowing, with massive popular support, Mohamed Morsi’s short-lived Muslim Brotherhood regime, which the administration, appallingly, supported—had fully restored arms sale to Egypt by early this year.

The objection to el-Sisi has centered on the harshness of his crackdown on the Brotherhood and other Islamists, which indeed has seen the killing of hundreds and the jailing of thousands, and hardly meets Western judicial standards.

But as Israel has long realized, in the Middle East one doesn’t get to choose between good and bad, but—sometimes—between not-so-good and much, much worse.

Read the whole thing.

AND FOR ‘WASHINGTON,’ READ: ‘OBAMA AND HILLARY.’ Panetta: Leon Washington Bears ‘Some Responsibility’ in Rise of ISIS.

Related: “Obama can call GOP meanies, but the Syrian refugee crisis is all on him.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Prof Sues Dean, Law School For Access To Admissions Data. “The man helping to write a book on the state Freedom of Information Act says the dean of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock law school is not complying with the open-records law in a lawsuit filed against the university Tuesday.”

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Obama’s Syrian Refugee Debacle. To be fair, Hillary helped.

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND SEEMS TO BE GETTING A LOT MORE ASSERTIVE ALL OF A SUDDEN: Archbishop Cranmer: Nissar Hussain battered with a pickaxe in Bradford for converting from Islam to Christianity.

orefathers. Some are brave enough to convert to Christianity and make a public profession of their new faith in Jesus, but most commit quietly and incrementally (and often unconsciously) to morph to the secular-non-theistic attitudes of society. It’s no big fuss: they just prefer texting girls to reading the Qur’an, and watching Gogglebox instead of listening to some tedious imam drone on about dīn and duʿā. Not many would call themselves atheists, but there are very many thousands of young British ex-Muslim agnostics. They daren’t go any further for fear of..

Well, the grainy picture above is of Nissar Hussain being bludgeoned not-quite-to-death with a pickaxe. He and his entire family converted from Islam to Christianity in 1996, and life in Bradford has been hellish ever since. . . .

There’s a lot in here to chew over, but there is one fundamental dichotomous tension: “The Muslim community are largely decent people but because of the taboo of converting to Christianity we are classed by them as scum and second-class citizens.”

No “decent people” classify converts to Christianity as “scum and second-class citizens”. All decent people will respect the fundamental freedom of religion and the inviolable human right (and ‘British value’) to manifest whatever faith one chooses and to abandon that faith if one wishes and do so with impunity.

So, Archbishop, what are you saying about the Muslim community in Bradford? And, more significantly, what are you doing about it?

JAMES O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: O’Keefe Releases Undercover Video Of Huma Abedin Discussing Syrian Refugees.

RON FOURNIER: Leaderless: I once asked, “What if Obama can’t lead?” The answer after Paris is painful. “On IS­IS, Obama breaks every rule. He min­im­izes the threat and dis­misses our fears, which raises doubts about his candor and cap­ab­il­ity. An over­whelm­ing ma­jor­ity of Amer­ic­ans dis­ap­prove of his hand­ling of IS­IS, a new poll shows, and 81 per­cent think IS­IS will strike the United States.”

Related: Mistrusting Obama on ISIS—and Refugees.

WHY IS THE WASHINGTON POST SO RACIST? Tom Maguire disassembles their “fact check” of Ben Carson.

There’s no lie they won’t tell to keep a black man down.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD HARDEST HIT: States Lead Effort to Let Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control.

THIS SEEMS LIKE A PRETTY OBVIOUS APPLICATION: Utilities see potential in drones to inspect lines, towers.

PRINCETON’S SNOWFLAKE FASCISTS GET A SCALP: “Woodrow Wilson goes down in New Jersey,” Jonathan Last writes at the Weekly Standard:

We have yet to find a term for the student protests going on across the country that beats Mona Charen’s “snowflake fascists” and last week the precious little Maoists at Princeton got the biggest scalp since Tim Wolfe: They brought down Woodrow Wilson himself.

“Care to guess how long this group of fifteen students had to protest before the school’s current president agreed to do his best to disappear Wilson? Twenty hours,” Last adds. Read the whole thing.

“First They Came for Andrew Jackson, Now They’ve Come for Woodrow Wilson, So Who’s Next?”, Aaron Goldstein asks at the American Spectator:

This isn’t to say Jackson and Wilson are above criticism. Far from it. There ought to be a robust discussion about their presidencies both good and bad. But The Left doesn’t want a robust discussion on anything. It simply seeks to delegitimize the people who shaped American history. When we delegitimize those who shaped the history of America, we delegitimize America.

Related: “It never looks like hysteria when you are in the middle of it.”

I THINK THERE’S A LOT TO BE LEARNED HERE: Parasites Found To Influence Fertility In Women.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: “If you read Vox on how to survive Thanksgiving, you are the person your family is trying to survive.”

Update: Great URL on a Washington Free Beacon article titled “How to DESTROY Your Crazy Relatives Who Think Bad Thoughts at Thanksgiving:” “Arguing about politics at Thanksgiving should be punished by catapult.”

Endorsed. (Barring that, as John Podhoretz suggests, “If anyone brings up politics at Thanksgiving, everybody else, no matter their views, should shriek ‘SAFE SPACE! SAFE SPACE!’”)

NARRATIVEFAIL: More millennials are moving out of cities than into them. Plus: “Well, lets jump ahead 10-15 years and assume fully autonomous vehicles are widely available and working well. What will that do to willingness to commute longer distances? Will knowledge workers let the car do the driving and work on their software, spreadsheets, presentations, and sales calls while they commute to outer suburbs? Or will they still live as close to work as possible, at least on week nights, and only go to second homes further away on weekends? Also, will video conferencing and virtual reality ever reduce how often people work from the office? So far it is amazing how much people stay anchored to physical offices. Is that ever going to change?”

Why, I was writing about this a decade ago.


“One in four men ‘suffer MAN PERIODS’: Time of the month triggers cramps, irritability, cravings and erratic emotions.”
—Headline, London Daily Mail, November 19th, 2015.

“It’s a man-ternity shoot! Dad-to-be shows off his beer-belly in hilarious ‘pregnancy’ photos to entertain expecting wife.”
—Headline, London Daily Mail, August 2nd, 2014.

“Uterine Transplants May Allow Men to Give Birth.”
—Headline, PJ Media, November 21st, 2015.

To paraphrase British scientist J. B. S. Haldane, not only is the 21st century stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

FIRE CAN’T MELT STEEL: Who Needs Bolt Cutters When You Can Burn Through Locks At 5,000 Degrees?

LIBERAL STUDENTS, FACULTY MOST LIKELY TO SILENCE SPEAKERS: A Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education of efforts to dis-invite speakers on U.S. college campuses between 2000 and 2014 comes up with a surprise. One hundred and sixty student and faculty groups from the Left sought to silence somebody. That’s not a surprise. What is unexpected is the fact 96 such groups from the Right did the same thing. Whoa!

“Conservative students and faculty were most likely to protest invited speakers with criminal histories and those with contrary views on abortion and Israeli-Palestinian confrontation, while liberals were most likely to protest speakers’ views on sexual orientation, immigration and Islam,” the DCNF’s Kathryn Watson reported.

Previously, Watson reported that among the Ivy League schools, only the University of Pennsylvania gets a green rating from FIRE. Yale and Dartmouth got yellow, while Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Columbia and Cornell just stomped all over the First Amendment.

TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 928.

SLOUCHING TOWARD BIDENHEM: Fox Poll: Six Republicans Would Beat Hillary Clinton. “Six GOP presidential candidates would beat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup, according to a Fox News poll released Sunday. Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) would do best against Clinton, 50 to 42 percent, pollsters found. Billionaire Donald Trump, retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would also win hypothetical elections, according to the new poll, taken after more than 100 people were killed and more than 300 others injured in a wave of terrorist attacks in Paris. Clinton and former businesswoman Carly Fiorina would tie with 42 percent each.”

VIA PROFESSOR JACOBSON: Denounce Hate and Bigotry at UT-Austin. Why are our colleges and universities such hotbeds of hatred and intolerance?

HERE’S MY RECIPE FOR Thanksgiving Leg Of Lamb. And here’s a review! I’ll be cooking a turkey and two legs of lamb once again this year, for Helen’s family and mine. We’ve been having a joint Thanksgiving since we first started cohabiting, now over 20 years ago, and it’s still a major family event.

MUSLIMS IN N.J. CHEERING AFTER 9/11? This is what Donald Trump has asserted, and according to the Washington Post report of Sept. 18, 2001, Trump is right.  John Hinderaker over at Power Line has uncovered this Washington Post piece–conveniently archived and available only if one pays $3.95 for it–that the Washington Post’s own fact checker, Glenn Kessler, apparently could not find.

Here’s an excerpt from the 2001 Washington Post story:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

So the real question here is this: Why is the mainstream media–and even conservative media–unable to find a story like this, that appeared immediately after 9/11, in one of the largest papers in the country? I think Hinderaker gets it right:

Why does this happen? Are NPR, the Times and the AP incapable of using Google? Perhaps. But here is another possibility: note that the Times and the AP coyly limited their denials to news accounts of “mass cheering” or “mass celebrations” in Jersey City. I think they found the Washington Post story but preferred not to mention it. Instead, they deceived their readers by silently making the implicit judgment that “a number of people” are not a “mass.”

I think that these news outlets are so hysterically eager to discredit any concerns about Islam that they won’t let something as minor as the facts get in their way. There is dishonesty here, but it is on the part of NPR, the New York Times and the Associated Press, not Donald Trump.

Yep. Muslims in New Jersey cheering after 9/11 doesn’t further the liberal/progressive narrative (so it is simply ignored).  And many of the conservative outlets are still hoping that Trump goes away very soon, so they’re not likely to jump to his defense.

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WHAT HATH DAN RATHER WROUGHT? We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with a look back at “The Evolution of PJ Media” at World Net Daily. While the piece has my byline on it, Roger L. Simon, Stephen Green, Aaron Hanscom, Joan Seavey, and several others from PJM also made large contributions to the piece.

TERRORISM: James Gillespie Reports From Paris.


VICTOR DAVIS HANSON ON Politics and What Remains of the English Language:

What Has Happened to Language?

This tiny vocabulary sampling reflects another recent epidemic of victimhood, as the English language is further squeezed and massaged to create reality from fantasy.

First, over a half-century of institutionalized equal opportunity has not led to an equality of result. Particular self-identified groups feel collectively that they are less well off than others and are bewildered that this is still possible, since they can point to no law or custom that precludes their opportunity by race, class, or gender. Therefore, inventing a vocabulary of grievances is far more effective in gaining concessions than self-criticism and self-reliance are in winning parity.

Second, in an affluent, leisured and postmodern society of $300 Jordan-label sneakers that sell out in hours, big-screen televisions at Walmart that become prizes for warring consumers on Black Friday, and over 50% of the population exempt from income taxes, it is becoming harder to define, in the material sense, oppression-driven victimhood. In such a world, even multi-billionaire Oprah has difficulty finding discrimination and so becomes reduced to whining about a perceived snub in a Swiss boutique that sells six-figure purses. Language is pressed into service to create victims where there are few, but where many are sorely needed, psychologically — and on the chance such a prized status might lead to a profitable trajectory otherwise impossible by passé notions of work and achievement.

It’s doubleplusgood; read the whole thing.


GUN TURN-IN PROGRAM not living up to media spin:

Police-community partnerships are a positive measure to increase public safety, but good intentions aren’t the same thing as a good (or effective) plan. A report by Time-Warner Cable News tried to put a positive spin on things by noting that “almost 1,000 people” responded to take the pledge, leading one to believe that 1,000 firearms had been turned in, but this was hardly the case. As evidenced by the footage accompanying the story, the gun turn-in apparently resulted in a single BB pistol and a single sheathed hunting knife being “taken off the streets.”

It’s Potemkin coverage all the way down.

I GUESS, UNLIKE OBAMA, SHE ACTUALLY READS THE INTEL REPORTS: Top Dem to Obama: We’re running out of time to beat Islamic State. “Sen. Dianne Feinstein criticized the president’s strategy against the Islamic State on Sunday, saying that the terrorist group has grown despite Pentagon claims that it has lost ground. . . . Analysts said that the president’s unwillingness to revise the plan suggests an overconfidence, while other countries like France and Russia are increasing their strikes in Syria.”

Overconfidence in the face of reality is a hallmark of our president.

Related: CBS News: Majority Of Democrats Say Obama Lacks A Plan To Deal with ISIS. “Just over a week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, only 23 percent of Americans think President Barack Obama has a clear plan for dealing with the militant group ISIS, the lowest number yet recorded in the CBS News Poll. Sixty-six percent do not think he has a clear plan – a new high. Large majorities of Republicans and independents say the President doesn’t have a clear plan, and almost half of Democrats (40 percent) agree. More Democrats (45 percent) say he doesn’t have a plan than say he does.”

WHAT NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW about Ted Cruz’s past.

At the FTC, Cruz’s agenda could have been written by Milton Friedman.

Cruz promoted economic liberty and fought government efforts to rig the marketplace in favor of special interests. Most notably, Cruz launched an initiative to study the government’s role in conspiring with established businesses to suppress e-commerce. This initiative ultimately led the U.S. Supreme Court to open up an entire industry to small e-tailers. Based on his early support of disruptive online companies, Cruz has some grounds to call himself the “Uber of American politics.”

Moreover, and perhaps surprising to some, Cruz sought and secured a broad, bipartisan consensus for his agenda. Almost all of Cruz’s initiatives received unanimous support among both Republicans and Democrats.

Ted Cruz a consensus-builder? He was, at the FTC.


DURING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, LET’S ALL PRAISE THE SOFTER SIDE OF ISIS: In a tweet Sunday afternoon, Joyce Carol Oates asked why “All we hear of ISIS is puritanical & punitive; is there nothing celebratory & joyous? Or is query naive?”

Why, yes it is. On the other hand, it seems pretty obvious from their snuff films that ISIS does lots of joyous celebrating after each beheading. But why rely on hearsay? “I suspect that you have the funds to visit Raqqa and come to your own conclusions,” Bob Owens tweets in reply. “I suspect you’ll come out a head.”

Related: “Remember the time Joyce Carol Oates tweeted about the dead Triceratops? Yeah … this one on ISIS is worse.”

DAWKINS’ ACTIONS SURPRISE ME LESS THAN THIS SUDDEN ASSERTIVENESS BY THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Richard Dawkins says UK cinemas should screen the Lord’s Prayer: Vociferous critic of religion says anyone thin-skinned enough to be offended by church advert deserves to be offended. I certainly agree with Dawkins. I’m tired of rewarding cry-bullies for being easily offended. Toughen up or shut up.

Dawkins has been a long time advocate for free speech, arguing that protecting religious sensibilities is not a reason for censorship. And despite attracting controversy over his views on religion, the author of the God Delusion has previously described himself as a “cultural Anglican”.

The advert he was defending is to promote a new Church of England website,, which encourages people to pray. The film shows Christians, beginning with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, saying one line of the Lord’s Prayer. The following lines are said by a diverse range of people including weightlifters, a police officer, a commuter, refugees in a support centre, schoolchildren, a mourner at a graveside and a festivalgoer.

Video at the link. And Dawkins isn’t the only one:

The Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, also an atheist, rejected the idea of the advert causing offence. She wrote on Twitter: “As a gentle atheist, I’m not offended by Church screening gentle cinema adverts; we shouldn’t reject our deep cultural roots in Christianity.”

The assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, told the Mail on Sunday he was “flabbergasted that anyone would find this prayer offensive to anybody, including people of no particular religious belief”.

Well, several people might have complained. And in the PC world, that’s enough to shut something down, so long as they’re the right several people.

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: In Paris’s wake, a changed presidential contest — and electorate. “The attacks that killed 130 and injured more than 350 in France’s capital Nov. 13 changed the 2016 contest for president — by changing what voters worried about. Across the country, among both Republicans and Democrats, have come pronouncements of anger and fear not seen after the terrorist attacks in London or Madrid — or even, in some ways, after Sept. 11, 2001.”

The sense that the people running things don’t really care what happens to ordinary Americans is what makes it different this time.

AUSTIN BAY: War For The Terms Of Modernity:

The terms of modernity in the free societies Bin Laden and his successors despise have historical roots; the Enlightenment and the Treaty of Westphalia are two significant examples. Enlightenment skepticism spurred scientific inquiry and technological success that spurred economic development.

After the disaster of the 30 Years War, Westphalia attempted to separate religion and politics. Catholic princes would tolerate Protestant subjects, and vice versa. It took a couple of centuries, but Europe and North America began producing societies that were experiments in “liberating reform”; they were political experiments permitting individual freedom of expression, which would include free expression of religious faith.

In contrast, violent Islamist utopian idealists only permit their expression of religious faith.

Democracy, as a vehicle for freedom, is never perfected. Because they hold regular and meaningful elections — which produce peaceful changes in power — democracies structurally deny the possibility of human perfection, at least on Earth. Like communists, violent Islamists are peculiar utopians, convinced they create a perfect society that, once created, will remain perfect. Shared utopianism is one reason al-Qaida — and now ISIL — find it useful to rework anti-U.S. and anti-democracy communist propaganda tropes. The Guantanamo Bay gnashing and wailing is revised communist Cold War-era agitprop.

Al-Bagdadhi shares Bin Laden’ s goals of correcting history. He did Bin Laden one better by proclaiming himself caliph. History has been going wrong for Islamic expansionists since at least the 16th century, but really took a nosedive in 1924 when Turkey’s reforming general and political genius, Kemal Ataturk, ended the caliphate.

In fall 2001, Bin Laden released a tape where he damned “80 years” of Muslim indignation. He was referring to Ataturk’s decision.

Erdogan, sadly, is no Ataturk.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Amidst 32% Enrollment Decline, Gonzaga Law School Offers Buyouts To All 17 Tenured Faculty (4 Accept).

THE CITY OF THE WHITED SEPULCHRES: “Brussels today is the West’s tomorrow; unless we change course we will find ourselves more and more living in a world in which reality mocks our aspirations,” Walter Russell Mead writes.

Reality has mocked President Obama’s aspirations since almost immediately after he took office; yet his desire to transform America into Europe is unshakeable, not least of which, because it’s been fundamental to the American “Progressives’” vision for over a century. As Mead writes, consider their current state a useful sneak preview of what’s to come for America unless the fundamental transformation is fundamentally stopped.


Notice that ISIS does something terrible, and the overwhelming thrust of the conversation on Meet the Press is that the American people have done something wrong and must look inside their hearts and feel guilty over the overwhelming racism and Islamaphobia in their society. “News flash: We’re not the villains here,” Jim Geraghty reminds NBC.

We’ve seen this movie before a few times in the last 14 years, haven’t we? In August of 2010, in response to the infamous Ground Zero Mosque, the DNC-MSM was lashing out at the American people over “Islamophobia” largely because they knew they were about to lose control over Congress, and possibly the Senate as well during the year of the Tea Party. (And remembering the previous year when all things seemed possible in the era of Hopenchange, when Newsweek (then controlled by the Washington Post) proclaimed “We Are Socialists Now” and James Carville predicted “40 years” of Democrat rule made the prospect of November of 2010 all the more painful.)

This time around? Partially it’s the media’s fear that Hillary doesn’t quite have that Rich Corinthian New Candidate Smell that Obama had in 2008 and thus won’t be able to make it over the finish line no matter how much assistance they can provide as her operatives with bylines. But far more, as Jonah Goldberg wrote on Friday, the real reason is that the MSM is responding to terrorism by retreating to the “Safe Space” of “Progressive” ideology and biting down hard on their binkies. As for why, the reasons are multifaceted. The MSM is (a) very well aware of the debacle that Obama made of the Middle East, after bragging about “his” success there in 2012, (b) has no concrete answer for fighting terrorism beyond singing “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance,” and (c) knows that Hillary, as Obama’s first Secretary of State, must follow down the landmined path he’s set out for her.

And (d) — any day the MSM gets to scold the American people is a good one in their book, particularly after they rejected the glorious utopian revolution of 2008. (QED.)

Oh, and speaking of Islamophobia among presidential candidates

THEY’RE NOT WHAT THE LEFT THINKS: The Lessons of U.S. Refugee Failures Past.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Half Of People Who Went To College In The Recession Haven’t Graduated. So, a better deal for colleges than for students.

CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL. It will make you happier.

WHEN THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRAFT ARE EXHAUSTED: When will our leaders face up to the truth that the EU is a gigantic sham? “The shambles that was the migrant crisis was predictably exploited by terrorists, but the chaos itself might have been avoided if separate nations had been dealing with migration instead of being forced to accept the consequences of the EU’s failure to act. All attempts to institute some organised response to mass migration collapsed with mortifying speed.”

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Why Does Global Warming Only Turn Muslims Into Terrorists?


And, no, I’m serious.

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THEY HATE US, THEY REALLY HATE US: More anti-gun-owner fantasies.  The idea that we can oppose their brilliant plans for us, just upsets our aristos no end.

IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE FOR OUR ELITES BUT: The Thought Screen Helmet Stops Space Aliens From Abducting Humans. (Yes, it’s a joke.  Well, I don’t know if it knows it’s a joke, but it’s a joke.)

BUT ONLY BECAUSE THEY’RE OUT OF CHOCOLATE HAMMERS: In Wake of Terrorist Attacks, France Looks to Fight ISIS with Cultural Preservation.

THE SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR: An Archive of 10,000 Cylinder Recordings Readied for the Spotify Era.


WOULDN’T REPEAL EUTHANASIA BE MORE HUMANE:  After all its end of life is very expensive. ObamaCare’s imploding even without repeal.

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REALLY?  THAT WAS HIS EXCUSE: Jared Pleads Guilty, Blames Subway Diet.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Global warming in Oxford?

WHAT IS OVER THERE: Brussels still on highest alert.  Schools, subway system closed.

November 22, 2015

THIS DOES SEEM TO BE THE CASE: “America is in the grip of a crisis, namely a shortage of normal people.”

THE WASHINGTON POST’S FACT CHECKER doesn’t read the Washington Post.

It’s like you can’t trust “fact check” columnists to actually check facts.

BARACK OBAMA: The Media Needs To Go To War! And Tom Maguire does, though perhaps not quite as our President anticipated. “After all, two million Parisians were not killed in the Friday night attacks. So when a guy with Secret Service protection tells you not to be afraid, listen up.”

Plus: “In any case – There was a time when dissent was the highest from of patriotism, or so progressives told us. Its almost as if that was partisan BS.”

CHANGE: Argentina Votes Evita’s Heirs Out of Office. “Argentina’s election on Sunday represented the starkest choice the country has faced since the authoritarian era of Juan and Evita Peron began in the 1940s. The seven-point victory of center-right candidate Mauricio Macri may herald a real shift towards more sensible economics and less anti-U.S. policies in Latin America. Defeated Peronist candidate Daniel Scioli was a hand-picked defender of the interventionist economics of his party’s retiring President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.”

“Interventionist economics” is a synonym for “increased opportunities for graft.”


SULTAN KNISH: Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS. “Obama’s failed wars occupy a space of unreality that most Americans associate with Baghdad Bob bellowing that there are no American soldiers in Iraq. (There are, according to the White House, still no American ground forces in Iraq. Only American forces in firefights on the ground in Iraq.) There’s nothing new about any of this. Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.”

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THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO A LEFTY: HATING THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Bette Midler: ‘Caitlyn may be a woman – but she’s still a Republican.’