April 26, 2016

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: General Mattis Declines Herculean Task.

SCOTT OTT: Six Self-Evident Truths to Counter Commie Nincompoops.

And there certainly seem to be plenty of those around these days, huh?

SHOCKER: Der Spiegel: Thirty years after the Chernobyl disaster, it has become clear that radioactivity might be less harmful than originally thought. Some researchers even believe it may be beneficial in small doses.

The official message remains unyielding: The iron-clad rule is that radioactivity can be dangerous, even in small doses. There is no threshold for harmlessness. Even a single damaged cell could eventually become a tumor.

That standard measure of risk largely comes from a study launched in 1950, after the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That year, a study of 86,000 survivors began, and is ongoing today. It demonstrated that the risk of cancer rises along with the radiation dosage.

Statistically, though, the effect of radiation only becomes apparent at a relatively high dosage — at about 100 millisieverts, as the unit biologists use to measure the effects of radiation on the body is called. That is 50 times as much as a person receives each year in Germany from natural background radiation. . . .

Some researchers believe that even the fundamental assumptions behind the calculations are wrong. One of them is Reinhard Wetzker. He leads the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Jena. “The traditional risk model cannot be upheld,” he says. “It doesn’t take into account that the cells can deal very well with low dosages of radiation.”

People have been talking about radiation hormesis for a long time. But it complicates a simple story — radiation is bad! — and thinking about it might not produce the proper political views.

I HOPE RACHEL MADDOW DOESN’T OWN A PET RABBIT: Don’t Suggest to Hillary She Could Ever Be Behind in Votes!

ROGER SIMON: The Republican Convention Will Not Be Contested.

If so, then the revolution may actually be televised this time around.


Apologies to both Gil Scott-Heron and Alfonzo Rachel for the above Photoshop.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: Pentagon tap dances around ‘boots on the ground.’

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell what the Pentagon spokesman is saying, especially when he’s discussing the shadowy role U.S. special operations forces are playing in Syria.

The ostensible reason for the obfuscation is understandable: security and force protection. The less anyone knows about what the elite U.S. commandos are doing, and where they are doing it, the easier it is for them to do their job.

But that can also lead to a lot of confusion. Are U.S. troops fighting the Islamic State in Syria? Are they in danger? Are they on the front lines, behind the front lines, or nowhere near the front lines? Are they calling in airstrikes? Providing tactical advice? Weapons? What exactly are they up to?

What follows is a deconstruction of Monday’s briefing from Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, and a translation from Pentagonese to English.

Short version: We’re engaged in slow and ineffectual escalation for political reasons. That always ends well.


Yet another reminder, considering how many chairs were thrown across Mort’s set, that Trump is simply Morton Downey Jr. in HD, albeit without Mort’s sartorial and coiffurial subtlety.

BARBARIANS INSIDE THE GATES: Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and the cultural evisceration of the U.S. Navy.

MARK STEYN VS THE BIG CLIMATE ENFORCERS: “Recently Mark gave an interview to The New Criterion‘s Ben Weingarten about the increasingly open totalitarian nature of Big Climate. Here’s a snippet:”

Click over to Steyn Online for the full half-hour interview.


Hillary Clinton Indictment

Is Bing News trying to tell us something?


WELL, THAT WAS FAST: Cracks in Cruz-Kasich Alliance.

The deal announced late Sunday night started to show cracks by Monday morning. Kasich declined to direct Indiana voters away from him and toward Cruz. “I’ve never told them not to vote for me – they ought to vote for me,” he told reporters while campaigning in Pennsylvania, which hosts its primary on Tuesday. “But I’m not over there campaigning and spending resources; we have limited resources.”

Kasich scrapped an event in Indiana slated for Tuesday, but is still planning on attending a fundraiser in the state. Their campaign staffs struck the deal; the two candidates have not spoken directly to one another about the strategy and don’t have plans to do so.

Marriages of convenience are rarely happy.

BUT WHERE WOULD THE VIRTUE SIGNALLING BE IN THAT? UK’s LGBT travel advisories, which name US states, might also note machete attack in Bangladesh.


RELIGION OF PEACE UPDATE: Editor of LGBT magazine hacked to death in Bangladesh.

A group of assailants stormed the home of Xulhaz Mannan, a staffer for the U.S. Agency for International Development, stabbing him and a friend to death, police told The Daily Star. Mannan was a senior editor of Roopbaan, the first gay rights magazine in the country.

The second victim was identified as Tanay Majumder. Police said five or six assailants stormed Mannan’s first-floor apartment about 5 p.m. local time.

The State Department condemned the slaying. “We’re outraged,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “An act like this is simply beyond words, it’s inexcusable, and heartfelt support goes out to his mother, his family and his friends.”

The killings followed Saturday’s hacking murder of Bangladeshi English professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee for the “crime” of atheism. ISIS claimed responsibility for Siddiquee’s death.

OOPS! CHELSEA SHOT OFF HER MOUTH ON GUNS, AND NOW HILLARY HAS TO PANDER — AND FAILS. “Chelsea’s comment, on video, is a bell that can’t be un-rung. No matter how quickly Hillary moves to quiet concern over her anti-gun ownership predilections, Chelsea has made it clear that a Hillary presidency will lead to a Supreme Court that will hold there is no individual right to own guns.”

AND AL CAPONE WAS MOSTLY IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: DNC Chair: Hillary Has Provided the Most Transparency ‘Other Than the Private Server.’

JOHN KERRY APPARENTLY MISSED OBAMA’S MEMO ON THOSE EVIL OFF-SHORE TAX HAVENS: Seems the Secretary of State and his wife, heiress Teresa Heinz, have millions of dollars invested in at least 11 off-shore tax havens, mostly registered in the Cayman Islands, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Richard Pollock. President Obama calls such actions “gaming the system” when Republicans like Mitt Romney do it.

“Well, I say it doesn’t look good by any means,” Susan Harley, deputy director of Congress Watch, the progressive watchdog group founded by Ralph Nader, told Pollock. “There’s always a question of whether it’s tax avoidance or tax evasion. We would expect our government servants to uphold the law. Those folks need to be held to the same standards as everyone else.”

Either Kerry missed the memo or laws are for, you know, the little people. Like you and me. Now, if we were among “the world’s richest and most powerful people have used offshore bank accounts to conceal their wealth and avoid taxes,” as Pollock describes them, perhaps we would have a different view of these financial tools.

THE HILL: Clinton leads Trump by just 3 points in new poll. “In a general election matchup with Sanders, the Vermont senator has a double-digit lead over Trump.”

Will Democrat superdelegates give Bernie a second look?


How many Walkmans did he bring?


Oh sure, Mackenzie King was Canada’s prime minister during World War II when his nation fought the Nazis in Europe, but could the stuffy old man do cool yoga poses like this one?

David Solway analyzes the Canadian’s press’s Beatlemania-esque (or in the case of the DNC-MSM), Obamamania-esque reaction to the above image.

HOW DARE HE BE A CONSERVATIVE MINORITY? Defenders of Clarence Thomas Go on Offense Following Controversial HBO Film.

IT SMELLS LIKE HOPE: The smell of Obamacare’s Death Spiral in the Morning.

THIS IS NOT QUITE RIGHT; THE GIANT GOVERNMENT IS A SYMPTOM OF THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: It’s the same in every culture with direct roots from Rome. Brazil’s Giant Problem.

ROO-ROH: FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades.

OR POSSIBLY FOR BEING AN *SSHAT: Melissa Click, former University of Missouri professor: I was fired because I’m white.  Identity politics always end like this, in self-exoneration and accusation of everyone else.  No matter what the identity.

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Japanese/English Phrasebook Is Absolutely Hilarious.

VLAD’S RENFIELD:  Obama dismisses Putin, but Czar is getting better of us again and again.  Hey, at least Obama attracts vermin, so all those small lives should be easy…

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: Russia and China rush to fill Mideast void left by Obama.

April 25, 2016

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PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Dutch newspaper publishes cartoon depicting Turkey’s Erdogan as an ape crushing free speech.

BRIDGET JOHNSON: Kasich Betting on Open Convention History, Buyer’s Remorse.


I’m not sure if the author is so sheltered as to think that Melissa Click only represents “everything CONSERVATIVE lawmakers and pundits hate about academe [sic]” (emphasis added) or whether that is her cynical, intellectually lazy way of trying to generate sympathy from politically like-minded readers by sending up the “enemy of the right” bat signal in the opening sentence of this piece.

If anything, it was the sane left that found Click the most reprehensible in my experience. Even the social-justice oriented left who ostensibly supports the cause that Click claims to champion were off-put by the PR damage that her behavior does to them.

But hey, if Robin Wilson wants to behave as though the only people in America who are repulsed by the idea of a career academic making a salary writing about Martha Stewart and Twilight conventions trying to bully a campus reporter due to some delusional notions of social justice ends justifying means are conservatives, who am I to get in her way? I see that as a compliment.

“Neontaster,” responding today to “Being Melissa Click” at the Chronicle of Higher Education, written by Robin Wilson. Wilson writes that “Pursuing a Ph.D. in communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Ms. Click studied Martha Stewart Living…Her research on Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey also departed from the norm. Whereas most of her colleagues’ scholarship has a quantitative focus, Ms. Click does qualitative analyses — including extended personal interviews with fans of popular work.”

THAT’S BECAUSE THEIR ARGUMENTS DON’T HOLD UP IF EXAMINED: Matt Ridley: Climate Change Lobby Wants To Kill Free Speech.

FASTER, PLEASE: Researchers use common table salt as growth template for energy storage materials.

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: What It’s Like To Have Your Period In Space.

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TYLER COWEN: A Conversation With Camille Paglia.

JEFF CARTER: A Moral Case For Breaking The Law.

It’s not exactly a moral case, but the fact that our alleged betters do it all the time certainly helps to promote the coming middle-class anarchy.

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Inside The Hidden Global Supply Chain For Frozen Sperm, Eggs & Embryos.

WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING URINE, FECES: We Have Seen the Blue Future and It Stinks — Literally.

“San Francisco slides deeper into Tolerance Hell,” Michael Walsh writes. Analysis of headline and subhead: True. Waaaaay too true.

RICK MONDAY’S GREATEST PLAY: Forty years ago today the Cubs center fielder saved the American flag.

Reminder to today’s sportsmen: you’ll never got a job at ESPN if anything akin to the above video is in your highlight reel.


Alternate headline: Dave Chappelle implies blacks don’t care about 9/11, or weren’t among the 3000 killed by the terrorist attack.

Not to mention, to invert the Truther tin-foil rants about 9/11, from some initial accounts, Prince’s death really was a controlled implosion, albeit one that last far longer than one day.

CELEBRATING THE 100th Anniversary Of The Indy 500.

BOB ZUBRIN: Present At The Destruction.

EXPLICIT LYRICS: When Tipper Gore Went After Prince. When Tipper was at this stuff, I wrote a very critical letter to the editor that was published in the Nashville Tennessean. To my surprise, I got back a multipage handwritten letter from Tipper, going on about how toddlers were being exposed to Twisted Sister via Care Bears with built-in cassette players. From this I concluded that, dumb as this program was, she was entirely sincere about it.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why Feminists Should Be Angry With ‘Game of Thrones.’

Wouldn’t it be much simpler to list who and what feminists aren’t angry with?

AS LONG AS IT ISN’T ICE 9: New state of water molecule discovered.

FALLOUT FROM THE LEFT’S WAR ON BATHROOMS: #BoycottTarget Initiative Tops Half a Million Signatures.


Related: “How Hillary Clinton has become reduced to running against the presidency of her husband while pretending not to do so.”

SMOD HAS MY BLESSINGS TO DROP IN; I LEFT LAST MONTH: Hugh Hewitt: It’s doubtful that Trump reaches 1,237 delegates, unless a ‘political asteroid’ hits California.

JUST GO STRAIGHT TO THE REACTIONLESS EM DRIVE: NASA just announced it’s building an electric propulsion system to take us into deep space.


Recent data from the F.B.I. show that San Francisco has the highest per-capita property crime rate of the nation’s top 50 cities. About half the cases here are thefts from vehicles, smash-and-grabs that scatter glittering broken glass onto the sidewalks.

The city, known for a political tradition of empathy for the downtrodden, is now divided over whether to respond with more muscular law enforcement or stick to its forgiving attitudes.

The Chamber of Commerce and the tourist board are calling for harsher measures to improve what is euphemistically called the “condition of the streets,” a term that encompasses the intractable homeless problem, public intravenous drug use, the large population of mentally ill people on the streets and aggressive panhandling. The chamber recently released the results of an opinion poll that showed that homelessness and “street behavior” were the primary concerns of residents here.

Besides the “some see” in the New York Times’ headline, the choice of the word “intractable” to describe the city’s feral homeless is a nice touch.

“HITS,” OR “DOMINATES.” WHATEVER. Anti-Semitism Hits Harvard Law School.

The name of the student — who Harvard Law’s administration is protecting — is Husam El-Qoulaq.


After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination.  Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

Have you had your 2016 Moment? I think you probably have, or will. … My Moment came a month ago. I’d recently told a friend my emotions felt too close to the surface—for months history had been going through me and I felt like a vibrating fork. …

Because my country is in trouble. Because I felt anguish at all the estrangements. Because some things that shouldn’t have changed have changed. Because too much is being lost. Because the great choice in a nation of 320 million may come down to Crazy Man versus Criminal. And yes, I know this is all personal, and not column-ish.

But that was my Moment.

You’ll feel better the next day, I promise, but you won’t be able to tell yourself that this is history as usual anymore. This is big, what we’re living through.

As Richard writes, “The significance of Peggy Noonan’s 2016 moment is not only that it so perfectly coincides with the end point of seven years of progress towards Hope and Change, but it marks the moment when the penny finally dropped for the American upper middle class.”

But even at this late date, Noonan still can’t see that already chose the Crazy Man once, back in the fall of 2008.

Despite being a speechwriter in the 1980s for a man who spent decades doing his homework to transition from Hollywood studio system actor to president, Noonan didn’t recognize in 2008 that the DNC-MSM myth machine had created a fictitious construct as thoroughly fake as an movie character. Given a choice between someone whose narrative was as entirely contrived as a cartoon superhero posing in front of Styrofoam Roman columns, versus an earnest war hero and then-Alaska governor, Noonan, like many elites, went with the cartoon superhero. She apparently forgot to heed David Mamet’s warning that “If you’re in the con game and you don’t know who the mark is … you’re the mark.”

And apparently having that moment, experiencing that epiphany, is still too painful for her.

THAT’S SILLY, IT’S ALMOST “RECOVERY SUMMER” AGAIN! Why Intel’s Job Cuts May Be Just the Beginning.


CARL SPACKLER TO THE WHITE COURTESY PHONE, PLEASE: “A beaver reportedly took a man hostage in Latvia.”

(You too, David Baron.)

WAIT, I THOUGHT RACE AND GENDER ARE FLUID AND ENTIRELY SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS: Melissa Click now claiming she was fired because she’s white.



Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.16.21 AM

CHANGE: Saudi Arabia Approves Economic Reform Program.

The program’s overarching objective is to diversify the Saudi economy, in which oil still makes up more than 70% of revenue.

Prince Mohammed on Monday presented a broad overview of what has been billed as country’s most extensive economic shake-up in decades. Speaking to reporters on Monday he said the project—dubbed “Saudi Vision 2030”—includes plans to set up the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, to sell less than 5% of state-owned oil giant Saudi Arabian Oil Co. and to implement reforms aimed at boosting revenue from non-oil sources.

“By 2020, we’ll be able to live without oil,” Prince Mohammed told Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya in an interview aired earlier on Monday. Details of the plan are expected within six weeks.

Riyadh will be able to substitute the 70% of its budget made up from oil revenues in just three years from now?

Color me skeptical.

HISTORY OF UNION THUGGERY COMES BACK TO HAUNT BOSTON MAYOR. “Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s union boss past is coming back to haunt him in his new role as Boston’s cheerleader, with a federal probe of union strong-arm tactics threatening his bid to cast the city as a youth-oriented innovation hub, economic development advocates say. Massachusetts is already fighting its reputation as a place where Teamsters harass TV and film producers. Now, Boston is in danger of being seen as a city led by a union heavy.”

Well, if you don’t want to be seen that way, maybe don’t elect one as mayor.

WILL THE GOP SURVIVE THE DEATH SPIRAL? It’s War! Trump Strikes Back at Cruz and Kasich Collusion, Roger Simon writes.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: 21st Century California Reverts Back to the Wild West. “What I regret most is the disappearance of the rule of law,” VDH writes.

LEAVE IT TO THE GRAY LADY TO DESCRIBE JOHNNY MANZIEL AS A VICTIM: “In Johnny Manziel, a Human Cost to the N.F.L. Draft Machine,” someone at the New York Times actually wrote as a headline.

As the sports-oriented Deadspin blog notes in response:

It’s an irresponsible stretch to even suggest that Manziel’s precipitous draft-day fall had anything to do with his subsequent downward spiral. This is a person who had substance abuse problems before he left college, spent his entire life before entering the NFL with a shaky support system, and is and was, by all accounts, not a good person. The public eye post-draft wasn’t new to him—Manziel was one of the biggest college stars in decades, playing in Texas—and going to Cleveland might actually have lowered his local fame and reduced his circle of enablers.

When millionaire rock superstar Billy Joel inducted fellow millionaire rock superstar John Cougar Mellencamp into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, Joel said actually said in his speech: “Don’t let this club membership change you, John. Stay ornery, stay mean….You’re right, John, this is still our country and we’ll always be victims of powerful people.”

On today’s college campuses, as Jonah Goldberg noted last year after Columbia’s “Mattress Girl,” the fake Rolling Stone rape article, and the general tendency of college campuses to be hotbeds of false accusations of rape, racism, and other fever swamp delusions, the will to power derives from victimhood. Today’s Times headline is confirmation that contagion has spread from college campuses to the rest of the left as well.

Update: Obama stenographer Jeffrey Goldberg is also eager to play the victimhood game with Manziel:


TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1082.

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: “Why Do Some People Reject Capitalism?”, Ayn Rand asked in a 1967 audio interview.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: This Group And Its Law Firm Keeps Bad Apples In Government, Making Big Money In The Process.

HILLARY HASN’T DONE A LOT, BUT WHAT’S SHE’S DONE IS PRETTY MUCH AWFUL: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Still Wreaking Havoc In Libya Years Later.

IT KEEPS THE PROLES IN THEIR PLACE: NIMBYism and Green Bias Keeps New England Power Rates High.

New England should be benefiting a lot more from the U.S. shale boom than it currently is. The Marcellus shale is one of the most productive formations in the country, and fracking has unleashed massive new quantities of natural gas from the basin, situated in Pennsylvania and southern New York. Despite its proximity to this new gusher of gas, New England electricity is expensive, in large part the result of a dearth of necessary pipeline infrastructure.

One company especially keen on constructing a new pipeline spur through Massachusetts and New Hampshire just scrapped the $3 billion project this week, bowing to stiff Not-In-My-Back-Yard (NIMBY) and environmental opposition. . . .

NIMBYism is a perennial problem for any sort of infrastructure planning, but often it can be overcome by offering affected landowners financial compensation. The green opposition, however, can’t be reasoned with. Never mind that the natural gas being piped in directly competes with coal, and does so while emitting half the greenhouse gases and far fewer of the localized pollutants. Never mind that the natural gas not finding its way to New England will be consumed elsewhere—either in a different region of the United States, or thanks to our fledging LNG export industry, abroad. These facts don’t matter to the environmentalists that helped sink this pipeline. The only fact that does matter to those greens is that this pipeline would be transporting a fossil fuel. The horror!

All the way back to its beginnings in the Storm King era, environmentalism has been a way for rich people to wage war on the poor and middle class.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Harvard Administrators May Have Investigated Conservative Students.

CHARLES MURRAY: Lessons from the Bubble Quiz, Part 1.

Flashback: Do you live in a bubble? Take the quiz, based on Charles Murray’s Coming Apart.

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I CAN’T IMAGINE WHY HE WASN’T THE DEMOCRATS’ NOMINEE THIS YEAR: Jim Webb: “Any white person whose ancestral relations trace to the American South now risks being characterized as having roots based on bigotry and undeserved privilege. Meanwhile, race relations are at their worst point in decades.”

If there’s a category for “Tweet of the Decade,” Jon Gabriel may have written it:




Shot: VIDEO=> Muslim Migrants in Germany Chant “Adolf Hitler” and Allahu Akbar.”

—Headline, Gateway Pundit, Saturday.

Chaser: German Muslims compare anti-immigrant AfD party to Hitler’s Nazis.

—Headline, Reuters, April 18th.

Hangover: Why Hitler Wished He Was Muslim.

—Headline, the Wall Street Journal’s review of the 2015 book, Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination, January 16, 2015.


It’s kind of astonishing, actually, how quickly what was considered unspeakably radical the day before yesterday becomes normalized the next day, and today, any opposition to it is treated as if it could only come from irrational animus. The Law of Merited Impossibility is getting to be as uncontestable as  the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The LMI is defined thus:

The Law Of Merited Impossibility is an epistemological construct governing the paradoxical way overclass opinion makers frame the discourse about the clash between religious liberty and LGBT civil rights. It is best summed up by the phrase, “It’s a complete absurdity to believe that traditional Christians and other conservatives will suffer a single thing from the expansion of LGBT rights, and boy, do they deserve what they’re going to get.”

Read the whole thing.


But for all the discussion of ethnic diversity, less was said about ideological and academic diversity — another problem area pointed out by the report. For example, the report said there is a shortage of faculty who specialize in poverty law or teach courses on civil rights. The report also noted the dearth of conservatives in the public law faculty. The dearth of conservative opinions at Yale has rarely been addressed in reports concerning diversity in the FAS or the student body.

Georgetown Law School professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz ’92 LAW ’99, who identifies as a conservative, said Yale Law faculty is “almost entirely” left of center politically.

“The reason for this extreme imbalance is certainly not a lack of plausible candidates; there are several prominent right-of-center scholars who are eminently qualified to teach at Yale,” Rosenkranz said. “The most plausible explanation for the ideological imbalance is that this very liberal faculty prefers to hire colleagues who share their own views.”

Rosenkranz, who has written about the lack of conservative faculty in top American law schools, said the dearth of different viewpoints is harmful to both conservatives and liberals, as it leaves liberal students and faculty unable to test their ideas against advocates of other sides.

Yale Law School has more than 70 full-time faculty.

Rosenkranz is right, of course.

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED. Nigel Farage: Why Does Barack Obama’s White House Hate The United Kingdom?

Flashback: “Many observers seem puzzled.  I’m not and neither is the UK press.  It’s about Kenya,” the blogger Baldilocks noted in March of 2009 when the Churchill bust was drop-shipped to Downing Street and Obama stiffed then-PM Gordon Brown.

Related: “Mr Obama’s catchphrase is ‘Yes, you can!’ — so why is he telling us Brits ‘No, you can’t'?”

Because the semi-retired president needs a nice change of pace from saying “No you can’t” to us Americans for the past seven and a half years.

THE SHOW TRIALS OF SACRAMENTO: As a legendary socialist once said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

SOCIALISM AT WORK: RICHES FOR THE RULERS, RATIONS FOR THE REST. Venezuelan president who praised Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary message will ration electricity.

“THANK YOU FOR WATCHING PMS-ESPN.” A Schilling for Your Thoughts: ESPN now Stands For Every Sportscaster Political Now.


QUESTION ASKED: Has Hillary Clinton Outstayed Her Welcome?

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Only Hindus Are Allowed To Chant, Assert Liberal Culture Enforcers on Campus.

“Liberal” – you keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.


[Today’s college students] have no sense of the great patterns of world history, the rise and fall of civilisations like Babylon and Rome that became very sexually tolerant, and then fell. If you’ve had no exposure to that, you can honestly believe that ‘There is progress all around us and we are moving to an ideal state of culture, where we all hold hands and everyone is accepted for what they are … and the environment will be pure…’ – a magical utopian view that we are marching to perfection. And the sign of this progress is toleration – of the educated class – for homosexuality, or for changing gender, or whatever.

To me it’s a sign of the opposite, it’s symptomatic of a civilisation just before it falls: ‘we’ are very tolerant, not passionate, but there are bands of vandals and destroyers circling around the edge of our civilisation who will bring it down.

What happens next? How does it all play out? “Turn the page,” as a wise man will someday say.

PEACE IN OUR TIME? Ted Cruz and John Kasich to Coordinate Against Donald Trump.

In a statement late Sunday night, Mr. Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, said that the campaign would “focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Governor Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico.”

Minutes after Mr. Roe’s statement, the Kasich campaign put out a similar message. The Ohio governor’s chief strategist, John Weaver, said that his campaign would shift its resources to states in the West and “give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana.”

Both campaigns said they expected allies and third-party groups to follow their lead, and a representative from the “super PAC” supporting Mr. Kasich confirmed late Sunday that it would not advertise in Indiana.

Coordinating would have made more sense in January or February.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: ISIS Targeted by Cyberattacks in a New U.S. Line of Combat.

QUESTION ASKED: “What would Andrew Jackson think of Barack Obama? Wow. I don’t think we can print Jackson’s reaction in a family web site. Therein lies the long, sad history of the Democratic Party. Harriet Tubman is far from ideal as the face of our $20 bill, but she beats the heck out of Barack Obama,” John Hinderaker writes at Power Line, along with Michael Ramirez’s cartoon picturing Obama “on the $20–no, wait, that’s $20 trillion–bill.”

Heh; click over for Ramirez’s cartoon.

GRAY LADY DOWN! New York Times plans to cut hundreds of jobs later this year.

Or as Iowahawk wrote 13 years ago, “In New York, Scrappy Local Newspaper Struggles For Survival.”

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: Obama to send more U.S. troops to Syria.