June 17, 2008


1. Senator Chris Dodd-(D-Conn.)
2. Kent Conrad (D-ND.)
3. Alphonso Jackson (D-HUD Secretary)
4. Donna Shalala-(D-HHS Secretary)
5. Richard Holbrooke (D-ASecretary of State)(and future Sec. State?)
6. James Johnson (D-Obama Veep Selection)

Were there no Republicans involved?

UPDATE: Ah, Alphonso Jackson is a Republican. I seemed to remember this as a bipartisan scandal.

ANOTHER UPDATE: But kinda lopsided. Video here.

MORE: Reader Jack Slovic emails:

Let me see if I get this right:

Sen. Dodd Calls the CEO shopping for a mortgage doing what "millions of people do" and upon hearing he¹s a friend of Angelo thinks this is the same deal "Millions" will be able to "negotiate."

Then Kent "No Clue" Conrad also calls his buddy Angelo (whom he's never met) and having no idea that he's getting a better deal.

I'm puzzled. If Mr. Dodd and Conrad are really this stupid that they call the CEO of a national mortgage company looking for a loan and don't expect a special deal they're too dumb to be in congress. If on the other hand they think we're stupid enough to believe these lame excuses they out to be run out of town on a rail.

Finally the unanswered question is who gave these two clowns Angelo's phone number?

Good point.