October 23, 2006

OKAY, so I revealed my vote earlier. Now it's time for you to weigh in on how you think the 2006 elections should go. Remember, this is how they should go, not a prediction of how they will go. That's a question for a separate poll.

How would you like the 2006 Congressional elections to turn out?
Republicans keep both houses
Republicans keep one, Democrats win another
Democrats win both houses
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UPDATE: Okay, with about 6800 votes so far, we've got 74% in favor of Republicans keeping both houses, 17% in favor of the Dems taking one house, and 9% in favor of Dems taking both houses. Plus, a complaint about survey design from reader Brian Gates:

We should have as many choices as you gave yourself - could you amend the poll to allow write-ins for Frank J? A Congress with only him would be better than any of the other choices you list, and I don't mean that as an endorsement of Frank.

It's hard to argue, in light of recent events.