October 09, 2006

MORE ON THE NORTH KOREAN NUKE: The test now shows on the USGS quake map.

Japan and China join to call it "unacceptable." Kim Jong Il is a uniter, not a divider!

Op-For looks at the implications, and notes that North Korea has probably been able to do this for most of a decade. Plus, a look at the bright side: "Our missiles work. Theirs don't."

The reality is that the international nonproliferation regime has failed again, because although people are willing to talk, nobody's willing to actually do anything significant when a country appears close to going nuclear. See also Iran.

This article from the Washington Post features lots of stern diplomatic statements from lots of countries. If people actually do something about this, it may help bring Iran under some degree of control. If strong words are, once again, followed up by no action then it will have the opposite effect.

Meanwhile, Korean expat-blog The Marmot's Hole has advice for American expats in Korea.

My own thought: North Korea usually does something attention-getting when Iran needs a distraction. So keep an eye on the mullahs, too.

And this piece from Friday by Josh Manchester just became more timely.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Josh Trevino takes a look at the situation, and manages to use the phrase: "puerile predator in Pyongyang." Extra points! Plus he recommends the site