October 04, 2006

SCANDAL SATURATION? Mickey Kaus wonders about the "Densepack Theory," in which

the anti-GOP media have launched so many damaging GOP stories--see Josh Marshall's list-- that they are all arriving at once and, like fratricidal incoming ICBMs, are knocking each other out of the news rather than destroying their target!

Hmm. A bigger risk is that with this many GOP scandal stories, the press will feel obliged to run with at least a couple of Dem scandals, too, to preserve the illusion of evenhandedness.

UPDATE: Karl Rotstan agrees: "Now that the Rubicon has been crossed so close to the election, we should prepare ourselves for an avalanche of Congressional filth, the likes of which will make Clinton's experience look tame by comparison."

But it'll be good for ratings! Do ratings trump partisanship?

ANOTHER UPDATE: It's starting.

MORE: Indeed: "I assume this is the sort of thing the MSM have declined to publish in the past. Unfit to print and all that. Now, they have to print or face denouncement for imbalance. So, come on, everybody, forward to MSM all those evil cybermessages the various politicos have been sending you over the years. Let's see how MSM handles it, and let's sit back and enjoy the hijinks. . . . I wonder how many politicians (and others) are sweating out this little interlude in the history of sex."