September 21, 2006

DANIEL DREZNER FINDS AHMADINEJAD "UNDERWHELMING:" I have to say I agree. I saw him as the latest manifestation of a long chain of anti-American losers: Nasser, Qaddafi, Noriega, Ortega, etc. Like them, he may do some harm before he shuffles off. But as Drezner says, " Like Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad might be able to stoke his own supporters, but he seems to excel even more at creating and unifying his adversaries. Ahmadinejad too will pass."

Not a reason to ignore or underestimate him. But a reason not to inflate him into more than he is, as some people seem to be doing.

UPDATE: "A one-man Axis of Crazy."

ANOTHER UPDATE: Matoko Kusanagi thinks it's a case of short-man syndrome.