September 09, 2006

DON'T MESS WITH NURSES: "A nurse returning from work discovered an intruder armed with a hammer in her home and strangled him with her bare hands, police said."

I think this makes her a "murderer" in the opinion of some lobby groups. I disagree.

UPDATE: Don't mess with wheelchair-bound grannies, either:

As muggings go, it began like many others. A 56-year-old woman was leaving her building in her wheelchair, her only company the small dog perched on her lap.

Her attacker came from behind, the police said, and there was no one else around. But this attempted robbery had an ending unlike many others. As it turns out, the would-be victim, Margaret Johnson, has a permit to carry a .357 handgun and she carries it often.

The mugging ended seconds after it began, the police said, when Ms. Johnson pulled out her gun and shot her attacker in his arm. Last night, the man accused of the attempted mugging, Deron Johnson, 45, was in stable condition at Harlem Hospital Center with a gunshot wound to his elbow, the police said. He was under protective custody and is facing a robbery charge, the police said.

Even in New York, armed citizens can take a bite out of crime. Which is why they should have more of them. Nice to see the NYT reporting this kind of story. And note this bit: "The man accused of attacking her, Mr. Johnson (no relation), was described by the authorities as a 'robbery recidivist,' with nine previous arrests." Not that surprising.