August 03, 2006

WHEN BLOGGERS CAUSE TROUBLE for the candidate they support. You know those bloggers, with their daring, feisty ways. Sometimes when they're trying to help, they hand ammunition to the other side. (Better hire a blog wrangler.) Then there's the secondary effect, where bloggers criticize the bloggers who are politically aligned with the offending blogger, for not speaking out: "I only see righties that posted criticism of this weird use of blackface." Meanwhile, Jane Hamsher apologizes, and it's that sorry if you were offended form of apology with the extra oomph of implying that a lot of the offense was bogus and an immediate descent into justification for giving offense. Ah, bloggers and politics! Who knows what these free-swinging characters will do next? Do you even want them on your side? Do you even know how to figure out if you do?