August 01, 2006

ON BLOGGINGHEADS, Robert Wright explains why homosexuality is a purer expression of male sexuality: it's not compromised by having to accommodate to women. "You're dealing with somebody who agrees to your rules." This is part of a discussion of whether it's bigoted to say -- as Ann Coulter did -- that male homosexuals are more promiscuous than male heterosexuals. But go watch the whole thing. There's a texture to the whole brilliant conversation that I'm not even going to try to reproduce here: Mickey Kaus wields an Ann Coulter doll on camera and has some juicy things to say about narcissism and "fruity" gestures, there's plenty of analysis of Bill Clinton as a gay man, and much, much more. Meanwhile, over on Kausfiles there's a supplemental transcript with Peter Beinart badgering Coulter about bigotry and Kaus's opinion that Beinart "comes off as a posturing fool." (To get in on a conversation about this, come over to my home blog, where we've got comments.)